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Jul 10, 2012
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Ahh the Timurids. It has been a long time since I played them. From way back when you didn't get permanent claims all over India if you formed the Mughals. How many versions ago is that even? Oh well that isn't important. What is important is that they are more interesting and fun than ever and we are going to jump all over what is being offered up here and head back into the Middle East and make ourselves some trouble. So come along if you want to see some enemies driven before us and the power of the line of Timur to wax strong.


Well he couldn't live forever. I suppose they got rid of that being an option. Still things are better than they were when we started right? Still a little more to handle in the west then I can more seriously look east and make the march towards being the Mughals.

Just going to absorb a few of those vassals this time. It is very handy to have them absorbed as this helps make my other vassals more loyal and loyal vassals is good.

Ok we need to head east now. If we are to become the Mughals which I intend to be we must press into the east and inflict a terrible crushing upon Delhi.

Just so little religious unity. One of the harder problems with the Timurids as it pushes unrest up and that means you need to keep armies moving around to keep the situation under control.

I got my eyes on some pretty pretty gems. Which means a new direction of expansion that hopefully won't enrage too many of the neighbours around me.

Mmm...Gems! Taste the money. Tastes like...uhh...money? No! It tastes like future successes!

Time to finish claiming all my properly western lands. What is mine, is mine, now and forever. If it isn't mine it will be.

I do wish I was Russia and their seemingly infinite manpower pool to draw upon.

Another strike east. Do they know I wonder? What will become of them all when I become the Mughals? Maybe they want it which is why they join me in wars?

One more war with Delhi and Jaunpur after this and we can make the Mughals and enjoy all those wonderful permanent claims in the east. Mmm...land. Power. Armies! Wealth! It will be great.

Colonialism has spawned. No surprise it is waaaaay in the west. In Portugal so no surprise there. Well just means I am going to have to make one of my new Indian provinces an amazing seat of learning and progress to guide my nation to greatness.

Austria just doesn't seem able to perform this game. Poor Austria.

Stupid stupid regency. Soon though very soon we will be able to lash out all around us! Victory will be ours!

Time to pay the price Delhi. For too long I have been held back by my immature ruler. No more! No more.

A great victory to be sure. All the lands I could want to make that great and magical transformation. Soon...soon India will tremble. Then the world.

It is oh so very satisfying to see that big might green blob right there smack dab between east and west. Mmmmmm. Feels good.

Now one thing I don't like with how I am right now I have this weirdly lopsided nation. So so so much of it existing to the west of my capitol but with some weird parts. Borders need some fixing. I know you hate bad borders as much as I.

More bites of the lands around me. Land! Land for the ever hungry Mughals!

If there weren't coalitions I could really just devour India. However they exist so I don't want to have everyone attack me at once that can be very dangerous.