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Feb 24, 2019
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Hi there,
I have a suggestion on how to bring more life on the tier1 and t2 units in the late game. Namely if you could produce 2, 3 or even 4 of them at once, considering that your production allows it, then you should be able to do that, I think. Furthermore if there was a way to reduce their upkeep, for instance with a late game research, to make them volunteers, or at least less expensive, that should bring back their potential use in the late game and give them new life. Indeed I do not like a stack of tier3s or even tier4s, unchallenged and unbeatable. Mighty Meek is a really small step, but I think it is in the right direction. The rock-paper-scissors system, which you have created with the tier 1 and 2 units becomes irrelevant if everyone just stacks the strongest units they can get.
Please consider some form of revitalising the strategic benefits of the low tiered units. They are awesome! They are my favorite kind of army! :)

Kind Regards!