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    So I decided for a threadmark to show of my end result, that way I don't need to write much more. But well, all sources and arguing I done for the changes to the tibetan region are in this thread or previous thread. I'd be happy to answer any inquires. I will post my changes to the tibetan region area wise; I will not bother with reiterating the topic of my hindu kush thread, I made that in the same mod but they have their own thread. So I will make this final post akin to a patch note to go over my changes, area by area:

    Ladakh area (new):
    Ladakh (Ladakhi culture)
    Skardu (Ladakhi culture; owner Baloristan, possibly Gilgit or Baltistan)
    Zanskar (new province; ladakhi culture; owner Ladakh)

    Ngari area:
    Changed name on Prig to Mangyul, shifted development from Mangyul to Guge.
    New province: Mustang, owned by it's own tag, tibetan culture

    Tsang area (previously U area):
    Switched name so this area is correctly named Tsang and not U.

    New wasteland (Khumu) between nepal and parts of Tsang

    U area (previously Tsang area):
    Switched names so this area is correctly named U and not Tsang,
    Removed Nagchu province from area.
    Changed ownership of Lhasa and Nyingchi to U
    Lhasa has lvl 1 COT

    Bhutan area:
    Bhutan now starts independent controling Thimpu and Punakah
    Punakah has Monpa culture (new culture in tibetan group)

    Arunachal area (new area):
    Monyul (Monpa culture; owned by U)
    Lhoyu (Monpa culture; owned by Sadiya)
    Zoyul (Monpa culture; owned by Kham)

    Hor area (new area):
    New tag: Hor
    Nagchu (Khampa culture; owned by Hor)
    Nubhor (new province, Khampa culture; owned by Hor)
    Nangchen (new province, Khampa culture; owned by Hor)
    Gyegu (Khampa culture; owned by Hor)

    Kham area:
    All provinces has Khampa culture; ownership unchanged

    Hengduan area (new area):
    New tag: Gyelrong
    Lithang (reworked Tachienlu province, removed CoT)
    Muli (new province, Khampa culture; owned by Kham)
    Chakla (reworked Hengduan wasteland, got Tachienls CoT; Owned by Gyelrong)
    Gyelrong (new province; owned by Gyelrong)
    All provinces in area has Khampa culture

    Amdo area:
    New tag: Amdo
    Choné (reworked Taozhou provinces, lvl 1 CoT, Amdowa culture; owned by Amdo)
    Golok (New province, Amdowa culture; owned by Amdo)
    Rebgong (heavily redrawn province; Amdowa culture; owned by Amdo)
    Songqu (Amdowa culture; owned by Amdo)

    Koko Nur area:
    Gormud (new province, Amdowa culture; owned by Amdo
    Tsaidam province
    Anding province
    Xining province

    Yun-Gui frontier and hinterland areas:
    New tag: Nakhi
    Lijiang (Vajrayana religion; owned by Nakhi)
    All remaining provinces with Bai culture now follows the Mahayana faith.

    While it won't show in my maps, I suggest tibetan culture are renamed Bödpa

    Tibet can now be formed by countries in with the following cultures: Tibetan/Bödpa, Amdowa, Ladakhi, Khampa

    Decision to form Tibet now requires the provinces of Lhasa, Rebgong and Dege