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So I've played around with the game now and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it (I hope), so I thought I'd dive right into the AAR scene and post an ongoing saga of my Ottoman experiences.

Chapter One : It's a Set Up

The general plan of campaign is to roll along the North African Coast creating a string of satellite states who can build me armies and navies to turn up to fight my wars in all sorts of places I least expect them.
If invaded I intend to draw back and let the hilly nature of my territory cause attrition losses to mount up before sweeping in and mopping up the poor starving survivors!

I've decided to consolidate forces moving troops to form 6 rough military areas :
1. North Eastern Command based in Kars - this should give me some scope to snipe Persia and watch for Russian troop movements.
2. Egyptian Command in Akka - the staging point for my glorious march along the coastline, will also provide reserve to the North Eastern Command group and a mobile force should anyone make a play for Cyprus.
3. Central Command - this will be my main strategic reserve based around the capital and with transports and naval support.
4. Northern Command in Silistre - I expect to be busy with the Russians soon.
5. South Western Command based on the Adriatic coast.
6. Western Command based in Belgrade will be my main force for holding off the Austrians scouting their advance before falling back to hit them at their weakest.

Since I will be moving on Egypt early on I assign a full cadre of generals to the Egyptian Command, however a chain of fast horses and small swift sailing vessels have been readied should his Magnificence the Sultan decide that they are needed elsewhere.
Reviewing the state of the Imperial Navy sinks the plan for an early mobile reserve with only 1 transport, 3 first rate, 3 second rate and 1 frigate. A look at the treasury sinks the idea even further with only 279 ducats to increase both army and navy! And looking at the feeble state of the border defences I feel the Imperial Navy will be mainly sitting in port and putting on nice regattas.

The Imperial Court has other difficulties too, a severe lack of trained diplomats and scientists/innovators means that we will be achieving very little early on. This scuppers my grand plan to declare war on the entire African coastline before Spain tries to gallop along it and Britain grabs some of it to just to annoy Spain.

Of the Major powers we have the 2nd smallest army, with only Sweden being worse off, and the worst quality troops. It's all looking rosy!

As she has 3 dominance objectives we need our first target shall be Egypt with that in mind I send the single Transport round the coast to Smyrna to pick up part of the future army of conquest and deliver it to the staging area.

Recruiting starts in earnest with Central, Egyptian and North Eastern Command being the major areas of build up.

And with that let the fun begin, we who are about to die salute you, etc etc. Or as it's also known taking the game off pause.....


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Mar 15, 2013
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Chapter Two : Everybody Loves Piedmont

January 1805. The usual flurry of early game diplomatic announcements and the Ottomans sitting doing not very much as my army reorganisations and movements are slowed down by too many hills!

Piedmont has it's independence guaranteed by Sicily, Tripoloitania and Algeria, what do they have that everyone wants to protect them? Are Piedmontese puppies particularly cute? Bavaria grants Prussia access. Spain guarantees Portugal (usually the first step before they declare war).
Austria gives war subsidies to Persia who are at war with Russia.
Prussia cancels their military access to Mecklenburg who Denmark have just guaranteed and later also cancels their access given by Brunswick.
Russia joins Britain in coalition against France and shows it's committment by guaranteeing British independence.
Morroco has it's independence guaranteed by Spain (start arming now Morroco)
Spain joins France in coalition and takes a step from what I expected by declaring war on Britain without guaranteeing it's independence first!
Some lesser unimportant states that I can never hope to conquer do various things with each other!
France adopts Mixed Order.
Sweden declares war on Denmark.
Britain and Russia both adopt March to the Sound of the Guns, they really are going all out for their coalition in every way. Austria and Prussia both shortly afterwards declare that they too want to March to the Sound of the Guns, however neither is offered a place in the British/Russian love in. Russia commits itself fully to the affair and declares war on France's coalition.
Spain now guarantees Sicily, it's beginning to look like Spain is marking all her targets well in advance and using up diplomats like they are going out of fashion!
Brunswick though not appearing to March to the Sound of the Guns joins the British led coalition.
Sweden guarantees Mecklenburg, proving that the war in the Baltic has gotten serious with tit for tat declarations. Austria guarantees Baden, it's nearly the end of the month and it looks like the love for Peidmont has died out.

But suddenly like a bolt from the blue Spain guarantees the independence of Piedmont, I'm feeling left out and begin to wonder if I should too just to hang with the cool kids!

First month down and due to the distances my military re-organisation hasn't even been completed, however on a positive note neither Russia or Austria have turned in my direction. My Egyptian army is nearly ready to go and February should mark the start of hostilities, slightly later than originally planned as they were all ordered to meet up at Akka, as stupidly I didn't decide to mass them on the border from the start.
Up til now no exciting pictures worth posting but from the next post I promise there will be some.
In the meantime a possible Peidmontese puppy everyone is so keen on.


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Sounds like a good game thus far, I can't wait to see the AAR unfold!


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Mar 15, 2013
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Sounds like a good game thus far, I can't wait to see the AAR unfold!

Thank you very much, any praise, creative criticism, tips will be greatly appreciated.

Chapter Three : See the Pyramids across the Nile

February 1805 begins with Britain and Spain boasting about India and the Americas and how rich they now are! Hopefully British jubilation at their wealth will be shattered as Brunswick honours the coalition and declares war on France, bye bye Brunswick.
The only military movements around Europe are in the Sweden/Denmark war.

Denmark is obviously feeling bouyed by their success so far and joins France in coalition and declares war on Britain within days. Russia meanwhile throws money at Brunswick in a vain attempt to delay the inevitable. Prussia sends Brunswick an insult, obviously still upset that they got into the coaliton without having MttSotG.
On the 12th disaster strikes, the 1st Serbian Uprising occurs, this could have serious implications for the remainder of the game, but for the time being no units appear.

Austria guarantees Hessen giving me hope that they intend to look west rather than east.

February 13th a day of history, a quick check on the ledger shows an Egyptian army of 35810 men and no navy. I have amassed an invasion force of 27400, fully generalled and tactics set.

Prussian tries to interest me in hearing about their new military academy, but I am too focused on conquest to care. It's Mameluke killing time! My liberation army pours across the border into El Arish province and to my horror across the Nile delta is marching the entire Egyptian army less maybe 100 men. I have seriously understimated my foe! Expecting packets of resistance rather than massed defence I have not waited for my new troops to be built before moving in. I consider my options, scouting reports tell me that I can not move from their line of advance in time nor retreat quickly enough. I order the army to avoid battle and think invisible. Neither tactic works but the think invisible very nearly did. Portugal tells me they are now in Britains coalition, I wonder if it is impolite to send back an ambassador is several pieces?
After initial skirmishing I order a break off from combat and continue the failed withdrawal to Gezze. The results are better than expected although I lose I have done more casualties than I received, perhaps I should have held my nerve and trusted in my army.

As I scamped back to home territory Denmark tries to sue for peace with Britain and fails. To add insult to injury Spain guarantees her independence (surely not an Iberian invasion of Denmark).
In Gezze the retreating army is bolstered by a battalion of light infantry newly raised there, however the victorious Egyptians have no intention of forgiving my transgressions and stopping at the border, again there is no time to escape. But after losing my nerve when victory was possibly there for the taking I resolve that my army shall stand and fight. Immediately that resolve is shattered, I am now facing a two front war Austria has declared war on me!

I switch to the Balkan Front, my South Western Command of 7400 men has been facing off against two Austrian units of 2400, Western Command has seen 4 of 2400 march to and fro around Peterwardein. As Western Command are 10800 strong I amend my ealier plan and will stand my ground against them. South Western Command is ordered into immediate retreat as 74400 Austrians emerge from the early morning fog and form up in Ragusa ready to invade our sacred soil.
Northern Command and my Central Command are hastily ordered to rendezvous in Sofia, thus bringing to an end my idealised military zones and indeed February.


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Mar 15, 2013
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Chapter Four : March to the Sound of the Goons

March 1805 begins with the Egyptian army forming up against my Egyptian Command in Gazze, there shall be no retreat into the citadel we shall stand our ground and reverse the earlier humiliation.
I decide to send the Western Command force across the border to drive back the weak Austria forces around Temeschburg. Barely have they settled on Austrian soil than the treacherous Serb leader Karadorde emerges from the shadows to lead the rebellion, unfortunately he bring 8000 friends with him and both Tuzla and Belgrad find themselves under siege.

Western Command are hastily ordered back on to home soil, however I choose to avoid direct confrontation with the rebels and will swing round the river obstacles and attack the Belgrad siege from the south. Egyptian Command are holding ground and giving a good account of themselves. The Austrians have moved onto our soil but have split their force to a more manageable 50,000 and 24,000 men.
Light infantry spring forth in the call to arms and are ordered to the staging area in Sofia.
After 5 days of hard fighting Egyptian Command breaks, just over 12487 troops lost to Egypts 6433. Our once proud army has dropped from 27400 men to only 11700 and falls back in disorder to the hills of Beerseba. Gazze is beseiged. In Yafa an artillery regiment announces its arrival and promtly retreats into the citadel as the Egyptian horde, clearly being angry about something, launch themselves towards it.
Around the walls of Belgrad 4000 Serbs are dispatched with the loss of 12 brave Ottomans. Egyptian Command sneaks down from the hills to reoccupy Gazze, and send a swift thank you message to the brave but timing poor defenders of Yafa.
Meanwhile in the west, more Austrians are pouring over the border.

Rather than be caught in a pincer I decide not to lift the seige of Tuzla and order a withdrawal to Vidin when 22000 Austrians appear to the north of the Danube. And more are on their way, however they are starting to break into smaller armies.

With recruitment and hasty manoeuvers I now have an army of 52,400 in Sofia, with more streaming in day by day. The order is given "march west".
The Austrian besiege Bosna-Saray and then Tuzla by bayonetting the Serbian rebels!
In Akka, a Janissary regiment appears and immediately wishes it was somewhere else. However I send the transport squadron up the coast to pick it up and take it to Gazze, hopefully before the Egyptians decide to flatten it.
Egyptian command has recovered sufficiently through replacements, reinforcement and casualty trickle back to go on the offensive, and with the bulk of Egypts army now around Yafa, I relaunch the aborted invasion of Egypt by moving into El Arish, the transport being ordered to deliver the Janissary troops there. To my horror an Egyptian flagged vessel hoves over the horizon towards my unescorted transport. My reports have let me down, Egypt has a 2 ship navy! With the mantra of all on board "please be a transport" cried out to the heavens, I switch focus back to the Balkans

The last day of March sees my transport locked in combat off the coast of El Arish, with an Egyptian transport (cheers from all on board). Belgrad go under Austrian siege, but my army well on the way to Nis for the first strike back against the Austrian menace.

In minor affairs - Prussia guarantees Hessen, Russia guarantees Brunswick, Baden sends money to Moldavia ( I love you Baden!). Britain refuses peace with Spain, the Piedmontese love-in continues as Portugal guarantees them now too. Denmark guarantees Tripolitania.


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Mar 15, 2013
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Chapter 5 : The Phoney War

April begins as March ended, Austrian armies beseiging my western towns, an Egyptian army beseiging Jafa, and my transport locked in mortal combat with it's Egyptian opposite number. I decide to leave my transport in the engagement as I'm concerned that if I order it to withdraw it will surely be sunk and I'll lose the troops onboard.

In the wider world Denmark has taken more of Sweden and Spains has gently nibbled into Portugal.


Egypt splits its force to beseige Gazze and Yafa. Western Command is ordered back to Sofia as 54000 Austrians in 3 armies move into Wallachia. I shall gather the last remaining arrivals there and then move west to link up with the Army of Sultan, which has now reached Krusevac causing all surrounding Austrian armies to scatter.

By the 8th the transport battle is still raging(?) off the coast of Egypt and I order the fleet to leave Konstantiniyye for the fight.
After a few days staring back across the border to Gazze wondering why the Egyptians are not chasing me again, I order the advance to Mansurah and Cairo.
In the Balkans I order Sultan's 52,400 to march towards Ragusa where I hope to burn the Austrian shipping being built there, this will have the happy co-incidence of moving them further away from the 100,000 plus Austrian army I saw near Zenta/Zombor at the end of March.
On the 14th of April an Austrian fleet appears in Ras el Bayr, just in time to witness the morale of the Egyptian fleet break allowing my transport to dock in El Arish. From the naval battle our brave Admiral has learnt how to use frigates, having spent the full 14 day titanic struggle wishing he had one.
Piedmont honours her coalition by declaring war on France.
Western Command now has a healthy 27,000 men and makes the bold move to Kutlofca, only 3 provinces between them and their nearest foe!
Only 5 days late to affect the outcome the Ottoman Fleet appears off the coast of El Arish and promptly sinks the lone Austrian transport that had decided to launch a blockade. Admiral Bekir now understands how better to use his ships of the line. The Sublime Porte sends a nice letter complimenting him on a wonderful regatta and a well done on the naval victory too. The Akka Janissary brigade moves round the coast to start the seige of Damietta, confident that the full Egyptian army is still engaged in seige activity, and drives the 2 transport ships docked in Dilutaa towards the waiting guns of Admiral Bekir. One is sunk and one slinks along the coast to Damietta.
April closes with Cairo, Gazze and Yafa under siege, 2 -1 to Egypt. As there is insufficient force to storm the walls of Cairo we settle in for a siege and recall the Janissaries in the hope they can tip the balance for an early assault.

In the Balkans we have yet to engage an Austrian army but they have pulled back a little which is nice.

In foreign news - Tripolitania declares war on the Anglo-Russian coalition. Russia guarantees Piedmont (why does everyone love them and no-one love me?). Mecklenburg gets guaranteed by Prussia. France guarantees Spain. Britain rejects Denmark's plea for peace again. Spain gives Denmark war subsidies. Sicily joins Britain's coalition.


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Chapter 6 : I May actually fights some Austrians!

May 1805 -Breaking World News - Spain captures Elvas moves 1 step nearer domination!

Denmark is still wandering around Sweden

I'm not sure if its indecision (see what I did there :)), or reacting to a newly arising situation but Western Command is now ordered west towards the Belgrad front. The Army of Sultan lays seige to Ragusa but the odds are against us if we were to try to storm it quickly, so the order is given to move towards Split and a hopefully easier target.
Shock news from the west! Brunswick accepted peace with France, only conceding defeat which gains France exactly nothing, so much for my predictions of annihilation.
Western Command now sits with a healthy 30,600 men in Paracin, however the Austrians have MttSotG, so I need to be careful. I'm hoping that be choosing my battlegrounds well I can draw smaller armies into my chosen battles and destroy them using the nature of the ability against them.

Checking tactics

I advance into Valjevo, the Austrians retiring before me.

The first non-Serb bashing battle of the war breaks out on Austrian soil! In Makarska the Army of Sultan has caught 7400 Austrians with nowhere to run. 329 Ottoman heroes die in the process of destroying 7254 enemies which barely slows our advance on Split. Mahmud Dramali Pasha gains new found skills with cannon.

In Egypt the arrival of the Jannissaries tip the balance and the assault on Cairo is ordered. The next day Cairo has fallen 54 casualties to the garrisons 759, good numbers in a siege assault I feel, and I'm sure the troops do too. Careful planning and Cavalry training are awarded to our generals. With barely an hour of plundering the army is on the march again towards Damietta.

Quickly checking the war record for the War of Austrian Agression, I see that Moldavia has lost in battle, in all the rushing around in Egypt and the Western command I've barely checked on my satellites to see if they are ok. I do, they aren't. 60,000 Austrians running around Moldavia and a similar number in Wallachia. Well at least I've checked now.
Gazze falls to Egypt! 37 days! They couldn't hold out for longer? If their heads weren't already rolling, heads would roll!
Split falls to Ottoman assault, 542 casualties or about 1% of our force, we are 1 step nearer to naval domination. Artillerist and Cavalryman for 2 of our generals. I need to start paying attention, I hadn't realised that Split was a dominance target when I sent the troops over there, how can I spin incompetence to look like genius? I know I'll march to Whitsch and maybe that will be important too!
Meanwhile Western Command is now in Uzice and the Austrians are regrouping on Belgrad which, unlike Gazze, is still holding out.

With a slow moving Austrian army still in Tuzla I take a risk and launch Western Command at them. We catch them and for the loss of only 99 kill 5473 Austrians, Mehmet Pasha's impetuous command skills win the day, 6200 remaining Austrians flee across the Danube to Peterwardein, I decide to follow.
3 brigades of Janissaries finally leave the training grounds and march straight to the front lines, ordered to Sofia. 2 more ordered to bolster North Eastern Command are instructed to head to Aleppo instead. I check in briefly on North Eastern Command, I'd like to try against Persia but think that may be stretching myself too thin and risks a possible clash with the Russians. They stay on watching brief.

In Perterwardein Mehmet Pasha loses 64 men to dispatch 5861, 2 more awards for the victorious generals. Austrian standards in hand they return across the Danube to Tuzla rather than besiege the fortress.

Egyptian Command reaches Damietta and places it under siege, I still don't have the manpower to launch an assault. Egypt sues for peace, they will concede defeat I will gain hee-haw, I send away the ambassador and ask him to return with a better offer.
Spain tells me about an uprising in Madrid, I counter by telling him about the Serbs and he leaves looking bored.

The Austrian regrouping in Belgrade reaches Peterwardein and of my cities only Yafa is now under siege, and only by 3000 Egyptians, the rest seem happy to plunder Gazze for day after day.

Whitsch is assaulted and falls quickly, and proves not to be terribly important. Western Command is ordered east to aid Wallachia. Army of Sultan starts to move back towards Tuzla. Once Western Command is clear of Belgrad the Austrians remount the siege and inexplicably send 7173 men to speed me on my way. 7173 dead Austrians vs 0 dead Ottomans. Mehmet Pasha cleary has an offensive instinct. Seeing an opportunity to catch more Austrians, the move east is rescinded and a move to Temeschburg ordered.

Lesser Power News - Great Britain adopts Repair at Sea and rejects peace with Tripolitania. Sicily declares was on behalf of the Anglo-Russian coalition. Denmark adopts MttSotG. Sweden continues its "anything Denmark can do I can do too" and adopts MttSotG. Prussia declares war on Sweden. Portugal adopts March etc etc. Russia guarantees Sicily. Brunswick give France military access, Britain rejects Spanish peace overtures. Britain give Portugal some of the Indian money. Prussia guarantees Oldenburg.

May is over, who knows what is coming next? Other than June I mean. :rolleyes:
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Nice, You've handled the 2 front war well so far. If you can finish Egypt off, those men will help Enormously against austria!

Any chance of prussia warring against austria? That would help alot too!

Good Luck!


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Very dramatic start, this looks like its shaping up to be an action packed AAR. The Austrian invasion appears to have been successfulyl contained, and you are gaining the upper hand in Egypt. Are there any Austrian forces occupying Moldavia? They have always seemed to attack the Ottomans through there in my games, you may want to keep an eye on your Bulgarian provinces.

Hopefully you will soon be in a position to bring the war against Egypt to a favourable close, freeing up more men for the Austrian front. They will always look to attack the Ottomans, so you should concentrate on inflicting a heavy defeat on them as soon as possible to shift the balance of power in your favour.


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Thank you for your comments, much appreciated. I'm thoroughly enjoying the game and having great fun with the AAR too. That anyone stops by and reads it is a huge bonus, that people's whose own AARs inspired me to write this one do, chuffs me to bits :).

Chapter 7 : Death on the Nile

June 1805
World New Round-up
Moldavia and Wallachia have border issues

Denmark and Sweden still faffing around

France takes a hand in Portugal

Now onwards!

The Army of Sultan (AoS) is ordered across the Danube to assault the regrouped Austrians in Peterwardein, however by the time they are half way there the perfidious Austrians have withdrawn back to Belgrad and recommenced the siege.
Western Command lay siege to Temeschburg and being too weak to order an assault are immdiately ordered east in an attempt to destroy an Austrian army in Wallachia.
Russia gives money to Egypt! Panic is starting to rise.
Egyptian Command splits in half, moving towards Alexandria whilst maintaining the siege of Damietta. The Egyptian army stands still in Gazze and Yafa. Yafa still holds.
Inexplicably the Austria force in Belgrad has broken apart, Western Command stops the move east to re-consider and AoS is ordered to Belgrad.

2418 Austrians sally forth from Peterwardein, so they can run headlong in all directions to give the weary Ottoman troops a smile as they march homewards.

8th of June I finally notice the court scientists who have been waiting since the 1st to impart great news - Pasha Levies. We shall have none of this common MttSotG.

My Janissary reserve are ordered from Sofia to Rushuk to link up with artillery stationed there, bringing them to 10,200 strong.

I have ordered no new recruitment since January, and manpower and treasury are starting to build up. But I've become too focused on the game of Cat and Mouse on the Balkan front to consider much else. I decide to save the manpower for emergency replacements should disaster occur.

Alexandria is besieged but more importantly, a breach in Damietta! The troops are ordered in. The assault lasts almost a full hour before the Ottoman banner flies above the city. Husrev Pasha Impetuous charge into the breach leading our forces to victory for a paltry 237 casualties. No stopping to plunder we surge on wings of victory to Alexandria. The Egyptian army still hasn't moved from Gazze and Yafa.

In the Balkans the Austrian manoevers have given the opening we need, Western Command is ordered east to retake Orsova and destroy the Austrian Army there, AoS advances on Paracin to trap the major remaining Austrian force on Ottoman soil.
AoS is slowed in it's advance to stop and wipe out 7391 Austrians thrown across the Danube to halt our advance on their main force. The Austrian retreat further south and beseige Nis, with part of their scattered forces.

The Egyptian transport squadron is forced from Damietta onto the guns of the quick acting Admiral Bekir and swiftly sunk.

AoS manages to catch only 12,400 Austrians in Valjevo, but causes 10,337 casualties for only 67 returned. Leaving the survivors to flee north AoS is ordered to lift the seige of Nis.
The Janissary reserve is ordered forward to Bucuresti. Western Command fails to reach the Austrian army in Orsova and being fearful of 32000 more that could join the fight is ordered southwest to Pasarofca.

AoS catches the besiegers of Nis and MttSotG draws more Austrians to their doom. 10459 for 150! Western Command has again failed to catch the foe and are ordered south to Zajcar to meet up with AoS who are also moving on that province. The Janissary reserve is ordered west to Turnu. Austrian forces in the Balkans regroup and start to fallback on Wallachia.

Western Command falls under attack by a marginally weaker but better trained Austrian army of 28,800 men to their 30,600. Of more concern is the 58,500 Austrian group of armies in Negotin that may choose to MttSotG, praying the river will slow their arrival the AoS marches north hoping they will not be too late!
Somewhere in amoungst all this confusion the Egyptians offer to cede Damietta, El Arish, Dilutta and Abukir. Still not enough!
After 3 days of holding their ground Western Command start to crumble, with the Austrians starting to draw in more troops.
AoS arrives in battle on the morning of the 5th day!

June ends!

Lesser Power News - Spain give the Pope some money, Britain guarantees Sicily, Prussia guarantees Wurtemburg, Tunisia joins the French coalition and Demark guarantees Tunisia.


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Chapter 8: In like a Lion, out like a lamb

World News Round-up
Wallachia and Moldavia still having border troubles. Sicily annoy Pope. Piedmontesse puppies storm Elba.

Portugal near overrun

Denmark and Sweden still faffing around.

After 9 days of battle the Austrian army is defeated in Pasarofca. In the first major battle of the war the Ottomans defeat Austria. Casualties were heavy on both sides with the enemy losing 31565 to the Ottoman 15696. The bulk of Ottoman fatalities lie within Western Command who are ordered back to Sofya to regroup.

The victory is slightly tainted as I have become too focused again and failed to notice my Janissary reserve has been caught in Turmu by a force over twice their size. I withdraw from the battle as soon as possible but have still lost 3,243 of the original 10,200 inflicting 2146 in return. They too are ordered to Sofya, while the victorious Austrians march north back into Wallachia.

Piedmont now adopts MttSotG, seriously people pick something else! NO! Egypt announces it too now MttSotG. Soon I'll be the only nation not to have this.

9000 Janissary troops inch down the coast from Aleppo to Tyre. The Egyptian army still sits in Gazze and Yafa.

Austrian picks up Glorious Arms, presumably from the bodies of their recent deceased comrades.

Britain guarantees Piedmont, this is beginning to nag at me.

We are a third of the way through the month Western Command with it's new Janissary troops is recovering in Sofya, AoS marches north east into central Wallachia to try and dislodge the Austrian presence

Egyptian command is once again split in two with one half racing along the coast to capture the remaining free towns while the other stays on siege duty around Alexandria.
Persia adopts MttSotG, I've had enough, I resolve never to adopt that myself! Ha, that will show you all!
The 9000 Janissaries in Tyre are swiftly transported to the far side of Egypt, causing a regatta to be cancelled.

Breaking World News - France takes Lisboa, one step nearer Naval domination.

AoS goes on the offensive in Wallachia, surely those hills will seriously impede MttSotG?

Egyptian Command finishes the coastal campaign and only Alexandria and a lot of useless sand still remain in Egyptian hands (I'm going to ignore the whole Gazze situation).

21st July Disaster! No puny mountain range is going to stop MttSotG, AoS is now facing 63,700 Austrians and although Western Command had been ordered into Wallachia there is no way I can see them reaching the battle in time.
After 7 days and sufficient time for Western Command to arrive the Battle of Mehadia has been decided. A total rout!

The Ottoman forces flee southwards towards Kutlofca.

All the good work to now brought low by poor judgement and a failure to appreciate MttSotG's total disregard for poor terrain. A month that started with so much promise ends in disaster.

Further Breaking World News - France accepts peace with Portugal and is happy with only the prestige of victory. French and Spanish troops leave that theatre of war empty handed. I can only hope Napoleon hasn't gone soft and is about to stab Austria in the back.
Minor Power News - Russia rejects peace with Persia, Napoleon makes himself King of Italy, Tunisia honours the coronation by declaring war on the rival coalition, Spain honours it by trying and failing to make peace with Britain, Britain rejects Tripolitanian peace overtures too.

Ottomans have a quiet cry.


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Chapter 9 : All Quiet on the Western Front

World News Round-up

I don't care, they're all evil, everybody loves Piedmont and no-one loves me! I'm sulking!

While the shattered remnants of AoS and Western Command run headlong back to home territory a small glimmer of sunshine peeks from behind the dark cloud of my despondancy.
After 47 days of siege Alexandria has surrendered, Egypt accepts my proposal to become a satellite.
Shortsightedness strikes again! I have only 2 transports no-where near enough to carry my victorious troops back to the real crisis zone, unless I shuttle it in small packets. Rather belatedly I order the construction of 2 more transports. I had 23,000 manpower reserves which will not even fill half the casualties from the Disaster at Mehadia (Sultan! Give me back my Janissarys).

In the Balkans the Austrians are absent, they are concentrating their forces in Wallachia and toying with the borders of Moldavia. I send Western Command into the west to do something useful whilst licking its wounds, it can reclaim the western provinces. AoS will stay in Kutlofca. Brazzen in their success the Austrians sail their entire 2 transport squadron fleet back and forth in front of Split. I can't handle them on land any longer but I shall make them weep on the seas! The fleet is ordered from Egyptian waters to the Adriatic.
North Eastern Command stands idle whilst 50,000 Russians rampage through Persia, I'd dearly like to join them and grab some for myself but I'm now too worried to try. Instead I remove 15,000 men from the command and arrange to transport them across the Black Sea to Burgas.
Egyptian command now becomes Tripolitanian Command, rather than march back or wait months for transport I declare war and march into Salloum province, I split the command in two again and will leap frog down the coast capturing and laying siege as necessary. Denmark honours her vows and declares was on me too. At this point in time they are probably the only nation that can do nothing to me. I suspect any land based expeditionary force will be stopped by Prussia, Austria or one of the other states in between us. And I hardly think that the British will allow them to sail a transport squadron my way anytime soon.

The month ends with little activity, the Austrians are overwhelmingly pre-occupied with Wallachia. My shattered armies are resting unassaulted at home, and the campaign in Tripolitania has just begun. My fleet is patrolling up and down the Adriatic looking for the now disappeared Austrian navy.

Now it only remains to wonder just what the hell is France doing? Not a single European state annexed or satellited, no invasions other than in Portugal. I hope he's moving for Austria, and I hope he moves soon.
I hope Russia remembers all the money Prussia and Austria are giving Persia. I hope Britain gives me a fleet for Xmas and most of all I hope Piedmont gives me one of their puppies!

Minor Powers News - Great Britain rejects peace with Denmark, France rejects peace with Sicily, France guarantees Denmark, Spain guarantees Portugal (and can't even invade anymore), Russia rejects peace with Persia and Britain with Spain.


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Chapter 10 : Breathing Space

September 1805

World News Round-up

Moldavia and Wallachia clearing up, Pope pushing back against Sicily, Tripolitania invades Corfu.

Russian push in Persia

Usual faffing around in Denmark/Sweden

One month on from the Disaster of Mehadia and the Austrians are still absent from the Balkans. 50,000 are rampaging around in Moldavia and near Ismail, but can offer no threat to my recuperating forces, equally I can pose no threat to them.

The divided Tripolitanian Command have moved along the coast to invest Darnah and are marching on towards Benghazi.

With Western Command retaking the western provinces, AoS are ordered to move slowly north into Wallachia to liberate Hermannstadt should the opportunity arise.
As soon as AoS crosses into Wallachia the Austrians reappear and lay siege to Tuzla and Belgrad. AoS is ordered to return to home soil.

With the final western provinces liberated Western Command moves slowly towards Nis.

September has passed un-eventfully, the armies are starting to recover and the Austrians have made a major misjudgement by not pursuing me ruthlessly. I hope so anyway.
There is still no sign of French movement anywhere. I have the horrible feeling that France is waiting for a weakened Austria before attacking and Russia is doing the same with me!

Minor Power News - Hessen give France military access, France rejects peace with Sicily, Britain rejects pleas for peace from Denmark, Tripolitania and Tunisia. At some point in the month Sweden gets serious and takes Trondheim from Denmark.


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Chapter 11 : Still Breathing

October 1805
World News Round-up

Denmark/Sweden finally gets serious.

Russian rampage continues in Persia

Papacy almost free of Sicilian grasp

With AoS and Western Command moving slowly to link up the Austrians are massing around Belgrad and Tuzla
A 4,100 man Wallachian army liberates Hermannstadt and, clearly out of their minds, marches on Karlsburg. In Moldavia Galatz is assaulted and captured.
Western Command and AoS continue their careful dance around the Austrians

Tripolitania adopts MttSotG, oh no! This could cost me dear.

Ismail is besieged, there is nothing I can do but hope they last longer than Gazze.

The reassigned troops from North Eastern Command are ordered forward to Nis, as AoS and Western Command attempt to pincer the Austrian army in Valjevo.

AoS arrives first and starts the battle, MttSotG draws the surrounding Austrian armies into the battle. After only 2 days the Austrians admit defeat and break off the fight. Victory! Tell your boy in Wein we can still fight!

This time no mercy, I shall follow the fleeing Austrians and try and inflict more damage.

In Tripolitania Darnah falls to siege after 47 days.

The fleeing Austrians in the Balkans regroup in Zenta with 35,000 comrades, I break off the pursuit and retire towards Paracin. With the now 47,000 strong Austrian army in Zenta ready to MttSotG I cannot lift the siege of Belgrad. The combined armies are ordered to the west to try and catch the Austrian armies moving that way.

Russia eviscerates Persia in their peace treaty!

With the Austrian fleet absent in the Adriatic, the Ottoman fleet is ordered to Tripolitania to cover transportation along the coast. The Egyptians have stormed into the country and occupy all the really interesting sandy places.

France has still not shown it's cards and with Russia free from its war in the east, tension is rising beyond the Sublime Porte.

Minor Power News - France adopts Platoon Fire and cancels the access they were given by Hessen, France rejects peace with Piedmont, Sweden loses Trondheim to Denmark but takes Fredericia, Britain rejects peace with Tripolitania and Denmark.


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Chapter 12 : Heading West

November 1805

World News Round-up
Moldavia and Wallachia being liberated, Sicily pushing back against Pope. (At some point Galatz was liberated and I missed it).

Britain launches incursion into Tripolitania

Denmark/Sweden get more serious

Western Command absorbs the troops from North Eastern Command, and marches west where the Austrian army there has split again allowing AoS to catch and destroy a small Austria force.

Tripolitanian Command has regrouped in Benghazi enabling an assault on the city, which falls quickly and bloodlessly, at least for the Ottomans.

Back in the Balkans my entire army is now in Dobroj, I cannot risk lifting either the siege of Tuzla or Belgrad without the Austrian MttSotG bringing in too many troops to survive.

In the east Moldavia has gone on the offensive, 2,400 men on a mad drive into Austria. Guys, I'll write a poem in honour of your mad senseless sacrifice!

In the Balkans, as it would be too dangerous to lift the sieges on my towns, the order is given "West into Austria". 2,400 Austrian infantry disperse before AoS and Western Commands combined 73,399 troops move on Karlstadt. The Austrian split forces again and lodge siege to Bosna-Saray.

Tripolitanian Command splits once more. The half loaded onto the waiting transport fleet will launch an amphibious assault on Tripoli and hopefully beat the British army operating nearby to the prize. The remaining half will marching along the coast to take the towns en-route to Tripoli.

Back in the Balkans Karlstadt and Agram are invested by Ottoman forces. Both prove too strong to be assaulted without a long siege and are ordered to converge on Flaum (this I know to be important). 2,400 militia try to block the advance, and fail.

Tripolitanian Command beat Britain to Tripoli and start the siege, the British have however grabbed Misratah and blocked the march along the coast. Several Tunisian armies are operating in the area, fortunately not against me.

The Austrian forces operating in Moldavia leave the country and move along the spine of the Carpathian Mountains to retake Hermannstadt and bolster their fellows around Belgrad.
The Moldavian Suicide Army marches on!

Flaum falls to assault! Another Naval dominance point taken. Flushed with success Western Command is ordered further into Austrian territory and moves on Trieste. AoS will move back down the coast and take minor Austrian ports before laying siege to Ragusa.

The month ends on a high note, impotence to defend my own borders has turned to strength in grabbing an important dominance objective (or thats the way I'm going to spin it).

Minor Power News - Tuscany, Brunswick, The Netherlands and the Papacy adopt MttSotG. Britain adopts Naval Supremacy. Britain rejects peace with Spain, Sweden rejects peace with Denmark, France gives Wallachia war subsidies (go France!). Persia guarantees Portugal (why I have no idea).


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Chapter 13 : The End of the Beginning

December 1805

World News Round-up

Sicily occupies Papacy.

Wallachia contracts as Moldavia expands


Denmark/Sweden boring!

Britain's army in Tripolitania is taking a beating leaving the coastal half of Tripolitanian Command to continue un-hindered in it's mission.

Western Command arrives, assaults and captures Trieste! Hoping to encourage the French they continue to march round the coast towards the Italian border. AoS continues it's march down the coast towards Ragusa. With the Austrian fleet now forced to sea and my transport fleet safely docked in a liberated Tripolitanian port, the Ottoman warfleet is ordered to the Adriatic again.

Hermannstadt in Wallachia falls to the Austrians once again.

In Belluno Western Command destroys a group of Austrian infantry before driving the Austrian fleet onto the guns of Admiral Bekir.

And with the sound of victory ringing in our ears the first year is over! It's been a rollercoaster of disaster and success. However overall the Ottoman Empire has a happy Hogmanay!

In the excesses of the partying someone gets a little too carried away!

Minor Power News - Switzerland, Italy, Tunisia, Sicily, Wallachia and Moldavia all adopt MttSotG. Britain rejects peace with Denmark, Tripolitania, Tunisia and Spain. Russia adopts Cossacks, Spain adopts Copper Bottoms, France guarantees Tripolitania (too late), Prussia adopts Prussian Discipline, Denmark adopts National Banking System, Sweden rejects peace from Denmark and France rejects peace with Piedmont.


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Chapter 14 : A Tale of 3 Cities

A recap - When we started we had the 2nd smallest army of the major powers, we've jumped up a place and now have the 3rd smallest, worryingly Russia has over twice the army and more manpower in reserve than our entire field army.
Our troop quality was atrocious being the worst of the major powers but has taken a great leap forward and we now sit at 5th in the rankings, better news being that we are a good 11% ahead of Austria. Sadly we are the same margin behind Russia.
Naval ranking has Britain on top with 49 ships and France and Russia next on 12 each. We have 11 but 4 are transports
Currently we sit 4th in the victory table on 42.8%, behind France and Britain on 50% and Russia on 49.9%.

January 1806

World News Round-up

Sweden/Denmark still boring.

Sicily still holding Papacy nibbling Tuscany and Italy.

Wallachia has fallen futher into Austrian hands, Moldavia is carving out a nice Austrian territory.

Tuzla falls to disease, Austria allows the garrison to leave the fortress alive. 140,000 surrounding Austrians look on, the garrison is never heard from again.

The Russians are spotted marching on the Black Sea coast but heading towards Kerch.

Tripoli falls after 45 days of siege and quickly becomes our satellite. France immediately guessing our intentions guarantees the independence of Tunisia. Damn you France!

Tripolitanian Command does not become Tunisian Command, they are now the Balkan Army, leaving the light infantry behind the bulk of the army is loaded onto transports and shipped off to Bar.
Western Command declines to besiege Lienz and moves to storm the walls. Next stop back east to Karlstadt.

A Russian transport fleet appears off the Golden Horn! Kostantiniye holds it's breath.

On the 20th of January Belgrad is breached and stormed by 30,000 Austrians.

Kostantiniye exhales, the Russian fleet sails through the Dardanelles and disappears into the sea mist.

Karlstadt is too strong to assault and Western Command cannot risk the Austrians learning from their earlier folly and pushing on towards the capital. They are ordered to join AoS in the siege of Ragusa.

North Eastern Command lay siege to Tabriz in Persia.

In the Balkans the Austrians start a mass movement to lift the siege of Ragusa.

Minor Power News - Napoleon makes his brother King of Holland, Britain rejects peace with Denmark again. Sweden seizes Kiel from Denmark, Britain are becoming friendly with Bavaria,


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Chapter 15 : A Storm is Coming

February 1806

World News Round-up

Moldavia Suicide Army draws off 45,000 Austrians from homeland!

Papacy fights back a little.

Britain invades France and Prussia finally make headway against Sweden.

96,000 Russians are spotted on the border they too seem to be moving towards Kerch.

The Balkan Army moves through Kotor to reach Ragusa before the Austrians.

Austria grants military access to Russia! Barely have the words "do we really care what other trivial states do?" left the mouth of my advisor before there is a new pike ornament outside the palace and a new vacancy within.
Tensions in the Topkapi rise.

In Ragusa the 3 Ottoman armies converge the Austrian advance grinds to a halt. To make a point Ragusa is stormed. The light infantry contingent of the Balkan Army arrives from Tripoli. The order is given "March to Belgrad".

To counter Ragusa the Austrians storm Bosna-Saray.

Minor Power News -Saxony, Moroco, Algeria, Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, Baden, Bavaria, Hessen, Wurtemburg, the Holy Roman Empire and Nassau all adopt MttSotG (some people have no originality). Britain rejects peace with Tunisia. Sweden rejects peace with Denmark. Austria adopts a Spy Network. France brag about their Imperial University. France guarantees Hessen.


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Chapter 16 : The Storm Breaks

March 1806

World News Round-up

Sweden, Denmark, Prussia and Britain play around in the frozen north

France finally on the move

Instead of trying to plough through the main force to Belgrad the combined Ottoman army attacks in Mostar

Russia cancels the military access given by Austria! An unexpected bonus. Denmark offers a White Peace which we graciously accept.

Battle is joined in Mostar, Austrian forces MttSotG and force march towards the fight.

After a single day of battle the Austrians break!

Choosing once again to pursue the routing enemy the victorious troops reach the banks of the Danube. The Balkan Army forces the crossing while Western Command and AoS turn to liberate Tuzla.

Another blow struck against the invader!

The Balkan Army besieges Belgrad, while more Austrians pour in for the Second Battle of Tuzla. Which proves to be more of a mopping up operation, obviously marching too slowly to the sound of the guns 5,223 guard and infantry disperse like smoke.
Before AoS/Western Command can swing south to liberate Uzice the Third Battle of Tuzla breaks out when 10,000 Austrians attack from out of the fortress. The battle ends as have the previous two.

Swinging south to Uzice the foe puts in a braver performance.

As March ends neither Tuzla nor Belgrad has been recovered but there are fewer Austrian field armies to worry about.

Minor Power News - France guarantees Mecklenburg, Britain adopts Press Gangs and rejects Spanish requests for peace, Sweden adopts Expert Foraging and rejects peace with Denmark.


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Chapter 17 : Peace Offerings

April 1806

World News Round-up
In all the excitement and the flush of victory the rest of the world passes me by!

The 184 man garrison the Austrians have left in Tuzla is dispatched, the city liberated.
Belgrad is left with the enemy and the Ottoman armies disperse to deal with other concerns.

The Balkan Army routs the Austrian field army before Peterwardein. AoS storms Bosna-Saray.

In the east a breach in the walls of Tabriz results in the city falling the next day. A settlement is quickly reached to stop more senseless bloodshed.

The armies of the Ottomans will in future use Volley Fire in battle.

Another Austrian army is crushed trying to retake Bosna-Saray and yet another before Peterwardein.

The largest Austrian field army on the Balkan front is in Esseg, the AoS marches north in the hopes of crushing it too.
Another minor battle before Peterwardein.

Something catches my eye across the Adriatic. France is finally moving!

The Austrian army in Esseg is caught before it can flee.

Agram in Austria falls to the Balkan Army.

Austria offers a White Peace! Now we have them on the ropes.

The month ends with a string of Ottoman victories under our belt, Austria shaken and 3 more cities ready to fall into Ottoman hands.

Minor Power News - France tells of us Eugene de Beauharnais and rejects Piedmonts request for peace. Sicily learns Coordinated Moves. Hessen grants France military access. Britain sabotages French/Nassaun relations. Persia adopts Coordinated Moves. Prussia takes Malmo from Sweden and rejects Swedish appeals for peace. Sweden rejects similar appeals from Denmark.