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Jan 31, 2022
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Hello everyone! September 1st marks the third anniversary of the release of Crusader Kings III, and we're excited to share this day with our loyal players! You've all helped make this game what it is today through your comments, feedback, and suggestions over the last three years, and we can't thank you enough for the support you've given us and the time you've put into our game.

To help celebrate this milestone, we've prepared a special anniversary video for you, featuring some highlights and statistics of the game, as well as a teaser for what you can expect from us later this year.

We've also prepared a set of high-resolution wallpapers from our wonderful art team (no longer available!), and for those who want to see even more there's a full Art Blast article available on Artstation!

Finally, we want to hear from you! What are your favorite moments of Crusader Kings III? Share your stories (in-game or real life!), screenshots, memes, or whatever else you'd prefer with us here in the comments or on our social media channels (linked below). We'll feature some of our favorite submissions next week!

Thank you again for playing our game, and for being part of our community. We hope you enjoy the anniversary video, and continue being a dedicated player of Crusader Kings III. The last three years have been an incredible journey for us at Paradox, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for the next three years of Crusader Kings III.

Submit your favorite moments here on the forums, or via any of our social channels listed below!

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To help set the mood, this is what one of our QA team members is wearing to the office today. You can hear him clanking up from a mile away.

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That means we are swiftly coming up to the three year anniversary of my tutorial for the game, and finding out that the official in game tutorial run was surprisingly good at time of release, and also ended far too quickly.

I wonder how many games of Ged the tutorial character have been played in 3 years? And how many horrible deaths he's had at the hands of players?
I've once created a map from my ruler of Poland and I'm so happy how it turned out, I want to make another one!

And his story was great, he killed brothers of his wife, so she could inherit their land (Lesser Poland), then married his son to Kievan princess and started killing all her siblings and nephews. There was a lot of killing. It was fun
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For all the negativity here in the forums, I think we all love the game. I for one want to thank the team for the wonderful Tours and Tournaments expansion, that revitalized the game for me when I was on the brink of getting tired of it (after 500 hours, of course).

Now the game feels so fluid and alive that even something as ludicrous as a random viking venturing to the land of the Rus to then find out about the rich lands of Persia and their dying ancestral religion, only to turn the tide and revive the glory of Zoroastrian Persia due to the collapse of the Caliphate feels memorable and not gamey. Mongols now show up to all the parties to create interesting scenarios and the human side of things has never created more memorable characters than now, with all the new royal epithets and activities and such.

Great job, and I can't wait to play with all of the new toys next year!
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If you do not mind, in the near future would you consider to fix the cheering background noise after the grand tournament is completed?
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I really look forward to the Legacy of Persia Pack, even if it will probably come out in November.

I hope there is an achievement for conquering and converting the Kingdoms of Hellas, Epirus and Thessaloniki as a Zoroastrian Persian Ruler (Xerxes Revenge or Khosrows revenge or something like that). And an achievement for playing as Zayid or Azraqi Faith and forming the Empire of Persia.

And the Clan Overhaul.
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Where are the ME cultures and ally orders from 2 in this anniversary?
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No new provinces, start dates which player can choose whichever DAY wants in Crusader Kings 2, societies and the list goes on. Tours and Tournaments is a hell of a downloadable content but which caused again a hell of a bugs. I hope, with interactive communication with the community Crusader Kings 3 will be hell of a game.


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3 years. Jeez. I'm not happy with this one.

3 years of ck2 was amazing to me. 3 years of ck3 and I don't even play anymore, hoping for an update that's not even announced.

Congrats devs, it is a good mile stone. To 3 more years. But hopefully to me I'll be back to this game I so want to love within 3 years!
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No new provinces, start dates which player can choose whichever DAY wants in Crusader Kings 2, societies and the list goes on. Tours and Tournaments is a hell of a downloadable content but which caused again a hell of a bugs. I hope, with interactive communication with the community Crusader Kings 3 will be hell of a game.
I'm still waiting to sit down to play in earnest until we get Merchant Republics back . I know the mechanic was super jank in CK2, but it was one of my favorite ways to play.

And they were added less than a year after CK2 came out. Even with covid I feel left out to dry there.

That and the Steppe Nomad government type.
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Congratulations! Looking forwards to many more years of CK3!

Steam says I've played CK3 for 2329.4 hours, though a significant portion of that includes the many, many, hours when I've put it on pause to do all the things I have to do instead of playing CK3. :p

Currently I'm having a blast switching between characters of my dynasty whenever I see a roleplaying opportunity that interests me. I suspect it's not how you expected anyone to play the game, but your console commands provide so much flexibility that ...well, I can pretty much do what I want. That's rare in games. Thank you! <3
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I was just a little girl, my grandfather the king was assassinated and the next year my father was as well. Thrust onto the throne at 6 years old I started focusing on uncovering the secrets of these plots. It didn’t take long until an unidentified assailant tried pushing me off a balcony. I miraculously got caught on the way down. A few years later a servant led me out into the jungle and left me there. As fate would have it I found my way back home. Determined not to get murdered I studied intrigue until I was a master schemer. I proceeded to eliminate any threat and through murder or conquest formed an empire. I even made sure to prune my husband’s family tree so that he would inherit a kingdom that would eventually be inherited by my heir. After my descendent unified India, he commissioned a family epic and included the legendary story of his ancestor who had been a witch, so that my story would survive in writing for generations.
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Just remember, for the emperors or Kings capital duchy should not give opinion penalty. For example ; i was playing ( do not want to play anymore due to vioce issue ) as a King of Sicily i granted Malta but in order to fully benefit from a vassal the duchy title must be created but when created liege holds duchy title - 25 which is a bigger problem with larger duchies like Burgundy or Normandy.
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3 years of ck2 was amazing to me. 3 years of ck3 and I don't even play anymore, hoping for an update that's not even announced.
CK3 was actually the most complete and stable release Paradox had to date. While CK2 had to release such amazing features like "Muslim rulers are now playable" and "polygamy".

Things that are still missing: Sunset invasion (meme), secret societies (meh meme), Nomads (tend to explode), Republics Trade routes and China (the update you're waiting for), 700 start date (ehhhh, mite b cool).
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