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Paul Bäumer's gravedigger
Mar 22, 2002
I am France playing on Hard vs the AI.

ENG Makes suicide attack against GER leaves ENG undefended.
FRA I move into position to take ENG and take Bel/Por/Spa
GER Takes Hol/Den and then has to defend agaisnt ENG attack.
ITA Takes Tunis and does nothing.
AUS Takes all of the Blakans except Bulgaria while TUR focuses on RUS.
RUS Takes over Swe and Nor leaves south undefended.
TUR Moves north into RUS

ENG Takes over GER homelands
FRA I take over ENG and Tun, and then start pushing into GER
GER Is basically dead but takes War
ITA Atacks AUS and loses
AUS Gets attacked by TUR and holds firm
RUS Attacks TUR and gets back south
TUR gets counterattacked by RUS while attacking AUS and loses ground

Units at this point (1904)
FRA 13

I won in 1905. AI never made any deal with me, its only offers were poor ones I rejected. No attempt and combined defense against my steamroll whatsoever. In fact the AI semed to much much too aggressive IMO. Just attack attack attack everywhere.


Paul Bäumer's gravedigger
Mar 22, 2002
Sucidal as In move both fleets away from england and convoy feelt away from england...that is suicial. Then they would build fleets and move those away from england. Defending your home provinces should be any countries number 2 priority after ensuring other people do not win (which should be an issue on the first few turns).


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May 20, 2004
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Well, all I can say is congratulations. I hope this isn't indicative of the AI. (I understand it's not) I think luck was on your side and by the time the computer realized what was going on it was too late.