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Someone ought to do some events for this map. I redid the ottoman ones for thrace to point at constantinople instead but there's more to be done...

Also the province that has La Rochelle really ought to have a port in it.
Bordic said:
Last thing, would you mind please to swap Thrace, prov. n. 357, with new Bysantion? There are too many events written with 'owned prov 357 tur' to be changed!

There are like... 5 or something ;)
So how's work with this progressing? :) Gotten rid of the crashes people where seeing?

I REALY like this maps version of the mediterrenean.
Please do post event changes as well :)
I can allways chose not to use them (and I was planning on making a few events of my own in order to increase my enjoyment of the next version, some fantasy byzantium ones for instance).
So far btw, this map seems to favour the turks more than the vanilla one. But france also ends up losing the hundred years war a lot more often.