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Dec 16, 2010
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This is the stories of the men of the Kingsguard, from its founding by Aegon Targaryen. Like the White Book in the ASOIAF(A Song of Ice and Fire) or as some of you know it the Game of Thrones lore this White Book will be a brief summary of the events of the Kingsguardsmen. Unlike the lore version each person will not have his own page as it is impossible to follow everything your couriers do in this game but rather each chapter will focus on one of the Lord Commanders and the men who serve under him. At the top of each page will be the coat of arms of his house(unless lowborn) as well as a picture of himself and the knights under him(when he takes office). At the bottom will be a picture of him after he dies, those that died under him, the kings he served both as Lord Commander and regular Guard and then the white shield of the Kingsguard.

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In the year 8001 a force of four thousand men landed in the lands of the Seven Kingdoms the land of Westeros. These seven kingdoms were the Kingdom of the North, the Kingdom of Vale and Sky, the Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, Kingdom of the Rock, Kingdom of the Reach, Kingdom of the Stormlands and Dorne. The army though small was ran by a man of Valyria named Aegon Targaryen. With him were his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys, his only friend Orys, a servant named Vhagar, and the three dragons the Targaryens rode into battle.

Looking to claim the lands of Westeros for himself Aegon began his War of Conquest north against the Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers under Harren Hoarce. Arriving outside of Harren's keep Aegon was able to break through the man's walls in the process burning the King alive. His son and the new heir was captured though. Now as his prisoner he was forced to surrender his father's throne. Fearing this man's strength both the Vale and the North surrendered.

Turning his attention south Aegon first captured the Stormlands and then the Reach. Lorren Lannister put up the hardest fight as he was able to convince both the Gardener's of the Reach and the Stormlands to assist him in his resistance. They fought for close to a year but in the end Lorren was eaten by his dragon and the war for the Westlands came to an end. Worried that he could not face the strength of Dorne, Aegon considered stopping his conquest there but he could not do that. He began his match south but he recieved word that Dorne surrendered without a fight.

In a single year all of the Seven Kingdoms fell to the rule of one man. In an attempt to solidify his rule he had a vast city built upon where he landed the year prior calling it King's Landing. He had a throne made up of the swords used against him in battle which it as well as the lands became known as the Iron Throne. The calendar was reset to the year one in recognition of his landing and the beginning of a new era upon his arrival.

Worried for his children, his wives and his own safety Aegon decided to form an order of knights who would protect him and his family from harm. These men would be dressed all in white and would be known as the Kingsguard. They would only number seven with their leader being known as Lord Commander. This position he believed his loyal servant and General, Vhagar should have. With his acceptance he became the first of his guards and he took the man's oath. "I, Vhagar, swear to serve your commands, protect you, your children, and any you send me to protect, and to be your shield in battle. I forsake all titles and claims to any position save for that of the Kingsguard. I will not marry nor father children. I take these oaths under the Seven and will serve my post until my last breath." With that he had his first Kingsguard, Lord Commander Vhagar.
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I updated the first post to better reflect how I will be updating this AAR.

As you can tell from the prelude I started this game as Aegon Targaryen and conquered the seven kingdoms. At that time I founded the Kingsguard via the Intrigue post and offered the first position to Orys who refused the offer. I then tried five other sons of minor lords who had decent warrior skills via personal interaction but they were all refused as well. Since they were not very important I did not mention their names in the above post. The last two offers were to Trebor and another person who will be mentioned in the first post(once I get to that). After both accepted and since Trebor accepted first he was named Lord Commander. I waited for the other to personal interaction before I started playing as Trebor.

Currently I'm up to the year 8008(8AL) and its already a pretty interesting story. I will only be able to really follow the Lord Commander. The first true post should be up hopefully the start of the new year. Though I can't say for certain as I'm swamped with work and personal things right now. Though I still wanted to start the AAR to get people's opinions on it.

As well as hopefully enter it into any other AAR competitions which the AGOT mod team holds. (If they hold another one.)
I like it, definitely think your style of writing AARs will be well suited to the aGoT tale.

Didn't realize in the mod you could start at the Aegon Targaryen start though that makes me even more interested in it :)
The Seven Kingdoms, which ruled a divided Westeros in the age before Aegon's Conquest.
The War of Conquest, when Aegon Targaryen set out to forge the Seven Kingdoms into one, through fire and blood.
After the Spring, in the aftermath of the Blackfyre Rebellion and the Great Spring Sickness, as House Blackfyre once again plots to take the Iron Throne.
Robert's Rebellion, when Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, Hoster Tully, and Tywin Lannister overthrew the Mad King and brought the Targaryen dynasty to an end.
The Crowned Stag, set in the immediate aftermath of the above, as the reign of King Robert begins.
The Greyjoy Rebellion, when the Iron Islands fought to be independent of the Iron Throne.
A Clash of Kings, set at the beginning of the book of the same name (Season Two of the HBO show).

Future releases may contain additional scenarios.

Those are all the options for the different scenarios to start as during the game.

Also I played up until after Trebor's death so I should have the first post up Tuesday.
That's actually kind awesome. Guess when I was looking at it, I didn't see that in the mod list or something, was too busy looking at the screenshots and never downloaded it sadly. lol

Anyways I look forward to hearing Trebor's story of being the first Lord Commander.
Vhagar 'the Greatheart' Qoherys,
Lord Commander of the Kingsguard,
Warden of the West



Taking his oath to protect his King, Vhagar decided to create his own house too. It would be House Qoherys which would begin and end with him as he had promised to father no children. With the War of Conquest won Aegon found two others to join the Kingsguard. There was Monford Crabb and Andros of Horgrasp. The King also had a tower built in the Red Keep to house his guards and his new Warden of the West.

In 7AL a Tourney of The Twins was held where Monford took second while the newest guard, Willum Blanetree, took third. Two years later Maryn Rowan, Lord Paramount of the Reach, as well as the Lords of Westlands and Iron Islands rose up in revolt. The war went in the King's favor as a year into the war Loren Lannister was captured and forced to leave the conflict. Without his aid the war came to an end the following year. The Hoarce's were also banished from the kingdom and Aegon named himself Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands to ensure he always had a mighty fleet to make it easier to deal with any insurrection.

With his throne secured Damon Coldwater, Tommard of Scrafstone, and a peasant boy named Ryon all joined the Kingsguard. In 16AL the Wythers led a small rebellion which Vhagar as Warden of the West put down himself. During the conflict he captured their leader but released him on the promise he would lay down his sword. High on their victory the guards made their way across the land competing in tournaments. Vhagar would win at Stonedance and place third at The Twins. Willum Blanetree took third at Rosby before being killed by a lance to the throat at Blacktyde. Terrence Greenfield took his cloak though at the Tourney of Duskendale Terrence would be thrown from his horse breaking his neck. With another spot open in the Kingsguard Caleotte Vaith took up this last position.

For 33 years Vhagar served King Aegon Targaryen with honor and distinction as a General, Warden of the West, and as the Commander of his guard. He helped him win the throne and keep it safe during a major revolt. He conducted his duties as Warden of the West with great distinction and treated his enemies with great honor and respect. Though he is gone he will be remembered as the first and one of the greatest Lord Commanders.


Rulers he Served


Men who died in the white under him


Willum, Terrence

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I'm glad you like it. I've been playing for somewhere near 40 years now past Trebor's death and his replacement is still The Lord Commander. He is the last of the original seven.
I'm glad you like it. I've been playing for somewhere near 40 years now past Trebor's death and his replacement is still The Lord Commander. He is the last of the original seven.

The next Lord Commander is a long lived one then, probably sees quite a bit of interesting things happen throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

Definitely enjoy all your AARs though, when I saw you were doing this one I was like oh this will be good!!! Your writing style suits it quite well I think.
That above post is basically how each chapter will be. Short, mention of major events, and following only a single Lord Commander. This means that many years can pass during each post or even as few as a single day. Should this happen then I will try to fill in information about the Lord Commander while he was a regular Kingsguardsmen or just do a small post for him and then do another for the next guy.
I'm sorry to say but this AAR may be coming to an end early. For some reason the game will not let me go beyond a certain date. I have asked for help from the mod team that created the game but I'm not sure if they will know what to do.
If we can't get it fixed I started over again. I'm up to year 8045. It's not as interesting though as the other one, but will suffice if we can't get it fixed.
Please do! I was really looking forward to this and I loved your first chapter. There are so few AGOT AARs that it's a real shame when they are finished incomplete
So I will have to start over. I've updated the Prelude and tomorrow I will edit the Trebor post and put in the new Lord Commander.