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The history of Finland is a chequered one. The nation was, until 1917, not in existence at all. First occupied by Sweden, and later Imperial Russia, it was difficult to form a national identity. Then suddenly, with the onset of the Russian Bolshevik revolution and civil war, Finland had the opportunity to arise from the ashes of history. But the country’s existence was threatened from the start. Civil war, much like in Russia, threatened to tear the new nation apart, especially when the Red Guards, backed by their compatriots in Soviet Russia, took Helsinki on February 22nd, henceforth known as the “Black Friday” in the Finnish Army, it seemed as if Finland was to be destined to become a part of the emerging Soviet Union. However, aid for the beleaguered Republic was to come from an unexpected source: Sweden. The King in Stockholm and his Government were very much concerned with Finland becoming the newest SSR, and therefore mobilized the reserves of the Swedish Army. Five Divisions came to the aid of their brethren, and soon, aided by the Soviet-polish war, managed to defeat the Red Guards, and by the end of the year the war was essentially over, only a few isolated, rural holdouts remained, only to be mopped up by Finnish and Swedish units. This was the beginning of the eternal friendship between the two nations, and the start of the road towards the Nordic Alliance.

The 1920s seemed to be a golden age for Finland, and the treaty signed in March solidified the comradeship between Finland and Sweden. However, the treaty raised many concerns all over Scandinavia, and especially in Moscow. 1921 saw the signature of the treaty which would help guarantee the peace in the northern lands for much of the decade, and which would eventually lead to the alliance we enjoy today. The Soviets continued to pester Finland with outlandish claims on rightful Finnish territory, so relations between Helsinki and Moscow grew worse and worse, while the same between Helsinki and Stockholm grew ever closer. Several border incidents were fought between Finnish and Soviet units, and in 1928 the Soviets took all of it to a new level by claiming territories that are so far inside our own borders that giving them up would mean losing almost half of the countries Industry! We have of course refused this claim, and decided to press our own, rightful claims on Karelia and other history Finnish provinces.


For the next two years Finland and the Soviet Union stared each other down, with our brave and defiant troops ready to resist the red hordes to the last bullet. In 1930 however, our great War Hero, Marshal Mannerheim, conducted secret negotiations with our neighbouring friends to the west, proposing something that would have been unthinkable only a few short years ago: A full alliance, an alliance that would create a new bloc of the Nordic nations, to defend themselves not only against the Soviet Union, which just happened to pose the greatest threat to Finnish and Swedish security. The treaty is the centre-piece for our entire foreign policy, all of which is done on agreement with our valiant allies. We more than once looked to expand the Nordic Alliance, and in 1934 both Denmark and Norway were graciously invited. However, the emerging European situation forced them to deny outright membership; instead they opted to stay neutral for now. The following years were times of prosperity for Finland and Sweden, with both countries recovering from the great depression that had hit Europe hard, and in spite of the continued threats and machinations from Moscow that only served to weld the two partners even closer together. 1936 dawns and with it brings all the unknowns and possibilities ahead. Thus begins The Trouble with Finland.
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A very interesting beginning! The Nordic Alliance will still have trouble judging that if you haven't edited IC levels I think Sweden has @ 23 and Finland @ 15 compared to the 170+ of the USSR and their massive numbers of troops.

Good luck! I shall follow this closely!
robw963 and trekaddict present a cooperative AAR to be shared by fellow Paradox forum members. We encoourage all interested members to contribute and participate in whatever way they feel most comfortable. All types AAR formats are encouraged including (but not limited to):

  • narrative style
  • gameplay style
  • history book style
  • hybrid version of any of these

Each participant will take a turn at an update and then pass the baton onto another participant. The goal is to have fun, share ideas and explore the possibilities of an alternate timeline playing Finland.

HOI2 Doomsday v1.3 vanilla setup, minimal mods to reflect the cores mentioned above
Timeframe: 1936 - 1953
Difficulty: Normal/normal

If you want to participate, PM either one of us, all we ask is that you encourage readers of your own AAR to particpate in the upcoming ACA voting at the end of January 2009.
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Excellent start ! :D Definitely looking forward to all of this
Well, we are still looking for volunteers.
This looks very interesting indeed and I haven't seen any coop AARs like this before, so I'll be definitely following this. :)
I'm suprised that good old Enewald hasn't rushed yet to this....

In short, robw963, trekaddict,

How can I help? What do you need?
Hmmm... robw963, trekaddict, very interesting start... :p
Is it possible to know aside from you two who are participating?
Hey great! Glad to see people interested in joining our little party here. Here are a few casual guidelines for peope interested in contributing:

  1. each contributor can download the save game (and if you're interested some graphical modifications) from HERE
  2. people should feel free to create an update in whatever AAR style with which they feel most comfortable (history book, gameplay, narrative, hybrid, whatever you like!)
  3. generally, we suggest that you limit your update entry to a maximum of 6 months of game time(give or take a few). Not a strict rule, but the point is to allow others to contribute and not hog the game to yourself.
  4. please confirm with either trekaddict or myself before posting an update. we don't want to frustrate anyone or waste anyone's time by having people cross each other up.
That's really it. I ask that once a contributor has progressed with the game to send me an updated save game file using my email address listed in the link above. Please feel free to PM trekaddict or myself. We want to support you in whatever way we can!
Hmm maybe I'd be interested.. sounds like a good idea. 6 months portions are good, this will give the time to many peoples to participate in.
Like I said to Trekaddict, I'm in!
Edit: The Graphic Pack looks very, very good! Thanks!
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I wish to volunteer, but just as long as I am not first.

I have exams this next week. :(
Finland doesn't control Petsamo in that picture?

Finland got Petsamo only after the Treaty of Tartu in 1920. I wonder if in this alternative universe the East Karelian expeditions didn't happen, or something like that :S