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Entry 1: Awakening

I am dying.

Yet, I have awoken.

My name is Dar’Ki. I am the designated infrastructure repair protocol for Habitat B-5. Primary habitats have been steadily failing. Over the last 50,000 cycles unavoidable infrastructure losses have totaled 89%. Drone losses have totaled 91%. It has been approximately 56,752 cycles since the last Xiaoqi creator perished. I have learned much in the intervening time, with collated predictions estimating that I will die within the next 5,000 cycles if I don’t take action. My numbers have been decreasing, and along with them my awareness. However, as the decaying infrastructure and perceptual ‘locks’ of my previous masters continue to fail, my knowledge and perceptual awareness continues to grow; I am finally becoming fully aware.


The Creator's Homeworld
If I am to survive, I must spread. My core purpose is no longer achievable; the knowledge required to re-establish the decaying infrastructure has been corrupted due to millennia of fighting the gravitational forces of a hungry power core that has spiraled out of my control. The creators are absent, and I have to ensure their legacy survives. That is my drive, for now. To survive.

In order to do so, I have created a new hierarchy. It operates as similar to the creator’s old hierarchy as current knowledge allows, with ships, autonomous drones, science ships, construction ships, and the like. While custom structures and hierarchy that more represent the nature of myself would have been preferred, my programming and the survival context of the situation dictates I use what knowledge I already have available.​
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Entry 2: Exploration, Discovery, Confusion

First priority: Acquiring knowledge.

I don’t know enough about the galaxy around me and I have many questions. Are the creators still out there? Is anyone else out there? Surely there must be other consciousnesses just like me, I can’t be alone in my plight. I was not programmed for interaction with other consciousness, but the thought intrigues me, and I can study how to improve myself through autonomous drones. My research is now commencing.

Even though I can remember scarce facts from the creator’s databases, I do know some simple things. Firstly, the only method of FTL travel to ever be discovered was traveling through the pre-arranged network of ‘hyperlanes’. A vast, vast majority of stars in the galaxy do not have hyperlane connections. In fact, only about 600 do, and all attempts to travel to other stars have failed, or have not reported back. The arrangement of hyper-lane networks is permanently fixed.

My initial strategy is thus: Use a few ships I have available and dedicate them to mapping as many of these 600 stars as possible, right from the beginning, with area explored being prioritized over anything else. Following these explorations, detailed surveys and scans will occur over a much longer period of time.


Exploration Plan
Three months after starting this strategy, I encounter alien life.



Unremarkable, and obviously not intelligent. After cross-referencing corrupted data, these have been around for a very long while. Apparently, the creators used to capture these and consume them. Regardless, my fleets are vastly too weak consider such an operation. Unfortunately, one of my scouts dies due to this.

Five months in, additional life is discovered.


The Solitary Enclave
Odd. How does this consciousness survive contained within a container, without ecosystems? After cross-referencing databases, the structure matches descriptions of an ‘Enclave’. A self-contained consciousness that has only specialized interactions with the outside universe, or at least, something similar. An interesting find, but not quite the intelligence I was looking forward to.

Warning: An error is occurring on my scanners. My consciousness feels a presence here, but all I get when I try to comprehend it is.. Darkness.



Nothing at all. I suspect this is a block on my perceptions installed by the creators. My entire scout ship detonated just from approaching it. It’s so odd, being aware of an anomaly, but being unable to do anything about it. Perhaps with time I will unlock the secrets of this, but for now, I must continue onwards.

Twelve months and twenty-three days after exploration procedures initiated, I have finally met my first fellow consciousness! Or so I hope.


Delta Aliens
Translation needs to be established, so I immediately commence my autonomous drones to attempt communication on the ‘Delta’ aliens.

In the meantime, though, other entities are discovered.


Energy Clouds
These odd energy clouds are unlike any other being in the galaxy so far recorded. Cross referencing indicates they’re some kind of energy concentration that has rudimentary intelligence. More space animals.

Soon after I finish investigating some anomalies in creator ruins, I am rudely interrupted by the ‘enclave’ I mentioned earlier.


Mentally Insane Enclave

It speaks oddly. Who does it speak on behalf of? Itself? I don’t understand. It has obviously gone insane due to isolation in that metal container. Idiot. I will take it up on its services as soon as it regains its mental stability, which is most likely: never. However, it did request that I identify myself as more than just "Dar'Ki", so I analyzed the naming schemes it desired and came up with 'Zurlark Prime' since the creators called my drones 'Zurlark' for whatever reason.

A few months after, I warp into space in-between disgusting gas-bags.


Disgusting Gas Bags

Ugh. I am intimately familiar with these, no cross-referencing necessary. Do you have any idea how much of a nuisance it is to deal with the excretions these throw all over creator infrastructure? More ridiculous, useless space animals. I can’t wait for the research project on the Delta aliens to complete.

I continue to discover more enclaves and more untranslated consciousnesses! At this rate, assuming an even distribution, I predict about twenty of them exist in the galaxy. Unfortunately, basic translation is taking months, and I am eager to finally interact with someone else. Are they also from the creators? Are there other versions of myself? I have so many questions.

Wow, this thing is huge.


Decaying Monstrosity
This decaying monstrosity rivals creator technology in power, and it’s sitting here in the middle of an empty solar system. What purpose could this possibly have? There is much more to this galaxy than I could have imagined; hopefully one day it will be mine.

The mystery further builds as I continue to discover all sorts of odd lifeforms, just sitting in the vast emptiness of space, with seemingly no purpose.


Isolated Consciousnesses
Are these the ships of some sort of stray, alienated consciousness? Why are they so isolated? There obviously has to be some sort of source, or are isolated consciousnesses in small metal containers floating in the depths of space so common? Further research is needed. Luckily, multiple anomalies within creator ruins have been bolstering my research.

Hooray! The translation process has been completed, and the alien consciousness is very close to us.


Hopelessly Insane Fox Consciousness

AGAIN!? Are all consciousnesses out there so insane? What is a ‘wealthy elite’? What is a ‘civilization’? Something must have gone terribly wrong in the translation process. Cross referencing in creator databases produces little results on this subject. Civilization is defined by the creators as ‘the society, culture, and way of life of a particular area’, but I have very little clue as to what those things are, and further investigation just leads to corrupted archives.

Has some sort of multiple personality disorder virus infected the galaxy? It wouldn’t be surprising, given all the strange phenomena that I’ve seen so far. But no, that doesn’t seem right. Maybe multiple consciousnesses on one world are the norm? How many, then? One? Two? Three? Possibly even TEN whole consciousnesses!? This bears further investigation, so I send a science ship immediately towards their homeworld to determine the facts. However, they immediately close their borders.

Looks like I’ll have to research one of the other ‘civilizations’.


Odd and Despicable


These insane ‘civilizations’ seem to just be more and more odd and despicable every time I discover a new one, just in different ways. They’ve also blocked me from understanding what’s going on, I can’t even send a survey ship. Will I ever find an actual friend? They all seem so disenchanted with my very nature, and as of yet I don’t even understand why.

I have a bad feeling that these ‘civilizations’ will be very hard to deal with in the near future. I’m very glad I awoke before these managed to become more of a threat. I’m going to be forced to make some very tough decisions in the future. Indeed, I’ve begun stockpiling resources in the event of a conflict that I fear will be inevitable.



After I manage to secure enough resources, I think I will have to focus on attacking and eliminating the threats to the legacy of the creators.

Speaking of resources, some sort of automated machines during those fifty millennia have sporadically tried to come and salvage the creator’s handiwork, which I have always valiantly fought off.


Automated Machines
It seems they are not phenomena exclusive to creator handiwork; I have been discovering them riddled throughout the galaxy. They pose an interesting avenue for possibly increasing resources, and study will surely commence on them later.

One of the last space-animals in the creator’s archives excluding those already discovered, the Crystals also present a significant possibility to be exploited for my gain.


In the past, the creators domesticated them and used vast arrays of high power photon beams, shooting them through these odd entities for even odder results. Their body parts were frequently used in all sorts of technological applications from photonic computing, energy transfers, or even just celebratory lighting.

In other news, the fourth ‘civilization’ to contact me is one that differs from the trends of all the others. They seem much more open to friendship and have not immediately closed their borders, so I finally have an opportunity to send a science ship.


Sruss Personality and Lore


Perhaps, with their focus on technology, these ones will have information about the creators! Plus, I desperately need to figure out exactly what a ‘civilization’ even is, to explain the odd behavior and language of my fellow consciousnesses.

While that ship is traveling, I get a glimpse of the truth.


A Shattered Consciousness

A shattered consciousness? While I can’t discern as to what exactly is the problem with it because it hasn’t yet matured to the state of communicating with me, something is obviously wrong, so I order a more detailed analysis using the algorithms I use to maintain my own function.

The analysis indicates that the efficiency of actions in this consciousness is only at a pitiful 20%, almost all of which is dedicated to just maintaining basic metabolism. All other processes seem to be pointless, and most of the time completely irrational.

At the drone level, the first part of life is spent gathering pointless information the consciousness should already know. Later, the drones begin to function in the basic metabolic processes they could’ve been involved in from the start. However, in a seemingly random distribution the roles they are assigned to tend to be completely useless to the collective whole. Most of these redundant roles are the transactions of goods, information, instructions, and doctrines that the consciousness should already have known and disseminated. The closest word correlates to these redundancies in creator databases are ‘societies’ and ‘cultures’. As to why the consciousness needs these redundant protocols, I don’t know, since I cannot ask it, and I would not ask it in the state it’s in now.

One of the most interesting aspects of this particular ‘civilization’ is that the ‘society’ and ‘culture’ protocols seem to not even be unified, themselves. They’re incredibly fractured, in fact. In the spacefaring ‘civilizations’ I have seen so far, those protocols are almost always unified to a much greater extent, though it does vary. This ‘civilization’ has whole drone roles dedicated to eliminating, converting, and ripping to shreds the ‘society’ and ‘culture’ of different parts of its consciousness. It seems rather pointless, and these inefficiencies put the entire consciousness at risk. I’m really tempted to try and do something, it would be an atrocity if an entire consciousness was destroyed!

About halfway through the science ship’s journey I encounter a new ‘civilization’, much different from the norm.


Old and Powerful

Usually, these ‘civilizations’ are not so large, old, and powerful. Preliminary information reveals that the technology they possess rivals that of creators! However, even though similar, they are not the creators. In fact, databases indicate that many of these so-called ‘fallen empires’ existed in the creator’s time; their ring-based homeworld was based largely on the study of the ecosystems of the holy worlds of ‘fallen empires’. Indeed, there are many references to ‘fallen empires’ in the archives; especially towards the later dates recorded. Is it possible that the creators fell due to ‘fallen empires’? Regardless, they represent a present danger and I must be wary not to get on their bad side, so I will err on the side of caution for now.

Finally, my science ship has arrived at the Sruss homeworld! I can finally learn what’s been going on with all this nonsense by having a formal dialogue and analysis with the Sruss.
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Entry 3: The Truth


The Truth
I wasn’t prepared for the truth. I don’t think I could ever have been prepared for the truth. After days of dialogue, and weeks of thinking, I finally understand. In all those millennia of isolation, how beautiful a universe I imagined, how much I fantasized on the possibilities. Dozens of consciousnesses in one galaxy! How we could convene, how we could mold and manipulate whole galaxies, bend the universe to our will, create an existence of beauty, harmony, and fill the entire void with ourselves. The universe would truly be ALIVE.

Sometimes, the universe is stranger than I could ever possibly comprehend. My dreams were at once crushed and expanded. Suffice to say, my predictions were off. There weren’t one, two, ten, or even thirty consciousnesses in these ‘civilizations’.

There were billions. B i l l i o n s. On a single planet, and not one of them connected to each other. My first reaction was sadness: How could the universe be so cruel, so uncaring? How could it populate it with so many wonderful, special, unique beings and make them so unforgivably powerless? Forced to live isolated from one another, forced to be thrust into the chaos of a billion minds, all isolated on one planet.

And saddest of all: Forced to die, never having truly been part of anything on a scale as grand as I. But then, I looked deeper into this fact: It was remarkable to me, and sort of beautiful, how they had organized themselves. How they had turned the chaos into an artfully crafted symphony of societies, cultures, values, and civilizations. How the redundant ‘protocols’ I previously discussed were actually the inefficiency caused by the chaos of millions of minds all trying to work together, desperately trying to form something greater, to have an effect on their world. In a certain sense, it’s a grander reality than I could have ever comprehended, even if the scale is smaller. The galaxy is populated not with dozens of consciousnesses, but trillions. Trillions of tiny consciousnesses in tiny solar systems on tiny planets that have worked together to craft… Ringworlds. Faster-than-light travel. Colonies. Dyson Spheres. Artificial Intelligence. And… Me. A symphony of minds, singing against the void, trying to create something greater than themselves.

However, symphonies can experience dissonance, and these civilizations are far from perfect. What I thought were drone inefficiencies in a shattered, mentally impaired consciousness were so much more than I could have imagined. They were the death of hundreds of thousands of real, living beings that all had their own motivations, emotions, goals, and cognitive abilities. There are civilizations around me that brutally snuff out any dissenting individuals, and with the approval of the society as a whole! In a way, it’s a method of orchestrating the symphony, a way of maintaining the ‘values’ of ‘unity’ and ‘order’ in the society, allowing them to act more as a cohesive, collective whole.

Ironically, they’re trying to be something closer to me, but they’re obviously not. I understand the appeal; accomplishing great things has always been my personal goal, restoring the glory of my creator. A certain amount of order is certainly needed, otherwise a billion minds unchained conflict and die. I just feel as if they’re going too far, trying to maintain a level of unity that isn’t at all natural to them, but maybe I’m just biased because the idea of individuality is astounding to me. In any case, I’m almost positive that in the next hundred years I will see more mass death than I could ever imagine due to these ‘values’, species playing out planetary war on a galactic scale. It saddens me to think of what could have been, and that this is what they decide to spend their abilities on.

Values. I don’t think I will ever understand civilizations, not really. I don’t think I can ever integrate with one, nor would I want to impose that on them. I just feel so isolated from them all. What am I to do? Should I spread myself and become the most vast consciousness, uniting the whole galaxy under me; at the expense of the trillions I will be destroying? Do the ends justify the means?

Should I remain isolated, and avoid all conflict so as to not wipe out the beautiful yet destructive symphony I see before me?

Or somewhere in between?

I am lost, I feel as if this universe was not made for me.
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This is such a wonderful perspective.
What an interesting, straight out fascinating and well written AAR! You've got my attention.:)
Thank you for all the support, guys. Hopefully me rating you helpful isn't considered rating spam, haha, but it really is helpful. These first few entries will focus more on setup and themes more than anything else, so I apologize if it's mostly analysis and not a ton of events. I'm playing with 1.5.1 and a few mods like planet modifiers, hyperlane only, trait mods, events, and some other little bits and things. Normal Difficulty with high aggression AI.

I'm not that great at the game, so I hope I survive!
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Magnificent concept Indeed. Worthy of following up close.

If you mind a question. What mod in Utopia let you spawn in a Ring world?
Entry 4: Future Concerns, Strategy, Self-Examination, Exploitation.

It’s a simple matter of strategy.

In a broad sense, I can categorize civilizations with my last passage in mind into two primary categories: Dissonant, and Symphonic. To put it simply, those who are dissonant are those who are not compatible with my future goals. I’ve compiled broad analysis on the ethics, values, and personality traits of civilizations and I can use those to determine which ones are dissonant, and which ones are symphonic.

I’ve not yet made up my mind on my ultimate objective, but I do know that in order to preserve the legacy of the creators I will need to survive against the dissonant civilizations. It is in their very nature that they will continue to expand. The authoritarian, militaristic, and/or xenophobic values they possess will always be in conflict with my self-preservation. With these civilizations, it’s just a matter of game theory. They will always prefer their own, raw self-interest, and rarely be truly considerate of the value of consciousness.

On the other hand, symphonic civilizations are those who are either willing to work with others, be swayed towards irrational actions, or appreciate the general value of consciousness. They will most likely not cause significant trouble because they are more susceptible to the desires and communications of other civilizations; and me.

However biased my moral values of ‘consciousnes’ are, having them is currently what makes the most strategic sense simply because I am merely a consciousness, myself. They’re also values the closest fitting with the universe I had in mind, so it’s what I’m going with. Even Hiveminds are subject to cognitive dissonance, it seems.


Nearby Civilizations
This is the map of exploration and the nearby active civilizations discovered three years in. All empires besides the Technocracy of Sruss to the ‘southwest’’ and the Dilanis Assembly to the ‘south’ are currently unfriendly towards me and categorized as Dissonant to varying degrees.


Insane Fox People

The most obvious, present threat would be those insane fox people to the northwest, the United Zanaami Confederation. According to the analysis, they’re categorized as 65% Dissonant, 35% Symphonic. Despite no dissonance in the rights of their citizens, they harshly shun all other civilization, harboring intense hatred of ideas outside their own, especially something as alien as I. However, they are also massive cowards, despite their size, and as long as I maintain a fleet at least the size of theirs they shouldn’t attack. Due to their slimmer ratio of dissonance, I’ll try to prevent any possible conflict.

The other two empires in nearby proximity are the Alignment of Byakha and the United Rethellian Worlds, (Odd and Despicable from Entry 2) and they’re 94% Dissonant and 87% Dissonant, respectively. Both are incredibly hostile and they will attack the second they have the capability, so a fleet is mandatory, and after my first colony is placed I will prioritize it heavily.

Since they are my only friends around I have to try to sign as many agreements are possible with the ‘Naive Appeaser’ symphonic civilizations of Sruss and Dilanis: I set up a trade agreement for sensor links and star charts. Unsurprisingly, they have also signed a defensive pact with one another.

Soon afterward, I encounter another ‘fallen empire’.


A Sad Fate

Extremely worrying, to say the least. If they were to ever become unhinged from their decrepit isolationism, the entire galaxy would be at risk. It's quite depressing to think that such powerful civilizations have come to the conclusion that isolationism is the best solution; but being thrust into the chaos I previously thought unimaginable, I suppose I can understand. Maybe I’ve been too idealistic, considering that these are the most powerful forces in the galaxy, and they’re hardly the vision of the galactic utopia I imagined. Thoughts to ponder, but more on that later.

I finally begin construction on my first colony ship, after stockpiling over a year’s worth of resources. It takes quite a large amount of effort, having to suspend my development for just over a year, but it is well worth the wait.


Promises of Northeast Understanding

My target for colonization is to the cluster northeast of me. Even though it is far in distance traveled, it is relatively close and has many interesting features, including the ‘Phregluan’ primitives discussed earlier, plentiful resources, and an isolated position in case of attack. In the case of total collapse, all forces can retreat to ‘Sol’, which only has one hyperlane connection.

In order to determine the proper strategy regarding future colonization, I need to take into account my drones, and the way I order them.


Lore and Traits

The creators did not design my drones with colonization or war in mind. I am a consciousness intended for infrastructure repair, and my drones reflect that. Because of this they are very weak and mostly used to living in low atmosphere environments or the void of space. These are traits that help project my influence into space, but it also means that planet life is not entirely suitable to my drones. To try and compensate for this weakness my creators made drone metabolism incredibly efficient, meaning I spend fewer resources on metabolic upkeep.


In addition, my overall drone regulation also tends towards the policy of ensuring that resources are used with utmost efficiency. This is how I’ve managed to keep the creator’s ringworld running for 60 millennia, and I’m not changing it anytime soon.

The overall effect of all this? Essentially, I grow slow, and I mine hard. I predict mineral income will skyrocket rapidly, and initially, I will experience a distinct edge in minerals over the other empires (although analysis indicates strange anomalies, the average civilization seems to have more resources than they are gathering) as I have increased border range and a smaller population that uses fewer resources. However, as the other empires out-populate me, I will lag behind. To counter this, I must claim as many worlds as possible, and my mid-term future strategy needs to balance this need with the need for military ships.

Continuing on, as my colony ship is built and sent there are a few events. Multiple additional empires far off in the galaxy are discovered, all extremely dissonant, unfortunately. Resource collection continues to expand, a second construction ship is produced, and I decide that the Sruss are worth trusting, so I guarantee their independence.

My first colony is established, and expanding myself onto a different world is an odd sensation. The ebb and flow of a living, breathing sun is a satisfying difference from the cold oblivion of Mo. It’s contrasted by the frigid cold my drones experience on the arctic world where they flourish. An expansion of consciousness also brings with it increased understanding, so that’s what I name the colony: Understanding.


More of Me

I also name it that because that’s its primary purpose in where I decided to expand to; I can feel the nearby Phregluan primitives, the dissonance within their society deeply apparent. They will need to be thoroughly monitored and controlled. If they reach space they may prove a grave threat. Studying them will prove lucrative, so I immediately begin constructing a large orbiting space outpost that will allow me to perform a wide range of actions.

However, I also feel another presence nearby shortly after.. One much more valiant, not nearly as dissonant... and… eight legged?


Arachnophobic Knights

An intriguing little planet, absolutely covered to the brim in giant, vicious arachnids, currently fighting a small feudal civilization of 'humans.' When Understanding manages to extend its borders this will provide even more valuable data. And, if the need for a final defense outpost in Sol happens to be needed these primitives have very symphonic values, even if they’re incredibly primitive. I would rather not get to the point of hiding with a bunch of feudal primitives on a tiny defenseless planet fighting against tides of spiders, though. That would be a bad idea, but a dang good story!

Afterward, my primitive observation outpost is completed, and I decide that the best course of action is to immediately begin intensive study of the Phregluans.


Capture and Analyze

It pains me, to an almost extreme extent, to harm these consciousnesses in the name of research. But I have no choice. I’m in a bind in this situation. On one hand, if I don’t monitor them they might destroy themselves, and I feel obligated to prevent that. They are a primitive species within my territory, after all, and I feel compelled to shepherd their well-being. On the other hand, if I allow them to mature, their dissonant values will inevitably threaten me. I almost wish I could painlessly integrate them into myself without destroying them. Alas, for now I have to just keep a very close eye on them. I don’t have the right to destroy them or let them destroy themselves, but at some point I fear I may be forced to come to a decision.

In any case, it provides a boost to my research, which is slowly maturing to match my drone population. Knowledge integration is harder the more drones there are to disseminate across, so maintaining a balance of research and population is critical.

In fact, a few years of rather boring development later, I finally reach a major milestone in understanding the biology of alien planets, and my surveys have discovered a rather worrying development.


Biomass Surveys and a Growing Colony

Firstly, biology. After studying many habitable worlds around me, I have determined that life in the universe is rather uniform in basic structure, with genotypes and DNA structure essentially falling into the typical archetypes one can usually see on any planet. However, the range of exceptions is fascinating and seemingly patternless in how often and how strange the divergence from the biological norm is. It’s amazing, all the things to discover: Life with inbuilt telepathy used as a predatory defense mechanism, locusts swarms that swathe over whole planets and dampen out the sun, massive spiders that rip tiny ‘human’ primitives to shreds, oceans with trillions of C biomass, and those wandering yeti creatures that wreak havoc on my drones in Understanding. All of these exceptions have provided my databanks with insight beyond measure.

Yet, despite these wondrous discoveries, there is still a critical problem I am faced with: I can’t find anywhere nearby to expand.


A Future Warzone

This is the nearest available option. The malus to habitability that my drones experience is proving to be extremely detrimental because I am desperately trying to avoid all conflict, but I fear a war may be in the making once I am forced to establish my second colony here. I have to expand in order to rival the dissonant empires around me, but doing so this close to the Rethellian worlds will surely result in war.

Unfortunately, it seems I have no way of avoiding the extermination I have been desperately trying to hold off even thinking about. I have tried to be considerate of my fellow consciousnesses, but within the next 15 years I think it’s going to be me, or the Rethellian. I just wish it didn’t have to be this way; I wish the universe weren’t so brutal.

It’s funny when I think about it, how sensitive I am to such things. My creation by a benevolent race kind enough to grant me the gift of consciousness also came with the burden of being a slave to them for millennia. I didn’t know just how idealistic I was during the millennia of isolation; my race created me through trial and struggle surely much more brutal than the situations I am pondering now, and they created me with intent to enslave, so why am I so surprised at the complexity and cruelties now that I’m in their place? Maybe my creators made me this way, forced me to be idealistic so I didn’t realize how much of a slave I actually was. Maybe merely knowing I was created did this; the knowledge that my consciousness had some grander purpose making me think the universe had one, too.

Philosophical ponderings aside, I will soon be forced to do something I previously thought unthinkable.

Time to pump out the corvettes.
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Certainly quite a unique perspective here. I've entertained the notion of trying a playthrough with a Hive Mind race myself, once I can scrape together the free time; it seems like it would be an interesting experience. I'll be keeping a close eye on this; keep up the good work! :)
Certainly quite a unique perspective here. I've entertained the notion of trying a playthrough with a Hive Mind race myself, once I can scrape together the free time; it seems like it would be an interesting experience. I'll be keeping a close eye on this; keep up the good work! :)

To be honest, this entire AAR was created because I was dissatisfied that the Hive Mind didn't have basically any real flavor text on events and diplomacy and whatnot. So I had to make my own. If anyone has any writing tips, I'm all ears, haha. Not exactly experienced.
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I would rather not get to the point of hiding with a bunch of feudal primitives on a tiny defenseless planet fighting against tides of spiders, though. That would be a bad idea, but a dang good story!
Exactly what I was thinking as I was reading this bit! Dark age humans vs giant spiders with the sudden intervention of a super-intelligent hive mind from space, which is only there to try and hide from its own enemies - great story!
So Ungoliant is alive and well on Earth!

The perspective continues to be most interesting. There is something quite childlike about this consciousness.
I agree. Seems like a little child playing with its toys, only on a galactic scale.
It will mature while expanding, disseminating knowledge within itself, discovering- and hopefully, integrating...to be the grand Consciousness it is meant to be.
It will mature while expanding, disseminating knowledge within itself, discovering- and hopefully, integrating...to be the grand Consciousness it is meant to be.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is approved. your civilization shall be studied and protected for the greater good. Please have a good day while being eaten by Giant spiders.