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Anyone have some tips on how to pick this one up? I've tried several different methods, but still cannot get it to fire in like 50 attempts now. It's the last achievement I have left, and it's bothering me that I haven't picked up this "easy" achievement in 1000 hours of regular play, nor playing specific characters just trying to fire it.

So far I have tried:
  • Lothaire I: you start with a soulmate and a rival plus intrigue lifestyle, figured it would be a good place to start. Can get Mortal Adoration no problem, but this one seems to break down because I can't get anyone to attempt to murder me, despite trying as hard as I can to piss off my vassals and rival-wife. Tried this about 10 times (freshly restarting the game each time) with no luck.
  • Alfonso of Leon: You start with a lover but she's landed, so I marry, seduce and then romance someone non-landed right away. I retain Urraca as spymaster until I can get ahold of Mortal Adoration (typically through Reset Perks), then replace them with either nobody, or somebody competent at intrigue who dislikes me. Probably run this about 10 times as well.
  • Otger of Spreewald: you start with a Soulmate and a rival who will attempt to murder you within 2 years reliably. Sadly this means it's practically impossible to get Mortal Adoration before the plot fires, but I would have expected it would eventually hit the odds on the RNG. But I've done probably 30 fresh restarts with this guy now and still no luck.

So as near as I can tell these should all qualify for the murder save, but I can't get it to fire. Am I missing something? Are the odds on it just vanishingly small?

e: It appears the key is to post a thread complaining about it. Was eventually able to get it with Alfonso, having seduced and romanced my non-ruler wife, having the Mortal Adoration perk, and having appointed somebody competent but who did not like me as Spymaster (using tyranny to keep their opinion down).
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Sep 10, 2020
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that was my last achievement before DLC too, i can't remember how many times I tried and finally make me give up using existing characters.
use ruler designer to create one that has enough pt for Mortal Adoration at start, a faith that dont see adultery a sin in India.
Use character finder to find every ruler with schemer,vengeful trait, seduce their wife and elope/expose repeatly to get a lots lover and rival in speed 5
I dont know if it works or just by luck, I get it after 4 lifes in this way.


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May 2, 2022
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but this one seems to break down because I can't get anyone to attempt to murder me, despite trying as hard as I can to piss off my vassals and rival-wife.
Just imprison everybody you can arbitrarily, torture them, then negotiate release/recruit them to your court. Make sure to hire them as your physician/cup-bearer as well.

Wouldn't hurt to start a non-stop stream of marriages/tortures/executions of the less important children of your powerful neighbors.