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29三月 40明治 29/03/1907
It's Spring in Kyoto, according to the official calendar, warm air traps itself in the city under the density of smoke and clouds reigning above it. The humidity was far reaching, covering every leaf and branch in the city and finding it's way into every nook and cranny. In the Imperial Palace, it was no different.

For in a room inside it's dense walls, far passed the Kenreimon and the busy crowds of dignitaries and bureaucrats from the world over. The Emperor Meiji sat, flanked on both sides by his bodyguard and wife The Empress Shoken. In front of him sat a lowly official, obviously nervous by the man's presence, fiddling with a radio receiver. His Japanese was accented with twinges of the East; Edo-Go. He was quiet, his head lowered so that his eyes could barely see the top of the mic stand, let alone the Emperor himself. Who looked on at him with unwavering eyes, staring at this newly invented contraption and the Easterner installing it for him.

"Is it ready?" The Emperor spoke, clearly startling the man in front of him, jumping visibly.
"Almost, Your Excellency, just have to-" The man fiddled with controls, still averting his eyes from the Emperor in front of him. Moving the mic up and around before switching it on with a flip of a switch.
"It should be able to work now, Your Excellency. All you have to do is speak into the mic after I have pressed this button, Your Excellency." The clunky over-formalities in the man's voice brought a smirk to the Emperor's face. He straightened his back, puffing out his chest and clearing his throat into a clenched fist. Motioning to his bodyguard, the man beside him leans closer to the mic.
"Turn it on, I will introduce His Excellency for you, Easterner" The Bodyguard says gruffly
The mic-operator jumped again, as meekly as a mouse he nodded to the intimidating man and raised five fingers. Slowly he began to lower them, his other hand gently raised above the button to send out the signal. All across the Empire, people were waiting for the second ever Address to the Nation. Nearly 50 million working men and 200 million people overall were listening in some manner. Crowding around radios in markets, at home, in police stations and jails. All to hear the Emperor of Japan, Meiji-Tenno, speak to his subjects, the citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.

The Mic Operator nodded, lowering one finger, then another...And another...
He nods and presses the button gently, and the bodyguard speaks into the microphone in an overly dignified tone.

"Citizens of the Greater Japanese Empire
I address you as a humble servant to our Emperor
Our Emperor who is descended from the Gods and Heaven itself, and blesses us with today's address. The second ever on this "Radio" as our Russian Allies so call it.
Be humbled by his presence, his grace, and prostrate yourself to his prestige and strength."

The Bodyguard lifted himself away from the microphone, before turning to the Emperor and bowing low. The Emperor then speaks, suddenly and clearly into the room. His voice booming into the receiver:

** "My Subjects, citizens, colonists, sangokujin and otherwise. I speak to you humbled, not by the presence or achievements of man, but by the extent of our Empire into the heavens. We stand, an Empire United under the watch of heaven. Stretching from Yupik in the far North, to the-cold-island (Makariri) in the Far-South of Oceania. With arms outstretched like a giant from Panama. From the canal we dragged shovels through mountains for. To the Western reach of Aceh and the Cocos Islands.
We stand above all else. Whether that is the Anglois, the Burgundians, nor the Septimans or the Germans. No one else bares the weight of civilization like we have, and always will.
For we stand greater than all.

Our feet are planted firmly in China, in Arcadia and Ameriga. Oceania and Asia. We are everywhere and we are plentiful. Nearly 50 million... I am so proud of you all, my subjects. Whether you are pure-blood or not. For we have propagated, and we have thrived in a harsh world such as our own.

Years before I was born, our empire was small. Great it's destiny may be, it's reality...was war. Between brothers and sisters, colonies and masters. But now. We are the masters of our fate, and this continent.

I am humbled by such grace, by such formidable armies and strength that our will has shown.
So please, as I address you from the centre of the world, here in the land of the Rising son....No...Our sun has already risen, and as Europe licks its wounds from its "Great War". We stand stringent, and tall in our prose and regard. We area proud people, we are conquerors and leaders. Liberators and Leaders. Stemming from all corners of this great Empire, and this feeble world.
And as I depart from this message, and you leave for your homes. May our industry prevail, our allies hold true.

For you are citizens of the Greater Japanese Empire. Whether you are in the far reaches, or in Kyoto itself.

May you find resolve in knowing we will succeed. Forever and always. As you always have

Thank you"

The Emperor nodded at the mic-operator, who lifted his hand from the button, ending the transmission. Two hundred million had heard the address of this man, the leader of the greatest nation on Earth. In Prestige and Military might, and then. Then he stood up, rising high above the table, gently nodding in thanks for the hard work of those around him. Then he leaves.

Walking out of the room and down the hallway in a brisk manner. A diplomat approaches from a side room, the bodyguard nodding his approval to approach. It is Daisuke Hojo, Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Empire. He hands the Emperor a folder, it's opened swiftly.

The Emperor reads through it briskly, before stopping, turning to the man as the company stops with him, "Take me to General Okū".
The Emperor is then led through another hallway, into a grand chamber. A new addition to the palace that is yet unnamed. In the centre is a large circular table, with a military official sitting at the end with his back to the door. The Emperor walks around, the entourage he came in with all take their places at the table (with exception of the Empress, who has left the room to attend to her duties).

In front of the Emperor, opposite to him with his head bowed. Is Soroku Okū, The General in control of the colonial forces in Cochin China. He is the first haafu** of such a high-rank and prowess in the colonies. His face was round, with the Japanese features of his father coinciding with his Cham mother. His Japanese is perfect, and without accent, he speaks handsomely. One would easily mistake him for a Magistrate in Kyoto if it was not for his appearance. He is the man who put down the rebellion in Dai Nam***, the man who trained personally the Betonamu Defense Force***. Now, as his troops venture further into the colonies and protectorates to oust Fascist rebels in the capital of Thonburi. He sits in front of the God-Emperor he has devoted his life to.

"It is rare for a man such as you to be in my presence, the Emperor of Japan. Is it not? How does that make you feel?" The Emperor spoke, in a startlingly casual way, visibly surprising the general. Who replies in an extremely formal manner, "I am honoured beyond recognition Your Excellency. To be in your presence, as a mere general of your invincible armies, and as a half-blood like myself. It is more than I could have ever asked for in my small life."
"No life is small" Retorts the Emperor
"Of course Your Excellency, forgive me" Responds Okū

Minister Hojo then motions of the General, nodding for him to bring out what he came here to report.

The General opens a satchel on his lap, pulling out a large rolled up piece of paper. Placing it on the table, he unfurls it and rolls it's sides open to lay flat for all to see. It is a map of the Empire, in blood red is the nation itself, and in a soft burgundy is the puppet states it controls. Everyone at that table knows that the influence of The Empire stretches far beyond that. But no one questions that map.

The Young General clears his throat, and begins to point at the map, speaking proudly he says, "With my troops further pacifying the Thais, and the reintegration of Burma into our Sphere of Influence. We have secured our place in South-East Asia. Even with the agitations of foreign agents in what they are calling Nusantara, we stand ready to court the Indian princely states into our grasp. Just as we have done with Persia and the Uzbek Khanate."

He takes his hand off of Asia and points into Europe, continuing, "However with the Elbian Confederacy's recent victory over Burgundy and the subsequent revolution in that country. The balance of Power shifts yet again. I am in no position to recommend anything to you, Your Excellency, but I suggest that even though we have no official influence in the boiling point that is Europe. We strive to include the Elbians in our alliance with the Russians. With the notions of these 'Great Wars' as they call them coming to prominence. We will need a strong bloc to counter any done by a resurgent Burgundy or the Anglois. But our next action is entirely up to you My Emperor."

The Emperor nods in approval, and stands up. Walking around the circular table counter-clockwise, his medals and regalia bouncing gently with every step. He stops just short of The Young General. He places his hand on his shoulder, startling the man further. Such an honour is unheard of for a half-breed, he takes pride in the moment, puffing his chest out momentarily.

"Then we will have to get to work My Subject. Our nation's Great Awakening will continue, and with those in Chugoku and Africa making gains. We must always be vigilant. Even with our nation standing stronger than ever. We must always, always be ready."


The Empire of Japan, at the time of Emperor Meiji's Address to the Nation (29三月 40明治 29/03/1907)

"We must be ready my boy, for the world is boiling under our heat. And the sun.....The Sun Has Risen"


*Official English translation services handled by The Northampton English League, who would later approach the Emperor for recognition, as a gift to show their support for the Empire's influence. It is noted that the translators themselves did not know how to understand the over-formalized language of the Japanese court. So a large portion of their transliteration was done by Anglicized-Immigrants living in Anglois-Occupied England.

**A person of Half-Japanese/Half-Foreign descent. Even with the turn of the 20th century, the positions of higher-military officials were off-limits to people of haafu descent. Even with the strict Anti-Discrimination policies of the colonial provinces and Empire as a whole. Even with all the work of the Emperor's father to destroy the Caste System in place since long before visitors touched the shores of the Empire, it still persisted.

***Starting in Hanoi, on January 25th 1905-March 4th 1906 the Government in Dai Nam ( also known collectively as Betonamu in Japanese) underwent several major upheavals and rebellions in accordance to what is known as the "Asian Spring". Where several powers in East and South-East Asia began the process of Civilizing and rebelling from under the Colonial Yolk of Either the Japanese or Taipingguo. After the independence of the Song and capture of Shanghai, Communist revolutionaries rose up in Dai Nam. Inspired by the successful Communist revolts in Ameriga in Matacalpa and Lusitania. They managed to declare a new government in the country just as Japanese troops entered the Capital. In response Japanese troops were expelled from the nation, and in retaliation the personal army of General Soroku Okū marched North from his base in Prey Nokor in Cochin China, to Hanoi, and declared the previous government inept and invalid. The struggle continued, as after his long march back down to his colonial base and home. The government in Dai Nam was overthrown again by Republicans. This prompted a request for reinforcements and the crushing of the government and integration into the Japanese tributary system by a force of over a million soldiers. However even with the pacification, rebels in Thonburi began to revolt, Fascists, inspired by the Vietnamese revolutionaries. General Okū's forces were deployed to the capital of Thonburi just as he arrived in Kyoto. The Spring continues.


Hey Y'all, it's me, the Author Aliasing. I'm super excited to actually try and do an AAR again. This time I'll be playing Japan in the Divergences mod series. It'll take place 1907 and onwards and will focus on the Greater Japanese Empire dealing with the Modernizing world and everything that will take place in it. I don't know exactly how long this will last, but I'm aiming to finish the game with y'all, and am aiming for a schedule of about once or twice a week in between schoolwork, maybe more or less, it'll be a thing.

It should also be noted that all the languages not in English, except for what's going to be Rohnst will be google translated. So I apologize if I butcher the language you speak when having a conversation between two people in difference language. It won't be super heavily featured but definitely will be in a few chapters. Especially when the 2nd Great War hits, and when rebellions start popping up (Spoiler: It's because I'm not good at the game TBQH, so the latter is bound to happen), because language means a lot and can tell a lot about a person.

I look forward to updating y'all with this, as I'm playing along post 1907 with the chapters. Will be writing as I go. So I hope we both enjoy this ride.

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The European Theatre...
通りの 聖人 クリスチャン, 昭南島 (St. Christian Street, Shōnantō [Formerly Singapore])

In a small cafe, in downtown Shōnantō, two men conspired against the Empire. Speaking in a hushed code-switched form of Japanese with Malay interspersed heavily in-between Yamato grammar. Their words are heavily laden with secret phrases, all to keep their intentions secret to those around them.

"Watasyitac wa nanyi o syite imasu kya, wa mengenai arnab wa putih dan dunia"* One of them asks, handing over a napkin to the tall man beside him. Sliding a pen with it, he looks up at the man, who's brow is wider than the napkin. He unfurled it and began to scribble back words in broken kanji, looking around with a suspicious eye.
The first man attempts to decipher, his time in reform school had not taught him enough to recognize the character. So he studied hard. Looking ever so close to try and piece it together.
"What is this chicken scratch" the first man blurts out. People across the restaurant look suspiciously at the two. They lower themselves in an apologetic manner, hunching closer to the tablecloth. The second man furrows his brow, and shakes his head. They straighten their backs and the second man retorts back "Orokah a koto wa a bodoh. Mata mereka berada dalam Yooropah..."*
The second man stands up, motioning for the other to do the same. He pulls out his wallet, placing a 圓1000 note on the table and nods at a waitress on the other side of the room. They leave together, heading West down the street. Walking down the avenue, they reach a park, finding a bench to sit down. Checking over their shoulders constantly, the Second Man places a map on the table, pointing at various things on it. Clearing his throat, he follows, in plain Malay, "There are several flashpoints in Europe right now. The Empire is interested, in this case, in taking advantage of the chance of another one of their 'Great Wars' occuring. The first one already crippled Burgundy, and totally wiped Hungary off of the minds of those concerned with Great Powers."


  1. The Second Man points to the Balkans. Trailing his finger from Greece to Slavonia, "The Europeans have this obsession over the Balkans, something about it being the 'Powder keg' of Europe or something. The Empire's concerns are here, because let's be real. Those pale-faces and their infighting. But anyways: it starts with Greece, potentially hazardous. Communist, first dictatorship of that kind in the world. It could flare up because of it's claims on Macedonia, or Crete. The Empire doesn't seem to have a close enough fleet to enter the Mediterranean at this time, from our intel."
  2. His hand raises to Illyria, "The Croats....they could make a ploy for uniting the South Slavs. You never know, with Hungaries dismantling and the independence of Slavonia...They're unpredictable, especially when they hate each other. But that would require going against Italy. Higher percentage considering their position in the world."
"There's always Prussia", the First Man chimes in, placing himself above the map, he points to the region to the Northwest corner of the Commonwealth.

"Prussia was independent until recently no?"

The Second Man Responds, "That brings me to number 3"

3. "The Elbian Confederation is at a crossroads when it comes to potentially being the catalyst for the next Great War. No matter how small and 'un-great' it really is. Their control over the Rhein, the German regions claimed by the Danubian Federation."

"But the Danubian Federation was neutered by the Elbian Confederacy back in '03"

"It was precisely, that's why the most likely candidates in this scenario is a resurgent Burgundy, maybe if Fascists or Communists got control. Although since the Danubian Federation is in the pocket of Italy, they could want to knock down the Elbians down. Although the Dual Monarchy is also tempting there."

"Other than that?" The First Man queries.

"There isn't much else. Finland was lost to the Russians, as with Minsk, Scandinavia is basically a non-party outside of Africa. Hungary has been broken down to nothing practically, Spain stopped being important as soon as the Japanese took over Tondo...Turkey is a husk, the only other thing I can think of is Ruthenia. It's being tugged at by all sides. I could be wrong, and I am just a humble..." The second man leans forwards and begins to whisper, "Handyman", he says going back to his previous demeanor. "Then I could see a Great Power supporting Ruthenia to take a chunk out of Russia. That could easily spiral into some of the Rival powers like Burgundy or the Septimans wanting to take out both the Rus' and Japan in one fell swoop."

"But who could ever take down the mighty Japanese Empire" The First Man Joked, "I mean if our dear Emperor is so humbled about our might, then who is to say the Europeans aren't already pissing themselves."

The Second Man looked around, not wanting the other man to blow any of their intentions with his blasphemous remarks to the Emperor, "Be quiet, you never know when a Kempeitai officer will hear you."

"We're in a park, it's a beautiful day, there's no way the Military Police would be hunting down dissidents when they could be lounging around in their fancy bloody forts."

The Second Man became visibly annoyed at this, standing up again, he motions sharply upward with his chin to the other man, "We should leave. I don't want my ass hung because you keep screwing around, Nusantara needs strength, not the jokes of someone who doesn't take things like this seriously. We're in public, for all we know, there are eyes everywhere." The Second Man had inched himself over the table, crumpling up the map with his hands and inches away from the other's face. The First Man nods in response, biting his tongue as to not upset the other further.

He stands, they both go to shake hands goodbye, as they do the Second Man says to the First, "The balance of power is changing, and we will bare witness."

The First Man nods, and they part ways. As he turns the corner, he can't help but think he hears a distant shout. Followed by the noise of several car doors closing. But for all he knows he could be hearing things. After all, things are changing.


The Current Balance of power after the dismantling of Hungary Burgundy's Liberal Revolution post-war


*Translated from Code swapped Malay/Japanese,
1. "What do we know about the world they control?"
2. "Don't be stupid, their eyes are in Europe"

A late game DVG AAR ? Count me in!
I wonder what caused some of the borders like this über Navarra :O
Also which version are you playing ?

Also I shall warn you that trying to render some of the languages of DVG will be an hazardous task :p

And also that poor Burgundian republican flag ... :(
A late game DVG AAR ? Count me in!
I wonder what caused some of the borders like this über Navarra :O
Also which version are you playing ?

Also I shall warn you that trying to render some of the languages of DVG will be an hazardous task :p

And also that poor Burgundian republican flag ... :(

Honestly the uber Navarra was just me getting pissed off at the Dual Monarchy for annexing Navarra. So I joined in on a war with Spain (We briefly had an alliance around 1875) and declared a 'free Navarra' casus belli before peacing out with it as soon as I could. (It's one of the reasons I passed DUA on the Great Powers List, but was a pretty gamey thing I have to say D:)

And I'm actually really into Language making, but the majority of them won't have any semblance of real grammar. I'm just gonna render them randomly and based on Google Translate for the most part.

And also yes.....that flag is very terrible.
Well in customization folder you have other possibilities for this flag :p
As long as Anglois doesn't use French with English Grammar I'm fine :D

Ummmmm, no.....no it doesn't crosses it out in my notebook was gonna be like "English onto French and vice versa, with differentiated spelling in places depending on context" BUT YOU KNOW.....TOTALLY DIDN'T PLAN WHAT YOU SAID

And also terrible flags are a historical fact, might as well let it be bad in game

What does "圓" mean?
Me crushing plans :p
Basically Anglois, its official form at least, is French with a few variations. If you want some archaic pronounciation you can always replace -ois with -ais (the change took place in the XVIIIth century and was only officialized with the Revolution). Thinking about it makes the Plantageners look like some buffoons from the Renaissance :p
Also some English words have roots closer to the original Latin root and thus could be used.

A daunting task, but one that pales with creating Septiman or Plantagonian :p
In the first case you have to use a Burgundian language mixed with German and the other is an American version of Anglois.

The African Courier...
Kafè dô Burgôny, 皇帝の道香港 (Cafe Burgundy, Avenue of the Emperor, Hong Kong
A bell rung out, as a patron left the cafe, the door closing gently behind them. The mid-day sun was still pouring in through the glass storefront, even with the cloud cover slightly obscuring it behind their gossamer veil. The shop was mostly empty now, save for two customers in the back, and the Japanese man behind the counter. His uniform is pressed clean, neat, and imitates the style of many worn in similar Kafès in Burgundy itself. But this man hadn't ever been to Europe, he just owned and worked at the shop; and as his name-tag reveals: his name is Keitaro.

As Keitaro wiped down the counter, he reached for the radio hanging close behind him. It had been turned down at the request of the customer that had left, now he could listen to it as he pleased. Even if he didn't speak the language coming out of the channels he focused on. It helped the mood, and to make the place seem authentic.

Turning to face it, he moves the dial on the right of it to the right, turning up the volume slightly...The speaker cracking slightly, followed by the crooning voice of a man speaking in Burgundian.

"...Et que nûs rêson de lo fin ectzedyon de nûet. Los enformacyon d'Ürô Ôrental côm soldác Polnain s'dê plás do lo Rúthenin..."*

Another ring of the bell signaled the distracted Keitaro to turn on his heel to the door. With a cheery attitude he blurts out in a butchered accent, "Bonjôr!". He holds out his left arm to his stock on the wall near the radio and switches to Japanese, speaking in a clear tone, "Welcome to the Kafè dô Burgôny, home of the finest Aligotè** in all of Hong Kong. How may I help..." Keitaro's cheerful shpeel slows down as he notices the man in the doorway more clearly. He's African, of short stature and handsome appearance, with pronounced cheekbones and striking green eyes noticeable even from metres away. Wearing a trench coat and long brimmed hat, both burgundy in colour, he stands out against the sunlight glass panes surrounding him.

"How can I help you today?" He manages to stutter out, surprised by the man's handsome appearance.

The man in the doorway smirks, walking to the bar, he sits down, taking off his hat and placing it on the bar face. He looks at Keitaro and smiles, before responding in spitfire Japanese, "You're Burgundian is a bit off, but it's pretty good for someone who has never set foot there, niê?"

blushes, responding flustered, "How did you guess?" He laughs, "I learned mainly from books and the radio, I guess that's why it's so casual." Patting the back of his head nervously he confesses, "To be honest I wanted to start up this Kafè because of that. But enough of that. What can I get you?"

The man rummages through his coat, pulling out a wallet made of brown leather, he pulls out a 圓1000 note and places it on the table. "I'll have some break and a coffee. A bit strange you serve wine in a cafe though, no?" Keitaro, busying himself with the order, responds in a cheerful manner, "I thought it would be a bit classier, we don't have a lot of these restaurants back in Kinai, where I'm from, so I thought why not add something new to it?"

"You're from Kyoto?" The man asks
"Osaka" Keitaro responds back, "Where are you from?"
As Keitaro brings up a cup of coffee, placing it on a coaster in front of the man and a piece of Burgundian Bread beside it. The man takes a sip, placing it down gently back on the saucer before responding, "I'm from Merina. I'm here for business with some colonial traders here in the Legation Cities***"
"Wow, you've traveled far just to come for trading, what are-"
The man holds his hand up as he finishes his coffee, interrupting Keitaro, "I can't say specifically, but it's about opening Malagasy markets to Japanese businessmen, to help us with our efforts of Modernization."

"Have you ever seen Africa" The man asks Keitaro, who shakes his head in response, "It's beautiful, our Kingdom has withstood so much, the Burgundians, the Italians, Scandinavians. We've escaped much of the reality of colonial government, unlike our brothers in Zanzibar or the continent. If you ever get the chance, you definitely should go. Some of the areas in the South now controlled by the Boers are frankly quite lovely in Spring."

As he works to finish his bread, dipping it in olive oil, Keitaro holds out his hand, "I'm Keitaro, as my badge says" he says awkwardly. The man smiles, placing his hand firmly into the other's and shaking strongly. "My name is Holy. It's nice to meet you Keitaro."

Keitaro the shopkeeper smiles innocently, taking his hand from Holy's hand and placing it on the counter, supporting his weight with the other as he looks at the man in front of him.

"So shall we talk more about Africa? It sounds wonderfully" he says, his tone rising with curiosity.

Holy smiles, pushing his plate forward with his index finger and smiling at Keitaro, "Let's, but first, another coffee?"


A Map of South Africa, showing the Scandinavian zone of control above the provinces occupied by the Boers and Baastards of Vryland and Leeuwin, with Merina to the right.


(Most of) North and West Africa. In the photo you can see the independent African Kingdoms of Fuuta Jallon, the Mossi Empire, Tunisia under the Hafsids, and Egypt. Elbian West Africa was gained in the first Great War from Burgundy. All Native African Kingdoms present in this photo (minus the section of Buganda sticking up) are civilized.


East Africa + the Horn of Africa and Southern Arabia. Buganda and Luba would soon be annexed shortly after this was taken by Scandinavia and Italy respectively. While Spain would take Adal and Landlock Ethiopia, who would later civilize and be the last nation on the continent to do so. Meanwhile Arabia is preparing for another upheaval as Syria looks to united the peninsula under it's yolk.


*Translation of the Radio Broadcast:
"And as we near the end of tonight's broadcast, News from Eastern Europe: as Polish troops move into Ruthenia..."

**Aligotè wine is a dry white wine in OTL Burgundy, I just changed an accent to make it seem more in with TTL's language and wine customs.

***After the seizing of the ports of Qingdao and Weihai on the Qing province of Shandong (pre Taiping occupation), the following war with the Taiping and Song brought multiple cities along the East and South coast of China under Japanese control. Cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, and even the island of Hainan. All were combined into a provincial entity on par with colonial-states called the Legation Citiesi. Where Japanese and local populations couldi intermix in peace and govern themselves in a semi-Autonomous fashion.
Comment Responses:

Loup99: The 圓 symbol is an older symbol for Yen. I figured I would use it when I saw it on Wikipedia and thought it would make more sense stylistically for Japan to use a less Anglicized symbol for their money. So why not use something old?

Attalus: LINGUISTICS! Honestly thanks for the tips though, cause I managed to piecemeal together sentences for Burgundian and whatnot from your recommendation. Honestly there won't be any congruent language like Anglo-Prussian was in Mr.Capiatlist's Bastions AARs. But it'll be readable and makes sense in this timeline I think....That Burgundian JUST manages to make sense after all.

Lunarc: Thanks for the subscription!
That South Africa. Kill it ! Kill it with fire !

I wonder how you built that Burgundian. Seems like some Dutch mixed with French :p
If you ever try anything related to French you can ask me. As for Bohemian ask @Athalcor, he'll surely have better clues about that. Otherwise Scandinavian is Danish with maybe a few changes. One could argue that English is closer to old English, especially Beornian but standard English would be fine too. That's all for Europe. Then you have Ameriga and Arcadia...

Merina always westernises. Despite attempts on my part to make them part of the colonial system the Europeans just aren't interested in getting the island. Also why didn't you enact the Man in the High Castle decision ?

Also, the Burgundian flag is nice :D.

Bohemian language - I believe using German as a template is fine as it would surely be the High Language of the Confederation. Though names should be a combination of German and Czech.


And yes, how about Qingqiu? Didn't you have 20 infamy to spare?
Holy crap I have both Athalcor and Attalus on my AAR lol!

@Both of you, I actually did do the decision. But it made my infamy 60 over the limit. Either way I hated the way my borders looked and thought it would be a bit weird, considering the Japanese Pro-Asian view. So I just used occupied a lot of them and then sphered them. Which I'm actually thankful for because the puppet regimes in South Asia are always revolting and they're a pretty staunch ally. All I did other than that was tag switch and release Oceti Sakowin in the far Eastern Regions they didn't have cores on and fix the borders. Nothing else really.

@Athalcor: It's actually Arpitan. So Franco-Provencal (which is not in Provence surprisingly), mixed with Dutch words and some things mixed around for flavour. So a speaker might be able to understand the jist of what I was trying to say, but it won't make much sense.

@Both of you again: I was just going to use Czech and English for Bohemian and English respectively tbh. Beornian is just very anti-French in my notes so I need to be careful on the etmologies of their words. But otherwise I was like "It should take histories course I guess, but with mainland England being more French influence English and whatnot".

But yeah, thanks for the subscriptions~
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Looks like an interesting setup in Africa, but there will probably be friction there in the years to come.
@Both of you, I actually did do the decision. But it made my infamy 60 over the limit.

Just for clarification: How much infamy did the decision give you (i.e. did you start with 40 over limit already or did it actually give you about 70 infamy?) Because if it is the latter, then it is a bug since the decision should 'award' you only with 20 points of BB.
Classroom Arcadia...
Ahkwesáhsne Polytechniquè, Kanata do Ahkwesáhsne, Zone do Haudenosaunee, Lôs Sèpt Rèpublika*
In a crowded lecture hall, filled to the brim with around a hundred and twenty chattering students. The sounds of dozens of language caressed the walls and ears of those inside. Septiman, Burgundian, Qinqiuren, Mohawk and even Fula students went about their conversations with ease. Feeling comfortable enough to speak their languages in a world increasingly oriented around homogeneity. They feel at home in this hall, because the guest lecture today is going to be held by Rose Dotsan-Dos-Rivère. A prominent scholar and staunch advocate for 'Decolonization with a Capital-D' (as she says), miss Dotsan herself lives in a traditional settlement north of the city. As many people do in the autonomous 'Haudenosaunee Zone', the majority of the population in fact live outside of Urban centres. Around 73% of all Mohawks in the Autonomous region live in Rural and Traditional Settlements, with Ahkwesáhsne being the largest one inhabited by majority Iroquoian peoples.

Miss Dotsan's lecture for this class, the reason why it has packed the lecture hall so tight. Is concerning her thesis 'Arcadian History and the Failure of Integration' or more commonly known, 'The Indian Problem in Arcadia'. The contents of which review history from 1905 until the modern day, examining points in which Settler-Colonialist attitudes made way for the destruction of Indigenous Cultures in the Modern Period. Continuing on that thread, she further states that with the birth of the Haudenosaunee Zone with the support of Japan and other world powers, Indigenous Regionalism is a viable answer to promote intercultural communication and intercommunity healing. Needless to say, because of the name and subject manner, her work is considered a little more than controversial outside of the Autonomous Zone.

But as the students mulled on in their conversations, a small-ish Native woman appears in the doorway to the left of the podium. No one seems to notice her save for a few, nor do they notice her approach a student in the front row and ask her to hold her leather bag. Out from the bag she would pull out a handrum, around 24cm in width, she holds it with pride. Bringing out her drumstick, she takes her bag back over her shoulder and thanks the student. Suddenly she bursts into song, starting out acapella her thundering voice visibly startles some students close by.

Her song and drumbeats pound against the ear and mesmerizes several of the native students in the crowd. Her voice is lovely, and the song she is singing is well known, it's the Unity Song**. As she continues to sing, she makes her way to the podium, pounding out honour-beats on the final parts of the song. She raises her drumstick into the air, and with confidence, ends it.

Holding her hand out to cease applause she speaks, "Wa'tkonnonhwera:ton', or bonjor if you're from the colonies down South." A few of the students in the audience chuckle, she continues in Mohawk, "My name is Rose Dotsan-Dos-Rivère in Septiman, I'm not going to share my name in Kanien’kéha as I consider that something sacred and I am not willing to share it with so many strangers, so many settlers. So I apologize if you are offended by this, but I think a large portion of you are understanding of the culture here. Considering you are here studying on Mohawk land."

She looks to a TA to the side, a tall, lanky girl with round features, she nods to her and a projected image shows up behind her. On it is a picture of the current standing of the Haudenosaunee Zone.

"Now, let's review the current situation..."

A Map of the Current political status of the Haudenosaunee Zone. In Brown is the Seven Republics and the constituent regions. In Green is the Autonomous Republic known as the Zone Do Haudenosaunee. In Orange and Blue are the semi-Autonomous zones of the 'Dorp Kôlektif' and the Kanata respectively. Both being semi-autonomous zones of majority Septiman and Iroquoian (specifically Erie) enclaves in Majority-Native (Potawotomi) and Septiman areas respectively.

"...Now" The entire room takes a deep breath with miss Dotsan. Around 20 people have left the formerly crowded room, and many have finally been able to take a seat. "Now that we are several people fewer, let's look at the history of today's 'Indian Problem...'"

The projected presentation changes to slides of Arcadia in 1905. In the East, the countries of Plantagenia, Athesia, the Seven Republics, and the formerly Independent state of the Haudenosaunee Confederation. With the image just showing the constructed state known as both 'Oceti Sakowin' and as the 'Central Republic'.

"Now! This is illustration is showing the East of the Continent, two whole years after the declaration of the confederacy. Ethnic tensions were still red hot, and the Septimans maintained a near total hegemony over this part of the continent. The only thorn in that side would be the Japanese-Influenced state of, well, us. Pre-absorption back into the Septiman State. The majority of the land pictured under Septiman rule was obtained during their illegal declaration of 'Arcadianism'. Now," She turns from the image and points her pointer at a random student in the crowd, "Can you define Arcadianism for us, for anyone who doesn't know?"
The student stutters a bit, before managing to stammer out an answer, "Arcadianism is the belief that the entire Eastern side of the continent rightfully belongs to the Septiman people, as is their God Given right? Am I correct." Miss Dotsan nods. Pointing to another student she asks another pointed question, "And why is the idea of Arcadianism flawed in both concept and logic? Hah! That's a trick question, I'm not going to force you to answer that, it's obviously a loaded question." She puts both hands on the podium and leans her weight onto it, "It's wrong because fundamentally, as an Indigenous person, I recognize it was not their land to take."

Eastern Arcadia, after the recent independence of the Haudenosaunee Confederation, with the Seven Republics dominating the continental scene.​

"Now!" She turns to her TA, nodding to change the slide. The image changes to that of Western Arcadia, from the Northern Laofang province of Lusitania up to Rohnst and Japanese Kita Kaigan, and as far east as the Central Republic. "I will admit my specialty is not on this coast, and we are running out of time so I will be brief. I am sorry to the Coastal people in this classroom, my specialty is on Mohawk Regionalism. However I will recommend the studies of Lin Yahgul***, a Haida scholar who focuses on Indigenous Regionalism in Qinqiu, and has an excellent book specifically on the Haaren Massacre. As well as Er-Yao Pakisimowin****, a Rohnst-Cree scholar from the Northern Settlements who does similar work.
"I'm sorry I get distracted easily" she says rubbing the back of her head, "Anyways! So After the Japanese war to contain Qinqiu, they were placed firmly in the sphere of the Empire of the Risen Sun. Which, allowed the Rohnst people to modernize and be provided enough breathing room to Modernize themselves into a settler-oriented state. As well as giving them an opportunity to build up a military strong enough to capitalize on the annexation of Vinland in 1906, taking their coastal land as well as the Inuit territories up north of the Great Bay."
She clears her throat and the slide changes to one focusing on the Central Republic, "However when Japan took control of the Qinqiuren government and control of their foreign affairs. They felt the land East of Sanbao became harder and harder for such a decentralized state to control. So without the consent of the government in the capital, or the majority of the people on the plains itself. They released a buffer state in between the Western, and Eastern parts of the continent. Splitting Arcadia into two via the creation of a state oriented around the Lakota people, but officially promoting 'No Culture'***** as it unofficially was stated. No Culture being the idea that people are to be absent from culture and orient themselves for the good of mankind and not for the good of regional parties. Needless to say I do not like them..." Another chuckle goes out through the room.


The room has become quiet, and Miss Dotsan is finishing up her presentation, a young girl in a purple Chador raises her hand, is acknowledged,
"But Miss Dotsan-"
"Dotsan-Dos-Rivère" she corrects-
"Miss Dotsan-Dos-Rivère, if what you are saying is true, and the idea that Arcadianism led to the creation of the infamous Indian Boarding School program in Lusitania, which I'm not saying it isn't. Would you also say that the Qinqiuren view of Western-Arcadianism led to the creation of the Rohnst state along Colonial Means? And not the multiple-method that was implemented here in the Confederacy?"
A pregnant second passes, before the TA signals to Miss Dotsan the time. Rose acknowledges it, and turns to the student to answer, "I would love to answer that, however I don't feel I am majorly qualified to do so. However even though I am out of time, if you want, I would be glad to meet with you afterwards to share some thoughts on your question and share some work by some of my colleagues."
She looks up and holds her hands up to the class, "Thank you all so much for coming, Niawen’kó:wa, to all of you. I hope you get home safely and we all take something away from this we are proud of. Thank you..."​
* Ahkwesáhsne Polytechniquè, City of Ahkwesáhsne, The Haudenosaunee Zone, The Seven Republics

** Basically I imagined it to be this, but only by one woman and not on a video called 'Free Leonard Peltier' :p

*** Not a real person

**** Also not a real person....and transcribed Rohnst is just a putting Chinese and Danish onto Cree....so kind of like how my nation's language happened...so fun fact!

Oceti Sakowin was released with 'No Culture' being it's primary culture... :p

(Also for clarification I used console commands to give Oceti Sakowin the extra land after releasing them in the war with Qinqiu. Took land off of both Qinqiu and the Seven Republics. They both were at like 5 admin efficiency and for the sake of roleplaying it worked, so whatever really.)
Comment Responses:

Loup99: Africa always ends up that, in the run-up to 1910 I've done ingame there is like, two wars that go on and end up with no changes in Africa in the 3 years I play.

Attalus (long time ago): I don't know what version I'm playing, it's not the current build that was designed for the Beta Patch. It's the latest one before the Beta Patch was released....I think....

Athalcor: It gave me around 40-50 infamy. I just evented it down TBH because I'm roleplaying and also that was definitely a WTF moment. Still ended up with like 30 infamy, but it wasn't that bad to wait it out and kick Italy around a bit when they warred me.

delpiero1234: Thank you for the subscription

Everyone else: Thanks y'all for reading, and this was going to be the last super-text heavy update about bringing you up to speed with the world. Asia isn't super interesting beyond what I've said because it's mainly just me, and India being stagnant without Burgundy or any Europeans. So I'll wait on that until China comes up. But, again, thanks for reading and staying with it :)
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Sioux, no culture ? :p
I'll look for that, it may still be there in the mod
And using them as a sort of neutral zone is perfect on the map.

Given how much you took in China there won't be soon a Chinese Empire :p

And I beg to differ about Africa : the Boer mess with a rump SAF only happened when I dismantled burgundy
Poor Seven Republics - being named this way, they are going to always represent the oppression of Eastern Arcadia by the, well, Seven Republics of New Burgundy and won't be able to hide that fact by changing to the Arcadian Union :D.

And damn, that means the decision to attack Qingqiu is bugged. I guess that is due to the way infamy is coded as a trigger/effect.