The Sneezer 1.02 Patch

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Jan 21, 2020
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Hello Wardens!

The delivery truck just arrived with a new patch addressing some of the issues that were discovered! We appreciate your continued support and feedback.

  • Criminally Insane inmates or associated prisoner traits will no longer spawn if the “Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition” Expansion is not installed.

  • Female prisoners with babies should no longer become criminally insane. This is also fixed in existing savegames.

  • Players can cancel cloned rooms and get a refund for the item(s) canceled depending on the progress.

  • Fixed prisoners’ hands and some carried items being displayed incorrectly when crossing bridges.

  • Fixed some crashing issues.

  • Fixed localization errors.

  • Fixed benches incorrectly attaching to walls and breaking alignment with tables.

  • Fixed an issue with some rotations of Guard Pavilion (Corner).

  • Fixed the prisoner count being displayed incorrectly in Reports.

  • Fixed room quality stating some prisoners deserve higher Cell quality than 10.

  • Fixed prisoners not always being assigned a cell in sectors other than shared ones.

  • Fixed issues with the game being forced into a windowed state after loading a savegame on Mac OSX.

  • Fixed the “Prison Danger” statistic calculation including dead prisoners.

  • Fixed an issue where Criminally Insane Inmates were being unintentionally blocked from Chapel and Canteen rooms, even when said areas were flagged as "Insane Only" zones in Deployment.

  • Fixed an issue where the planning aspects of the "Conviction" campaign story were not compatible with the new Planning Mode features.

  • Added ability for Modders: You can now turn off shadows using “SpecialRestriction NoShadow”.

Known Issues:
  • MAC/Linux: Changing the language during gameplay can lead to all objects turning into black squares. Restarting your game will fix this issue.

  • MAC: There is a chance that the plot options “Snowbound Plot”, “Jungle Plot”, “Desert Plot” and “Lunar Plot” will not get applied when starting a new game.


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Jan 9, 2019
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As reported on Steam, SpecialRestriction NoShadow does not work.
I am glad to see this being added.