The Shipping News: Rule Britannia Weighs Anchor March 20

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Paradox Development Studio will release the newest add-on to the historical grand strategy classic Europa Universalis IV on March 20. Rule Britannia is an immersion pack that adds greater depth to the British Isles while adding new content for every nation including new approaches to technology and the early industrial revolution.


In Rule Britannia, players will have the chance to push their late game economy to even higher levels through the discovery of coal. Highly developed provinces in some regions will discover this precious resource, allowing rulers to build furnaces that improve goods production across the country.

Other features of Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia include:
  • New British Missions: Exclusive Mission Trees for England, Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain, embedded in the new Europa Universalis IV mission system (coming with the 1.25 update).
  • Innovativeness: Earn rewards for being the first nation to unlock new knowledge, including lower power costs.
  • Naval Doctrine: Adopt a general strategy for your fleets, giving you bonuses to ship maintenance, trade power or battle performance.
  • Anglicanism: A new Protestant faith can appear in England with new bonuses and religious choices.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Help your lagging allies or subjects by promoting the spread of institutions in their realms.
  • Trade Steering: Force your defeated enemies to have their merchants fill your coffers.
  • New Unit and Music Packs: Our artists and composers have new treats for Rule Britannia players, including new army designs for British and Irish nations (including Northumberland and Cornwall) as well as new music to set the mood.
Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia will be available in the Paradox store and on Steam on March 20 for the suggested retail price of $9.99.
I hate the run up to new updates, makes me not want to play right now because it will be better so soon! Then the 'so soon' feels so far away while I wait. Can't wait to try the new stuff and mission trees!
Sounds good, but I'm stumped that a DLC focused on Britain would not improve the rather annoying mechanics of English Monarchy and constitutional monarchies. The amounts of seats you have to bribe grows too quickly and the forced growth in seats really explodes if you expand on the mainland/integrate France. At the very least if we're lucky perhaps the seat count curve could be made moddable or capped?
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Also visible, with more screenshots, at the store pages!

Why does Scotland only have 3 unique units? I know the kilt wasn't really worn at the start, but a unique one would have been nice even if not wearing one.

Edit: I completely forgot about the 100 years war unit pack which gives Scotland a unique tier 1 unit. False alarm.
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Also, will Gaeldom use these special Scottish units? Since the kilt came from the highanders, who first wore it in the 16th century - a full kilt that covered the torso too.
I didnt expect so many Irish OPMs to get a set of unique units. Its almost like the project manager got mad at some artist

"You wanna be like that? Fine! I'll put a dozen OPMs in Ireland and have you draw unique units for them all. On your day off!" ;)
I wonder why there isn't an actual post for this rather than it just popping up on the store page? I like being able to keep track of what portraits came from where in the renders thread.

There was a bit of shuffling around. On Tuesday we shall be talking more about the models.