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Marshal of the Empire
Oct 19, 2007
have you been watching we were soldiers? :p

i really like the way this is described - most gotterdammerungs are just screenshot after screenshot.


Count of Cayenne
Apr 10, 2007
The narrative style is pretty good, keep it up would be nice to see how you'll prevail.
But you have to work on german names because yours aren't very german. And there never ever was such a thing like a Königstiger tank, it was officially called Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausführung B" and sort of nicknamed by the Wehrmacht "Tiger II". The British and American tank crews nicknamed it "Kingtiger" which was translated after the war was long over into Königstiger, but german Soldiers never called it this way during WWII.
Aug 15, 2008
@ BritishImperial- Not recently but I have the movie and I think its pretty good even though its totally not historically accurate. And thanks, most of the games are screenshots so I thought a narrative type by the Germans would be interesting. I'm glad you like it so far.

@ Treppe- Cetainly someone from Germany knows more about names than I do, I've been trying with *von, *burg, *Franz, etc. Thats the best I can make off the top of my head, I don't want to spend an hour thinking up the most real names as possible. If you have any suggestions please leave them since we've actually only progressed little in the game and still have a long while to go. Thanks.
Aug 15, 2008
A Return to Normandy

The Holiday Leave


Klaus von Richtmann was finally preparing for battle, the new recruit has just been sent to the front where the rest of the battle-hardened soldiers looked at the newest member of their squad. Lt. Hans Wilhelm Pelzer walked over to the newest soldier of his unit.

"Welcome soldat Richtmann, you've picked the right time to show up for the war, we're on our way to Holland. The fighting here in Normandy has been finished."

"I had no idea. I thought I was going to be thrown right into the action."

The other soldiers looked at the new recruit, their faces dark brown covered with dirt and mud and their uniforms stained with hardened clay which covered the entirity of their uniforms. The nearby Panter tank was still covered with weeds and twigs trying to conceal its position from Allied aircraft. The rain began to fall over Normandy. Klaus looked at the other soldiers some of whom walked over to greet him and the others keeping their distance not wanting to get involved with the new recruit, they're giving him the famous "cold-shoulder" which most recruits got when joining the battle-tested and understrengthed units of the Wehrmacht.

The sun was still out, the skies were relatively clear of clouds and the rain came down in a heavy storm, the rain drops fell like small pellets and bombs hitting the soldiers and the ground, the trucks were sinking into the mud. Then the rain stopped and a rainbow appeared out from the east and the soldiers stared at the sight. In this moment of peace and harmony the soldiers of the reich finally could believe that the war was over and that all of them were going to return to their homes and comeback to their families and friends or girlfriends and buddies. Klaus took off his cap, his uniform still a nice dark gray compared to the light gray clay covered uniforms of his companions.

The Lieutantant pulls out a smoke and checks the tires of the trucks and orders the soldiers to pile into the three trucks and onto the lone Panther tank. He climbs onto the panzer and talks to the commander of the tank to see if his massive fighting machine can move in the mud. The Panther slowly starts up and begins to move forward with some success, "Allright men, file in! We're on the move, to Holland."

Klause enters the third truck where several of the men begin to talk to him, "Well, its good too see a new face here. Any combat yet?"

"No, this will be my first taste of battle."

"Well, just be glad its not in this damn countryside and hedgrows. For the past month, Normandy has been hell on earth. No rest, no brakes, constant fighting. If all goes well in Holland and according to recon, there's only about six divisions there, should be no problem when we get there."

"Thanks, hopefully you're right."

"Stick by my son, and you'll be fine. Paul Sweinstamm." The soldier puts his hand out, Klaus shakes his hand.

"Klaus Richtmann, Bremen."

"Bremen," smiles Paul, "really, I'm from the Schnoor."

"Roland," answers Klaus

"You've got to be kidding, my father used to near Roland."

"Its a small world isn't it," laughs Klaus. Paul pulls out a smoke and hands it to Klaus and lites it.

"Welcome to the 212nd Infantry Klaus."

The German soldiers were on the move from France to Holland, with the British moving through the Dutch countryside at an alarming rate the Kreigsmarine prepares to transport soldiers from Denmark and Norway to Holland and the Rhineland to stop the Allied advance towards the Fatherland and then destroy the Allies once more. Can more Allied defeats lead to peace or will the Allies continue to land men on the beaches of Western Europe until they have no more soldiers left to do it with?


There moves in their south and in the north. They've entered the German Fatherland, most fix that problem. :( and I got myself encircled at Lyon.
Aug 15, 2008
理想的中国 said:
Landings all over the place :eek:

Indeed, they've landed all over the place :confused:

I'm making use with what I have, they must not cross deeper into the Fatherland otherwise we'll have some serious problems especially industrial wise.
Aug 15, 2008
A Return to Normandy

The Dove in The Sky


British paratroopers have begun their descent down upon the dephts of Holland, outside the skies are filled with small white blobs in the skies growing closer and closer, larger and larger. The soldiers are looking down at the Dutch ground, nothing but flat fields. The German OKH Reserves sit in Eindhoven with a two totally under-men Panzerdivisions and one HQ Groupe, the British have just dropped into the soft under-belly of Fortress Europe. The German Heer is too thinly spread across the western front and is conglomerated along the eastern front.

A British para falls into a Dutch cornfield and cuts off his chute, at other points he peers into the skies where more and more planes fly overhead. The British soldier begins to walk towards a local and beatdown farmhouse, a light pops up from inside, a Dutch farmer walks out with his shotgun and candle in his hands and looks out into the fields believing that the Germans are coming for him, he points the shotgun at the British soldier who freezes in his tracks. He puts his hands in the air and and tries to speak with the Dutch farmer. He can see the farmer aim at him but not fire.

"No, no. I'm British. I'm a good guy, not German. Not German!"

The Dutch farmer lowers his weapon and walks to the soldier standing in his cornfield. He hands him a map of the local German positions and smiles. "Liberation is upon us now." He greets the British soldier and smiles and turns back to his home. More and more paras fall from the sky and the fieds of Holland have now been littered with Allied soldiers, the Germans seem no where in sight and the Allies think they could enter Berlin by Christmas.

The farmer walks back up to his bedroom where his wife looks at him, "Who was out their?"

"The British, they've come to save us from the Germans."

"The British are here!?"

"Yes, the British are here. It's a good day to be a Dutchman once again, the Queen will return to us soon enough." The wife gets up from her bed and looks outside and see's several more British soldiers marching through the cornfields and they look back at the Dutch house. They can see shadows of people looking down at them and they wave back at the wife looking out at them.

The farmer and his wife don't sleep, they make telephone calls to all of their friends that the Allies are back in Holland and that the Germans will be gone from their homeland once and for all. At Eindhoven the German High Command looks puzled at the situation, and their troops begin to dig-in for the inevitable assault to capture the Rhine and press into the heart of the Holy Reich itself. In East Prussia the Kreigsmarine prepares to ferry soldiers from Denmark and Norway back to the homeland, will it be in time though as the Allies advance across Holland at a rapid pace and the east the Soviets still seem unstopable.

A moment away from the chaotic west...


The Soviets have somewhat encircled me in Latvia, still supplied though this should be no problem at fixing. Counter attacks at Konigsburg are going to be made to stabilize the eastern front, other than this the Soviets haven't done so much, not even a major engagement has happened.


Mar 1, 2008
Our names are so very alike!

Looks interesting so far. Good illustrations and a nice style ;) .
Aug 15, 2008
TheHyphenated1 said:
Our names are so very alike!

Looks interesting so far. Good illustrations and a nice style ;) .

Are they truly? The...1, I guess so.

I've not yet caught up with your epic yet...

trying too.
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Aug 15, 2008
A City Too Far

A City Too Far

The Panic


"Papa, papa come quick."

"What is it my son?"

"The Germans are retreating from Eindhoven, everything. Tanks, cars, truck, horses... everything is on the move out of our city."

"Peter, how many tanks have passed our house?"

"Nine, all Panzer Fours I believe."

Peter Koornhardt's mother walks into the room.

"What is all that noise going on outside of our home?"

The Dutch father turns to his wife and smiles, "Panic."

Outside the demorilized Germans and OKH Reserve Units are in a full blown withdrawl from Holland. Soldiers from Norway are prepared to land in Wilhelmshafen. From the north news of the sunken Tirpitz reaching Berlin and the news of the further Allied advance into Holland makes Hitler furious and demands that this crises be solved by his generals or else...

The German soldiers outside are retreating on anything that moves, their legs, bicycles, beat down jeeps and cars, horses, donkeys and even several fire engines seized by the soldiers and being used as massive trucks. The army retreats along the two roads along the edge of a Dutch river and further forward the army retreats into the city of Eindhoven and in Essen the HQ for the OKH Western Front is about to greet a new leader for the attempt to throw out the Allies from the west. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel is about to take the rag-tag and beaten OKH Reserves and the Dutch Front soldiers and attempt to make them into something (Since Hitler's Assassination didn't trigger I'd figure that Rommel should still be alive and a top German commander).

"Peter, run to Mr. Jansen. Tell him that the moment has come for the Underground Dutch too start their operations again."

"Ofcourse father," Peter runs out of the house and gathers his belongings and bike and prepares to reach Mr. Jansen head of the Dutch Underground in Eindhoven. The father looks over to his wife and can't stop being happy at the sight of the German retreat.

"Liberation and freedom is upon us, finally after four long years the Allies have finally returned too save us."

Peter leaves his home and takes his bicycle and rides towards the outskirts of Eindhoven where Mr. Jansen awaits news and the German Army halts in Eindhoven for the night.

~OKW HQ-West. Essen, Germany.

The black dressed guards stand tall as Field Marshal's Rommels' Command car rolls up to the brick fortress. An officer waiting for him opens the door and greets the heroic and famous German soldier.

"Colonel Scneider, it's a pleasure to meet such a great German general as yourself," he holds out his hand too shake Rommel's he obliges. "Welcome to Essen generalfeldmarshcal. The OKW Finest." He salutes Rommel and takes his overcoat with him and walks into the massive fortress where the soldiers and officers inside stand at attention and salute the new commander of the Heersgroupe-Western Front.

Rommel enters the Commanders' Room and see's the top officers and battalion commanders waiting for him. General Eugen Beyer walks up and greets himself to the German hero, the former commander is now replaced and Rommel walks over to his desk and takes a look at the map and sees 2 crack Panzerdivisions and a weak Panzergrenadier division in Eindhoven, four infantry divisions in Wilhelmshaffen and a crack SS-Panzerdivision and their SS-Panzergrenadiers sitting in Essen. He looks up at the others and says, "What is our supply situation?"
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Aug 15, 2008
A City Too Far

OKW Headquarters. Essen, Germany.


"Are supplies are limited generalfeldmarshcal. Oil is nearly depleted throughout the entire country and are undermen divisions are lacking the size of the enemies, at any case supplies will be made use of what we have."

"General Beyer? How much oil do we have in our reserves?" questions Rommel.

"Sir, in Berlin we have reports of only 467 barrels left being distrupted about too all units. We alone only 46 for the entire Western Front, in Essen we have 6 barrels for 341 vehicles."

Rommel slumps into his chair and looks outside, the sun is out the only bright spot so far in the German nation. He looks back at his surbidinate commanders and begins, "Well the shellshocked units of the SS-Hofhenstein Division will rest here, at Essen. A solid distance away from the front, the rest of the German reserve units will rally around Essen and the Hofhenstein Division and then we'll see the later situation. Until then we wait for the Allies to make a mistake. Gentlemen, general dismissed. Colonel Schneider stay here for a moment."

The rest of the German officers exit the room leaving Rommel and the SS-Colonel alone in the room. "What about the soldiers at Eindhoven?" asks Colonel Schneider.

"Eindhoven and their forces will hold their, keeping the Allies honest. Again, I can't launch an offensive without oil and especially with so few men under my command. The forces in Normnady will be coming towards us soon and when this happens the war will end either with victory or defeat."

A young lieutantant appears with a wine bottle in his hand. He looks at Rommel and holds it up, "Red or White Wine for dinner?"

"Both." The young officer leaves and Schneider looks at Rommel and smiles.

"Wine and dinner at such a crucial moment in the war? Now that's a man who knows how to live."

"Join us Colonel, its just me and several other officers, too much food for myself to eat alone."

Rommel walks to the dinner room where Beyer and several other generals take their seat and wait for Rommel to arrive. Rommel salutes them and takes his seat at the head of the table and the lieutantant pops the wine bottle sending the cap flying into the air and lands in the corner of the room, he walks over too each officer and asks "Red, or White" and they all responded "White" except for Rommel who answered "Red." The dinner was being held in Essen and in Eindhoven the Allies were preparing to brake into the Fatherland and end the war by Christmas.

In Berlin the Reich looks towards Romania and Hungary to replenish the lost oil reserves, too the very least, the oil must be enough too achieve final victory in the west, well thats the plan in Essen but the man in the Reichstag has the final saying despite his generals and marshals becoming more self-reliant as every day of the war goes on.
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Aug 15, 2008
For all following I have some important news about the current situation of the game...

...in the east the Russians press forward towards Warsaw and brake my lines before winter, not what I hoped for but I stabilized the front with the "Great Retreat."

...and for the west, the war has been won to some degree. With Overlord, Dragoon, Market Garden and Overlord II I have destroyed at least 70+ Allied divs and can now turn my attention to the east where the mighty showdown between Germany and the Soviet Union will begin. I'll try to catch everyone up with the AAR and the gameplay before I continue in-game.

and now a beautiful picture of the Eastern Front: Time for my manpower too reach zero before the invasion begins.


-Sorry everyone for being behind in updates and gameplay. Got excited when Allies were crushed. :D
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Aug 20, 2008
Good AAR so far, hopefully you can come out victorious in the end.
Aug 15, 2008
@Dr. Death: Thanks and that is the ultimate goal, bring the world into the Greater German Reich. Now that will be a long journey once the battles against the Soviets pick up.

@clifton: Indeed, the west went into shambles, still with reserves deployed there to keep the allies at bay while the better troops will move off to fight the Russians
Aug 15, 2008
A City Too Far

The Eindhoven Hawk


Peter Koornhardt was out in the morning on his bicycle looking for any signs of German soldiers moving towards or from Eindhoven, none. He looked up at could tell by the placememnt of the sun it was around ten-o'clock in the morning and he appeared ready to return to his home, a soldier dressed in green stopped him, it wasn't an American or British soldier, it was an SS soldier patrolling the streets.

"Why is a little boy like yourself out all alone at a time like this? Hmm, hurry on home before the Allies getya," a slowly moves his fingers across his throat and smiles. The rather round soldier begins his patrol down the street. Peter looks at him walk by and a small object catches his eyes in the nearby woods. He rushes home where his father awaits.

"Peter, thank-god any news?"

"The nearby woods look like they're full of Anti-Tank weapons."

"Are you sure?"

"That or they were tank barrells, I think I know what a German eighty-eight looks like by now."

"We must get a message to the Allies, they're going to run right into a barrage of gunfire while traveling down that road."

"Why not take another?"

"Son, the Germans have flooded all other roads, mud and water will not support the Allied armoured units while pushing for the Rhine, they'll be travelling down that road when they realize its the only suitable one to travel." Peter's father gets on the phone and calls Mr. Jansen to tell him about possible German Anti-Tank positions along the main road into Eindhoven. In Amsterdam the Allied High Command looks to avenge Normandy and is placed under the direct command of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and he is readying the Pro-British Invasion Force to reach the German Fatherland by next week.

~ Allied Command HQ - Netherlands. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"Well now, here's something interesting Browning don't you think, Dutch resistance urging us not too attack Eindhoven, ambush is waiting there."

"Let me see that," the British Reconaissance Officer looks at the telegraphed message by Mr. Jansen to their HQ Base. "That's impossible, our planes have not picked up a single German soldier, let alone any tanks or guns in the past twenty-four hours. The roads into Eindhoven are clear for advance. The Germans must have operatives in the Dutch Resistance, the road to Eindhoven, and more importantly the road to Essen is clear for Monty's Seventh Army."

"What should I tell Colonel Brown?"

"Nothing, it's a false alarm. Germans have infiltrated the Dutch Resistance, news from them are now not reliable, that's what you tell him." Major Browning walks away to his office.

"Ofcourse Major."

Colonel Brown, head of the intelligence center of the British Army Headquarters-Seventh Army walks into the room. "Any important news for us today Captain?"

"No colonel, nothing has been picked up today, its a quiet front."

"Good, that's what I like too hear, I'll be telling Monty's staff the road to Eindhoven is clear. Good day Smith."

The message in the Captain's hands descends into a garbage can never too be seen by anyother British or American officers again...
Aug 5, 2008
You've done pretty well in France and now the battles in Holland and Germany will begin soon.
A city too far? Hmm, for you or for the Allies I wonder?
Aug 15, 2008
The Pippen said:
You've done pretty well in France and now the battles in Holland and Germany will begin soon.
A city too far? Hmm, for you or for the Allies I wonder?

Perhaps both :D
Aug 15, 2008
A City Too Far

The Beginning


~Rommel's HQ - Essen, Germany

"The British and Americans will begin their push towards Germany and the rest of the Netherlands very soon. How will be leading the charge? Montgomery, Alexander, Brooke or Patton? Hausser what do you think?"

The SS-Generalfeldmarschall fresh from leading the II-SS Panzercorps to victory in Normandy turns to look at Rommel directly, "Patton."

"Ofcours my dear Hausser, he's the best the Allies have, nearly broke out of France on several occasions and did twice, once in Brittany and again in Normandy. I think the Eisenhower will choose a British commander this time, making sure the Brits still seem important. I think Monty will lead the attack."

"Fair enough."

General Beyer looks up at the boards, "If the Allies are going to attack we need reserves ready to plug the gaps."

"Ofcourse, when the Allies attack we need crack forces to stop them. Heissmeyer's SS troops need to be ready to attack them directly. Why not here in Essen, its a safe spot. They could cross into the Netherlands in a few hours if called for or stop the Allies from entering the Rhineland." The other commanders nod in agreement and Rommel places the III-SS Corps Marker at Essen. The OKW Reserve Marker sits at Eindhoven, Abs. Norway Marker at Wihelmshafen and the 15th Armee Marker steadily working north currently sitting in Amiens. The Allies have their forces posed to strike at the heart of the Fatherland, will the war be over before Christmas if the Allies make it across the Rhine, that dream will probably come true.

~Outside of Eindhoven, British XXXII Corps.

"General Brooke, this is a direct order from the top, Monty and Eisenhower give it to us. Thirty-Second Corps is to Eindhoven by tonight."

"Well that's simple and straight forward Colonel Martin don't you think? We're twelve miles from Eindhoven, we can march in from here. Are you troops ready?"

"The boys are ready general."

"Good, get going Colonel, call me when you reach Eindhoven." The Colonel salutes General Brooke and walks out to his command vehicle at the head of an armoured collumn of the XXXII Corps. He looks back at his tanks and trucks and rises his hand and waves it forward, the collumn begins to advance down the dirt road headed for Eindhoven.

"Colonel why so early of an advance?"

"Because Captain, Monty wants Eindhoven before Patton crosses into Germany, we need it by tonight and Monty will be the first into Germany."

"So this has become a beauty pageant between Patton and Montgomery?"

"Exactly Captain, we're the calvary and as Monty's White Stalions we must be the first to battle and the first to the rescue. British Paras will parachute into Germany when we reach Eindhoven and seize the German resource depot and bridges at Essen and Cologne and then we move out from Holland to their spots and then Germany will be under our control by Christmas, Operation Wallenstein my dear Henry. The war will end thanks to Monty's brilliant plains. Market Garden was a huge success and now he's got a big head and feels unstopable."

The tanks advance down the road and from the nearby woods the Germans look at their victims unaware of their pressence in the trees and brush.

"Ready! Und, Fire!"

The German Anti-Tank pieces tear holes into the British Collumn and the troops abadoned their half-tracks and trucks and rush towards the woods with their guns blazing while the Germans take steady aim at their British foes. British soldiers lob grenades into the woods and the Germans respond with deafening bursts from MG-42's.

"Get down. Colonel what next?"

"Get those trucks off the road! Bloody hell, form up the Shermans so we pound those positions!" A tank beside the command car is shattered to pieces from a German Pak 88 and another is destroyed in the nearby fields. "What the hell? I thought the road to Eindhoven was clear?"

"Your telling this to me?" the Captain ducks into the car's top with Colonel Martin sticking his head up directing orders from his radio. British Typhoons appear in the skies and drop their bombs into the woods sending the Wehrmacht soldiers fleeing for their lives. British soldiers advance into the woods and begin to pick off the retreating Germans. The Typhoons bomb deeper into the forest so they would not hit their own men. On the road Colonel Martin gets a report of 17 of 45 tanks and 12 of 90 trucks and halftracks are disabled. The British wouldn't reach Eindhoven until the morning and now realized that Operation Wallenstein was not going to be a walk in the park.
Aug 15, 2008

Interlude - Preparations for Operation Frederik the Great

Again, sorry for being behind with gameplay and updates, really busy as we speak but this is the early preparations for the showdown with the USSR, codenamed Frederik the Great.


My plains represented by black lines and soviet likliness is with red. Numbers represent the ammount of divs in the provinces and the green dots in Soviet areas mean I will not attack until they've been cut-offed and encircled. If all goes as planned we should capitulate over 100 Soviet divs. in the first few weeks of the war plan, will commence when winter clears and before Soviets launch their offensive towards Berlin.