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Nov 13, 2007
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Had a little mishap, but I'm back on the forums and reading again.

Things look to be stable.


I am the Law
Dec 20, 2006


Aug 15, 2006
alan_le_cowboy - I think I woke it up :)

Inner Circle - With the Ethiopian army in the Middle East it is not at home which might be interesting :)

Sokraates - Obata is an expert spotter by now.

I Killed Kenny - Yes it does take a while. 135 screenshots so far which needed to be edited, most of which is done.

cosminus - Oops. Corrected and thank you :)

Fgorginator - You might want to consider seeing a doctor as well :)

Nathan Madien - The blue circle is probably temporary as I may send them along the Red Sea to see what is about.

Lord Strange - Not completely useless as they are drawing my bombers away somewhat. They are also good for entertainment value :)

Felkethar - Posting is, as always, optional except for me. Any comments are welcome at any time. You are correct, it is always wise to include some form of heating device in any British vehicle.

Maj. von Mauser - Nothing major I hope. Glad to have you back with us :)

As I said above I have almost finished editing the screenshots for the annual update. I will probably post it in two chunks unless I get some extra time to do it in one go. I would like to know if you guys want a World map included as I haven't done one in quite some time.

The first part at least will be posted when I get home from work on Wednesday night, so no update today as I have been very busy the last two days.


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Dec 31, 2008
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I'd say, go for the world map. Four and a half years of war would have changed the landscape quite a lot. This is definitely more of a challenge than your Creek.


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Mar 29, 2008
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Well, the world map did not change much except for becoming more and more yellow? So, for a more yellowish World Map!


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Sep 14, 2007
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would love to see a world map Remble though i have a sneaky suspicion it will be the same as the last one you took though a little different with your conquest so far :D


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May 1, 2005
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It's been a while since my last post, so, grats again! nice progress as always.
I had never used Tac bombers in your massive way, but after reading you I tryed and I must say they are fairly overpowered in Doomsday, I reinstalled it as I have been playing Armaggedon for so long now...
Anyway it's not like playing Gotterdammerung Japan is easy in any way, even using so many Tacs, it's still an incredible feat, keep going!


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Jun 26, 2008
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I noticed that even though I just got me EU3 and have been rather busy with that, I still come here almost every day to check how is it going. Still looking good, the bear is surely exhausted by now!

It seems that the Middle East is becoming more and more major combat zone, the British are sending in everything. Sad that you don't have much intel about other Commonwealth nations, it's hard to estimate how much troops the Brits can send in. Surely it's a lot less than what the Red Army sent, and they got pretty much wiped out, so I don't expect any major problems in Syria either...

Keep up the good work!


Aug 15, 2006
Ciryandor, cosminus, Fgorginator, Sokraates, Nathan Madien, Lascars, BobaFett696 - A World map has been added :)

harezmi, alan_le_cowboy - World maps by their nature can't be detail heavy, especially with HoI maps of this size. It is just a diplomatic mode map of the World :)

Tob.Ristlin - Thank you. You can see why I was reluctant to build mroe bombers as they are a little too powerful in DD.

Velko - The Middle East has certainly stirred up more trouble than I anticipated. Annexing Iraq didn't do much but Syria has made the AI a lot more aggressive.

Update to follow ... a little later than advertised because I did not read about the down time ...


Aug 15, 2006
Update (January 1st 1948)

Part I

0000 January 1st 1948.
Imperial Palace. Tokyo, Japan.

"Good morning your Majesty, Gentlemen. 1947 was in general a very good year for our Country with hard fought gains against the Soviets and their allies. The Pacific has altered very little in the last year with no territory changing hands and no attempts by the Allies to test our defences. We have also expanded into the Middle East with some success which has enabled us to increase our resources to some extent. This meeting will contain more comprehensive reports than normal as it is a New Year." Hideki began the annual meeting.​


"The Cabinet is unchanged from last year with no need to make any alterations. You are all doing a fine job. We will begin with a Security report today."

"Good morning your Majesty, Gentlemen." Hakujiro began. "Partisan activity has increased slightly due to our advances in some areas. The levels in areas we already had under control have remained high without any new Garrison divisions deployed to reduce it."​


"Asia has altered a little. China remains the largest burden but the recent conquests along the Siberian coast have added more load to our partisan troubles. Our advance onto Soviet soil north of Mongolia has also added a small amount which is likely to increase as we advance deeper into the enemy's territory."​


"Australia and New Zealand have remained as they were with very high levels of unrest. Australia is causing us more sporadic problems than any other area so far."​


"We had not advanced into the Middle East last year at this time so the levels here are all new. Iraq is the largest area of activity so far but our advance into southern Russia will soon overtake this. A large part of southern Central Asia has no unrest which should keep things under some control until we pass that particular area.

I will caution that any large advance onto Soviet soil in particular will greatly increase the burden of partisans on our Transport system. We are going to need a very large number of Garrison divisions unless we wish to have our gains repeatedly threatened by revolt. I know I won't be getting anywhere near enough Garrisons and I will do the best I can with what I have. Without these troops you are going to need to provide some forces to guard the rear lines to control any uprisings."

"We will have to deal with that when the time comes. For now the situation is not as bad as it will become and should cause no major headaches for us." Tanigawa responded.

"I am merely pointing out that problems will arise in the future and it is best to be prepared for them if at all possible. The next research project for Infantry will allow an increase in our Garrison divisions effectiveness which should help a little."

"When is that due Minister Kuniaki?" asked Hirohito.

"Probably in February your Majesty." Kuniaki replied.

"Prioritise the upgrades for the Garrisons when that completes please Minister Ginjiro."

"Yes your Majesty."

"You have any more to add Minister Hakujiro?" asked Hideki.

"No, I am done for today thank you." Hakujiro replied.

"Diplomacy next then please."

"Good morning your Majesty, Gentlemen. You will be pleased to know that no more Countries have thought it wise to declare War upon us in the last year." Mamoru began.​


"I brought a map of the World with me today to indicate the overall picture a little better. We are probably the second largest land owner in the World after the Soviets at this time but we control a lot more territory if you include most of the Pacific. It is fairly safe to assume that most Countries on this map are at War with us. None of them are at War with anyone else."​


"Our Axis partners are unchanged from a year ago with us and our three puppets the only members left. We have managed to protect all three at various times in the last few years."​


"Our three puppets are all progressing as well as can be expected. Manchukuo is the largest as normal and is at maximum capacity now. Mengkukuo should begin to benefit from the capture of the former Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator once the Industry is rebuilt."​


"The Allies are still led by the United Kingdom. Currently there are twenty two members of this Alliance which is one less than last year. Persia has been annexed by us and was the one no longer on this list. Syria was not on last years list even though they were at War but they have also been annexed during the past twelve months. The United States and the United Kingdom remain the two largest forces within the Allied camp."​


"The Comintern has not altered and still contains six Countries at War with us. Tannu Tuva is the closest one that we can possibly remove. The Soviet Union remains the dominant force within this Alliance but it has been greatly weakened.

Trade continues with a few Countries but our large Oil exchanges with Venezuela were halted in December to preserve our Supply stockpile. We should have enough Oil for the time being and the Venezuelan Ambassador assured me that these trades could resume if required. Nothing more from me." Mamoru concluded.

"So no new Allies and only two less enemies overall?" Hirohito asked.

"Correct your Majesty." replied Mamoru.​


Aug 15, 2006
"Intelligence please." Hideki said after confirming the Emperor had no further questions.

"Your Majesty, Gentlemen, good morning." Kuniaki began. "I have managed to increase my agents by one in the United Kingdom which should make that report slightly more accurate."​


"I shall begin with the Soviets as always. They have lost nine Factory complexes in the last month and sixteen total in the last twelve months. They made no research improvements in December.

The Red Army lost a further three Infantry and one Armoured division overall during the last month. The losses have slowed considerably with few enemy troops to fight. The losses for the last year are staggering. Three hundred and forty nine Infantry and fifty four Armoured divisions have been removed from the total at this time last year. Their losses would have been significantly higher if new divisions were added but I have no idea how many they produced during 1947. In short the Imperial Japanese Airforce and Army have done to the Red Army what the Imperial Japanese Navy and Airforce did to the United States Navy in 1945/1946. It is a shadow of its former self but can still cause some damage if left to its own devices.

There are no changes to either the Soviet Airforce or Navy since December but they have suffered some losses over the course of 1947. The numbers indicate the loss of twenty Fighter and five Bomber squadrons in the last twelve months. Most of these losses were likely to have been due to them being caught on the ground when their airbases were captured. The Soviet Navy has lost three smaller vessels in the last year all of which are thought to be Submarines."

"Those numbers are very impressive Minister Tanigawa." stated the Emperor.

"Thank you your Majesty. We had a good year." he replied.

"It is a shame you won't reach Moscow by April though."

"I can't win them all your Majesty but you have my word it will be ours by the end of the 1948."

"I hope so. Please continue Minister Kuniaki."​


"Thank you your Majesty. British Industry is exactly as it was last year. They completed research into Basic Semi-conductors in December.

The British Army has increased by twenty eight divisions during the last month. All of these are likely to be additional lent forces from their Allies and explains the sudden build up in the Middle East. The annual change is also up a little but the numbers are inaccurate.

There has been a large increase in the number of Fighter squadrons in the last month as well but this I cannot explain. It might be due to increased accuracy in my reports but it is unlikely. According to the numbers they have ten more Fighter squadrons than last year and four less Bomber squadrons.

The Royal Navy has also seen a large increase in its smaller ship numbers both in the last month and over the last year. The increase of eighteen is again probably due to previous inaccuracies although the variance is rather large. The Royal Navy remains mostly around its home territorial waters I think but we have seen some of its ships during December."​


"Moving on to the Americans. No change to Industry either monthly or annually. They completed research into Nuclear Cruiser Propulsion and Modern Light Cruiser in December.

Infantry numbers have dropped by six during December but increased by eleven during the year. One Armoured division more is also available to them than last year.

No noticable changes to the United States Airforce during December or the last year even though we have shot down several Bomber squadrons.

One smaller ship has been added in December. Over the past year their Carrier numbers have increased by only one with seventeen smaller ships being added to the total available. Their numbers have been well controlled for most of the year with only a small number of Carriers ever being seen at one time."​


"We completed no projects in December but are due to finish both Fleet Train Doctrine and Improved Turbojet Close Air Support Aircraft in January. I will continue with Naval Doctrine but may switch research from Aircraft to an Armour upgrade. We still have a blueprint from Germany for that so it should be finished fairly quickly. I will decide when the research completes if I wish to alter areas or not.

I will now cover our current research position in all fields and highlight any changes from last year where we completed a project."​


"Infantry research has seen one development. We completed Semi-Modern Infantry which is yet to be widely available at the front line."​


"Nothing new for Armour but as I said I might research Advanced Medium Tanks soon."​