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Aug 6, 2009
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I wouldn't have minded if I were a dial up connector - in fact I'm cable and should be able to hit speeds around 600-700kps. I anticipated a 1hr max download (allowing for peak traffic). It was Gamersgate that had the problem in not preparing properly. It did give me an opportunity to reread the manual etc - but after the second or third reread I just wanted to play the damn game!!

I don't want to start the issue again- just hoping that enough bandwith is ready for the surge of people wanting to download the patch all at once. (I am presuming that the patch will be quite sizeable).


Swedish gaming site with lots of bandwidth (I downloaded the Demo from there at 5mb/s which I believe is close to the site maximum cap).


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Jun 19, 2009
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Game is really getting hard to play and I'm thinking 1.2 won't solve even the majority of major problems.

Some of the stuff never should have made it to release no matter how few bugs the beta testers reported.

amen, bro.

i have no intention of bashing PI -- I think they do fantastic work and I've been a huge fan of HoI and Victoria.

Still, i've shelved HoI3 for now. (Maybe I'm twice as bitter because i had such big expectations not only for HoI3, but Empire Total War too -- and I don't play that at all now either.) I really can't understand how the game was released in this state. I really felt like I was beta testing in the couple of campaigns I did try to play. At some point, the frustration of discovering bugs outweighs the fun of trying to make do with what does work...

I think we're looking at a few patches -- *not* just 1.2 -- before fundamental problems, especially with the AI, get solved.

actually went and bought War in the Pacific a few days ago, out of my need to play a WW2 strategy game that works well. It's freaking impossible, and i'm working my way through the 300 page manual... but it will keep me busy for a few months while things get ironed out (<-- pun) with Hearts of Iron 3...


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Dec 8, 2008
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I managed to get Germany to May 1942 before suffering the save game crash. (I believe it was the aircraft carrier sunk with CAG's issue). We had occupied Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland and were poised to whisper sweet nothings into the Belgians' delicate shell-likes. Then maybe remonstrate with those pesky Frogs and recalcitrant Rosbifs before heading sunwards for a spot of oil through the Hungarian and Romanian (Allies Faction!) hinterlands.
So far all is peaceful on the Eastern Front. I am mindful of Napoleon's and Hitler's experiences, and intend to let USSR alone until we have developed snowmobiles...;)

Therefore HOI is shelved until the 1.2 patch as I think I will have to restart from scratch. Til then I'm immersed in "Mount & Blade" in it's "Europe 1200" mod, and "IL2 1946" (WWII aircombat flight sim) flying a Spitfire online at Hyperlobby.

Yes, the anticipation is just like it was for the launch. :D