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well separate them and take them one by one!
China will arise!

Unfortunately, Guangxi wasn't mobilized nor had the unity, so I didn't even need to assault their capital. Yunnnan sent troops everywhere else but their capital. Sinkiang let me bypass most of their troops, so the only military I had to fight in the whole scale was the Tibetian, with their grand total of 3 divisions. The next update in a nutshell :sad:

However, the PLA readies itself for an attack against the Japanese menace! Reports came in they've deliberately attacked the USA, our major trading partner of metal! ;)
Chapter XII: Smashing the Unified Front

First bigger battle takes place in Zhaotong. This stray headland into our territory quickly falls.


Oddly enough, Guangxi surrendered even without losing its capital, Baise and Guilin are enough. At least there won’t be any need greater bloodshed with these KMT cronies, more so when their armies weren’t even mobilized. Guangxi therefore surrenders just two weeks into their war of aggression.


On 4th April, battle of Kunming begins. Yunnan is supposed to fall without Kunming, as it’s too rotten to resist the people’s will! The way to Kunming takes long however, meaning their government surrenders as late as of 1st May.


Some news happens in Europe on 19th. This is little of our concern however.


First encounter with the XRA (Xinjiang’s Revolutionary Army?) happens on 2nd July.


A month later, we notice Xinjiang has some armored cars. They’re far too obsolete to pose any real threat though.


On 17th October, the defenses of Lhasa are busted.


Great news comes on 1st November. This is just the distraction we needed! Soon, the Japanese will feel the wrath of the PLA!


A day later, Tibet becomes our subject state. Kham is granted to Tibet as a promise of long-standing friendship and cooperation between the two nations!


On 11th December, five militia divisions storm Ürumqi. It’s no surprise that the defenders cannot hold out for too long against such a big numerical disadvantage.


On 24th, these divisions arrive to the city and Xinjiang is now puppeted. Happy Christmas everyone!


And yes, I’ve puppeted Xinjiang and Tibet just because I had no cores on them :p
How are you going to unite China if you keep puppeting everything? :p

I don't want any pesky rebels in there. Blame Paradox for not giving me cores there :p
The wonderful art of responsible cheating :D.. In cases like this it should atleast count as valid IMO

I might do something about that even now, if you really crave for it, guys :p
Chapter XIII: The Third Sino-Japanese War Part One

On 27th January, Japans conquers Philippines. The PLA continues to station itself near the Japanese-occupied parts of China. The first infantry (newly produced) is placed on 24th August.



The call is made on 13th September. It’s time to liberate China in full! PLA now counts 102 divisions, 10 transport ships, three interceptors and nine multi-role fighters.


Even though most of the fighters are obsolete Polikarpov I-15s, LaGG-3s supplement them well enough to drive Japanese TACs off the skies!


The least resistance is faced in Suiyuan and Shanxi bordering provinces.


A bulge is formed near Zhengzhou. Some Japanese divisions have been even overrun by our militia divisions, further south. We credit this to surprise element, as it seemed Japanese border guards weren’t prepared for a war at the slightest.


Zhanjiang is liberated, its garrison captured and talks are ongoing with the French about returning this “colony” back to China.


Several Japanese divisions are operating near Ningbo. Oddly enough, Japanese reinforce the port’s garrison, giving our militias a hard time taking it. One SLNF division is however isolated and facing overwhelming advantage, it should break soon.


Three divisions are trapped in Jiaozuo, near Zhengzhou. Japanese are trying their best to free their comrades though, putting immense pressure on Puyang.


Two weeks have passed and the PLA already made a good headway into enemy lines.


The three Japanese divisions give up the fight on 6th October. It’s a great achievement, as some of them were supported by heavier armored vehicles.


Now, there are only four places where Japanese are still holding except for their puppets: Hainan, Hong Kong, Ningbo and Shandong together with Jiangsu. When these areas are taken, the Japanese presence on the Asian mainland should be a thing of the past.


So... should I really create an event to inherit Sinkiang and Tibet? I can write an event to do that, if you like :p
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You could make it in the style of "With the Japanese main threat gone, the need for non-centralized government within the western parts of China is no longer required", and go from there I guess.
You could make it in the style of "With the Japanese main threat gone, the need for non-centralized government within the western parts of China is no longer required", and go from there I guess.

I agree with that. Inherit them :)

Okay, I shall as soon as the Japanese are kicked out of the mainland. I'm playing at the moment and it's proving to be a challenge in Manchuria after all...

I'm actually surprised your little airforce managed to inflict casualties on theirs.

Their airforce needs to pay attention to the USA as well. Fighters have obviously better chances against bombers than vice versa :D
Don't write an event for Tibet, maybe for SInkiang, but not for Tibet, since China invaded it historically ;)
Don't write an event for Tibet, maybe for SInkiang, but not for Tibet, since China invaded it historically ;)

I might annex Tibet, though without getting cores. Xinjiang is questionable as well, so maybe Paradox got once things right when they didn't put there any cores at all.
Chapter XIV: The Third Sino-Japanese War Part Two

PLA is now on the defensive in Manchuria. At least until more reinforcements arrive.


Jinan is taken on 25th October, meaning some troops can be rerouted north. Overall the defense of the Shandong Peninsula is now quite light, with Japanese having a lot of their HQs trapped here.


Despite having the numerical advantage, militias cannot eliminate Japanese in the vicinity of Ningbo. We need to starve them out. Just to remind you; I have the tech that halves the width of MIL/GAR :p



This is a typical battle from Manchuria. These aren’t the weak KMT binary infantry anymore. Japanese infantry is either triangular, square, or binary with support divisions attached to them! Moreover, some of the militias are fresh, unexperienced recruits rather than veterans who fought the KMT for a good amount of years.


Battle of Kuancheng ended on 28th October and despite the reinforcement, Japanese divisions proved to be too much for our militias.


The Manchurian front on 3rd November. Reinforcements are slowly arriving, while units on the front are performing a slow fighting retreat whenever and wherever possible.



Three Japanese divisions are taken prisoner in Xinghua, near the coast north of Nanjing. This frees up six additional divisions to be sent north. Meanwhile, the fight in Hong Kong begins.


On 7th November, reports came in from Shanghai that a large landing party is coming from the sea. Divisions from recently Xinghua are rushed in to deter the invasion, together with a few divisions stationing near the Japanese pocket in Xiangshan.


Obviously, such a strong landing wouldn’t be fended off even by half a dozen militias. PLA must not allow the marines to liberate their comrades in Xiangshan!


It came to Chinese as a great shock that Japanese could afford to land in such a force in Shanghai, as they thought Japanese marines would be engaged in the Pacific rather. The opposite was true however. Japanese were clearly dominating the USA, having not captured just Hawaiian Islands from the US possessions in Pacific.


On 14th November, Qingdao was liberated and it seemed the Japanese presence in Shandong would soon be a thing of the past.


This is the current situation, on 15th November. Hong Kong was liberated, together with the capture of three more Japanese divisions and Hainan was left unguarded completely. Third Sino-Japanese war still had an unknown victor at this time.