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Jul 30, 2012
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Part 18: Preparing the Storm

(Valentinian's war room, the Rebel camp)

Valentinian Cyraliin was pacing like he always did when waiting for important news. His brother Gratian was poring over a map of the Imperial City looking for anything they could exploit, the brothers' main councilors Archmage Torygg of Winterhold and Serana Volikhar were arguing near the entrance to the tent.

"You are an unfeeling dead th---!" Torygg was interrupted mid-tirade by the arrival of Valentinian's agent.

Everyone took their places a the map while the agent prepared to relay his message.

"What do you have for me?"

"I have spoken to several of your... *he cast a quick glance at the Chancellor* Friend's contacts inside the city. If their information is accurate---"

"It usually is."

"Then we know how the empress will be positioning her forces. She will be leading her veterans along the eastern portion of the wall, she seems to expect Prince Gratian to attack from there. Both the southern and northern sections of the wall are held by the Imperial City's militia, they are reasonably well trained but inexperienced. The western wall is held by what my sources identified as the "Good deeds division"."

"What in Oblivion is the "Good Deeds division"?

"After the empress had her little adventure in Coldharbour she decided that she rather liked Bal's way of controlling people. She began capturing vampires, lycanthropes, necromancers, and other dregs of the Empire. She would torture them past the point of insanity and then break them to her will. They have come to view her as a living god and will fight accordingly." Serana explained.

"That is a bit more evil than I was expecting." Valentinian turned to his brother. "How do you think we should handle this?"

Gratian stood. "My men and I will attack the Eastern part of the wall, we should be able to keep them occupied long enough for you to break through the militia guarding the Northern wall. Serana and the Archmage will take the remainder of our forces and attack the Western wall, Torygg's mages and Serana's retainers seem ideally suited for that kind of opposition."

Valentinian stared at the map for a moment. "Very well, Brother go move your men in to position, Torygg take your mages west and get them ready. Serana if you could stay behind a moment."

Gratian nodded Torygg bowed before following him out.

"What is it your grace?"

"Two questions; Why does the Archmage hate you so strongly and will that get in the way of our plans?"

"He's a devoted follower of the nine."

"I don't see how th---"

"Arkay and Stendarr in particular."

"Ah that just about covers it, and my second question?"

"It won't be a problem, his hatred of your mother's cruelties is much stronger than his hatred for me. Provided I keep acting competitive it should be enough to keep him focused."

"Good, we can not afford any division at this point, before you head west tell Legate Hakim to intensify the bombardment."

"Of course." She left.

While Valentinian's forces split off to prepare for the assault the rebels siege engines doubled their bombardment of the walls, catapults fired massive stones at the walls and flaming brands over them starting fires all over the city.

The defenders made frequent sorties attempting to disrupt or destroy the attackers equipment. The empress was said to have lead at least three of them.

After a further three days of preparation Valentinian and his allies were ready, the Imperial City was to be taken by storm.

Part 19: The Terrible Glory will be out next week.