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Jul 5, 2003

Goal: Control Mexico and take over USA and then as much of the world as possible.

Ok So it's not really serious and its not really a comedy eithier. It is what I have made and It shall be my legacy.


If you have problems with the following terms or Ideas do not read this AAR.

Immortals Beings(Specifically Vampires, Wizards and Werewolves), Talking Animals, Time Travel, Drunkards, Innuendo's, The Song "It's a small world after all, Altered state of minds, Pointless dialog and or unpronouncable words not to mention a boatload of screen that may or may not be pointless, and last but not least sudden shifts in Plot and or Focus.

Well I've got work to do....
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Jul 5, 2003
January 1st 1936 1:02 A.M.
Location: Undisclosed
Subject: Meeting of Mexican High Command

Cardenas looked around the dimly lit room at the grim faces of his ministers. They were waiting for a man who had contacted Cardenas a few days ago and spoke of Mexico’s manifest destiny and had a plan to change Mexico’s stance in the world.

Chief of Staff Benjamin G. Hill was busy picking at his fingernails. Cardenas saw that his Army Chief Pablo Escamillo looked almost as bored. Armaments Minister Enrique Estrada Reynoso kept looking at his watch and sighing.

What was I thinking? The world is soon to be sucked into another war and I’m planning meeting late at night in hidden locations with strangers. Cardenas thought.

He heard the guards outside the door talking to someone, and stood up. The door opened and a tall pale figure strode in. He was dressed in all black and had his short cropped hair wet as if just exiting the bath. He was tall, probably around six feet, and carried a briefcase in his right hand.

“My name is Mr. White. I have a plan for your wonderful country. I have traveled far to select just the right place to bring my expert Knowledge and lucky for you I have chosen Mexico.” The stranger said.

“What does this gringo want from us?” Reynoso asked Cardenas.

Cardenas motioned for silence, “Let him speak”

White walked over to the table and set his briefcase down. “Mexico is going to become a world power, nay a SUPER power.” He said with a smile on his face.

“The American’s have become lazy in their ways. I have reports here,” he said as he passed out some papers from his briefcase. “They show the locations and strength of the American forces. If you’ll note we, and I mean Mexico, have almost as many ground troops as they do.”

“And what about their BLOODY Navy?” Reynoso screamed.

White shrugged, “Boats don’t drive on land now do they? All the fighting is done on land. So we’ll just walk all over their country.”

Cardenas leaned back in his chair and let out a deep breath. Take on America? He’s got to be crazy. Hell I must be crazy for even think about it.

“I want you gentlemen to read the papers tomorrow. My associates in America will create such a domestic problem the Army will not have time to worry about the Invasion force.” White said.

“I’ll contact you tomorrow evening about strategic targets.” He said before turning to leave.

Reynoso turned to Cardenas exasperated, “You’re going to go along with this….this…Blanco Diablo?”

Benjamin Hill studied the papers before commenting, “If, and I do mean IF, this is accurate we might actually have a chance at claiming a large chunk of America. But I don’t know how we will keep the American people from forming militia’s and rebel troops in territories that we conquer.”

Cardenas smiled or was it a grimace, no one was sure. “Trust me I think our ‘friend’ has an idea on that one also.”
Jul 5, 2003
January 2nd 1936

Cardenas was sitting at his desk sipping coffee when Marie Sanchez-Gutierrez-Estrada, his secretary barged in and screamed, “Have you head the news? America has declared war on us?”

He spit his coffee all over himself in shock. “Do….Huh…..Wha?....How?.....Why?...” He stammered.

Reynoso, Hill and Escamillo waltzed in and glared at him.

“I told you that Gringo was trouble!” Reynoso growled. “Now we’re toast”

Trying to calm his nerves Cardenas reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of Whiskey and took a sip.

“Just wait a moment. How….why did the American’s declare war on us?” He asked.

Marie looked at her notes for a moment. “Ah here it is, in his Speech last night Franklin D. Roosevelt clearly said and I quote “As to reply to your threats El Presidente Cardenas, WE will not be threaten or coerced and you cannot bully this government. Since you wish to declare war on us we shall be forced to do the same to you. As of this moment you are on ‘the list’. Prepare for war.”

Reynoso was shocked, “What threats?”

Cardenas looked again at his whiskey. A sick feeling started sinking into his stomach. “‘Our friend’ Mr. White must have arranged this.”

“Well if it’s any help sir, it looks also like the common people of America were rather unhappy with their leaders wishes. I’ve heard reports of multiple riots in various states.” Hill stated.

“You do know they’ve got over a 100 million people living in that country? We’re gonna get crushed like a cuckoracha.” Reynoso moaned.

“Sir, I’ll Tell general Camacho to Attack with out infantry into Texas while Calles Del Rio takes our cavalry into New Mexico.” Escamillo said.

Resigned to his duty Escamillo left. Reynoso took a sit as did Hill. “Cardenas, surely you see the folly of this cause. Every time we fight the american’s we lose. We cannot win this war. Please I beg you to reconsider.” Reynoso pleaded.

Cardenas looked at his wall clock. It would be hours before his meeting with White. “Gentlemen, we have a place in history, good or bad it is our part to do what we do. Fate has given us this chance to show the world the power Mexico wields. I must do my part to see if there is a greater glory for us.”

Reynoso rolled his eyes “As you wish, you are the president.”

January 21st
Location: San Antonio

General Camacho’s 4 Div of infantry capture San Antonio without a shot fired. They are met by many men referring to themselves as “Mr. White’s associates”.

February 23rd
General Calles with 1 Div from Camacho’s Army arrives in Dallas and takes control without an engagement. He then heads for Tulsa.

March 4th
Callas arrives in Tulsa and again meets no resistance.

March 7th
Del Rio’s 2 Cavalry Divisions seize control of N. Mexico.

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Jul 5, 2003
As the weeks went by and then months it seemed the Invasion was going well. In a couple of cities a hastily assembled American resistance could be found. Cardenas started even to believe that the war could be won.

Until June 19th

Report from General A. Camacho:

We have engaged a large force of American troops, I repeat actual troops not just civilians with guns.

We have encamped near Charlotte and are attempting to assault the city but due to heavy bombing by the American pigs we may not be able to take the city.

Cardenas paced back and forth starting at his map. He was going to have to send more men to take the city.

“If we send more men it will spread out our already thin line. If the American’s have more troops massed north they may break through our lines. If our troops get cut off we’re dead meat.” Reynoso pleaded.

Escamillo stood and leaned across the table, worry painted across his face. “How long has it been since you heard from ‘Our Friend’? Do you suppose he has left us out to dry?”

Cardenas was at a loss for words. It had been nearly a month since he had spoken to White. Something he’d said in their last meeting about business to handle in America.

He decided to change the subject, “What news from the controlled territories?”

Reynoso huffed knowing El Presidente was simply changing the subject. “Most of the American’s are in a state of shock. Since most of them believe that we’ll be defeated shortly we haven’t had any major revolts. It’s the only thing going well for us.”

“I really must stress again this is a war that we cannot win. They are just too large. We have them in the west after that Brilliant assault Del Rio pulled off wiping out the two Infantry divisions. They have mobilized in the east and now have twenty-eight divisions to our twenty-three.”

Cardenas looked out his window. The sun was setting and people were going home. It was going to be another long night.

“Maybe we can pray for a miracle,” he whispered

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Mar 1, 2004
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Your images are not coming through. :eek:
Jul 5, 2003
Yeah I'm churning out Militia as fast as possible since they both have 35 org and the stats are almost the same. I think I've made a mistake by trying to do "some" research to get the org up. I should have realized that in 130 days I may be beaten halfway back to mexico. There's going to be an engement in cleveland as soon as my troops get there, maybe they'll win.

I don't see any troops in the west Can the US. not depoly there because I cut the country in two?

After my next Update I try to put up some more pics. I changed hosting so let me know if the old ones show up now.
Jul 5, 2003
July 6th 1936

Location: Cleveland

Escamilla looked around nervously. The American army was here somewhere he could feel it. He’d heard reports of the battle of Charlotte and the terror the American pig’s planes could reek upon his troops.
He glanced at his watch. 7:05 a.m.
The streets were too quiet, no civilians wandering around. He thought of his wife Esmeralda and how much she had cried when you told her what he was leaving to do. They had argued long into that night before she finally gave up in frustration and wept in his arms.
“It is my duty, I must go but I will think of you always, my love” He whispered over and over.
Not exactly thrilled about taking on America, he had reluctantly packed his bags and left that night not wanting to see her cry any longer.
Shots of gunfire brought him out of his thoughts. They had located the American forces.

Mexico HQ:

Cardenas looked at the strategy board in hopes that something would stand out. An aide was moving pieces showing the deafeted armies from Cleveland heading back to Indianapolis. Another was moving the Northern army into Milwaukee showing the start of the engagement there.

“Sir I have a report from Camacho his Army has reached Norfolf and they are assaulting the American forces there.” Maria said as she walked into the “War Room” as they called it.


A few days later Cardenas was informed that Escamillo was again attacking Cleveland with fresh troops. On August 2nd it actually appeared that they were going to take the city.


However on August 8th American troop reinforced the lines. Cardenas sent word to Del Rio and Reynoso to send their armies to assist the assault.


The Fighting built up as the days went by and then weeks with no clear winner. City blocks were destroyed and bodies began piling up everywhere.


Alas it was too little too late and when more American troops arrived the tired heros of Mexico could not fight any longer.

Jul 5, 2003
Ok this is the part where computers get annoying. My save game got fried somehow so I had to reload a recent auto-save. Using the same tatcics as before in hopes of preserving the timeline. Unfortunatly the AI did not and left Norfolk and in turn Washington D.C. Lightly Defended. Ever an optunist Camacho attacked both. He left one Div in D.C. and pulled back across the river having spotted large amounts of troops. Still got my butt handed to me in Cleveland though. So Here is the State of the war.


“El Presidente, Great news from Camacho, He reports that he has taken Washington D.C.” Marie said as she rushed into the ‘War Room’.

Reynoso was studying the battle maps and multiple other sheets. “It’s the 1st piece of good news in a month. I still say we are going to regret this attack,” He Grumbled.

Cardenas was staring at his desk in silent hope that some divine thought would come to him. The war was going well they had most of America under their belt but now the American industries were out producing his country.

“Can we stall long enough to get REAL Infantry divisions in place,” Cardenas asked.

Hill shook his head in dismay. “Rather unlikely sir. We have a wall created through Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. But all they need to do is sail around it and land in the south. If we could take them at Pittsburg we might be able to cut off their supply line but we don’t have enough troops.”

“Our Tanks won’t be ready until February sir and by then the American’s will surely have more. We simply do not have enough men,” Reynoso spat in Disgust.

“I told you not to trust that blanco Diablo,” Reynoso muttered.

“I’m sorry am I interrupting anything?” White asked when he walked in.

As usual he was dressed in formal attire and looked like he hadn’t slept in days.

“You’ve got us on a suicide mission,” Reynoso groaned.

“Relax I’ve kept the American forces off your back so far right? That’s not an easy task mind you. Killing 20,000 troops in their sleep take a lot of skill, planning and money. So don’t go thinking that this war is a picnic for me,” White countered.

“Look all we’re saying is you’ve got to get us some aid from somewhere. We simply don’t have enough manpower to do this,” Hill said as he put a hand on Reynoso’s shoulder to calm him down.

“I’ve been talking to the Canadian’s and the British. They say if we are willing to give them a piece of the pie and unlimited support against their enemies they might…..loan us some troops,” White said.

“Besides I think I can get some of the captured American states to generate some manpower.”


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Jan 7, 2004
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Are you using 'fullcontrol'?

EDIT: Also, in the long run, you should win, a USA that weak cannot maintain its industrial base for long (especially while at war) so a war of attriton could easily be won with you by you and a 'man of the people'.
Jul 5, 2003
Not Exactly, I've a couple times used the method of switching countries to simulate the activity of White and his associates. Mainly to limit the speed of America's buildup. Last I checked they still had 200+ IC's of production and will have about 20-30 Infantry and tanks with a few months. Mexico's 7 manpower a month is killing me and has caused me to believe that it is/was impossible to even think about attacking the US. My only desire by hampering America is make this AAR and the war last past 36. If It gets past Christmas I’ll let the ball roll on it's own. I'm mad I had to reload part of it the 1st (read corruped file) assault on Norfolk went from July till November before Camacho drove off about 2000 us troops to take the state. woulda been great to report....sigh oh well.


Jan 16, 2004
You're keeping this AAR hot with all the "Blitz" updating. Great work. By looking at your map I'd empty out Indy and let them walk through unopposed to Chicago. Then drop down out of Michigan and close the door, thus cutting supply and their advance. Risky, but it just might work! :)