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Apr 3, 2011
For the Dutch Republic, 1672 proved calamitous, becoming known as the "disaster year" because of the Franco-Dutch War and the Third Anglo-Dutch War in which the Netherlands were invaded by France under Louis XIV, England, Münster, and Cologne. Although the Anglo-French fleet was disabled by the Battle of Solebay, in June the French army quickly overran the provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht. William on 14 June withdrew with the remnants of his field army into Holland, where the States had ordered the flooding of the Dutch Water Line on 8 June.Louis XIV, believing the war was over, began negotiations to extract as large a sum of money from the Dutch as possible. The presence of a large French army in the heart of the Republic caused a general panic, and the people turned against de Witt and his allies.

On 4 July the States of Holland appointed William stadtholder, and he took the oath five days later.The next day, a special envoy from Charles, Lord Arlington, met with William in Nieuwerbrug. He offered to make William Sovereign Prince of Holland in exchange for his capitulation—whereas a stadtholder was a mere civil servant. When William refused, Arlington threatened that William would witness the end of the republic's existence. William made his famous answer: "There is one way to avoid this: to die defending it in the last ditch". On 7 July, the inundations were complete and the further advance of the French army was effectively blocked. On 16 July Zeeland offered the stadtholderate to William.

William III of Orange could be considered the greatest Stadtholder to ever rule in The Netherlands.The people were pleased with his rule.From an economic perspective, the Republic of the United Provinces completely outperformed all expectations; it was a surprise to many that a nation not based on the church or on a single royal leader could be so successful. This period is known in the Netherlands as the Dutch Golden Age. The Dutch dominated world trade in the 17th century, conquering a vast colonial empire and operating the largest fleet of merchantmen of any nation. The County of Holland was the wealthiest and most urbanized region in the world.Also,along with wealth,he bought glory to the nation;William III was also the ruler of England and Scotland.From the Low Countries to Scotland,from Canada to Indonesia,the sun could not ever set of his realm.
http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums...ge of the Dutch people AAR/250px-Kon-holl.jpg
Year 1806.The Kingdom of Holland was set up by Napoleon Bonaparte as a puppet kingdom for his third brother, Louis Bonaparte, in order to better control the Netherlands. The name of the leading province, Holland, was now taken for the whole country. In 1807 Prussian East Frisia and Jever were added to the kingdom but in 1809, after a British invasion, Holland had to give over all territories south of the river Rhine to France.

Also in 1809, Dutch forces fighting on the French side participated in defeating the anti-Bonapartist German rebellion led by Ferdinand von Schill, at the Battle of Stralsund.

King Louis did not perform to Napoleon's expectations—he tried to serve Dutch interests instead of his brother's—and the kingdom was dissolved in 1810 after which the Netherlands were annexed by France until 1813. The kingdom of Holland covered the area of present day Netherlands, with the exception of Limburg, and parts of Zeeland, which were French territory. East Frisia was also part of the kingdom.

When The Confederation was disolved and the Kingdom of Holland was established it marked a major change in the Dutch society.The term of "equality" was now obsollete,the king beign saught as a supreme leader,rulling the state unconstitutionaly and ilegaly.


Year 1830.United Kingdom of the Netherlands was the name used to refer to a new unified European state created from part of the First French Empire during the Congress of Vienna in 1815. This state, officially called the "Kingdom of the Netherlands", was made up of the former Dutch Republic to the north, the former Austrian Netherlands to the south, and the former Prince-Bishopric of Liège. The House of Orange-Nassau came to be the monarchs of this new state.
The newly formed kingdom was not like the Netherlands during the Republic. By the constitution, King William was granted much more power than the stadthholder in the Dutch Republic.

The Second Chamber of the States-General of the Netherlands had 110 members, of which 55 were chosen by the north and 55 were chosen by the south. The First Chamber consisted of noblemen, old and new nobles, who were granted the position by King William.

The Netherlands had eight ministers who did not have to answer to the Second Chamber, but only to the King himself. In fact they were following his demands. The King also could rule by "Royal Order".

Economically the new state prospered, although many people in the north were unemployed and lived in poverty because a lot of English goods had destabilised the Dutch trade market.

In August 1830, stirred by a performance of Auber's La Muette de Portici at the Brussels opera house La Monnaie , the Belgian Revolution broke out, and the country wrested its independence from the Dutch, aided by French intellectuals and French armed forces.After 9 years of civil war,King William finally recognized the independence of the Kingdom of Belgium,betraying the Dutch people.After years of dictatorship under the royal rulers,the Dutch raised arms and sparked a revolution.After a very short period of time,the royalists were defeated,the king and his son were executed by guilotine and The Oranjke Revolutionary Party became the rulers of the state,instaling a Presidential Dictatorship,finally insuring equality by socialism in the Netherland.Thus the Republic of the Netherlands,Indonesia and Antilles was born.

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Katalaanse Burger en Terroriste
Feb 12, 2005
A Republic wich begins with blood can't end worse :D


Apr 3, 2011
The New State

March 14 1836.The Revolutionary army led by the Herman Daendles is marching trough Amsterdan,celebrating one month after the dissolution of The States-Generale and the execution of William the Third.Sir Herman is no stranger to the Dutch people.The Republican "zealot" was one of the idols of the masses.He,during the rule of the French Republic,he served as the governor of the Dutch East Indies and after the creation of the Kingdom of Netherlands,as the governor of Ghana.He was loved by the people,either royalists of parlamentarists,but he was hated by the king.After he nearly died from malaria in 1818,the king exiled him to Island St.Helena,where also Napoleon I was "serving his detention".Who would have tought that he would rise from the miseries of exile to the leadership of the state.

After the parade,Herman went to the Palace of the Senate,to mold the New Netherlands after his will.

Herman enteres the Palace.He was walking trough the coridors,saluting his colleagues with the common "Heil Nederland".After a short time,he arived in his office.There was one man waiting for him,the Premier Adolf Gerard Haves.The veteran from the First and Second Civil War was a close friend to Herman,this,more or less beign the reason that he was asigned as Prime-Minister.

"Heil Nederland"
"Heil".Adolf bowed in front of his friend
"There's no need for that,my friend.The old times of royalist dictatorship have gone.These pigs now lie dead in mud"
"Yes,sir.The royalist pigs are just history now."
"Yes,yes Adolf.In fact,we both know we dont have time for that.I came here to discuss with you the future of the state.The future of The Republic."
"Yes,sir.Well,the whole party agrees that the Netherlands should be a confederacy ruled by...."

After the meeting and several weeks of deliberationg,the Repubic was ruled by the Congres-Naational,a bureau of 10 men,inspired by the French Directorate and Curacao,The East Indies and The Netherlands beign in a federacy.The last is divided further in 7 states,after the model of the original Dutch Confederacy.


Apr 3, 2011
Dutch Collonialism

July 1836.The Congres-Nationaal is having a meeting at the Senate.The 10 "national guiders" of the state stay in front of each other in what seemed to be a routine day,discusing the process of industrialization and about the curency of each state of the republic.
"If you excuse me,said Herman Dandelenes,what are good factories for if we do not have enough raw materials for them to be suplied"
"Sir,we are a trading nation from the begining of the beginig of our history as a independent nation.What reason would you have to be woried about raw materials?"
"No!We are have state-capitalist economy.That's no good if we buy from the capitalists.Also,did you remember what hapened last time when we relied on other nations to help?!"
"..."The huge room was dominated by a deadly silence
"Look at our last several decades as a country!Kingdom of the United Netherlands..look at Walonia and Flanders,it's governed by monarchists"
"Sir,sorry to perturb you,but the state is called <Belgium>"
"What state?"
"That's Dutch land!You can't call a piece of land administrated by a animalic dictator and populated by stupid-enough people to suport him a state!It's,for the time biegn,a region wich has a verry high crime and corruption rate."
".......anyways,now to return to our raw materials.What's your aproach to this situation,sir Herman?"
"Cleves,Adolf,all of you other friends and colleagues of mine.Tell me,what's under Europe?"
"The Mediteranean?"
"Look a bit lower"
"North Africa?"
"Yes!Now tell me,what resources are there?"
"Well..there's some metal if you know where to look,on the coast there are some natural gases,and lower in the region there is oil..plenty of oil"
"We have enough troops to conquer and stabilize Tripoli and Tunisia in..let's say 6 months?"
"Yes,but sir..."
"Yes?Then you know what to command to the War Ministery"

After 6 months Tunisia and Libya were hanging Dutch flags in the air.The region was administrated in it's own state,Nederlandse vereniging van Libië en Tunesië,but it isn't that the thing that matered to the Dutch people.After several of Herman's public speeches with the people,it was clearly that the self-intituled "Revolutionary and Grand-patriot of the Dutch People" was not...capable at all times to rule the country.He is acused by many of beign a schizophrenic,and if at one time he makes an aliance with a country,the next day he may delcare war on the same country for..insignificant enough reasons.His style of ruling gave birth to what would be later known as fascism.

The whole of Europe became aware of his...unique forgein policies when he made public a "alternate" map of the republic,beign describes as "The Republic at it's climax"


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Jan 3, 2010
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Looks interesting, but I honestly have to say I prefer more gameplay based AARs (like your Venice one); I don't know if this strictly going to be History-Book or not, and you've got a good start either way.