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As I have included The Presidents in my signature, I have edited this post to include something for those who don't want to click through 500+ pages of posts, the links in Gloa's excellent recaps still work: 1836-1900 and 1900-1956.

Good Morning/Day/Afternoon/Evening/Night!

You've clicked on the latest interactive AAR to enter the Paradox Forums. We'll be traversing (hopefully) 100 years of American history together. Much like its name suggests, this AAR is all about the people that populate history. It is people that create it, and it is their stories that this AAR is interested in. Those stories will be created by you, and the game. Here, roleplaying is a pillar of the AAR.

The rules shall be explained in the Rulebook post, which will outline the system of what for and how you vote, and what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior. The post after that will be a small exposition post, as we are starting with an election.

Please note: All posts will have a small section at the end informing you of exceptional situations, if necessary, such as that of 1836.

And so, without further ado:




[post=12627401]VERY IMPORTANT[/post]

[post=13406006]Character-Participant List[/post]

[post=12628408]Quick Recap (1836-1900)[/post]

[post=14332873]Quick Recap (1900-present)[/post]

[post=14071934]Guide to Parties[/post]



[post=12281028]Presidential Election 1836[/post]


[post=12309320]Presidential Election 1841[/post]

[post=12316992]Cameron (1st Term)[/post]

[post=12343104]Presidential Election 1845[/post]

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[post=12991245]The Spanish-American War[/post]

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[post=13139965]Presidential Election 1885[/post]


[post=13178918]Presidential Election 1889[/post]


[post=13207967]Presidential Election 1893[/post]

[post=13219630]Hayden (1st Term)[/post]

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[post=13261035]Hayden (2nd Term)[/post]

[post=13262066]Harrison (1st Term)[/post]

[post=13307758]Presidential Election 1901[/post]

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[post=13374900]Presidential Election 1905[/post]


[post=13420402]Presidential Election 1909[/post]


[post=13538934]Presidential Election 1913[/post]


[post=13609220]The Great War: 1913[/post]

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[post=14178245]Presidential Election 1929[/post]

[post=14190887]Ryan (1st Term)[/post]

[post=14214626]Presidential Election 1933[/post]

[post=14247186]Ryan (2nd Term)[/post]

[post=14294902]Presidential Election 1937[/post]


[post=14346895]WWII: 1939[/post]

[post=14410248]WWII: 1940[/post]

[post=14470983]Presidential Election 1941[/post]

[post=14505089]WWII: 1941[/post]

[post=14672434]WWII: 1942[/post]

[post=14843207]WWII: 1943[/post]

[post=14949643]WWII: 1944[/post]

[post=15019923]Presidential Election 1945[/post]


[post=15505100]Presidential Election 1949[/post]


[post=15782775]Presidential Election 1953[/post]



[post=12265966]Primary 1836[/post]

[post=12302985]Primary 1840[/post]

[post=12319412]Primary 1844[/post]

[post=12376218]Primary 1848[/post]

[post=12464498]Primary 1852[/post]

No Primary for 1856

[post=12619918]Primary 1860[/post]

[post=12704960]Primary 1864[/post]

[post=12783615]Primary 1868[/post]

[post=12859066]Primary 1872[/post]

[post=12923369]Primary 1876[/post]

[post=12999137]Primary 1880[/post]

[post=13091586]Primary 1884[/post]

[post=13171933]Primary 1888[/post]

[post=13192835]Primary 1892[/post]

[post=13222297]Primary 1896[/post]

[post=13271138]Primary 1900[/post]

[post=13346086]Primary 1904[/post]

[post=13402332]Primary 1908[/post]

[post=13470334]Primary 1912[/post]

[post=13795436]Primary 1916[/post]

[post=13972036]Primary 1920[/post]

[post=14085380]Primary 1924[/post]

[post=14170130]Primary 1928[/post]

[post=14197460]Primary 1932[/post]

[post=14250128]Primary 1936[/post]

[post=14428398]Primary 1940[/post]

[post=14989370]Primary 1944[/post]

[post=15478978]Primary 1948[/post]

No Primary for 1952


[post=13405612]Bills, Civil War Orders and Graphs[/post]

[post=13405588]Newspapers and Letters[/post]

[post=13405574]Short Stories and Excerpts[/post]

This Interactive AAR was approved by Stroph1, on April 7th 2011.
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We’ll start off with what everybody is dying to find out; characters.

Article I: On Characters
For this AAR, it is encouraged to create a character that you can use as a mouthpiece. Give them a name, position, political views and personal history. It is hoped by the author that you will allow these characters age with dignity (e.g. A character who’s back story has them born in 1792 will die of old age around 1860-70, and replace them with new characters (I expect to see a lot of senators’ sons by 1880).
In your first post, give the character’s critical information. Sample:

Character: John Doe, Senator for Illinois (All provinces we own will be assumed to be states). Born 1796. Raised in the future Chicago area, he was one of the people who helped found the town in 1833, after which he campaigned and was elected to the senate. Doe is a Democrat with a liberal bent.

In subsequent posts, it would be appreciated for clarity if you put in bold the name and position of your character.

If speaking out of character, please use double parentheses. ((Hello)).

NOTE: Characters must follow the rules of the forum.

NOTE: You do not need a character to be eligible to vote, but you do in order to run.

Article II: Elections

In this AAR, you won’t vote for the party that gains power. You’ll vote for who becomes President. Your characters can nominate themselves as candidates for President. I’ll give you about two to three days to do this. Each party can have a MAXIMUM of 3 possible candidates (after 1836). Your candidate must simply have two pieces of info: The Party they are running with, and a 1 – 2 sentence policy outline.

Vote changing is a allowed, but discouraged. Should you change your vote, please put it in the original voting post. State that you changed, and to what. This helps me in the final count.

I’ll post this info in one post once candidate spaces are full, or time has run out. You will then vote for who you want to run for president (obviously, candidates may not vote for themselves). Here’s a sample ballot, in which John Doe has become one of the Democrat candidates. You may only vote on one party's candidate. You cannot vote on a candidate for each.

Democrat: John Doe.

or another sample:

Whig: Jane Doe.

I’ll let this continue for about three to four days. In the event of a draw between two candidates, the third candidate will act as tie-breaker in return for a position as running mate. Alternatively, if there are only two candidates, Golden Vote shall be used.

Then we’ll move onto the one week Presidential election. The winning candidates will PM me their policies in detail (foreign, domestic, everything). I’ll put it in a post, and you’ll vote just like in all the other interactive AARs out there. Bold the name of your vote, and it’s official. Once polls close, there will be no more votes. The candidate with the most votes wins. In the event of a draw: Golden Vote, unless the two candidates who are at a draw make a compromise. (e.g. 1861, when the draw was resolved with the Republican candidate Jeremiah Williams becoming President, in exchange for New Democratic Reconstruction policies being implemented).

If bills have been proposed, they will be voted for in the space of time that I put them to a vote in. This could be primary sign-up, primaries or Presidential Elections. If they go through, I'll edit them in.

If you can find ways to improve this system and make it more fun for everyone, PM them to me, and I’ll put any changes that I make into the exceptional situation part of posts. :)

Article III: Update Schedule

Updates will go like this:
U1 = Presidential inauguration to the primary, which represents the National Conventions of each party. These will always be on December 1st of an "election year" (20.1.1837 - 12.1.1840 for example).
(2 - 3 day announcement period, or until spaces are full).
U2 = Primary update.
(3 - 4 day voting period)
U3 = Presidential candidate update + December 2nd - January 19th. All big decisions during this time will be done as dictated by the incumbent president.
(2-4 day voting period)
Repeat process.
NOTE: In this time-line, election day is January 15th, and the result is announced and winner inaugurated on January 20th.

Article IV: "Little" things

Campaigning outside of the thread is strictly forbidden. Campaigning outside of the thread is defined as spamming with Vote for Me!

Organizations and Parties may be formed by participants, but they must first be approved by me.

I hold the final say in all Actions and Bills.

Break the rules, and I will inform the mods. Trust me, they shall show no mercy.
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1836: Jackson’s Last Act​

Andrew Jackson was a man who left the best for last. In January of 1936, he threw his entire political weight into two major decisions. He would force his last great bills through the senate, or die trying. The first of these bills was the Colonization Bill, which called for a rapid cementing of American ownership of the contested areas below the 48th Parallel. These areas were known to Americans as Colorado, South Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Oklahoma.
The Colonization bill would have a brigade of American soldiers march into these areas, and stay there as law enforcement until American legal institutions were firmly in place and US ownership was recognized by at least Great Britain and Russia. Jackson’s aides estimated that they could do this to only two regions at a time, so he came up with a schedule on a small scrap of paper. First would be the most hotly contested areas of Washington and Oregon, and then “Jackson’s Enforcers” would move east, cementing American control in South Idaho, Colorado and Oklahoma.


1. Andrew Jackson, ‘Old Hickory’, 7th President of the United States.

The second bill was the Texas Act. It called for the United States to sign a binding contract with the Republic of Texas, which was fighting its war of independence against Mexico. The contract would effectively promise American intervention in the event that the war turned decisively against Texas. Jackson was adamant that the United States could not proclaim itself a champion of liberty if it refused to aid Texas.
In his speech to the Senate, Jackson said that “The question facing us in Texas is the same that faced France in America. Had they not come to us in our hour of need, the American Revolution might have gone into history as naught but a colonial revolt. We must not let Texas go into history as naught but a colonial revolt.”
After Jackson finished his speech, the Senate dismissed itself. Jackson’s bills would go to a vote the following week, but what was on their minds at that moment was not Texas. It was the fact that any potential candidates for the Presidential election of 1936 were to announce whether they were intending to run for the chance to replace the man who had just held them a speech.


Exceptional Situation(s):
Well, the obvious first. You have two bills to vote for. These reflect the hopes and dreams of the outgoing president, me. These are the only bills I will propose, and from here on out, the reins are yours.
So, you’ve got a lot to do. Introduce your character. Say if they are running, and for which party (Whig or Democrat). Then vote on the Colonization Bill and Texas Act.
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name: Adam Colins
postition: Whig senator and head of Oregan State Millita

history: educated in Boston but moved to the frontier to make his fortune, instead found a small fledgling and vulnerable state plauged by indian raids and encroaching Russian colonisation. Founded the Oregan State Millita (around 3000 irregular men) to defend amerian settlements.


Colonisation Bill:Yes
Texas Act:No
((I'm in :cool:))
Explination for votes

Colonisation Bill: In 1776 this republic threw off the shackles of slavery and oppression and created these republics, we have expanded and now stand at a position to strech from coast to coast with liberty and democracy as shining beacons. In Oregan my millita defend a loyal american population against savage red skins who kills us at night and also against Russian soldiers and colonists attempting to bring this land under the control of Saint Petersburg. In Russia there is no liberty, no democracy only reppression and the law of the Tsar. Will Washington stand by and let thousands of people slip under a foreign and oppressive government. We the people of these border regions need protection, my millita is too few and can only operate in Oregan itself, we need the boys in blue to defend our homes. We need assistance to drive out the Russians and stave of colonisation by the Tsar. We need in-copreration into this republic to avoid being consumed by Britain, the old foe. We need the army. We need Washington

Texas Act
Texas is such that previous revolutons have defeated the Mexican army, enough to have established thier own country of sorts. We have no right to intervene in Texas unless asked by the Texan Government. Texas has fought Mexico out of the country and i think they can keep it. If the worst comes to the worst then a force of cavalry should be dispatched to hold onto the capital for the Texan Republic. We should mediate a peace between Mexico and Texas and then leave Texas to persue her own agenda and form an open and fair policy of allaince Texas should not become a protectorate or sattelite of the USA rather a trusted ally and friend that can count on us in times of hardship.
name: James Rhodes

position:Mayor of Astoria, Democratic Representative of Oregon


Colonization Act: Yes
Texas Act: Yes

As mayor of the oldest United States settlement on the Pacific coast and a true pioneer, Congressman Rhodes fully supports the Colonization Act of 1836. This bill will protect our quickly growing settlements from Indians and prevent encroachment of the British Empire on our rightfully won lands.

The support of Texas in its revolution is a precedent we must set. For as one of the world's Great Powers, we have a responsibility to protect the weaker nations around us and to spread liberty throughout all of the Americas.
Can there be a ''pro-returning to the better days of British colonial rule'' lobby?

I doubt your man will get many votes, but one can always try.

After all, a wise man once said: "In America, anyone can become president. It's one of the risks you take."

So neither Rhodes nor Colin are running for President?
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Whig: John Fender

Position: Senator of New York. Fender was a young merchant who traded in furs and cotton, until 1830 when he began his political career. In 1832 he was elected into the New York senate. A divided democratic party after Jackson has led to John Fender running for office as a Whig, and has won local support in New York county and State. Fender is an economically liberal Whig who believes in the expansion of industry, but also the unity of the nation as a whole.

Runs on the following platforms:

Colonization Bill: Yes
Texas Act: Yes

Colonization must take place to secure frontier before our rivals of Great Britain and Russia in the north, and Mexico in the South. We must also defend the rights of the Texans who are fighting for their independence from Mexico. There has been whispers of a proposition from Texas for annexation, and John Fender agrees in its importance for advancing US interests.
I doubt your man will get many votes, but one can always try.

After all, a wise man once said: "In America, anyone can become president. It's one of the risks you take."

So neither Rhodes nor Colin are running for President?

No Mr President sir my obligations to my men and the people of Oregon mean that i cannot leave the frontier for even a day.
((how much freedom do we have for making events happen within the game within line with our character roles?))

Well, I'll play according to the "plan of action" that each elected President will PM me. If something unexpected happens, I'll either play as I expect that President would, or if it's something really big, I'll stop and PM them on how they want to handle it.
Whig: Arthur B. King

Position: Senator from Mass., but from Maine section. Wishes for Maine to become a free state (both literally and on the issue of slavery). Other issues important to him is the abolistion of slavery, free markets, and a ret King is seeking the Whig nomination.

Colonization Bill: Yes

Texas Act: Yes

America must show that we not a nation to be triffled with. We will not allow the Russians or British take what is rightfully our land! Also, Texas should be supported in its liberation by the forceful Mexican reigme of Sanna Anna. However, we will not accept them as a full state until they stop the practice of slavery
Excellent. Now we have 2 of 3 Whig spaces filled, but we still need at least one Democrat candidate to keep the winner of the Whig nomination from becoming President by forfeit. :)
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Democrat: Thomas McAttack

Born: 1798

Position: Senator for Virginia.

Running for President.

Background: McAttack's grandfather came to this country as a political refugee from Great Britain. His unwavering and outspoken support for the American Revolution had forced him to emigrate to avoid imprisonment. Since then the McAttack family have built up a substanial amount of wealth and influence. This has culminated in the political campaign of the young Thomas McAttack. Now running attempting to secure the Democrat nomination the hopes of an entire nation may rest on the shoulders of the young prodigy.

Colonisation Bill: Yes

Texas Bill: Yes

In foriegn affairs it is important that the strength of the American nation is exerted and that our countrymen are defended - wherever they may be. Moreover, it is the Manifest Destiny of the great nation to stretch from Ocean to Ocean - let no Russian, Brit, Indian or Mexican stand in the way of God's ordained fate.
name: Ceaser Vinograd
Position: Head of the New York State Labor Union, and huge advocate of Workers Rights. Whig sympathies, but strongly independent from both parties.
Colonization Bill: No
Texas Bill: No.
(We must not intervene in other countries unless the common man is in direct danger!)
Whig Nomination if one of the current three(Which appears to be the maximum) drops out of the race.
This seems interesting, so I'll join!

Name: Archibald Cartwright
Age: 52 (1784)
Affiliation: Democrat
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Position: Member of Congress, House of Representatives, since 1822

Running for Presidential Nomination

Colonization Bill: YES
Texas Bill: YES

We, the United States of America, are a beacon of light in this dark world. We must defend our ideals, protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We should not bow down to tyranny. It is our God-given right to Manifest Destiny, and we are obliged to pursue our freedom and defend the freedom of those that are endangered by strangers. One nation, under God.!
Nicolas Khur

39 years old (1797)

Senator from Ohio, belongs to the Reactionaries but will Run as President Under The Democrats Flag due to Ideology similarities.

After a long and glory filled career with the U.S. Dragoons Nicolas was Honorably Discharged from his Post as their Commanding General, and even though he was sad to leave military life, Nicolas had to turn down the offer to teach at the newly built West Point Accademy. He instead moved back to his home state of Ohio to start a new career in politics. He decided to start with the next election and ran for Senator on the policy of increased national defense spending and higher Gov't control in the economy, and has been a loud voice when debates in the Senate turn to these two issues after winning the election in a land-slide vote.

Colonization Bill: Yes
Texas Act Bill: Yes

After years of fighting against both the Natives and Mexicans for border disputes and newly built settlements, Nicolas has developed an iron will to see both of these threats to the U.S. wiped away from her eyes, both inside her borders and out. He has been adematley supporting intervention for Texas freedom and a forced movement of Natives to the Oklahoma territory for safety of the U.S.'s proper inhabitants.
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