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Jul 1, 2003
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Excellent AAR, as always. I'd say I felt sorry for Jake the Wolf, but that would be a complete lie.
10/10 for effort in at least trying to take on the Ottomans - pity Shaka (where'd he come from?) couldn't at least have secured Nubia.

The Free Eqypt shuffle seems to be a minor but real AI scripting problem - countries peacefully released by event tend to be vassals of the country that released thenm, with excellent relations - so they tend to get diplo-annexed right back ten years later. Pity.


Nov 6, 2003
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Things were going exceptionally well for the two migratory birds, their hotel was as profitable as ever, and the Second Bird had used Simba's retirment ploy to gain both the gaming emporium and the trading company, making the two avians by far the wealthiest animals on Zanzibar. But when the birds recieved word of the planned expedition of the Zebra's Pride they decided to join their old freinds on this newest grand adventure. Their massive commercial enterprise was left inthe hands of their brood of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, several of whom had inherited the Second Bird's famous eye for opportunity. The First Bird would travel for the adventure while the Second Bird was called both by adventure and by God, for he took with his copy of the Holy Quran, hoping to spread the faith to the peoples of the strange and disant lands they were about to visit, perhaps he would even commission a great mosque or two. As they prepared to depart, the First Bird took one last look around Zanziabr and turned to his friend and said, "Do you think we will ever return?"

"I doubt it my friend," returned the Second Bird, "according to our reports, we have many lands still to explore."

"What shall we find outside of Africa?" asked a somewhat apprehensive First Bird.

"There is only one way to tell, my friend," the Second Bird answered as he ascneded the gangplank aboard the fine new ship, Simba manning the cannon and Cardigan taking the wheel, looking at least 100 years younger than he had a day before. The Second Bird glanced at his surroundings and smiled, his adventure was just beginning.


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Nov 7, 2003
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Semi-Lobster: Thanks - and hardly before you can ask, "What's next?", my new AAR has already begun - hope you like it!

stnylan: Well, I suppose that's the curse of any relatively backward nation that tries to expand indefinitely - sooner or later you meet someone a lot bigger and meaner than you! :(

Zenek: Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed the last episode, which, it has to be said, had degenerated a long way from the "Kipling -emulation" ideal of the first few updates.

CatKnight: What can I say? A truly moving finale! A special thanks to you for keeping up your brilliant contributions to this AAR - it would have been much the poorer without them!

Sultan, Lofman & merrick: Thanks, guys - glad you liked it! merrick, I think you're right about the re-annexation thing. It happens unrealistically often.

Zacharym87: Nice! And a special word of thanks to you too for your great contributions as well. I'll kind of miss those migratory birds and their conversations.

Finally a big thankyou to all who've been reading this AAR, and who waited (fairly) patiently during the two-month interlude in the middle. Particularly thanks to those who posted - as we all know, that's what keeps most of us going! As always, the AAR turned out a bit different from what I had originally envisaged, but that's part of the fun of writing them.

As for playing Mombasa, if I'd known before I started that, as an African nation, you can't do any of your own exploration and colonization I probably wouldn't have done it. As a result the gameplay got kind of bogged down towards the end. Still, the stories were fun to write, and the AAR managed a kind of zany "African" ambiance without having to deal with tricky issues like trying to make an economy largely based on slave-trading seem acceptable!

As for my next AAR, it promises to be totally different, though CatKnight has already got his oar in there I see, with hilarious results!


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Dec 12, 2002
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Oh, no. I spend a few weeks off the forum and I miss the Grand Finale of this wonderful AAR! Damn! :(

A great read from the humble beginnings, right to the end, nonetheless. :)


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Mar 6, 2003
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Farquharson, here is a very belated thanks for your great story, and especially Jake Wolf's guest appearance in the last tale. I guess I have to concede that I made the wrong bet. You did a great job with this AAR, and I really enjoyed the contributions of your guest writers, too. Congratulations on making Mombasa into a Great White Blob only a bit smaller than the one we always love to hate. ;)


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Mar 16, 2001
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Goes to show how much attention I pay to the forum. I missed you restarting and now finishing this grand story Farquharson. But I've caught up now and want to say is was an entertaining read. To bad the Turks proved too powerful for Shaka. I'll find your new AAR and start reading.

Catknight, perfect ending to the story. :cool: