The Obligatory Stellaris Strange Screenshot Thread

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May 7, 2014
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The Obligatory Stellaris Strange Screenshot Thread

Ok, I don't see it so I am creating one.

Looks that my Human technocracy did not leap that far from Sol in the end (one wormhole leap away).


Good that we left at all though.

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So is Earth always a Tomb World?

Tomb World in my game, yes. They nuked it. Cockroaches are there and they are thriving (kind of).


Also, there is a joke about reaction of Khrushchev (USSR leader at the time) to US Moon landing:

Khrushchev: Ok, we need to land on the Sun then.

Advisor: But our mission is going to burn there!

Khrushchev: We're no fools! We'll send them at night!

In Stellaris this dream came true:


Yes, it's my science ship. Yes, it's inside the star.
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Hello Fellow Wonderers of the stars! What do you call yourselves?



Well, That is awkward...


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I got a mission to resettle some beings that lived in one gas giant to another gas giant, which I did. Then when I surveyed the system with the new gas giant, I found an anomaly. The anomaly revealed that the new gas giant was actually a barren planet. How embarrassing.

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Maybe not strange but I thought this was funny lol.

Also holy crap when I found this

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Left: Tiyanki Gas Grazers, being attacked by...
Middle: Space Amoeba, it destroyed the Frontier Outpost of Castor and then attacked my space cow friends, so I sent...
Right: Admiral Merg Kap's 1st Stellar Fleet (6 ships) of the Unified Chiaukesh Nations, bravely fighting the Space Amoeba to defend the Chiaukesh and Tiyanki!
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Maybe not strange, but I thought this was hilarious. Roleplaying as the Terran Federation from Starship Troopers, the first two empires I meet are populated by Arthropoids.....

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