The Obligatory EUIV Strange Screenshot Thread

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Mar 23, 2017
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If you ever wonder where does Enrique go when you disinherit him, I know : he's being sent off to Mann

oh hell na.png

(Castile used their favors to install their dynasty member on my throne)
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Feb 16, 2023
Are you playing as Ibadi? Or somehow helping them to spread? Because, if not, that's a very rare beast!
Not playing as Ibadi. Did a Manipur achievement attempt, and this is one of the most notable occurances that i spotted when the map of no-player-interacted-Europe opened up.

Not sure how it happened, and can't check anymore since screenshot is at least from September of last year, and i tend to clean up screenshots and saves from games once a year.

It also had Austria as a Free City located in Tirol, but that's way less of a strange event, imo. Rest of Austrian starting clay was split between Bohemia and Styria, Hesse was the emperor.
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