The Obligatory CK2 Strange Screenshot Thread

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Feb 16, 2012
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My new steward has quite interesting career.
His grandfather conquered the kingdom of Gujarat as norse adventurer. Then has converted to zirki religion.
Being adventurer himself my future steward conquered emirate of Makran before then inherited the kingdom.
After long rule his was deposed by some bastard female pretender who then lost whole territory of the de-jure kingdom to neighbors.
This allowed to re-conquer the kingdom to the previous ruler and most powerful and only vassal of realm (the hero of my tale) only to him be deposed again in a months by another claimant.
(Then I conquered remains of duchy of Makran to myself and forgot this characters for awhile).
But as it happened this wasn't end of career for this man - now I found him elected rule to Most Serene Republic of Venice.
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