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Nice with a Sweden AAR, I can never get enough of them!
Looks interesting. I always like Sweden (and Paradox does too!) becoming the Lion of the North!
Nice with a Sweden AAR, I can never get enough of them!


Oooh will be following, what kind of aar will it be

I think something like a narrative, though I cant remember what narrative was again :)

Looks interesting. I always like Sweden (and Paradox does too!) becoming the Lion of the North!

Will be intresting, just awaiting my new computer, so we wont need to mod in Greenland again, just to be able to play.
Chapter 1 - Birth of Sweden

Far off in the cold reaches of Scandinavia lies the Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. All united under one crown and ruled by Erik Gryf. At least for now the Kalmar Union is intact.


Danish Herald - Karl Brahe, Regent of Sweden, is here!

Erik I - Sweden? Where is that now again?

Karl Brahe - The vast territories to the west, my lord.

Erik I - I thought that was Kalmar and Russia beyond that.

Karl Brahe - Kalmar is a town in Sweden and Russia is on the other side of the Baltic Sea........


Erik I - So do I need to ask why you have come this far south?

Karl Brahe - My Lord, the economy in Sweden is terrible, due to your vast spending on Copenhagen.

Erik I - Expand to the north then!


Vatican Messenger - I come to tell that there now is two Swedish Cardinals.

Erik I - Swedish? Hmmm... and that help me how?

Karl Brahe - Kalmar gains some benefits, Sir.

Erik I - Oh! Well behead the messenger and send Karl Brahe, here, back to whatever backward hellhole he came from.


The Nobles of Sweden is gathered to discuss the situation.

Karl Brahe - The time has come to attack that crazy Pommerian.

Gustav Bonde - Let us all agree on that we wont surrender until Skåneland is a part of our realm.

Nobles - For Sweden!


Karl is crowned as King of Sweden.


After serval years of fighting, the Swedish Army manages to capture Skåneland. But to the price of the Norwegians conquering parts of the Swedish woods to the north.


At the decided location for Peace Discussions

Karl VIII - I want to know what you are ready to surrender, Pommeranian.

Erik I - I can surrender everything you want. Just dont attack Copenhagen.

Karl VIII - We want Skåne, Halland, Jämtland and Bohuslän.

Erik I - Yes, thats right give those fisheaters some loss to. They dared to not attack your northern provinces.

Karl VII - Right.........

Danish Herald - According to the Peace Treaty
  • Skåne becomes a part of Sweden
  • Halland becomes a part of Sweden
  • Jämtland becomes a part of Sweden
  • Bohuslän becoms a part of Sweden


Karl VIII - I dont feel to well.

God - Its time for you to come home.

Swedish Nobles - Why does he look so happy?

Karl VIII - Have fun guys! I'm going to paradise!

Swedish Nobles - He has lost it completly!

Gustav Bonde - He will soon be dead anyway, that wound wont heal. So lets establish a Regency Council for young Karl.


Bishop Lindqvist - God has told me that he want the Swedish Kingdom to control Estonia.

Nobles - Hurrah!
Good narrative style. How on earth did you extract so much land from Denmark with only two of their provinces occupied and four of yours occupied, though?
Good job getting back scania

Yeah, the province of power in Scandinavia :)

Good narrative style. How on earth did you extract so much land from Denmark with only two of their provinces occupied and four of yours occupied, though?

why did they cede that much , being winning the war?

I think they had a quite huge WE, that or the AI for once in a while did something really stupid.
Yes, interesting. I always like to crush the Norwegians first but that's just me. 'cause usually the Danes become involved in the Germanies. And usually have a problem(s). One game as Sweden I had to deal with an Austrian held Fyn, a Bohemian Jutland and a Scottish province, the one south of Jutland. PITA.
So what are the objectives of the newly independent Sweden? Baltic dominance, colonial expansion or crushing the Russians and Mohammedians? I vote for all three!
Great start. Obviously, Sweden should unite (using whatever means come handy) all the Vikings. That means most of England (Angle-land become Danelaw), too
Chapter 2 - Kola Penisula

In the cold reaches of northern Scandinavia lies the Kola Peninsula.


Moscowvite Herald - Regenct Council of Sweden! Honour our alliance and join us brothers in the war against the evil Teutons and Georgians from far of lands.

Noble - Okey..... Who hired this clown?

Another Noble - I think he is serious.


After some quick attacks on the Novgorodian colonies in Kola and Karelia, Sweden seals a cheap peace with the Novgorod-Teutonic Alliance.

Noble - Great work Gentlemen! We mananged to gain some more control and expand our borders eastward.
Good work against Novgorod... Let's hope future wars goes well too.