The History of Concordia
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    Aug 15, 2019
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    The history of Concordia can only be traced back around 300 years when the passengers aboard the Ship the “Elysium” awoke and explored their stellar vessel for the first time. The 50,000 passengers came to a few conclusions:
    1)They were completely alone, the origin of the Ship “Elysium” is completely unknown.
    2)The Ship contained records upon records of their Culture, Society and Biology, for example, they knew that their species name was Human and that the language they all knew how to speak was called “Universal Common”
    3) The ship was at least 1,900 years old and had been on a voyage through space.
    4)The passengers had total control over the ship's movements, actions, and most importantly the destination.
    5) The passengers knew their own names, ages, and relationships with other passengers, but knew nothing about their personal history.

    ~2200 before the present
    -The Elysium is constructed and sets off on its voyage around this time.
    -The ship is loaded with 50,000 passengers who were all put into a stasis, which halted all aging for the next 1900 years

    ~300 years before the present
    -The passengers awaken on board the Ship Elysium and explore the ship, discovering the facts and details listed above. After exploring the ship they all come together as a 50,000 person group to discuss their findings.
    -At this meeting, the first thing they agree to is the creation of a calendar, that corresponds with the supposed date when the Elysium left its origin. That date was set as January 1st, while the current date was determined to be April 15th. Both days became extremely important holidays in Concordian culture. January 1st was called Departure Day, or Concordian New Years. April 15th became Awaking Day. The current year was determined to be 1,900 years after the departure of Elysium. So January 1st 0000 became the first year of Human Civilization. While the current date, April 15th, 1900, became the 1,900th year of Human Civilization.
    -A group of people who later became leading scientists, determined that the ship was currently in high orbit above a planet, the planet was unnamed but was perfectly suitable for human habitation. They suggested to the group that the ship should land on the planet and that they should settle the planet.
    -The Inhabitants of the Ship agreed to the proposal, and it was also later agreed that all decisions needed to be made with the entire population, thus creating the first Democratic System of Concordia, later historians called it the “First Concordian Democracy”. With its current leadership being the most vocal members of the passengers and those who could work the ship, it was highly decentralized. Clear divisions among the population started to form as jobs were taken in preparation for the landing

    This was a rendering of the planet they orbited

    This was a map of the planet they landed on
    Concordia Blank.jpg

    Welcome to a new age, Welcome to Concordia.
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