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What if we varied it? Some weekends, when Delian doesn't work, we play two sessions- Sat and Sun? And on other ones, we just have a three hour Sunday session?
I'd rather not schedule it that way.

In any event, barring anyone who hasn't said anything yet objecting, we'll be rescheduling tomorrow's session to 14:00 CET, which because of daylight savings time, is actually the same time as usual for King John and myself. I assume that was what you wanted, John?
Yep. Same speed ahead!

And thanks. A two hour session should be a lot more productive than one hour would... Or it'll just mean that Urko gets to keep my WE up for two hours instead of one. We'll see I guess.
I've reposted the stats with all the edits, and accidentally overwrote the old save file.

The following edits were done:
-All player countries now have permanent CBs on each other
-Bavaria's Bohemian provinces were returned to Bohemia as was supposed to happen via event
-Genoa received Torino and the extra gold it should have earned was put into infra as requested
-Asturias core added to Aragon
-Culture of Silistria correctly changed back to greek
-AAR bonuses have been added
-Naval/land sliders have been reset. A majority has expressed its opinion and I'm fine with doing away with my original ruling on the question.

I don't know how to generate random leaders. Drake, if you could, please do so. 2 generals, 2 admirals per country. I'd like them to have stats in the 2-4 range, with a possibility of a tiny handful having 5 in some category.

Now I'm going to try and get some sleep.
TC, my edits are wrong. Those events only fire for Erz and Sudeten, not Ostmarch or Silesia. Also, the events were supposed to give me -2 BB per province, which I didn't get (plus some -BB for ceding provinces 1/prov IIRC). Also, when you upload the edited save to stats you can change the year to XXXXedited (1438edited in this case), so it creates a new 'edited' page on stats. I've downloaded your save and I'll send a corrected one to drake for leaders.
My scheduling problem occurs because Taiwan doesn't do daylight savings time. I'll need the session to move to 14:00 starting the 27th. Obviously that's a bit of a problem since Delian works until 16:00 several days. Assuming we can work around that somehow, would anyone else have a problem with moving the session to 14:00?

Also, I'd like to see us add a colonial culture. It would make the colonial game a lot more fluid and competitive.
14:00 is no problem for me, and as a hopeful colonial nation, I support colonial culture.

Oh yeah, I would optimally want to play 4 hour sessions, but if we need to compromise I'm willing to play 3 hours ones. I'm not in favour for anything shorter than that.
I could play at 14:00 CET, but I wouldn't exactly be thrilled, since it's 7 AM :p

In any case, the issue as it stands is that in order to include everyone (namely Dane and Delian) on certain weeks we'd have to have a much-reduced session, probably about 2 hours in length. Case in point, this upcoming Sunday, Delian won't be available until 16:00 CET.
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I'm ok with bumping the session up to 7AM as well. I often work the evening before that, but I'm pretty inconsistent in my sleep patterns anyway, so no big deal(I might, in my grogginess, accidentally DOW Hal though. Hopefully everyone'd be ok with that).

I really wouldn't like to play only two hour sessions. I think at the very least, we should have full four hour sessions on the days Delain's free. But perhaps we should go even further, and try to have 5 hour sessions on those days, to make up for the other shorter days?

I still think it'd be worth considering varying sessions week to week. Having four hour chunks on Sat and Sun where we play if Delian and everyone are available, and then just stick with a shorter Sunday nucleus of play time when the rest doesn't work.
I wouldn't need to play at 14:00 until the session on the 27th, which is when CEST starts. That should be 8 AM in America.
Alright, so on the issue of scheduling, here's what I suggest:

March 20: 16:00-19:00 CET (Delian works, so start an hour later)
March 27: 14:00-18:00 CET (Delian doesn't work, CEST starts, move it forward one hour for Dane)
April 03: 14:00-18:00 (same as above)
April 10: 16:00-18:00 (Start late due to Delian working)
April 17: 14:00-18:00 (no change needed)
April 24: 16-18:00 (Start late due to Delian working)
May 01: 14:00-18:00 (no change needed)

This is assuming that when he says 7-16:00, he means he'll be available at 16.

On a related note, I'll need a sub March 27.
On April 10th/24th, I'd have to go to bed at 18:00, but that doesn't mean you guys can't continue for another hour or so. Assuming I'm the only one who has to end at 18:00. 15:00-19:00 might be a good idea, too. Delian and I both miss one hour, everyone else gets a normal session.
Alright, edits are done, but I've withheld putting them up on the stats page because I have two of them. Both versions have all the AAR bonuses, the Asturias/Genoa war removed, etc.

One, however, has John's "expulsion" events fixed so that they'll properly fire. The other has Asturias with Andalusi culture. Since that particular situation was mostly the result of my own meddling in the mod, and with the current situation where ASU was AI'ed for several years, I'm not sure which is the better approach. One guarantees conversions for a price of badboy, revolts, and some negatives to tech as per the events. The other, well... makes conversions possible if he decides to pay for it.

Hopefully with the game starting at 16:00 CET, I'll have time to talk it over with John and get the random leaders generated in a timely fashion.
Thanks for doing all that to give me the option. If the conversion events change the cultures, and don't lower populations like the others(some of those provs already start with pretty low populations), then I'd go with the events. Otherwise, just the culture seems better.
If we're editing events, the Scottish events are broken.

A) Scotland does not get the cores over Britain.
B) Scotland has no chance on Norway and does not get explorers due to that event chaing being broken.