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I'm usually SP on Ironman mode, and random civ.

Anti-pirate Defense Platform

Recently began thinking about pirates and how annoying they can be in the early to mid game.

Beyond anti-pirate patrols, space station defenses are most important. The problem is, defenses are costly. So, the key is a defense that is low cost but effective.

The array of weapons on the base space station, especially in the early game, are none to impressive. It costs too much to upgrade space stations, so what is needed is a cheap and effective defensive platform.

Ship design is one thing, but defense platforms are another thing entirely. Over the course of a game I began looking at mining lasers and energy reducers, the weapons that come with defeating various early-game aliens. Overall, such weapons don't complement or replace conventional shipboard weapons. So, in general the alien components don't seem to have any usefulness. However, the alien weapons seem to complement themselves quite nicely, they also don't cost much in alloy. So, the idea came to me to try them on defensive platforms (illustration below).

Pic 1.jpg

Since pirate fleets generally contain only smaller "raider" vessels, they must get close to the space station to do their damage. Thus, since the ranges we're talking about are < 30, the small alien wepons appear ideal for the job.

Defensively, level 3 shield and armor are the most that can be had without strategic materials. Also, to keep costs down a level-1 power generator is all that is used. The low power also limits the number of shields used by the platform.

Defense Platform(s) in L-Sector

In the late game the gate aliens must be defeated. That's when the problem begins.

L-Gates allow enemy empires to exploit them, which is a PITA when they're at war with you. The enemy simply pass through any L-gate, then go through the Terminal Egress System, and jump somewhere into your backyard.

The only rational defense against this exploit is to station a fleet in the Terminal Egress System, which is a huge waste of resources.

Thus, I began to think about the Terminal Egress Station, and how it might be beefed-up to support my fleet. The concept of an Eagles Lair or something similar came to mind, but the costs were too much. (Illustration below) upgrades the station to a Citadel, but began thinking there must be a cheaper way.


One of the weapon systems I saw a review of on You-Tube were the Bomber craft. In the comparison the presenter also included the Amoeba Flagella. It turns out these craft are somewhat better than the Improved Bomber Wing, but cheaper to build.

Untitled 56.jpg

Going with my tendency to now use alien weapons on defense platforms, I began using mass quantities of Amoeba Flagella at the Terminal Egress Station. Added too were Defense Grid Supercomputer in combination with Communication Jammer for maximum effect. Even if the enemy fleet has Point Defense weapons, the sky's filled with Amoeba Flagella will deal out ruinous damage.

Untitled 78.jpg

Another cost savings is a Star Fortress rather than Citadel. Star fortresses begin with 13 possible platforms, and Defense Grid adds another 8 platforms for a total of 21. A Citadel can generate 27 platforms on its own, but the upgrade cost is 1800 alloy, which can otherwise be used to build defense platforms.

So, now the defensive fleet in Terminal Egress System need only survive a few days until these waves of Amoeba Flagella arrive. And, the platforms are cheap at 273 alloys and no strategic materials.


So, there you have it. The naked Defense Platform. Cheap and useful defensive platforms without the need to continually worry about upgrading. Even if these platforms are blown-away, they are easily and cheaply rebuilt.

Keep an eye on your Government Leader as they often have bonuses to station build costs and build times. The Ascension perk "Eternal Vigilance" is also useful. The "Fortress Proclumation" Edict can also aid in building/rebuilding defensive platforms.
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