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Best Character Writer of the Week: November 20th, 2007. For the character of King Konstantinos II "The Crazy"
Best Character Writer of the Week: July 14th, 2011. For characters in general.
Hello, all.

This is my first AAR. Before we begin, I have to inform you of some things. First off, I am an amateur modder. Really all I've done is created new kingdoms (one of these is the Morea, which my AAR is about, and others you may see as the story progresses). I am not very good at graphics modifications, so I have "recycled" the COAs of others titles for my kingdoms. However, I have tried to avoid using other kingdoms' COAs, and have "recycled" the COAs of counties and Duchies. Sometimes I couldn't find a COA that was perfect, so I used something that I felt fit the title. So don't be surprised by my COAs.

Second, this AAR will begin in the 1066 scenario, with one minor change. I have made Georgios Palaeologus (the Prince of Peloponnesus) King of the Morea from the start.

Now we begin.

The Prologue


Young Georgios Palaeologus looked out the window of his castle at the beautiful sunrise. This was his first morning as a king. Yestermorn, Christmas Day of 1066, the Roman Emperor, Konstantinos Dukas, had given him the Kingdom of the Morea as a Christmas present. He didn't know why. All he knew was that now he was a king, king over the whole Peloponnesus and Crete. It felt good to be a king. His father in the north would no doubt be proud to hear of this. He was a king. Sixteen years old, and he was a king...






The Kings are shown in the order listed below.

Georgios I the Pious
(1066 - 1103)
Athanasios I the Cruel
(1103 - 1122)
Georgios II the Great
(1122 - 1163)
Stephanos I the Lazy
(1163 - 1166)
Konstantinos I "Achilles"
(1166 - 1167)
Konstantinos II the Crazy
(1167 - 1169)
Petros I the Deliverer
(1169 - 1186)
Beginning with Georgios III, the story becomes deeper and more complex, and henceforth shall be divided into unoffical "Event Cycles". The links will now connect you to each Event Cycle, as there will be many in the remaining reigns.
Georgios III
(1186 - present)

I am currently working on a table of contents for all of my chapters. At present it will begin with 1223 and go on from there, but eventually it will include all previous chapters, too. From 1223 on begins what I will call "Book IV". The time between 1066 and 1223 shall ultimately be divided into the first three books.

Table of Contents for Book IV - The Shifting Tide
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A very interesting begining to start off with. This will probably could go in several different directions. I'm pleased that someone else is playing the glory of the greeks. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
Veldmaarschalk said:
Nice to see that you have started.

Good luck with this AAR.
Thankyou :)

EvilSanta said:
Interesting start.Are you up to take Byzantine throne or concentrate on defeating moslems.
The only goal for this AAR is role playing. If I get an ambitious monarch who has the opportunity to take Constantinople, he probably will go for it. But that is not officially "part of the plan".

the byzantine said:
A very interesting begining to start off with. This will probably could go in several different directions. I'm pleased that someone else is playing the glory of the greeks. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
I'll try not to disappoint you. The good news is, while this may be my first AAR, I am an amateur author, so I do have some writing experience already, and I should be able to make this an interesting story.

I should be able to post the first "chapter" later today. If not, then I won't be able to until Saturday, as I'll be swamped on Friday.
A king who will doubtless live an eventful and busy life!

This sounds like an interesting idea! And good work putting in the effort to mod. I've done a little myself, for my AAR, and it's not easy.

I'll try to keep an eye on this, even though I don't make it into CK very often.



King Georgios I "The Pious"
Achaian Dynasty​

It was high noon on the tenth of January, 1067, when King Georgios, now 17, summoned his council. The members of the Royal High Council of the Morea were:
Xene Eirenikos, the Royal Steward. She was a brilliant young woman with much promise.
Helena Chrysanthos, the Royal Chancellor. Another brilliant young woman with good diplomacy skills.
Petros Politopolos, the Royal Marshal. He was both strong physically, and strong-willed.
Triakontaphyllia, the Royal Spy Master. She was a devious woman who would no doubt prove to be a good Spy Master.
Alvanites Apolethes. He was just a member of the court.
Leonidas Megenos. A wise man, but physically weak and lacking in courage, he did not live up to his namesake.
Dragos Kenchres. Yet another normal courtier.

The meeting hall was not very impressive. For the Royal "castle", if indeed it could be called a castle, was no more than a wooden keep three floors high, with two wooden walls around it, and the meeting hall was also the dinner hall, the dance hall, and anything else that required a hall. There was also a noticabel lack of an echo, which actually creeped out some people, as they were used to castles having that echo every time you spoke.

Once they had all been seated, Georgios began the meeting, "Welcome, friends. My good Lady Xene, what news can you bring me about my fair kingdom?"

Xene rose from her seat and bowed, then she began, "Milord, your kingdom conists of two principalities, that of the Peloponnesos, you own; and that of Krete. Prince Andronikos of Krete has a single vassal, Count Isaakios of Kaneia, which is the western half of the island. You have three vassals, whose locations-"
She was interrupted by Georgios, who was not the most polite of fellows, "Yes, yes. I've already had my geography lesson for the day! Just tell me their names."
Xene bowed again, and said, "Count Alexandros of Korinthos, Count Dauid of Monemvasia, and Count Adrianos of Methone."
Her business finished, she sat down again. Georgios stood up and said, "My friends, the traditional means of inheritance within the Palaeologus family has always been Semi-Salic Primogeniture. I dislike this practice, as it can lead to dynastic instability. Look at England, way out west. Their king, Willy, I believe his name is, had to fight for his 'right' to the throne, because another claimant, some fellow named Harry or some such thing though the throne was rightfully his. That is the result of Semi-Salic laws. So, for the sake of stability, I have decided to change our inheritance laws to Salic Primogeniture."
Leonidas Megenos stood, bowed, and said, "Sire, this will greatly disturb your vassals."
Georgios, who was quite bothered by Leonidas' arrogance said, "I know that! That is why I have come up with a plan to placate them. We shall break with the traiditional customs of our lands, where each overlord has absolute suzerainty over his vassals. We shall adopt Europe's idea of a 'Feudal Contract'."
The courtiers all nodded, a sign that they felt the king's decision to be wise.
Once she was sure the king was done talking, Lady Helena rose and said, "My lord, we do have an emissary from Robert de Hauteville, the Duke of Apulia. Shall I permit him?"
"And emissary? Of course!"
The messenger was allowed into the room.
He bowed and said, "My lord, I bring word from Robert, Duke of Apulia. He asks that you and he form an alliance to better defend against our mutual enemies. He offers his hand in friendship to you. What shall I tell him?"
Georgios immediately replied, without consulting his court, "Of course. I could use a strong ally like him."
The council was not pleased by this alliance with the vile Norman who, not a decade ago, had driven their fellow Greeks from Southern Italy.

In February, Georgios made another alliance without consulting the council. this time, he allied with King Petar of Croatia. But he still wasn't finished making decisions without the advice of his counselors. They were shocked to hear that he had agreed to marry an Italian girl named Lavinia.


In March, Georgios met with Marshal Petros and Chancellor Helena in private.
"I'm sick of living in this stink hole that we dare call a castle!" he told them, "I want to rule my kingdom from Korinthos!"
Chancellor Helena replied, "Sire, Korinthos is the capital of the County of Korinthos, and Count Alexandros is a loyal servant of the kingdom. Surely you don't mean to throw him out of his castle?"
Georgios smiled, "Oh, but I do! His castle is much nicer than mine!"
Petros replied, "Its still a block of wood with stakes around it."
"But its a nicer 'block of wood', Petros."
"Why not just make your castle nicer than his?"
Georgios was almost insulted by this suggestion, "What!? And go through all that trouble?"
Petros and Helena could see that Georgios was not thinking logically.
"I'm going to send my demands to him right now, MESSENGER!"
"With all due respect," said Petros, "I do not think this is wise! You vassals will not be happy."
Georgios just snickered, "I gave them the Feudal Contract. What more could they want? MESSENGER! Where is he?"
Just then, the messenger arrived, "Messenger, tell Count Alexandros that he is to hand over his title and his lands over to me at once."
The messenger bowed, "Yes, sir" and left.
Petros looked at the young king sternly, "I do not think this was a wise course of action, your majesty."

Petros was right. Alexandros was insulted. He flat out refused, and all of the vassals became angry. At first, Georgios wanted to attack Alexandros, but Petros begged him to reconsider, and for once, Georgios listened. But the kingdom was very unstable for months afterwards.


Georgios was very grumpy until one October morning, when a messenger came running to meet him, "Sire! Sire!" the messenger was shouting, "Sire! I have great news!"
"What." Georgios said, more like a demand than a question.
"Sire! Your wife, Lavinia! She is pregnant!"
Georgios' face filled with light, "You mean I'm going to be a father?"
"Yes, Sire!"
Georgios shot up from his seat, and laughed, "Ha ha! Well what are you waiting for! Go! Tell everyone to prepare for a big feast! I'm going to be a father!"
As the messenger ran off to spread the news, Georgios repeated that last sentence to himself, and he smiled. He had never been so happy in his life.
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Very nice, I must comment, a excellent role play so far, i can't wait to see what happens when the PLAGUE hits.
A little rocky start perhaps, but a happy event there too. Good reading.

Over the next few months King Georgios and his vassals were at an uneasy peace. But everyone's mood brightened on the morning of July 28, 1068. For on that day, Queen Lavinia gave birth to her and Georgios' first son, Athanasios. After the birth of Athanasios, the kingdom stabalized, and the vassals started to trust Georgios.


In November, a messenger arrived from Count Dauid of Monemvasia. When the messenger entered the hall, he bowed before the king, and said, "My lord king, I bring tragic news from your loyal servant, Count Dauid. His infant son, Konstantinos, has died of a fever before even reaching his first birthday."
King Georgios thought for a moment. Ever since the incident with Count Alexandros of Korinthos, he had decided to be a better king, and now he was trying to figure out what to do for Count Dauid. His treasury was near empty, only 89 gold pieces. But he knew what to do.
"Good messenger," he said, "Take with you twenty-five gold pieces for your master. Tell him they are a gift from the king, to help pay for the funeral. Also, tell him we will mourn with him over this tragic loss."
The messenger bowed and said, "Thankyou, milord. I shall tell him you exact words."
After the messenger had left, Leonidas Megenos said, "Sire, are you sure it is wise to give away almost one-third of your nearly depleted treasury?"
Georgios replied, "My friend, I know what it feels like to have an infant son. And I know that if Athanasios were to die young, God forbid it ever happen, I would want to know my vassals supported me. Likewise, it will be reassuring to him to see that his king is not distant and careless towards him."
Leonidas just bowed and left the room.

In April of 1069, Queen Lavinia again became pregnant, and Georgios was again very excited. He was now going to be the father of two children. And he was only 19!

The next big event in the Kingdom of the Morea came in October. The kingdom was still low on funds, and the council was summoned to see if there was any way to raise extra funds, as the roads in the kingdom were in desperate need of repair.
Marshal Petros suggested that they request a "donation" from each vassal. But Georgios refused to even hear the idea.
Dragos Kenchres suggested selling some trade goods.
But Chancellor Helena pointed out, "What trade goods do we have? What is produced here in the Morea that is in short supply elsewhere? Venice and Genoa practically control all trade anyway, our merchants wouldn't be able to make much of a profit and the whole endeavor would probably cost more than it gains!"
Leonidas Megenos finally brought forth the proposition everyone had been dreading. He said, "My good King Georgios, ladies and gentlemen of the council, I see only one way to raise immediate funds of any sort... Sire, you must call the Estates General and ask them for a contribution."
Georgios shot up from his seat, "No. I will not tax my people more than they already are! When I was first given the throne, I was immature, and I was a poor king. The kingdom almost fell apart because of it! I will not be a poor king any longer. I will not call the Estates General. There must be another way."
As Georgios sat back down, Leonidas calmly said, "It is the only way."
To this, Georgios replied, "Then we will not raise any funds. We will wait for the tax income to fill the coffers, even if it takes years. I will not call the Estates General. I will be a better king."
After this, all of his piers saw him as even more prestigious than before.

On the 28th on January, Queen Lavinia gave birth to her and Georgios' first daughter, Theodora.


And in April, she was again pregnant.
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Those two aren't wasting any time are they!
stnylan said:
Those two aren't wasting any time are they!
:rofl: No, I guess not! :rofl:
Veldmaarschalk said:
Georgios I seems a really nice guy.
He is. He's a little immature, which is why he had that rocky start, but overall he's not a bad guy.
Agreed, however, what version are you playing. I'm asking because if you have 1.05, I wanted to know how Byzantium is faring againest the Seljuk horde. I wonder how that would affect Gergios' politics.
the byzantine said:
Agreed, however, what version are you playing. I'm asking because if you have 1.05, I wanted to know how Byzantium is faring againest the Seljuk horde.
1.04a. Thus far, Byzantium hasn't been involved in any wars. Infact, To the best of my knowledge, the whole world is at peace!
the byzantine said:
I wonder how that would affect Gergios' politics.
The Morea would love to be able to help Byzantium whenever possible, we do owe our existence to her. But ultimately its our own survival tha counts, and if helping BYZ means the fall of our own nation as well, we can't guarantee it'll happen.
Sorry its been so long without an update! :eek:o

I've been swamped for so long, that I haven't had time to even play Crusader Kings. :eek:o

I'll try and post an update within the next few days.
Very interesting. I am interested.

And as stnylan said, they certainly aren't wasting any time!