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Jun 28, 2013
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My first ever AAR. I figured, why not roleplay as a Tawantinsuyu that conquered the world and discovered hyperspace? Please tell me how to improve, this is the first AAR I've even ever attempted.


Oh, Mighty Inka, Only Inka! The engineers have developed a way through which we may explore the stars! You and your divinity will be felt throughout the galaxy! Whether there is life out there, or we are alone, you will still be the most divine being in this plane of reality! Your scientists are ready to fully survey our home system, and our star, Inti, will be the seat of a new stellar empire! Tawantinsuyu Prevails! Inti Prevails! Our Sapa Inka Prevails!


In order to exploit the energy able to be provided by the northern reaches of our homeworld, Tiksimuyu, the Sapa Inka has commanded that the millions of impoverished in the region be resettled throughout the state, for efficiency and to clear the land of their slums.


And, lo and behold, Inti does, in fact, have energy. Who would have guessed that a star had energy? Certainly not us!


Hyperspace, another plane of existence (one where the Sapa Inka is just as holy as he is here) is breached by a large vessel for the first time! Truly a momentous occasion! A palace will be built in Espanya to mark the celebration!


Surely Inti is pleased that we are using his gifts for the common good!


And a startling discovery is made! The planet closest to Alpha Centauri is, in fact, life-bearing!


Not only that, but the world is incredibly similar to Tiksimuyu! Surely another gift from the gods! The priesthood goes crazy trying to understand the phenomenon, looking through ancient khipu recordings to see where the gods may have seeded other worlds.


The population hardly has enough time to react, when an unidentified object is recorded to be moving at interstellar speeds towards the Inti system!


Scans show that the object is… at the very least obviously not metallic, although the idea that it is biological is too much to bear, the theory is tossed about.


But before anyone can go to the object and scan it, the thing leaves the system via a unique warping of space-time, enabling it to move faster-than-light. No wonder it entered our system without our hyperlane monitors noticing! Maybe we should have waited before sentencing them to labor…


Our primary expeditionary scientist, Sica Laqtamba, and her crew discover strange pillars and monoliths on Ganymede. Perhaps an alien built them? Perhaps as a monument to Inti? Or our Sapa Inka?


And it turns out to be an… amusement park? Wow… Alrighty then.


Our second expeditionary scientist discovers an asteroid whose orbit seems far too stable… interesting, but is it worth the effort to investigate?


Nope. It wasn’t.


Incredibly, rounds from an extragalactic battle billions of years ago (providing evidence that life was indeed around billions of years ago) have made a glancing blow on our vessel. The odds of this happening are… let’s just say so exceedingly slim that this is probably the most unlikely thing that has ever happened in the history of Tawantinsuyu.


An alien civilization is encountered! Although primitive, they are, nonetheless, intelligent! An incredible find! One that proves intelligent life in not limited to Tiksimuyu! Although obviously Tiksimuyu’s life is far better, as it has the Sapa Inka on it.


Our scientists, seeing how life is spread all around, have requested that more life-bearing worlds be surveyed… for science!


And a giant skeleton was discovered on an alien world… so big we confused it for a mountain range!


A sort of bacteria on another world is so efficient in its collection of solar radiation, our Sapa Inka has bioengineers that on Tiksimuyu work to increase our efficiency in energy production with the specimens.


And it pays off!


A colony ship begins construction.


While the skeleton is discovered to be a spacecraft, the universe truly is a marvelous place.


An ancient mining station was discovered in a distant system, and the crew was ordered to take control of the station and set up an AI to start the extraction of energy… unfortunately the station is a bit far…


Another sapient species is discovered! Once again, though, they are primitive, and unable to even craft golden statuettes!


AND FINALLY! A GLORIOUS DAY! Seven years after the discovery of faster-than-light travel, the first Runa colony is placed upon an alien world! The Tiksimuyu-like planet discovered years ago will be under the jurisdiction of the Sapa Inka from now on!


What better place to put a pause in the report.

Join us next time as the efficient Mit’a Laborers of Tawantinsuyu get into even more hijinx in their new interstellar playground!