The Lithoids Species Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition and free Verne (2.6.3) Update are Available Now!

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Feb 22, 2020
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sure, but it’s the first ‘official’ confirmation that it’s coming. question is, are we only getting two dlc with the next season pass?
Ancient Relics, Federations, and Necroids


May 18, 2020
All expansion passes had 3 dlc so far and I think someone from Paradox said its always 3 iirc. If it didn't change its 1 Expansion, 1 Story Pack, 1 Species Pack.

sorry, i’ve not been very clear. i’m wondering if there is anything official about necroids in the same way there is for federations and ar (i.e. the trophy lists).

i’ve no doubt that you and the other poster are right, just wondering.

HMS Brooks

Mar 29, 2021
I started a new game.( i play on Xbox one S) I'm at the year 2286 and I started a federation and no matter what i do the game crashes. Getting to a part where I loved the game and the new update is making the game lag and becoming unbearable. It seems to me that paradox have forgot that you should test updates. Before the update it only started to have minor problems at 2350 and it was nice as it's a 4x strategy game on console and runs well. Now after 2.6 it starts to struggle after 50 years.


Mar 29, 2021
Great update but I hoped for better graphics :-( maybe in the future? Also I posted a ticket for issue with stuttering and lagging animations on XBOX SERIES X - ships movement etc. it is really annoying. Can this be fixed please?? Thanks.
Reinstall and TV reset or cache reset on xbox doesnt help. I test it on 2 monitors and animation lagging is still there.


Apr 3, 2021
i have a idea for impatient people like me you could release a package deal where we are able to pre order all the dlc that you havent brought to consoles yet, this would then help people like me to know that they will have everything once its available


Apr 10, 2021
The Lithoids Species Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition and free Verne (2.6.3) Update are Available Now!

Get bigger and boulder in Stellaris: Console Edition with the Lithoids Species Pack, featuring unique gameplay mechanics, new Portraits, Ship Set, Advisor Voice, and a Lithoid exclusive “Calamitous Birth” Origin.

The Verne Update adds features such as the Galactic Community, Origins, Envoys, Diplomatic Stances, and some free Archaeology Sites and Crisis Relics.

This update also optimizes Console Edition for Xbox Series X|S, and Plays Great on the PS5.

The Lithoids Species Pack and free Verne Update are now available on Xbox and PlayStation!

Lithoids Species Pack Release Trailer:

Verne (2.6.3) Update Trailer:
This update broke my game. It didn't run great before but now it's completely broken. Lag, stuttering. Menus in slow motion. I can't even make it to the late game anymore even on a medium galaxy because lag is so bad. I'm on an xbox one s
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