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Sep 4, 2009
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Reading so many awesome AAR's on the forum and digging up Wiz old megacampaign inspired me to give it a try and write my own AAR. As you might know all the developers in Crusader Kings II have their own Easter egg characters as a courtier somewhere in the Stanford Bridge bookmark. So I modded the game slightly to make mine the count of Skåne and start my story from there. We'll see how far I will be capable of taking this AAR since I can't promise regular updates or anything like that because my work on Crusader Kings II will of course have to take precedence.

So a bit of background, the character I started the game with is going to be then Henrik Hansen of the Vogelius Dynasty. In real life Vogelius is a name that we have in my family. I started in Skåne with a mostly Catholic world but have a Norse belief myself. My aim will be to keep the dynasty strong rather than conquer as much as possible, a bit like Tywin Lanister I guess. I have now come to the Age where the Nation States emerge from the Feudal Kingdoms of the old in my Saga and I have created quite an interesting world for Europa Universalis IV

To better represent this world and make it more alive with this bizarro world of Europe, Asia and America I have done a lot of alterations manually besides the conversion between Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis. The biggest change is that the Tech Groups of Western, Eastern, Muslim Indian, Chinese, High American and Norse have been made equal in technology speed and monarch points generation. Instead I will try and simulate the Great Divergence that happened historically by this new system I've implemented inspired by the Vicky 2 Invention system. It will make it much more unkown what lies ahead in the future and from what we know the Great Divergence might never happen for Western Europe and the Colonial Empire of Cholas of Southern India becomes the dominant super power at the end of the game, only to be rivaled by the Golden League of Cities in Central Asia that rose up from the ashes of the Golden Horde. We can but wait and see.

Workshop Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=503682223


The Rising Raven 1066 - 1444
Forge of Empires - Prologue
Forge of Empires Chapter I - Tribulations of the Skots
Forge of Empires Högting Assembly of 1456
Forge of Empires Chapter II - The Pomeranian Wars
Forge of Empires Högting Assembly of 1470
Forge of Empires Chapter III - The Romuvan Revival
Forge of Empires Chapter IV - Restoration of Glory Lost
Forge of Empires Högting Assembly of 1500
Forge of Empires Bonus - The Frontier Army Chronicles
Forge of Empires Chapter V - The Warrior King
Forge of Empires Chapter VI - Maarten Speirdyke
Forge of Empires Chapter VII - Start of the Reformation
Forge of Empires Högting Assembly of 1538
Forge of Empires Chapter VIII - Power and Ducats
Forge of Empires Chapter IX - The Scanian Clergy Crusade
Forge of Empires Chapter X - The Meatgrinder of Finland
Forge of Empires Chapter XI - The Battlefield of the Butcher
Forge of Empires Chapter XII - The Defeat of the Righteous
Forge of Empires Chapter XIII - A Government Not A Crown
Forge of Empires Högting Assembly of 1575
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Sounds great! I look forward to watching this unravel. Love the new system.
Very interesting! Subbed.
Following this.
Subscribed, will continue to follow!

Will you ever share the modifications you did to the game?
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Link to mod is in first post now. It has content up to about ~17th century.
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Subscribed for sure!

But I have one question I have to ask you. How tempted were you to claim title of Kingdom of Sweden as Skåne? How do you think would react Swedish part of the PDS to this (assuming of course that they are following you on this crazy adventure)? :D
How tempted were you to claim title of Kingdom of Sweden as Skåne

Not at all actually.
Sweden still exists as a revolter tag of Skåne with my modifications though.

The Year of 1444 proved to be an important date for the Northern Realms as it would decide their future. The Mighty Kingdom of Skåne, seen as a competing Great Power by the Greek Empire and the Turkish Empire however in comparison it was a small Kingdom that had grown itself too large and was challenging nations twice its size. The Kingdom contained so many cultures and so many different factions that all had their own wants and needs they would demand on the King. Proving to be too much of a task the Kingdom reorganizes its own adminstrational structure with the Thing at its core. The Allthing was a religious thing headed by the Fylkir and commanded other Temples and Thing's all over the world in a hiearchial structure, King Ludvig took this as inspiration and implemented the Högting where the King would be Lawspeaker and it would command over the smaller Thing's. This however is a long journey and it might be too little too late to solve the problems brewing in the Kingdom.

You my readers are the various factions and members of this Högting and you will help shape this country for greatness and to decide what path we will take as the world develops around us.


The question to ask is what our immediate path is to take. We have unrest in the land not seen as the heartland of Skåne coming from the local lords wanting to declare themselves Kings. But we also know of the imminent threat of the Nahua Invaders from the West and from looking through the old sagas and maps preserved for five hundred years show us the path to their home. So an option would be to establish a presence on the other side of the ocean to discourage them from ever attacking us again.


The pearl of the Kingdom is the great metropolis of Trelleborg protected by its Ring fortress which was the first one ever built. It however does not resemble anything like when it was first constructed 600 years ago and it has grown with the times and now houses 100 000 souls within its walls. It is the Constantinople of Northern Europe and is a technological, trade and cultural center of the realms of the North. Guarding this mighty city is the 1st Royal Army stationed in Dalkøbinge which is just a half hour march from Trelleborg. To the West of the city lies the heavily fortified Skanør peninsula where the Royal Navy is housed on its tip protected by fortresses and cannons guarding the entrance to Stavstensudde and the Harbor of Trelleborg.

The economy of Skåne is mostly based on basic goods such as fish and grain which the realm produce vast amounts of and Norwegian salmon is even desired down in Miklagard. However they do not generate much revenue compared to the Copper mines of Dalaskogen or the salt of Greifswald unfortunately there is not enough of those resources within the borders of the realm to make Trelleborg a strong player within those markets.





But we must not forget that our Kingdom, no the entire Norse faith, is being torn up from the inside by the selfish needs of hidden actors. We might be strong with an impressive army and economy but the smallest slip and the conspiring nobles of the realm will jump on the throne and try to break it apart. The future for the children of Odin is an uncertain one and its faith rests upon the shoulders of the King of Skåne and his Högting.




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Link to mod is in first post now. It has content up to about ~17th century.

Any chance of something similar for the CK2 modifications?
Any chance of something similar for the CK2 modifications?

The modifications there weren't that good actually and not that many, most of them really buggy so its better to not touch it.
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The modifications there weren't that good actually and not that many, most of them really buggy so its better to not touch it.
Pity. The stuff you had done for the religious succession looked really cool.
Pity. The stuff you had done for the religious succession looked really cool.
Yeah but I had to hide in the narrative some bugs it caused and clean up issues that appeared every now and then. I'll try and get it into the main game at least.
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