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Mar 31, 2013
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The Iron Storm - An AAR based on the Iron Storm video game.
I couldn't use the WW1 because of the 1920 enddate (and AAR mod is too instabile) so I decided to go to Kaiserreich.
I will try to make my best to make the wish of the Baron to come true. "An empire from an ocean to another, An empire from Pacific to Atlantic!".
I know you will not like it..but I had to use the manpower cheat .. otherwise a Mongolian Empire couldn't be possible..esspecially in the terms of the Iron Storm.
The Iron Storm video game is an alternate video game. WW1 never ended, Mongolia seized control of Russia with the ocassion of the Civil War. Then they destroyed the Germans and the war with the Entente has started.
The game is taking place in 1964, the trench warfare is still there, but with ww2 and cold war weapons..
In my AAR the things will be a bit different...but I still expect trench warfare and the modern weapons as I have less leaders, and somehow stronger troops.


January first, we celebrate the new year.

Just after a week from the new year's eve, the Russian president, Kerensky was assasinated. We will profit from it !

We have a new head of governament, one much stronger who will prepare us to war !

After some thinking, the Baron decided to send an envoy to Tibet. After some days we received their response:
"We will fight in the name of Buddha!"

Our brothers shall receive all the help they need against that so-called 'country'.

We must start thinking our strategies ! It might be our only chance to take control of Siberia !

The Xibei state, in response of our help to the Mongolian brothers, declared war ! WE WILL LIBERATE OUR BROTHERS!

The first breakthrough !

Siberia declared independece from Russia ! We must waste no more time against Xibei !

The Civil War is going on..

At last, we claimed victory in Xibei ! Now we can take part in the Russian civil war!
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Hey, nice start, although I hope that you will continue your Soviet AAR soon!

PS. Is Mongolia able to form any kind of alliances with Japan or Qing for example?

My goal is to make alliance with Japan, same as in the game.
Time to create Eurasian Empire!
To Pacific!


After the destruction of the Xibei state and the coming of the second civil war, the question of a new empire appeared.
Ugenberg said :
This might be our only chance to expand, and we shall not miss it! From now on, Mongolia will be know as the Mongolian Empire !

Immediately after hearing the news of the new formed empire, Tibet left our alliance ! Their governament will pay with their lives for that!

By June 10, 1936 we fixed our first claims.

And, finnaly our troops are storming the border with Siberia !!

Forward! FORWARD !!!

Novobirsk is ours !!

Their capital, Omsk is now under Mongolian control!

One encirclement done in their new capital. Nothing can stop us!

Pacific ... oh dear Pacific ! We will be the first Empire to link you to the Atlantic !

Siberia finnaly surrendered.
The Russians managed to get some territory too..

Our eyes are now moved to China, Japan and Tibet. We must choose our allies and enemies with caution.
Crusades in China!


After the declaration of the new formed empire, Tibet, our former ally in the war with Xibei, left the alliance. We promised revenge, not on the people, but on their governament !! Rally the hordes !

Without too much resistance from their army, we managed to conquer Tibet and to kill their foolish governament. We decided to not destroy their land.

Meanwhile, in Ulanbataar, our Khan decided !
Japanese friends, Chinese enemies. A delegate was sent to Tokyo to discuss about the problems of their countries, while the army was sent to the borders of Taiping !

Their fortifications were no match for our army. We sacked their land, and with the resources and money found in Taiping, Siberia and some from Tibet, we bought one division of Japanese tanks !! The tanks are the future, the horses were a good weapon for Genghis Khan I, but Genghis Khan II will use this new and modern weapon. Hopefully the Japanese will make use of the resources and money we gave them .. and maybe this will help us to forge an alliance.

Soon after the defeat of the Taping rebels, we decided to destroy the Qing Empire, now when it's weak, once and for all .. and by doing this we will increase our comercial routes with Japan.

First victory .. and what a victory ! We killed ~3300 , while they killed only ~30 .. we crushed the Chinese !!

The battle of Linfen, even if we are outnumbered, we are still crushing the enemies !!

The Japanese tank division managed to make a breakthrough in the southern front, where the important cities of the enemies are. Unfortunately they seems to be encircled.

Fortunately, we broke the encirclement and even advanced more.

The battle of Beijing has started...

The Chinese are in full retreat .. Nothing can stop us!

Beijing is ours !

And the war is over...

The end of chapter I
They were quite useful in the war with Qing, the war would have been longer without them, because of the VP's in the southern Qing territory. With the tanks I managed to quickly take them without too much resistance.
Now the theatre will change from East Asia anyway. ;)
So far you're being lucky, in my game I got into a war with Japan and while finishing them off in Korea I was attacked by Soviet Russia...
Ah, not cool. I keep influencing Japan, I need that alliance at all costs. I don't fear the Russians, they are weak and still fighting the civil war. With help from Japan I could destroy them easy.
Mongolia is stronk! :D
Maybe you could legitimize your rule over China by creating New Han dynasty? Of course there is no doubt who'd be founder of this new dynasty.
Just keep enough units in garrison and you can hold onto anything.