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Ghost of AARs Past

Europe is our dancefloor - let's waltz
A dual Austria/Hungary EU3/NA game played alternately from 1453 to 1821

The Shortest Road to Damascus
A EU3/IN interactive caliphate-building game played with Syria from 1425 to 1715
Writer of the Week 15/03/2009
Weekly AAR Showcase 4/08/2009
AARland Choice Award Favourite EU Gameplay 2009/R3
2009 EUIII Silver OscAAR for Best Completed AAR

No Iron, One Lion, Maybe Zion
A V2 1.1 empire well under the sun, played with Ethiopia from 1836 to 1936
Weekly AAR Showcase 10/10/2010
Writer of the Week 2/01/2011
AARland Choice Award Favourite V2 Gameplay 2010/R3

Fan of the Week 12/06/2009 & 14/09/2009

Ghost of AARs Present

Mamma Mia! The AAR
Weekly AAR Showcase 14/07/2010
AARland Choice Award Favourite EU Comedy 2010/R2

Ghost of AARs Yet to Come

To be revealed... in due course... in the fullness of time...

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I here submit a list of my writings for your perusal and enjoyment. I've been here a long, long time, but I've been inactive for a while now, thank you.


Sir Clive Wolfe

--- - --- - ---

My Current AAR;​


--- - --- - ---​

Dreams of Albion

Young Lions: A British History

Henry V, a ShakespeAARe

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Dreams of Dixie

Dreams of the Phoenix

kaiserlich und königlich... by Archduke Charles of Austria
"We shall never surender" An History of Britain from 1926 to 1956
Res Publica: Senatus Populusque Romanus

The Empire of Liberty, Trade and Civilisation

First UK Co-operative AAR!
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Tommy4ever's AAR History

My Awards History

End Year Awards
2013 CrusadAAR's Chalice
2020 Megacampaign of the Year
2022 Megacampaign of the Year
2014 WritAAR of the Year

End Year Awards Podium Finishes
2010 SilvAAR Goblet
2010 3rd Place in the OscAARs 2014
2nd Place in The Darkest HeAARt
2014 2nd Place in CrusadAAR's Chalice
2nd Place in 2023 Megacampaign of the Year

Favorite History-Book AAR, Vicky II in Round 3 2010
First Place in CK2, Second Half of 2013
First Place in EUIV Q1 2015
First Place in EUIV Q1+2 2020
First Place in EUIV Q3 2020
First in EUIV Q4 2022

ACA Podium Finishes

Fourth Place in EUIV, Second Half of 2013
Fourth Place in DH, Q1 2014
Second Place in CK2 Q3 2014
Third Place in EUIV Q3 2014
Third Place in EUIV Q4 2014
Second Place for EUIV Q2 2015
Third Place in CK2 Q1+2 2020

Weekly AAR Showcase: 15/03/09 , 26/09/10, 27/08/12, 29/06/20, 31/01/21, 16/08/22 , 27/10/2023 and 23/01/2024
WritAAR of the Week: 13/12/09, 13/06/10, 11/09/10, 16/09/13, 01/03/15, 09/04/17, 27/09/2020, 31/03/22 and 12/12/2022
Best Character Writer of the Week: 10/10/10, 29/09/13, 15/06/20, 17/07/22 and 19/03/23 and 19/02/2024
Fan of the Week: 11/1/11

AAR History

Defenders of Freedom and Democracy - A Democratic German AAR

In this HoI2 AAR a Democratic Germany brings back the Kaiser after a Civil war against the Nazis and allies with Britain against an enlarged Communist Block consisting of: USSR, France, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Belgium and Italy. The Anglo-German alliance later fight Japan and Rommel crosses the Himalayas with Panzers. This alliance then breaks up during a Cold War in the mid-40s when Britian sides with the US. The AAR then ends shortly after the finaly showdown between Germany and the Anglo-Americans begins.

Views: 294,000


Weekly AAR Showcase 15/03/09

status: abandoned due to extreme slowdown of game. The game was updates nearly everyday for 6 months and is 60 pages long so there's plenty to read ;)

The Greatest of Endeavours Demand The Greatest of Sacrifices - A British AAR

In HoI2 again. The British Empire stands alone against an enlarged Axis consisting of Germany, France, Italy, Hungary and Turkey. There is also a Sino-Japanese alliance (at war with the Soviets since 1936) to contend with at a later date and of course the Americans and Russians if Britain is to secure world peace under British rule. Its going to be a long ride ...

Views: 60,000

status: Abandoned due to time restraints

Through Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Gold - The Story of The House of D'Albon

I've now completed this AAR and loved every update :D. Starts out with the usual rags to riches story as the D'Albons quickly advance from petty Counts, to powerful Kings and then glorius Emperors. The Empire then gets divided with the AAR following the D'Albons in the Holy Land. D'Albon Jerusalem expands and becomes the Roman Empire. Last few decades of AAR see world dominance ensured. Featuring Schisms, Crusades, fratricide and all sorts of Medieval fun. :D

Views: 70,000


SilvAAR Goblet 2010

WritAAR if the Week 13/12/09

Lord Strange Cookie of British Excellence:

status: COMPLETED!

Austriae est imperare orbi universo - a Habsburg AAR

I'm really enjoying this - even more so than my CK one. Follows the Habsburg dynasty rather than Austria and shall feature major wars, Austrian colonialism, dynastic rivalry and religious chaos - and this is just Part One!

Part Two meanwhile follows the Age of Revolutions. It features numerous Revolutions in the Americas but much more importantly the French Revolution. The French Revolutionary Wars lead to the rise of Napoleon which in turn escalates the conflicts in Europe as the Continent remains ablaze until the French Empire finally falls once and for all in 1815. Meanwhile after this the Age of Revolutions grinds on but at a much slower rate - Part Two ends with the ascension of an Emperor who means to turn Austria into a democracy.

After a century of wealth, opulence, social change and Empire Austria hurtles into the disastrous Great War. Following defeat in the war (1912-1915) Austria enters a Civil War and the Habsburg dynasty collapses.

Views: 261,000

Part One (1399-1785) has been completed

Part Two (1785-1837) has been completed

Part Three (1837-1908) has been completed

Part Four (1908-1918) has been completed


3rd Place in OscAARs 2010

Lord Strange Cookie of British Excellence:

status: Completed!

Our Ambition Shall Never Falter – a House of Graziano AAR (Part 1)

Another CK AAR this follows a House descended form Norman knights that was founded in the Holy Land, starting out as rulers of Acre in a hostile world. That very House shall go on to rule all Palestine, the Holy Roman Empire and later Egypt.

Views: 24,000


WritAAR of the Week

status: abandoned

Dios, Patria, Rey - A Carlist Spain AAR

Amongst the earliest Victoria II AARs this, as the title would suggest, follows Spain under the reign of the Carlists during the 19th Century. Colonialism, industry and ambition come together as Spain retakes her position amongst the powers of the world.

Views: 168,000


WritAAR of the Week 11/09/10

Weekly AAR Showcase 26/09/10

Character Writer of the Week 10/10/10

Favourite History Book, Vicky II Round 3 2010

status: Completed!

Let the ruling classes tremble – an Interactive Revolutionary AAR

A departure in style for me as I look to revive the interactive AAR genre. This tale begins in the Rhineland in 1850. After two years of hard fighting the people of the Rhineland have thrown off the yoke of their Prussian masters and have stepped out into a brave new world. The region is ruled by the People's Party - a hodgepodge coalition of Anarchists, Socialists, Communists and Trade Unionists. You, the reader, have the power to use your vote to influence the future of our glorius revolution, you, the reader, have the responsibility to point the revolution towards either paradise of disaster.

This has turned into quite the phenomenon. The most popular AAR in the V2 forum for over a year and the most read thing I've ever made.

Views: 850,000

Status: abandoned due to forum ban

This is no peace - A Post-War German AAR

My first attempt at a Darkest Hour AAR didn't last long before it was abandoned. Focusing on Germany after defeat in WWI I attempted to make a deeply political AAR about the Weimar Republic - got dropped due to time restraints after I returned to Uni from my Christmas holidays.

Views: 27,000

Status: abandoned

The Stuff of Kings - A House of Burgundy AAR

I revive the style of my beloved D'Albon AAR whilst making my Crusader Kings II debut. Playing as the House of Burgundy I emerge after a long power struggle between my dynasty and the ruling Capet dynasty as the Kings of France (although my first Monarch is a Queen!). Proving that the Burgundians really are - The Stuff of Kings.

Views: 38,000

Status: abandoned

Vive la République! - An Interactive French AAR

A second venture into interactive AARs and a successful one at that. Last during the late summer of 2012 and followed France from the start of the First World War through the Second and a series of political upheavals and civil conflicts. Ending shortly after a Trotskyist led social revolution wiped away the old order in the aftermath of WWII.

Views: 308,000


Weekly AAR Showcase 27/08/12

Status: Abandoned due to the death of my laptop

Our nation will become a model for all countries - a Persian AAR

A two update AAR of Persia at a time when I was studying the Middle East at university.

Views: 9,000

Status: Abandoned

The Serpents of the Nile - The Tales of the Egypto-Norse

The first part in the epic saga of the Norse settlers of Egypt. After first arriving in Egypt with the goal of invasion in 875 this AAR follows them through their triumphs and disasters of the Medieval period, ending in 1443. But the story does not end their. I have continued this AAR into a second part in the recently released EUIV.

Views: 187,000


WritAAR of the Week 16/09/13

Best Character WritAAR of the Week 29/09/13

First Place in CK2, Second Half of 2013 ACA

CrusadAAR's Chalice 2013

Status: Completed! Finally finished another! :D

The Serpents of the Nile Part 2 - The Continued Tales of the Egypto-Norse

The second part in the Egypto-Norse saga. Picking up where the previous AAR left off in the mid 15th century this part sees the Egypto-Norse realm reclaim its maritime heritage and enter into the age of exploration and colonialism whilst at the same time the European-Mediterranean world becomes dominated by Great Power politics.

Views: 102,000

Status: Completed!!


Fourth Place in EUIV, Second Half of 2013 ACA

Blood and Iron - An Interactive Prussian AAR

My third interactive AAR sees me return to Victoria II and to Germany as I pick up from the 1861 start as Prussia. Within a decade Prussia has become Germany and the politics of the country continues to evolve in interesting ways. The AAR was a great success, small enough to be manageable and large enough to be vibrant. It followed Prussia and then Germany from 1861-1928.

Views: 409,000

Status: Completed!

The Westminster System - a British Interactive AAR

I really loved this AAR and it ended in very unfortunate circumstances. It followed British politics from 1945 until the early 1970s, at its best it was extremely fast paced and interesting but at its worst it became a flame war between various contributors. Sadly it died during my exam period in the Spring of 2014 when I wasn't able to keep up with the thread and keep it under control - resulting in its closure, a temporary ban for myself and a permanent ban from running IAARs (perhaps for the best).

Views: 812,000


Fourth Place in DH Q1 2014 ACA

Status: Abandoned due to thread meltdown and temporary ban of author

Freedom is a noble thing - A Scottish Megacampaign, Part One

Mere weeks after the disappointment of the Westminster System's demise I re-entered the AAR world with an ambitious project to follow Scotland through a full Megacampaign from the Old Gods CK2 start through to the present day.

Part One follows the rise of the MacDrostan dynasty from Earls of Fife through to Kings of Scotland and even Holy Roman Emperors before their Imperium collapses at the start of the 15th century.

Views: 128,000


Second Place in CK2 Q3 2014 ACA

Status: Completed!

Freedom is a noble thing - a Scottish Megacampaign, Part Two

The second part in my Scots epic follows the Kingdom through the Early Modern era. There's colonialism, social shifts and religious, political, constitutional and international conflict everywhere. A thrilling ride!

Views: 211,000


Third Place in EUIV Q3 2014 ACA

Status: Completed

God Willing - An Islamic Sicily AAR

The Muslims of Sicily conquer the island and establish a Kingdom.

Views: 25,000

Awards: WritAAR of the Week

Status: Abandoned

Here Dwells God - A Jewish Poland AAR, Part One

Views: 22,000

Status: Completed

Here Dwell God - A Jewish Poland AAR, Part Two

Views: 24,000

Status: Completed

Here Dwells God - A Jewish Poland AAR, Part Three

Views: 30,000

Status: Completed

Here Dwell God - A Jewish Poland AAR, Part Four

Views: 34,000

Status: abandoned

Relight the Flames - a Zoarastrian Persian AAR

Views: 10,000

Status: Abandoned due to file loss

In the Shadow of the Ancients - An Assyrian AAR, Part One

Views: 14,000

Status: Completed

In the Shadow of the Ancients - An Assyrian AAR, Part Two

Views: 21,000

Status: Completed

In the Shadow of the Ancients - An Assyrian AAR, Part Three

Views: 7,000

Status: abandoned

American Carnage - A United States Kaiserreich AAR

Views: 3,000

Status: ongoing

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The world is not enough...
Have you ever bet about something that would happen in your favorite AAR? Have you ever won? And, most importantly, if you have won, have you ever asked yourself "Hey, why am I not getting anything with this?"?
Well, be ready to grab the riches, and lots of it. The Betting Sun is the first and most popular betting game in the AARland.
For the first time ever, put your guess-the-future skills to test, while at the same time enjoying a game of unprecedented epicness.
what? you think it isn't epic enough? think again.

The ink well of Mr. Capiatlist



Baltikja was set in an alternate history where Morcar, Earl of Northumbria, leads his people out of England and into the Baltic Sea. There his people fight, conquer and eventually marry into native Baltic tribes. This leaves a unique culture in its wake and a line of very ambitious Kings from the humble Meinekinus to the pompous Karnak, from the master tactician Sviendorog to the master diplomat Gunvald.


It was officially abandoned in August of 2013, with an apology and a final, rough outline of where the history was going (since I had played and plotted out until roughly 2016 or 2018, I have forgotten at this point). Around that time of my life I had just been laid off and presented with the black abyss that was suddenly having a lot of free time, I turned to writing. But not Baltikja. I began writing a fantasy series which I am still finishing up five seven years later.

Baltikja, in the meantime, remains both one of my favorite projects for its scope and content, and also one of those things that I don't exactly show off to people. It was, for lack of a better word, a foundational work. I had written before Baltikja, but this was the first project of such massive scope and time commitment. It's hundreds of thousands of words long, often unedited and raw, and often rambling and plotless. But it was fun. And people seemed to love it. So in no way do I ever regret putting it up here for everyone.

I remain proud of Baltikja and of myself for having created it. I also learned a lot, and I've grown better and stronger as a writer.

Since then I have not really been able to commit to another AAR, though several have gotten as far as initial chapters and a decent amount of planning. My fantasy series, which as of writing this is currently toward the end of the project (I'm writing and editing four books simultaneously to be released on a tight schedule).

So with all that said, I want to reiterate some of my closing words to all my readers: Thank you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your time. I appreciate all the comments, views, and everything that I got over the four and a half years that I committed to Baltikja. Many of you followed from start to finish and you mean the world to me.

Cheers, and hopefully we meet again.

- Mr.C (July of 2018, updated in March of 2020)


Book One: Homelands: A story of a people settling a new home
Book Two: Bastions: A story of a people drawing the line
Book Three: Oceans: A story of a people finding new worlds
Book Four: Ironworks: A story of a people emerging free

Finished Work:
Flower of the Lilly
- Albret > France in MEIOU
- Of all my older works, this is my favourite.

-==The Mega Campaign==-
Byzantium between 1066 and 2240
CK | EUII | Vicky | HoI | GCII
- Old and poorly written, not really worth the read, but it is why I am the God of the Mega Campaign.

Favorite Gameplay AAR, CK - 2009 Q1

Shared with:
The tale of CanAARias by kadvael56
He's the Prince of the Pronsk A YeAARly Chronicle by It's Amazing

Weekly Showcase - June 26th, 2009
Awarded by: General_BT of Rome AARisen - a Byzantine AAR

Best Character Writer of the Week - June 28th, 2009
Awarded by: Valhalla's Call of The Bagratunis - a GeorgiAAR

Lord Strange Cookie of British Awesomeness - October 21st, 2009
Awarded by: Lord Strange

WritAAR of the Week - November 8th, 2009
Awarded by: KaiserMuffin of A light in the DAARkness, a KaisAARreich (Sovjet) RussiAAR

Best Character Writer of the Week - January 24th, 2010
Awarded by: Rebaltion of Unto Caesar: An Austrian AAR

Favorite Narrative AAR, CK - 2009 Q4

Favorite Narrative AAR, CK - 2010 Q2

Favorite Narrative AAR, CK - 2010 Q3
Shared with:
Britannia - A Saga of Albion by Vesimir
Rome AARisen - a Byzantine AAR by General_BT
The Machiavellian Adventures of Princess Eleanor by frogbeastegg

Favorite Narrative AAR, CK - 2010 Q4

WritAAR of the Week - May 1st, 2011
Awarded by: Issac Wolfe of I, Rodrigo: The Annals of the Orient

CrusadAAR's Chalice - 2010

Favorite Narrative AAR, EU - 2011 Q2
Shared with:
Novum Romanum Imperium by Avindian
The Sleeper by Iain Wilson

Best Character Writer of the Week - June 24th, 2012
Awarded by: Apelstav of The Curse of Brothers - The history of Alfonso the Wise and his descendants

Best Character Writer of the Week - September 16th, 2012

Third Place - 2012 EU AARland Choice Awards, Q3
Shared with:
Pine, Bamboo and Plum: A Song AAR by bananafishtoday

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The Oracle

Hi, I'm using this opportunity to advertise my AARs. I'm a happy owner of HoI2 ARM *Unfortunaly on steam so I don't get a pretty pic under my sig* and I'll buy AoD as soon as it comes out. Hearts of Iron 2 is one of the few games that I never really stopped playing and I wanted my first AAR to showcase my home country the Netherlands, because there can never be enough Dutch AARs.

Je Maintendrais. An a-historical Dutch AAR


Je Maintendrais is imprinted on the royal Dutch Shield. It's French for "I will persevere" and that is exactly what I plan to do. For too long have the Dutch sit by and permitted themselves to be used as a playball for the other European Countries. No more! With the kidnapping by Belgium soldiers of the Kaiser in 1925, the Dutch have grown more resistant to the influence of the Allied countries and in the 1930s increased cooperation with the Germans. But as European tensions rise, is the Netherlands ready for the change it will bring?

I will use mods to improve the historical content of the game, for the Netherlands is certainely not a neglected country in HOI2 but could be a lot better. It's also important to me to keep some kind of historical plausibility.

Although invading Belgium in 1936 is fun, historically the backlash would be the end of the little nation. But, I will say, an invasion of Belgium is definetely in the works. Because what's a Dutch AAR without the invasion of Belgium? Blasphemy, that's what it is! I'm a big fan of keeping AARs neat and organised and I will do my best to make the layout of the AAR easy on the eyes. There will also be plenty of pictures.
AARs by me, famous Tuore:

Europa Universalis III:

The Sun Rises in the East - IN AAR with Japan *dead due to accidental savegame removal*

The Creek Coast - IN AAR with Creek

Audacity of Pope - A IN World Conquest AAR with Papal State

The Orange Colony A HT³ AAR as Holland/Netherlands *Dead*

The Legacy of Lancasters A HT³ AAR as England, includes pretty pictures.

The Epic of Ethiopia A MMP2 AAR with Ethiopia. With pretty pictures.

Sweet Home Alabama - Another Creek AAR, but in HT³.

They're Not Gonna Get Us - A Ryukyu AAR in HT³, to see if Ryukyu really is the hardest nation in the game. Getting annexed in 1417, I have to say that it is.

They're Not Gonna Get Us Again! - Another Ryukyu AAR, after I learned a new thing on religion changing.

Hearts of Iron 3

Wehrmacht, Strategy and Europe or How I Learned To Love Large Invasions - HoI3 AAR with Germany.

Fort Survivor - HoI3 AAR with Belgium *DEAD*

Blue and White - HoI 3 AAR with Finland.

Quite a lot of them.
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O hai! This is my inkwell. Pretty fancy, eh?
Anyways, here's a list of my works. Surprisingly short.

An extremely Assam AAR (EU3)

And a pretty pic

I've nothing against Manipur personally, but they just found themselves on the wrong side of the borders of Assam ingame initially

That's it for now, and remember to floss (and comment too!).
Completed CK AARs in Chronological Order:
A Comedy of Árpáds - Duchy of Slovakia, the zany antics of the Árpád dynasty of Hungary
The Sons of Balthazar - des Baux, County of Venaissin, a medieval Count convinced he is descended from one of the Three Wise Men
Folk Tales from Far Away - County of Angus, amusing fairy tales from ancient Scotland
Blood and Gold: a Catalan Tale - County of Empuries, short and unfinished
P is for Passau - County of Passau, the prequel to P is for Portugal (EU2)
Annals of the Arnungane - Giske, County of Trøndelag, a tale of Viking mayhem
The Stuff of Kings - a Hohenstaufen History - County of St Gallen, will the Hohenstaufens become Kings of Germany? (Answer, no)
The Hidden Cross - a tale of the Bryennios Dynasty and the Byzantine Empire

Completed EU2 AARs in Chronological Order:
Brand New and Playing Brandenburg - my first ever AAR, short and sweet
Carthage Reborn: the First Tunisian AAR - a tale of perseverance, sticky pastries and insane inflation
The Origami Empire - Nippon, unfinished
The Wind in the Heather - the humble nation of Scotland rewrites world history
There'll Always be an Angevin - Provence takes on mighty France, and wins!
The Other Big White Blob - Mombasa, in the style of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, and other assorted plagiarisms
The Sun King and the Solar System: a Cassini-Huygens AAR - France, unfinished
My Big Fat Gujarat - a tale of stamp-collecting, tomato-growing and alien abduction
P is for Portugal - Portugal conquers every province in the world beginning with P
The Foundling - a story set in 15th Century Meissen, unfinished
Meet Meck, He's a Minotaur - Mecklenburg, unfinished

Zaporozhie: the Product of a Sich Mind - the Cossacks are coming, and they've got their own blog!

Completed Stellaris AARs in chronological order:
Space: the Fungal Frontier - in a remote and forgotten corner of the galaxy something smells awfully bad...
P is for Puffheads - you know the drill, conquer everything in sight that starts with P, this time on a galactic scale
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My List of AARs is so overshadowed by the guy above me.....

But anyways, Here is my Inkwell. I will probably only ever have this AAR, it takes me like five years to play one game.

Currently, I have one AAR; an EU3 IN MMP2.15 HB AAR. Hows that for Fun with Acronyms?
A Tale of Two Germanies

Sadly, I have no fun pictures yet. Though I'm working on it...
Arya V.'s Inkwell

Hey guys, and welcome to my Inkwell. I'm a student in High School, started playing Hoi2 first in 2007 and branched off to different games; I never really started AARs untill 2008, where I noticed that writing AARs could in fact improve my writing, which I like to do very much, while playing my favorite type of games. I like writing, reading, playing drums, violin and piano, playing chess, and I used to program; I was working on a game called "SimNation", a simulation of population happiness and the general politics of the world, but unfourtuanately it is now discountinued. Glad to be a part of AARLand, and hopefully you guys like my AARs. :D


First AAR and completely abandoned, trying to create the Persian Empire in the Modern Day Era using the MDS mod. Just putting it here for the record but it was really my first AAR so it largely used as a staging ground for my later AARs. All the pictures have in fact been deleted, so by now it should be a very boring read.​


Second AAR and abandoned... for now. Trying to potray Rommel's Tunisia Counterattack narrated by myself. Personally, I thought this was a good idea, but because Hoi3 isn't looking too good now, and because I lost my notebook with all my writing of it in it, I just decided to move on. I intend on finding that notebook however, so maybe one day this can come back on the scene​



Austria Under Fire: A History of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine


Suprise, surprise, another abandoned AAR. My third AAR on the Austrian Empire in Victoria. I consider this my first real AAR; all other ones were just tests, really. Still trying to find a style I really like, so there's a lot of switching from narrative to history book, etc. Very aggressive gameplay, so expect to see a whole lot of wars.​
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A short while ago I was playing an HTTT-game with France when a series of events happened that were in such a perfect coordination with each other that I began thinking up a story behind it all. It takes place during 1570 and 1650 and involves all your favorite elements: France, catholics, huguenots, foreign interventions and court intrigues. And it is possible that the Cathars might have a role in this all.


Protestantism was a rising power in France, until the king decided to act against it. General de Pellefort broke the protestant chain around Paris, smashed their armies, took their cities and gave the final blow at Caen. This religious war however dragged the whole of France to the edge of the abyss. Most of the army is destroyed, a generation died on the battlefield. France needs to rebuild and reunite so it may grow strong again.

In the south, Spain has been united and rules over a global empire. Empires are like men however, born into this world through blood. In the past, Aragon and Castille have seperately been crushed by France several times. Now united, they seek to enact their revenge at last. They wish to break the back of the nation and have amassed an army of almost 100,000 men at the borders. Skilled veteran of many wars general de Alva stands ready to invade France.

Ten Years would this war last, France was standing at the abyss
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AAR about Golden Horde Mongols returning to their homeland Mongolian steppes. Before returning to their native land they have to take down BBB of Europe to show them who is the boss.​
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I guess my old Ink Well page died. :)

I prefer to try challenges with my AARs - do something unique.

In Nomine:
Provence - The Rightful Kings of France - The Valois-Anjou branch takes their rightful place as Kings of France. Completed with the formation of France.

The Grand BazAAR - An IN Castillian AAR - an attempt to make Andalucia the only CoT on Earth - winner of a Lord Strange Cookie of British Greatness. Abandoned in 1590 with value of 10282.14 (8075.99 going to me)

Tidbit: Andalucia was on track to have 1 trillion inhabitants by 1821.

Heir to the Throne:
Late to the Dance - A Prussian AAR (IN | HTTT)- Unify Germany starting as Friedrich III. The HTTT version keeps having savegame corruption issues.

The Bar Exam - an HTTT experiment - Attempting to survive and thrive as the Duchy of Bar. Completed with the formation of France and the Holy Roman Empire.

Monopoly - a Hansa AAR - A gameplay AAR focused on the new Merchant Republic mechanics in Heir to the Throne. Completed with the formation of Germany and general domination.

EU3 Combat Tutorial - A gameplay tutorial showing how to fully dominate France as England in the HYW.

Victoria 2:
Sick Man of Europe - An Ottoman AAR

A History of the People of Canada - a POPulist AAR
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Unto Caesar is a CK narrative AAR following the fortunes of the von Babenberg dynasty as they struggle to hold together the Holy Roman Empire. If you enjoy crazy people and hilarious theological arguments that end with beheadings, then this may be the AAR for you!

Character Writer of the Week 1/18/10. Awarded by Iain Wilson. Awarded for Duke Leopold II, the Butcher.