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Hello everyone, I'm KOS17, but my real name is Stefano.

I'm a 25 year old from Italy and I've been reading many AARs of Paradox's games. Due to its simplicity and RPG possibility, Crusader King was one of my first choiches when I've decided to write down AARs of my own.

The one that you'll read in the forums (in a horrible English I assure you) is the second AAR of my life and a sort of remake. My first one in fact was about the Este but all written in Italian on another forum and it had a bit of followers. Despite it turned out a game where I conquered many titles and lands, I wanted to try again focusing on a more simple and steady objective. Reuniting and mantainig Italy.

Well, I think that this is enough for now as a presentation. Just bear my errors if you can, and enjoy the reading! ;)



Este, a Quest for Italy

Follow the dream of a dinasty to reunite Italy under a Kingdom of its own in a penisula torned apart by different cultures and Lords. Will the Este be capable in this task or will they fail ? And what will this provoke in Europe ?

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dublish's Inkwell
That's right, dublish is writing an AAR... maybe...

Coming Soon!


In the Eagle's Nest
A Poland 1939 AAR for Hearts of Iron III

See the preview now!​

Select critical praise for dublish's In the Eagle's Nest:
Rensslaer said:
I know what you're going for, but the aim is off.
coz1 said:
...let's get some subtance up soon.
Singleton Mosby said:
What's wrong with the fifth screenshot?
Llywelyn said:
This must be a lost cause...
OAM said:
I see what you did there, but it doesn't work ;)
dublish said:
I have way too much time on my hands. :eek:o
Note: Critical praise may or may not have been made in response to dublish's In the Eagle's Nest
China's AARight to Be Hostile! - A Different Way for the Guomindang.


Are you upset that Mao lives past 1936?

Are you tired of losing to Japan?

Are you sick of having to fight petty warlords after winning against the Sons of Nippon?

Do you hate having to hold the line until Japan's manpower runs out?

Do you find destroying the Soviets with German help too easy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to read my AAR.

If you read now, you too can learn how to:

1) Beat the communists by April of 1936!

2) Annex the entirety, (land and army) of the Guangxi Clique before the Japanese attack!

3) Gain an additional 56 Infantry, 8 militia and 2 cavalry divisions by April of 1937... all without building anything but supplies, consumer goods and upgrades!!!

4) If you think that's special, just wait... because you will also learn how to add 47 to your Base IC! At the same time! That's 99 base IC and 5 tech teams... Completely free! You can't afford not to read it!

I know what some of you are saying... this sounds all well and good but what about Japan?

Have no fear, because this AAR will show you how to kick the Japanese off the mainland! If you read now, it won't be 1942, it won't be 1941, instead it will be the all time low of October of 1937!!!

But wait! If you still need convincing, we'll not only tell you how to kick the Japanese off the mainland, we'll also throw in how to invade the home islands and make them a puppet state by the end of 1940!

It's not just Japan! Reading now guarantees that you have a front row seat for the destruction of both the Soviet Union and Germany by Chinese soldiers! That's right two Autocratic dictatorships for the price of one!

The AAR is hand crafted for over a year and includes extras like....

Historical fluff!

Period pictures!

Personalized Q & A!

If you've never read a Nationalist China AAR or even an HOI2 AAR, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. We recommend it for all your HOI and China needs.

If you want to take advantage of this exclusive Inkwell offer Call 13568969034 or Click here
Hello everyone, I'm Mico94 and this is my Inkwell:
As you can see and read, it contains 2 mostly mediocre AARs. Yay!

The fate of a nation in your hands!
Genre: Gameplay/Comedy
Nation: Belgium
Game: started with HoI2-DD 1.2, finished with ARMA 1.3beta2
Scenario: 1936- The road to war
Difficulty: Normal/Normal
Info: This is my 2nd AAR. The reason for the title is the fact that I asked my readers if they want an Axis Belgium or allied Belgium: they choosed axis Belgium.
The AAR was started on 05.07.08 and is now completed(through it was on hold for the whole school period :()
During the '08 period of the AAR the style was more gameplay+sarcasm
In the '09 period i changed my style a little with gameplay+minister dialogues
See how L' Empeur Belgique was formed and how its struggling to keep it in one piece.

United states of America(s)-a US AAR
Genre: Gameplay
Nation: the title says it;)
Played in Normal/Normal
With Hoi2-DD 1.2
Scenario: 1936- The road to war
Info: this was my first AAR, it started on the day i finished school, 13.06.08 and it ended the 26.06.08 :rofl:.
i quickly lost interest because of lack of comments.
my goal was to unite all the americas under US flag.
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This is the Ink Well of XHR

Maybe the last HoI 2 Germany Scenario 1941 VH/A AAR (abandoned)

***Awarded WritAAR of the week on September 7th, 2009 ***
***Awarded Weekly AAR Showcase on August 22nd, 2009 ***
***Awarded Best Character Writer of the Week on November 2nd, 2009 ***
* Runner-Up Favourite HOI History Book AAR ACA 2009/QIII *

Witness the biggest mistake of Hitler: Unternehmen Barbarossa!
The readAARs say:
Ostfront 1941 (maybe the last Hoi2 GER 41 AAR) (HoI2) by XHR; optimistic title aside, this is a little gem of heavily-narrated warfare depicting the bloody Ostfront, which isn't going very well for the Germans. Very well written, with an extreme care for details, it perfectly sets the atmosphere.
Just caught up. Awesome!
And I pass [the writAAR of the week] to XHR, for his excellent and very thorough Ostfront 1941
Well done (...)!
This is a great AAR!! And what a see-saw battle back and forth... like two boxers slugging it out in the ring... who will have the stamina to take the field???
The story is well narrated and i believe the game is also well played. You post a lot of details, maps etc. which i personally like very much. (...)
All in all i find this aar to be among the best I've read.
Keep up the good work! ;)
I must admit to a bit of slacking. This AAR has long deserved to be approved, but I have been to lazy. No more!
I hereby approve this AAR, and from now onwards all attacks will be glorious....attacks?
Congratulations XHR, I'm sorry I took so long to approve this, but you have earned it!:cool:
(...)for your scarily realistic depiction of the German generals and higherups I nominate you as Character writer of the week, congrats.
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Hundhedning's Inkwell

Hundhedning's inkwell

Weeeeellll, perhaps this is a little premature, since I only have one AAR as of now. Still, I've been given this fancy award and I have to collect it somewhere.


Under the Raven Banner
An AAr about the pagan Skilfing dynasty from Östergötland, descendants of the gods and destined for greatness.
Chosen as the weekly AAR for september 5, 2009:
A hearty thank you once more to all those who share in my joy at this AARward! :)

Well, it seems the time has come to pass the torch and it was by no means an easy descision. After trolling through the forums of all the genres and reading up on some AARs, I have finally settled on one which I think should win this award. This AAR, done in CK, had me entertained and having fun the whole ride! I'm speaking, of course, about Under the Raven Banner:A Norse Pagan AAR by Hundhedning!!! Allow me be the first to congratulate you, sir, on your victory! :D

Untersturmführer Hienz Klien and Brigadeführer, Sigfried Von Stazi observe a Finnish Army training exercise...

A 1936 gameplay/story AAR using patch 1.2
Historical where possible.
The two protraganists will be attached to Waffen SS units throughout the war. While this is a gameplay/story AAR, the story element will concentrate on the roles of these to officers, their highs and lows.
Stazi and Klien do Poland better know as...
There and back again, a Waffen SS General’s tale
Extracts from an upcoming AAR

Brigadeführer, Sigfried Von Stazi hurriedly walked down the hall in the Prinzalbrechtstrasse building (SS headquarters, Berlin). When he reached his office he gave a silent nod to Untersturmführer Klein.
Untersturmführer Hienz Klien smiled knowingly but knew that for at the least the next ten minutes the Brigadeführer would not want to be disturbed.
Stazi sat down at his desk and smiled. A battlefield commission was now his. He had convinced Reichsführer SS Himmler that he could better serve the SS and in so doing greater Germany if he was assigned to one of the new Waffen SS units being formed in secret. He had frankly blindsided the Reichsführer SS with his blunt request. Hitler himself had smiled knowing the young officer had got the better of his chief of the State Security.
Brigadeführer Von Stazi had been tired of being nothing but a glorified bean counter. Of sitting on the sidelines and watching as Hitler’s war machine slowly began to roar into life. Ever since 36 he had realized that you could only go so far as a glory boy bound only to ceremonial duties and guarding the Fuehrer.
The heady days at the Fuehrer’s monthly planning sessions were gone for good, no longer would he listen to Donitz and Raeder spar with each other over command of the fleet.
Or to hear Herr Goering, the buffoon, espouse the virtues of the Luftwaffe...
To be continued...

Welcome to my inkwell, listing my current and past AARs. I'm a great fan of Paradox's approach to game design (& more recently have discovered the very different AGEOD approach) and an avid reader of other people's AARs (for fun, entertainment and also as a way to learn how to play the particular games), so this is my attempt to contribute something back.

Paradox Titles

Crusader Kings

My first CK AAR was a comedy-history of the Princes of Novgorod told when they are being assigned to the appropriate corner of eternity after their demise: [thread=461594]Tales from our Faarthers[/thread]. This AAR (which draws in equal part on Dante and Andy Hamilton) quickly became more about the tussles of Satan (Harry, as in old Harry's game) to acquire souls, deal with rebellions in Hell, inept builders (he's not actually good at any of those things) and still find time to fit in some acts of demonic excess (well usually his sidekick Astarte does the stuff that actually works). Over time, it steadily evolved to the point where the actual doings of the current Rurikovich was somewhat overshadowed by the ongoing arguments between Harry (who was evicted from Hell in about 1300), Astarte (who did the evicting), various Archangels (at least one of whom ended up running a dubious night club in Harry's refugee camp and another fell in love with Astarte - which did nothing for his position in the divine order of things) and the attempts of the Norse Gods to muscle their way back in. This rather odd AAR won me Writaar of the week for 21 March 2010, Character Writer of the Week in April 2010 and the Q4 2010 and Q2 2011 CK Comedy Category [1].

The AAR finished in December 1452 (in game terms), with Harry getting tbe bar and Astarte getting Hell in their divorce settlement, and the assembled Rurikovichs being allowed to carry on bickering and drinking for eternity (which since 3 of them had murdered their predecessor may not be the happiest of outcomes) while locked into Harry's bar. I must confess, this remains my personal favourite, it was such fun to write.

When CK2 first came out, I did a quick AAR, mainly written to explore the event chains for narrative purposes - The Ramblings of John McNab starting with patch 1.2 and running to 1140. My third CK AAR is rather different. Its a narrative tale (told by 3 very different narrators) and starts on New Year's Eve 1098 with most of the Sultan's subjects plotting revolt and Hassan Sabbah newly installed in Alamut. Read more at: If with evil you punish .... This won me Character Writer of the Week for 28 October 2012 but an overall lack of readers/comments and a feeling of not knowing how to end the plotlines effectively led to its early demise.

Europa Universalis

Buried deep in AARland is my first EU3 AAR The Secret History which seemed a good idea when I started and ran out of steam immediately. Anyway, in an attempt to redeem the situation a Ming DW AAR featuring the immortal (& very grumpy) Queen Mother of the West, can be found at: The Queen Mother's Diaries (& this has guest appearances by Harry et al). Various emperors receive her 'advice' and most manage to ignore it, concentrating on expanding towards India rather than liberating her palace in Central Asia from the steppe nomads. The only problem with the 'India-first' strategy is when Harry and the Queen Mother realise just who has taken control over the sub-continent. And this is before any Europeans are sighted. Strangely, the initial casual reference to peacocks, has, over time, become a major theme in the narrative and, even more strangely, this became the weekly showcase for 8 April 2012. I also completed this one.

Hearts Of Iron

My very first AAR used HOI3 1.2 and can be found at: [thread=428389]A USSaaR[/thread]. A somewhat different HOI 3 1.2 AAR was the goal of rebuilding the Ottoman empire, at: [thread=440093]Breaking the Sevres: A Turkish Bull in the Mediterranean China Shop[/thread] it is perhaps a bit coffee-centric, which is also fascinating - I did after all rebuild the Ottoman empire c1800 and then start collecting the rest of the Med, this too was ended in mid-1944. With HOI3 v 1.3 I did another Soviet AAR using the 1941 Barbarossa scenario:B'aar Baa Red Sheep. Using Semper Fi I produced The Great Patriotic War, lots of non-game maps, posters and pictures (& text of course). This collected a steady stream of wins in the ACAs for best HOI History Book AAR: Q3 2010, Q4 2010, Q2 2011, Q3 2011 and Q4 2011. It ends in late 1945 with the final defeat of the remaining Axis powers in Latin America and concludes with a couple of alternate history posts that sketch out a very different set of USSR-USA cold war dynamics.


Just to ensure that I do an AAR for every part of the major Paradox franchise, here is a Rome AAR: The Punic Curse. Follow the Roman Republic in a century of tumolt with expansion, greed, civil war and rebellion after it has destroyed Carthage once and for all. Rather nicely this won the 'Other' category in the Q3 2012 ACAs. This ends in 711 AUC (so slightly before the notional end point for the game) as it became mired in small scale revolts leading to rather repetitive gameplay. But it was an interesting exercise in taking one of the later start points.


My first Victoria 2 AAR is, in a strange way, a sequel to 'Tales' (this maybe the first CK:V2 conversion with no intermediate EU gameplay). So try out The Emails from Etaarnity, where 400 years later, after some never explained events, Harry and Astarte (plus others) re-appear and again interfere in human history (and exchange emails). Harry, as his way, opens a bar in Venezuela, Astarte may, or may not, be masquerading as Queen Victoria. Features a killer crocodile that is soon made into a handbag (it attacked the wrong person),the most dangerous kitten-rabbit combination in human history and various demons and archangels having problems with the modern world. And, just to prove you can't keep a good (bad?) demon down, Harry won me Character Writer of the week for June 2011 and, again, in September 2011 as well as the best comedy category in the Q3 2011 awards. Amazingly by 1936 Venezuela was #2 in the world despite all this celestial input.

AGEOD Titles

Alea Jacta Est

With this on the verge of release, I was convinced to do a 'how to' PBEM AAR with Narwhal. This is similar in style to the how to AAR for Wars In America (below). We used the Sulla vs Marius vs Mithradates vs the annoyed Spanish scenario. The last two were handled by the AI, Narwhal took Sulla and I took the Marius (Populares) faction. Obviously this was punishment for constantly supressing them in my Rome AAR. Anyway read the fun in The Hero, The Traitor and the Barbarian: An AJE PBEM Beginner AAR here. I'll leave it to the readers to decide who is who.

Pride of Nations

This started out as a planned short (short by PoN standards) AAR with the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont with the goal of exploring the economic system and stopping with unification: Manufacturing Italy: A PoN GC (... sort of). As of now, its looking like I'll end sometime in 1920 as the game has deepened as a colonial empire is created and Italy bids to be mistress again of the Mediterranean, and this won the Q3 2012 and Q4 AGEOD category in the ACAs. due to the closure of the AGEOD forum on this board, the Pride of Nations AAR was transferred and completed on the main AGEOD forum. In addition there is a thread on the AGEOD board that links to a series of lets play videos for Pride Of Nations. Not, as such an extended gameplay but more dipping in and out to explore issues of army management and how to cope with the economic model.

Rise of Prussia

In an attempt to make an utter fool of myself, check out my first AGEOD AAR using Rise of Prussia: The White, Blue and Green. Single Player with lots of bonuses given to a very competent AI also played from the Austrian perspective and, at least in part, an attempt to elicit advice on how to play the game as to offer any great insights of my own (which is handy as by the end of 1759 I'd managed to reduce the anti-Prussian coalition to a complete shambles). This ran to January 1764 ending with a narrow defeat. Its a brilliant game system and the AI is a genuine challenge, this final post has a discussion of both in-game strategy choices and some game mechanics not well covered in the manual. This won the open category for AArland Choice Awards Q2 2011.

After an abortive attempt at a History Book style treatment of a MP game, here's a more conventional report of a PBEM, Rise of Prussia between myself and Narwhal: The Mightiest Empires Fall. Again I'm playing the Austrian side and it ends more like Germany 1945 than anything you find in a history of the Seven Years War, but still great fun (complete with the 18th Century equivalent of 8 Guards Army crashing into Berlin and clearing out strongpoints along the Oder). Much to my delight, this AAR was the weekly showcase for 15 July 2012

Wars In America

Maintaiining the spirit of publicly making a fool of myself, this is based on the Seven Years War in North America: Wars in America: A How to AAR, this is the first time I had ever played WiA and the first time I had played PBEM. Warning, contains a lot of careless use of matches (& countless massacres and violence towards the British and French aristocracies) and it ends in a total defeat of France in May 1762 (so its good how not strategy guide - from my side but you can read Narwhal's posts as a masterclass in how to play the game) when the ravenous English finally capture the elegant patisseries of New France. Despite this, it was great fun and a really good introduction to the joys of MP in the AGEOD game system. This shared the award in the Open Category for Q3 2011 in the ACA awards and was the runner up in the 2011 Aarthena Awards.

Since that was such a success, we started a new game (again this has posts from both of us) using the 1812 scenario, with me playing the Americans and this can be found at Burning down the Houses. This rather surprisingly won us a joint award of AARtist of the month for January 2012 as well as sharing the prize for the open category in the 2011 Q4 ACA awards. As is traditional, it ends with me suffering an absolute and complete defeat (even though I was besieging Montreal at the end).


Something totally different is Defending Leningrad a PBEM using War in the East (and in the OT forum). Using the same base game here is a PBEM of the entire campaign, snappily titled The Great Patriotic War. As in the original HOI3 version, lots of images (new ones even) and also the fun of getting kicked around by a human opponent rather than having to take pity on the HOI AI. You can also find a tale about messing about in boats as: WiTW over here

Various Things I have won

Writaar of the week 21 March 2010;
Character Writer of the Week 16 April 2010, 12 June 2011, 18 September 2011; 28 October 2012;
Fan of the week, 12 February 2011, 8 May 2011, 7 August 2011, 26 August 2012; 16 March 2013
AARtist of the month: January 2012 (shared);
Weekly AAR Showcase: 8 April 2012; 15 July 2012

[1] - as well as a much treasured single vote for the 'best history book CK AAR' in an earlier round

image test:

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Iain Wilson's Ink Well

Hello - thanks for reading this! You've probably clicked on the link in my signature (which works now - hence you ending up here) so thanks for taking the time to exercise your index finger! For those of you who are unaware, I generally write comedy AARs, but I'm happy to try my hand to most styles.

Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber! Here's my AARs:

Current AARs

Suenik Reloaded (CKII)
(Commenced 12/4/17)

People seemed to enjoy my foray into the wacky world of Suenik back in the original CK, so why not give it a shot in CKII? This will be a learning experience to see if a) CKII provides as much laughs as CKI and b) I have no idea what I'm doing in the new game (and haven't played the old one for years...). Suenik Reloaded has won the following awards:

Suenik the Beleagured - a None Too Serious AAR (CK)
(Commenced 08/09/09 - completed 17/03/11)
A simple comedy AAR based on an equally simple premise: take a small, insignificant county, surrounded by enemies, and see if it can survive. Inspired in no small part by the wonderful "If You Can't Do It, Nubia can! A (hopefully) comedic AAR" this initially looked to be a short-lived venture. Bizarrely, for starting in such spectacularly awful style (for those of you with CK, start the 1066 scenario as the County of Suenik and see just quite how "beleaguered" it is!) I managed to keep this little baby chuntering on for a year and a half! If you want something that is fairly easy going and light on the old grey matter then feel free to give it a pop. However, take the time to read the comments from my lovely readers - a lot of them are extremely funny in their own right! Suenik has won the following awards:

Forward in the Name of God - a Scottish Megacampaign (CK, EU2, Vicky, HoI2)
(Commenced 21/04/06 - Completed 12/02/10)
My first attempt to do something major with all my favourite Paradox games. In short, it documents the rise of Scotland from a backwater agrarian nothing in 1066 to THE dominent power of the 20th century. Like nearly everything I've written it's not serious in the slightest, but it's quite short and easy going, so if you fancy wasting your lunch hour give it a shot (the quality of the writing improves as it goes on too...)!

The Kingdom of AARLand (CK)
(Commenced 23/03/10 - Completed 05/05/10)
A silly little AAR where I took some of the worthies that people these forums, CKized them, put them in the fictional Kingdom of AARLand, and ran the game to see how things would end (badly as it turned out). Probably one of the shorter AARs out there (when you see who we had as neighbours you'll understand why!) it was an enormous amount of fun to run, and the seperate comments thread showed just how involved everyone got. It even managed an award:

I've been fortunate enough to receive the following pieces of recognition from the community:

These Oranjes Are Not For Eating - Fun and Games In the Orange Free State (Victoria)
(Commenced 15/02/10)
After tying up my mega campaign (see below!) I decided to embark on something different. Rather than letting the game engine generate situations for me to write about I thought I'd turn my hand to some narrative. The result is loosely based on a game of Victoria that I played (obviously!) and and should be instantly familiar to anyone conversant with a certain sci-fi epic from 1977... Oranjes has won the following awards:

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit - an Argyle AAR (CK)
(Commenced 23/09/04)
My first ever attempt at an AAR. I had grand visions of turning this into a mega campaign but I ended up abandoning it. The thing is, I don't know why. Having reread it, it seems to just peter out into nothingness despite what seems like abundant enthusiasm on my part to keep it going. Weird.

Workers of the World, Unite! A USA (sort of) AAR (Victoria)
(Commenced 29/03/06)
A piece of alternative historical nonsense, this AAR was set in a Victorian world with a communist USA. Although it only had a couple of updates it was generally well received. However, the combined forces of RL (trying to find a new job) and corrupted save files put an end to it. I have to say I was rather touched when, despite three years of no updates someone posted to it on 24/10/09 asking for me to restart it. And the fact that someone described it as "the most hilarious thing I have read in ages" gives me the warm, fluffy feeling of a job well done.

If I Was a Medieval Lord (a rather silly England AAR) (CK)
(Commenced 30/10/09)
A rather light hearted AAR where I threw a load of my friends names into the places of historical characters, ran the game and documented what happened. It was all going swimmingly until I decided to rebuild my laptop and lost not only the save files and the screen captures I'd been saving, but also the customised start up files. Still, it gave me the idea for The Kingdom of AARLand so it wasn't an abject failure.

A Frog In A Well - Iain Learns EU3 (EU3)
(Commenced 16/06/10)
A "training" AAR when I decided to have the community "train" me on how to play EU3. It was going well enough but a combination of a crap PC and the World Cup derailed it and by the time I was back on the AAR horse the moment had passed. I was very impressed by the assistance offered to me by the community though! I actually know how to play EU3 now so it wasn't an entirely wasted effort.

The Sleeper (EU3)
(Commenced 28/03/11)
My first attempt at "serious" narrative. I can't tell anyone much about it as it only just started and then it was abandoned after a massive hiatus from the forums!
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Lejonet från Norden - A Swedish WWM AAR.

It's an AAR about Sweden, my fatherland. Follow me and the kings of Sweden
as they fight wars, discover a new world, face reformations and revolutions and try to keep their empire together.

Come and read, about how Sweden gloriously rises from the ashes of the Kalmar Union to become Emperor of Scandinavia and beyond. Will they suceed? Or will they fall shamefully
back into foreign control? Find out here

Lejonet från Norden(Translation: The lion from the North)

In the sands of the desert - A Omani WWM AAR

A Crusader Knight lost in the Desert of Arabia, a nation at the tip of destruction, a sultan seeking to expand his nation and a ever shrinking Shiite faith. How will this all add up?
Find out in the only AAR about Oman, In the sands of the Desert. Will Oman keep it's independence? Will the sultans expand their glorious nation? Will the Shi'ah grow or shrink? And who is this knight, actually?

Follow the AAR here and see for yourself...


In 1066, a mysterious rider appears on the horizon in Syrt on the Russian steppe, requesting to see the governor of the province. He is a Mongol and a brother of Temujin, and he is about to change the world....

The Brother of Temujin - A Mongol Crusader Kings AAR
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Holy Roman Empire, 1648.

Peace, yes, but at what price?
Tolerance, yes, but for who? and for what?
A new sovereignty, yes, but how to use it?

One country, Bavaria, one destiny.
Follow the tumultuous life of the Bavaria, its Prince Elector and its counselors, played by members of the forum, at a turning point of history. Be the guest to the possibles and the impossibles of the Bavarian adventure.

-----> HERE <-----
Range: EU3 game narratives written as he and others were travelers on a journey through time.

As for Range he's a mixture of you and me. The plain everyday man...with some mystery mixed in.

All the adventures have Range as a central character, among many other supporting characters that join him in his travels. Each journey has a connection to all the others. In fact, many journeys are easily slipped in as they are somehow connected in some continuing saga.

Just click a link below to be taken to any one of Range's adventures.
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Hello everyone.

I like this opportunity to promote my HoI2 AAR:


ItaliAAR, an Italian campaign - 1936-19?? (ongoing).

It will be a tale of Italy in a world torn between capitalism, communism and national-socialism. The Duce is ready to take advantage of the chaos, yet not all of his men are as loyal as they should be...
Expect lots of scheming and backstabbing, besides Italian expansion in the Mediterranean.
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Current AAR:
The Ten Arrows
The tales of the Magyar invasion!

A light in the DAARkness, a KaisAARreich RussiAAR
(also known as an AAR with the word AAR three times in the title...)
Awarded writAAR of the week 1/11/09!
Thanks Der_Leprechaun!

You have nothing to lose but your chains
Showcased on 22.III.2010.
Awarded Cookie of Extreme Awesome ●
the Cookie of Extreme Uber Albanian Awesomeness! ◖◗
awarded 24.III.2010 by Lighthearter and QuAnTuM respectively.
Winner of the 2010 Round 1 ACA award for HOI2 History Book AAR. Results given on 07-VI-2010

An Unkindness of Ravens.
Dead due to lack of interest and save game funnybusiness
Vikings in Ireland in CKII with an unusual dynasty!

More updates to come later!
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Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

Valentinian was an historical figure, the last of the line of Roman Emperors of the Western Empire. His claim to fame was the defeat of the Attila the Hun, but his immediate successor, Valentinian III, was just a boy when the Western Roman Empire crumbled through acts of treachery. So, nobody really remembers his name.

Some may recognized me from HOI3 multi-player as Val. HOI3 is my game of choice. I have posted a couple of AAR's, but these are over 2-years old now. I am also the author of the HOI3 Advanced Small Country Strategy Guide (ASCSG).

In working on ASCSG there were some interesting developments in creation of an OOB. The system underwent some refinement, and as a result I use it almost extensively in every game I play. There are lots of challenges in HOI3, but one of the biggest is to design and deploy the best formations possible, and to employ numerical superiority that virtually assures victory. A synopsis of the method is given below, but it's better to show people how the system work than to simply write about it. So, this was the genesis of a new AAR:

OOB Planning—Germany 1938

Most players use a seat-of-the-pants design and deployment scheme, but if you have a spreadsheet program and an hour or two to spare, one can come up with some awesome firepower. The above AAR will take the reader through the design steps and show with spreadsheets how to design and deploy the best possible OOB. There is no one-size-fits all design philosophy here, every decision is mesured, and the system is recursive so that the desired results are virtually assured.

Synopsis of HOI3 Top-down OOB Design Philosophy:

One of the most important outgrowths of the ASCSG was sort of a top-down approach to unit design. Basically, it starts with an understanding of the limitations of manpower and IC, and designs an OOB that best suits the situation. Leadership and technology is also a key component of this approach.

I have since applied the top-down approach to Majors, and should probably do an AAR on the subject now that the design process has reached an advanced stage. Anyway, here it is in a nutshell:

Step 1: Determine organization goal by compiling want list of total divisions required on each front (e.g. determine division(s) per province, reserves, etc.)
a. Identify the types of corps a country traditionally fields given its technology and leadership ability (i.e. infantry, mountain, armor, etc.)
b. Break each corps down by division and identify division composition (i.e. total brigades and battilions, combat width of stack, and size of stack (max 6 divisions))
c. Resolve the OOB by numbers and types of corps in each Army (assume 5 corps per army)

From the above, one can develop a gut feeling about whether a nation is capable of performing a certain task, or not. There is no reason to continue further if the committment is too great (e.g. Romania vs USSR).

Step 2: Resolve resource requirements for entire OOB including special forces
a. Add up total manpower required and compare with manpower availability and monthly conscription rate
b. Calculate total (daily) supply requirement and compare with supply production and stockpiles
c. Calculate total (daily) fuel requirement and compare to fuel production and stockpiles

This is really a crucial stage of development as Step 2 is needed to help adjust force structure to match a country's resource availability. For example, designs might take into consideration the USA's manpower availability, or Italy's fuel limitations, or Japanese supply restrictions. Making design decisions is about fielding an effective army, not just creating superior divisions. Again, the top-down approach.

Now, the cost benefit analysis in SGS is a good conversation starter, but it doesn't take into consideration such things as strategic advantages or vunerabilities. For instance, I designed mechanized infantry for the USA, and posters on the Board continually point out that mechanized infantry is too fuelish, takes too much leadership to resesarch, and requires too much IC to build. Still, the USA is the worlds leading fuel producer, has leadership to burn, and more starting IC than practically any other nation. But, the real deciding factor was based on analysis from step 2 above, where it is determined that motorized divisions needed less manpower than any other formation, including tank divisions. So, cost benefit analysis aside, the decision to go with mechanized infantry was determined by manpower requirements more than anything else.

Step 3: Identify days required to fulfill production needs
a. Calculate IC days for individual unit by multiplying production time by production days (e.g. an AA gun needs .65 ic for 88 days)
b. Calculate total IC days required by multiplying the above by total units produced (e.g. 20 AA guns need 1144 IC days)
c. Divide required IC days by available IC to get total days needed to fulfill production request (assume constant IC's and parallel construction)

Step 3 above is primarily to identify IC and/or time limitations. One must know in advance how many IC's must be devoted to the task. This calculation can be mitigated by building reserves or by advancements to production efficiency. If time is limited (e.g. France 1939 or USSR 1940), then it may be necessary to change training laws or reorder unit construction in order to maximize construction practical (build cheap units first). If the estimates here don't meet the required time line (i.e. it will take ten years to finish), then it's back to step 1 to start all over again.

Again, I should do an AAR to show how this system works in practice. Still, it's an organized plan that replaces the seat-of-the pants approach that everyone seems to use. I create a down-sized version for the ASCSG that basically deals with infantry, cavalary, and light tank formations. With this information one can decide quickly the numbers and kinds of forces a small country can expect to field.
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Ҹ Teutonic Knights Ҝ

A narrative story/AAR about the Teutonic Order.
It follows the adventures of fictional and semi-fictional characters
in and around Europe. It has a fairly detailed story line from one event
to another. However, in the later part I decided to make these story
lines shorter to fit a smaller attention span.

The story starts off with a war marked by a rumor. The Danish
Alliance, composed of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland,
and Pommenaria, declare war on the Teutonic Order. The
war eventually causes nations to transform into a theocratic state,
get split into half, and some even try to kill their own monarch.
And in the midst, compelling rivalries between generals/sovereigns
are born. Nearing the end of the war, a king losses his sanity
and ultimately gets dethroned in an unusual manner.

The story still continues...

Click on the banner above to go directly to the Thread.

#under construction
Die Österreich Throne's Tale - #description here

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The Inkwell of Colonel Ironboot

Information about the author:
Citizenship: Russian Federation, Moscow.
Nationality: Ingrian (Russian Finn).
Job: International Law student in Moscow State Institute of International Relations.


Speak Lithuanian or Die - An epic tale of Polish-Lithuanian love, death and linguistic uncertainty in the grim world of Kaiserreich. Updated DAILY, although, now that I think of it, nightly after work and the regular beer.

Current chapter: With local conflicts growing, and elections sinking the country to chaos, Lithuanian government and army is desperately

AARabian Nights - a nasty junta Arab Federation AAR, unfortunately, discontinued due to loss of save file.
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as you may have guessed my username is King_Richard_XI. I have been playing Paradox games (specifically Europa Universalis 3) since Autumn 2008 when I got the game. Since then I've been a regular poster on the site and have now written the following AARs, one of which has won some random thing.

Munster AAR^^

A Campaign to Take Back Éire and Kick out the Saxon Foe
A now abandoned AAR by me.

^^ For Germany and Christendom : A Teutonic OrdAAR. ^^
My second AAR.
Winner of "The bolded magenta cross to the most ludicrously long and pompous made-up title of the week", as allowed by EUROO7:
for the name "His Most Catholic Lord Hochmeister Albrecht I of Reval, General over the Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem and the Archbishopric of Riga"

Winner of the "Hochest Hoch award of 2009"

Select Praise for For Germany and Christendom:
Teuton AARs never get old!
A Teuton AAR! Most excellent! Good work thus far, I can't wait too see more!
Comrade Grandmeister can had "Master of the Baltic" to his titles. Where next, tovarich?
Looks decent on the first page.
Great read! I knew this was the perfect country for you do a AAR on.

- The shortest name for the shortest AAR -​

I hope you enjoy reading them!:) And if you feel like Awarding me something, I won't stop you!:D

And just because I have this post to do anything I want, my favourite comment I ever posted on AAR: (rexodia48's America - The Fight for Independence)
An AAR isn't dead 'til two weeks after an update.
This one's just in a coma.
King Richard XI

(Completely un-AAR-related, for those of you who play SimCity 4, here is the ultimate list of mods for the game: Courtesy of Vulture;))
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