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The boring, personal stuff: Yes, my name is taken from Howard Philliphs Lovecraft's novel. I am currently a student at the Technical University of Budapest, and study physics. I plan to become a nuclear engineer/radiobiologist/nuclear safety technician/medical engineer. My interests outside natural sciences include history (gee, what a surprise), pondering on the universe and the stupidity of man, and metal. I think the second two show a lot.
Oh yeah, and I'm also into what is called "hidden".

I regularly promise to update my AARs weekly and always fail, mainly due to real life, aka the university, or lack of inspiration, or because my thought and ideas race faster than my hands, I am sometimes don’t want to write down ideas I have already integrated into the chapters I am compiling in my head.
And my chapters always turn out different from how I imagined them when i started them. But that’s writing, I guess.

And now, onto the real stuff.

My first foray into the lands of AARland is/was Under The Raven Banner, a story about the "what if" of Johannes Bureus converting the Sweden back to the Old Germanic Faith. Intended to be a short premise to a gameplay AAR, it has grown to a huge monster of a story, with 30 updates only gasping the first 10-20 years of a two-three hundred year long story. I personally learned a lot about writing while doing it, and the journeyman's work type of it shows in fluctuating style and such discrepancies, but I have gotten a lot of praise for it. It is currently on ice, I’m thinking of rewriting the old chapters before doing new ones.

If you are looking for the Old Gods, pagan festivals, metal references and genuine plotting and bloodletting, check it out!

My second AAR, one I consider to be more mature, and more mysterious, deals with the adventures of a young Templar, who has to find his own way to Wisdom. Built around the premise of the Gnostic Templars, it contains heavy references to various kinds of spirituality and occultism, and deals in a wholly different way with the supernatural than my first story. Metal references and stolen titles stay, though.

If you want to find Sophia, Baphomet awaits you.

Unter Der Schwazen Sonne: The Occult War. Pretty much what you could expect from such a title. The Black Sun is on the rise, and humanity is about to be engulfed in its light.

The forest seeps frozen blood: follow Bran, John and Jojen into the heart of Winter, and to the Eternal Spring.

And I have two, aborted gameplay AARs as well:

One with Japan, and one with Brasil
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Veldmaarschalk's AAR depository

Welcome dear readers,

First the important stuff, my awAARds :D

2 x WritAAR of the Week
1 x Best CharactAAR writer of the Week
1 x Fan of the Week
1 x Winner of the CrusadAARs Chalice

And here my AAR's

I started my WritAAR career in November 2005 with the following AAR

A Saxon Imperial Dream (1066 – 1278, aborted)
An AAR about my favorite Paradox game, Crusader Kings.

The AAR follows the Billung dynasty who start the game as the dukes of Saxony in 1066, my goal was to become the king of Germany, Italy and Burgundy. Or in other words Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. But I never cam that far and instead of that first became king of Finland and later my primary title became king of Poland. It is a character-driven AAR.

The highlight of the AAR was the loss of almost all my titles under king Bodo ‘the Bad’ .

I aborted the AAR in 1277 during the long reign of king Wulfbald ‘Iron Arm’, despite my promises of finishing it, I never came around doing that. This game also saw my first careful steps in the CK-modding world

The Last Lombard Prince of Italy (1066 – 1453)
My second AAR and by far the most successful one. This time I started as the count of Salerno in 1066. This AAR was my first one which made use of my Alternative Scenario Setup, which had f.e. added the Lombard culture in Southern Italy. My goal was to become the ruler of the kingdom of Italy and Sicily.

This AAR is sort of a history book-style. Each chapter was about one ruler, where I first tell something about the ruler and his family, then about his deeds and then about other important things that happened in the game.

The highlight of this AAR, was the ‘Curse of the Gaimars’. I had several rulers named Gaimar and all of their rules were very unlucky.

The Gerulfing Saga (1066 – 1453)
Another Crusader Kings AAR, this time about the rulers of the duchy of Holland, the Gerulfings. This AAR is my personal favorite. It is written in a news-paper style. With articles about the important things that happened during the game.

The AAR didn’t receive much attention, the reason behind that was, that my first updates used a very difficult to read font-type. Which may have scared a lot of readAARs away. Or it might just be that it just wasn’t to peoples liking.

The highlight of this AAR was the rollercoaster ride that I had with my rulers, I went from count to duke to king to count to king to duke to king to several king title to one king title and to a lot of king titles.

The True History of the House von Habsburg (1066 – 1453)
I started this game as the count of Aargau, or Habichtsburg in my modded game, Werner von Habsburg. My goal was to have the same titles the Habsburg held in real life in 1453 and that goal was achieved.

This AAR developed actually in two different stories, the ‘writer of the history’ is a young Swiss nobleman called Karl-Friedrich von Lenzburg. Who is an officer in the Austrian army of Empress Maria Theresia and is giving the assignment by the Empress to write a history about her family. The adventures of Karl-Friedrich soon became as interesting as the AAR about the game. And the end of the AAR wasn’t at all as I had planned it.

One of the highlights of the AAR is the cameo-appearance of a certain Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the son of an Innkeeper in Graz, where Karl-Friedrich is staying. Young Arnold is dreaming about going to America to become a Governor there.

The county that was forgotten, a count of Zutphen AAR ( 1066 – 1126, terminated)
This AAR was a short one, it was to be an AAR about my home-town, Zutphen. Which I had modded into the game. The AAR was character driven but I had no specific goals. But after the first few rulers I noticed that I was becoming repetitive so I decided to terminated this AAR.

Tales from Faereyar and Away (1066 – 1070, aborted)
Another attempt to write a character driven AAR, this time as the count of Faereyar. The AAR tells a story from different POV. The idea was to make up stories about certain small or even important events in the game. And though the start was pretty successful I soon ran out of idea’s and got lost in all my storylines, so I had to abort this AAR.

I was pretty proud of this AAR-title though.

Cymbru am Byth – Wales Forever (1066 – 1148, aborted)
A new AAR in a new style, this time a diary-style AAR. In this game I started as the count of Gwent and Glamorgan. My goal was to unite the British Isles. In my game I achieved this goal, but it was done with such ease and it wasn’t the epic struggle that I hoped for. This made me lose interest in the game and in the AAR.

The Return Of The Lombards ( 1492 – 1749, aborted)
My first non-CK AAR, this time about an EUIII-game. I tried to redo my successful CK-AAR ‘The Last Lombard Princes of Italy’, having modded the kingdom of Salerno into the game. The style was about the same, each ruler receiving one chapter. Where I told what he achieved or not achieved.

Sadly enough this is another AAR I have not been able finish. While my original plan was to even write a third AAR about the Lombards of Salerno in a Heart of Iron setting, I would skip the Victoria age by just giving a brief history about what happened to my nation during those years.

Things that make you go ‘Eu’ (1278 - ????)
After a long break I decided to start a new CK-AAR, this time about the d’Eu family. But so far I have only been able to write two chapters and it looks like this will be another aborted project. The reason is that I started modding CK again which is so much fun to do but also takes up a lot of time.

Heia SafAARi: A Kaiserreich AAR
My first attempt at a HoI2DD AAR, playing as the Deutsch-Afrikanischer Freistaat.

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It'll serve the purpose.. Little in the way of embelishment yet.

EU2 MP free for all, running round the clock (practically)

Machiavelli: Europe Arising
Twelve pages of EU2 MP AAR goodness! :)

Machiavelli II: The Rebirth
(for those of you heathens that think 6 pages is short for an AAR: that's because it's only the AAR entries :) )

Machiavelli III: From Dawn to Decadence
you guessed it... EU2 MP AAR.

Throne of Heaven
EU 2 MP AAR with a twist - EU2 meets adventure/RPG.

Throne of Heaven 2: The Olympian Rebirth
now with Olympian gods meddling as well!

..you guessed it, more EU2 MP

(see above :) )
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About myself: I'm what I like to call a "Anglo-German" (English fahter, German mother) currently studiying History and Political Science in Göttingen. Since my father is English I have a special love and interest for English history. Not surprisingly when writing AARs I favor a history-book style of presentation, although one of my latest AARs, namely "I Doukas" has been my first attempt at a narrative format. Whether I'm any good at it you'll have to see for yourself.
The following list of my AAR's lacks a few that did not get over the planning stages (therefore more than two or three updates) due to lack of time, interesting game aspects, or my sheer incompetence.
Due to the huge loads of real life stuff associated with studiying I had to take a hiatus of the forums for the last 2 years but am ready to rekindle my activity with the upcoming Crusader Kings 2 release

Honors so far:​

WritAAR of the Week Sep. 23rd 2007 for "The High Kings of Alba"
WritAAR of the Week Jul. 26th 2009 for "I Doukas"
Weekly AAR Showcase November 7th 2008 for "The High Kings of Alba"
Character WritAAR of the Week July 6th 2009 for Andronikos Doukas in "I Doukas"​

Current AARs:

Crusader Kings:

Abandoned\Unfinished AARs:

Crusader Kings:

Title:Rule Britannia!
Started: 01.08.2006
Ended: 21.08.2006
Timespan: 1066-1178
Current views: 1294
About the AAR:
This was my first AAR. It follows the fortunes and misfortunes of several consecutive English kings out the de Normandy dynasty starting with William the Conqueror. The writing style is pretty simple and straight forward history writing (perhaps slightly influenced by Caesars "Bellum Gallicum"), so this is a good AAR to see at what low points of style my writing began. Hopefully it has improved over time. :rofl:

Title:The rise of "El Cid" and his dynasty
Started: 21.05.2007
Ended: 21.06.2007
Timespan: 1066-1166
Current views: 2.260
About the AAR:
The figure of El Cid always fascinated me, so I found the thought interesting what might have happened if he had become a Iberian king himself. In this AAR you can see how Rodrigo de Vivar alias "El Cid" and his decedents make their mark on the "Reonconquista" before the AAR sadly ends due to CtD's.

Title:The High Kings of Alba - A Scots Mega-Campaign Part One
Started: 08.07.2007
Timespan so far:1066-11177
Current views: 28.521
About the AAR:
The concept of a Mega-campaign through all the Paradox titles always fascinated me, so I tried to give it a go myself. This AAR tells the story about the epic rise of the Atholl dynasty to the throne of Scotland and of their turbulent struggle to turn Scotland into a powerful realm with the dangerous neighbor England always looming just beyond it's borders. The story is presented through an overview of each monarch and his deeds quite similar to thrashing mad's "History of the White Eagle." It gave me some interesting insights into how comlex and time consuming a AAR-Epic can truly be.


Title:The I Doukas - Tales of Passion, Power and Death
Started: 02.08.2008
Timespan so far:1065-1066
Current views: 780
About the AAR:
This was my first serious attempt at a narrative AAR. As a setting I chose my favorite faction the Byzantine Empire and Veldmaarschalk's wonderful "Before the Conquest" Scenario for Crusader Kings. The story follows the bid for power of Andronikos Doukas, the nephew of the inept and ailing emperor Konstantinos X Doukas. This being Byzantium it will of course a stony road with loads of intrigue and of course passion, power and death. Unfortunatly did not get past the inital stages.

Hearts of Iron II:

Title:Eliminating Stalinism
Started: 02.09.2007
Ended: 06.10.2007
Timespan: 1920-1940
Current views: 2903
About the AAR:
This Soviet AAR follows an alternative history. Beginning in 1920 I retell the military and industrial development of the Soviet Union before things start to differ from our history as parts of the Soviet military and party resist Stalins purges and lead by Nicolaj Temanov (fictional character) start a civil war that ends in the overthrow of Stalin and his terror-system. Watch the Soviet Union develop into a more lenient and democratic state as World War II draws closer!
This AAR is actually my personal favorite. I am really sad that I did not have the time to continue it and I am still dreaming of redoing it someday although I have lost the save file.

Europa Universalis III Napoleon's Ambition:

Title:Our just quAARrel - England 1453-1823
Started: 23.04.2008
Timespan so far: 1453-1461
Current views: 240
About the AAR:
This is an AAR using the Magna Mundi Mod 1.729. In this aim at leading England through the strive of the Wars of the Roses and back to old greatness. And when I say "old Greatness" I mean it quite literally. You won't see a lot of colonizing and oversee ventures in this game. Instead I try to create a believable alternative history line in which England reenters the continent. Well at least that was the idea. ;)
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The Library of Cyrus_The_Great​

I am a 16 year old who has developed a fascination in writing stories, and have found this community an excellent place for it. I have a history of abandoning AARs for whatever reason, but I have really put a lot of effort into my current one and don't think that will be a problem. MyCanonized Interview has a lot of information about me in case you are curious.


In The Land of The Few

By 1869, when this story takes place, the world is radically different from the one in our History. A massive war that will shake the world is about to erupt, while France battles with its own revolution. Written in a narrative style comparable to that of Harry Turtledove.


A Sicilian Tale: The Adventures Of Giacomo D'Acciaio
Summary: Giacomo D'Acciaio, a famous Condottiero, returns from a campaign to find a coup attempting to overthrow the King of Sicily. It has been nominated one Character Writer of the Week Award by Coz1, and also led to my Canonized interview.

L'Impero Maritimo Di Genova
Summary: I rather fun gameplay AAR I have considered picking up again, watch as Genoa forms an Empire in EU2

Summary: Very short lived, it was about, as one would expect, a war between Austria and Italy in 1882. Written in the style Turtledove, I have thought of making another AAR in this style.

And some others I would rather not mention...(I was young :rofl: )
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TC Pilot's the name (which you may have gathered from my name), famous and extraordinary AAR writer in these parts... No? Never heard of me? Didn't think so.

If you do know me, you most likely know me from my Chronological Influences series, a series of AARs featuring the time-travelling megalomaniac Alexei Stukov in his desperate bid for world domination. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he doesn't. And some times I inexplicably dump him in a new timeframe.

My lesser known works include a series of history book-style AARs, generally revolving around the Papal States, though I've done AARs of Communist China (HoI), Cuba (HoI), France (HoI), the Netherlands (HoI2), and Freedonia (HoI2). Only a fraction of my AARs end up being finished, usually either due to game malfunctions or a lack of interest/inspiration/motivation derived from an apparent lack of interest on the part of the forum. Basically, if you want an AAR of mine to continue, post replies early and often.

So, without further ado, here are the AARs I'm willing to advertise.

The Chronological Influences Series
Chronological Influences: A Soviet AAR -complete
Chronological Influences II: An American AAR -abandoned
Chronological Influences III: The Wrath of Stukov -complete
Chronological Influences IV: Legacy of Time: A CK AAR -in progress

The Blackadder Tale: An England AAR - in progress

A History of the Second Roman Empire: The Imperial Years

I joined the forums in August of 2002, having just bought EU2. I wandered in and out of the AAR forums through that autumn, and by the end of that year had started to make my first tentative steps in the community, in comments and in my first AAR. Since then I have had a number of absences from the forum, when real-life has interrupted things.

My username, if anyone is curious, is prounounced S T Nylan - the 's' and 't' are initials. It was an old roleplay character of man - though I took the surname from a character in LE Modesitt Jr.'s Recluse Saga.

I don't remember exactly when - sometime late in 2003 - I came up with my motto and standard for my own behaviour in AARland, namely 'To view is human, to comment is divine'. I don't claim any great inspiration for this - I nicked the idea off a sticker I had seen on a rented VHS tape from Blockbuster (which read: To play is human, to rewind is divine).

I have attempted a number of AARs, most of which have fallen by the wayside from apathy on my part or technical issues. I have just completed an AAR for the first time. Hopefully I will be able to complete more in the future.

MonAARstery Chronicles: A Muscowian/Russian AAR EU2 with EEP - Chronicle/Gameplay with some narrative elements.

I started this one at the end of 2002, and eventually abandoned after 200 years of gameplay. During the course of this one I adopted limegreen as the colour to use for in-game events, something I have continued to do ever since. Also - during this AAR I discovered how much fun it was to try and make a convincing alternate history out of the events the game throws at you.

All Alone in the Night EU2 Mongol Empire Scenario - Narrative

This AAR was my first full-on narrative, and started in January 2004. It was abandoned before the story caught up with gamestart, but it has always been something I am sorry to have stopped. Notably in it I had a couple of scenes where I experimented with the present tense for the first time.

Playing the Pope - A Papal States AAR Victoria - Gameplay

A straight-forward gameplay AAR, that unfortunately stops after just 20-odd years as I stopped having the time to write both this and All Alone in the Night.

A History of Lord Roger de Courseulles and his successors - a Somerset AAR CK - Chronicle/Gameplay

A return to the chronicle-style. AAR eventually abandoned as I lost my notes and the save, but progressed for quite a few years. In this AAR I fully explored the idea that the chronicler-character does not have to be a reliable reporter of events. Also a local AAR in many ways, considering I life in the area most of this is set.

In Memory of France EU2 - Narrative

This is the first AAR I every completed. I started it in October 2005, and completed it April 2008. Due to real life there was several lengthy gaps between updates (of several months duration). This AAR started from a post in Guess the Author. It is written in the present tense, and was mostly a vehicle for me to experiment in that medium. It was based on a game when I was playing Castille/Spain. A large chunk of it goes into some detail in a story based around a single random event I had in 1682 (from a 1419 start). Never under-estimate a random event.

Learning Protestantism with Livonia EU2-ACGEEP - Chronicle/Gameplay

Started in March 2006 as light-relief from Memory of France, this was abandoned as I lost the save when transferring data from an old to a new computer. The first AAR in which I made much use of screenshots. The idea was that I had never played a Protestant country, so I was going to write an AAR about my experience of doing so. In the event, the game never got that far, and as it happens I still haven't played a Protestant country in the EU series (nb: as of June 2018 that is no longer the case).

Chronicles of the de Warenne family - a Deus Vult AAR CK-DV Chronicle/Gameplay

Started in November 2007, the idea behind this AAR was that it would be something easy and light relief to help my recovery from the dire state I had found myself in over the summer of 2007. So I went back to my favourite style, the chronicle style (I studied mediaeval chronicles at university, and the bug has never left me). Unfortunately I ran into a persistent CTD, and it had to be abandoned rather early on.

In addition to the above I have been involved in the Free Company, from Book IV onward. I have also made contributions to other Forum efforts (the Gazette, the Advocate, Guess-the-Author) over the years.

A Milanese Education - Back to School with EU3 EU3 - Historybook

A short-lived AAR, on account of real-life intervening again.

Stories of King Sean CK2 - Mixed short stories

A CK2 AAR that is my return to the fora after a period of absence, focusing on the life of just one king. Hopefully it will last a while longer that my last attempted AAR! Alas, this one too ran into offline life taking away my energy, and stumbles to a halt.

Pax Humanitas Stellaris - Mixed styles

Another return to forum AAR, based on Stellaris. Gameplay very evident, as in many respects this is me still learning the game. Starting off in with some annal-style chronicles, it includes history / reports as well as some narrative sections. My second every completed AAR.
A VictoriAARn Education - Learning Victoria II with Sweden Victoria II - Gameplay

Quite simply this is the AAR of my first proper game in Victoria II - which had so far passed me by. I play as Sweden, and tried to learn various aspects of the game and had a lot of fun along the way.

Entering the First Court: Kanem Bornu EU4 - Narrative/Gameplay

Follows Lisan, a youthful trans-dimensional being as he undertakes a Contest to start becoming an adult in its society. The Contest just happens to be set controlling a nation on a replica Earth. This progressed into the 1600s, when due to a recurrence of real-life depression I had to cease.

Uranium for Uruguay Hearts of Iron IV - Narrative/Gameplay

The protagonist from Entering the First Court finds itself suddenly in a new game. Not serious. More of an observer game - completed.

The Great Trial Stellaris - Historybook

A journal account of the decisive war of the campaign, from the point of view of the main admiral. Completed.

A Game for Lisan - Belgium EU4 - Gameplay

In Lisan's tale this represents Lisan's recuperation. For me it is a simpler AAR to help distract me from the aforementioned depression. A Custom Nation of Belgium with a set of house rules and a random new world. I also finally turn Protestant in an EU game.

One Night in Olbia Imperator - Gameplay
Started literally as an account of my first night's gameplay in Olbia. I kept it going a few night's more, but this was only ever a "start-up" game and not intended to "do" anything. Fun though.

The Future of the Red Lion - Stellaris - Historybook/Narrative (on hold)

Intended to be a narrative/historybook regarding a Stellaris universe set in the future of my "In Memory of France" above, I had to place it on hold due to real life events. I do very much intend of looking at it again, but I may wait for Stellaris to further mature - in particular I would be very happy if they manage a proper espionage/intelligence system for this run, given everything.

Account of RCAF Bomber Command HoI4 - Historybook

A limited AAR told through in-universe reports of a Committee overseeing Canada's strategic bombing arm. It continued until August '45.

Journal of the Silver Daggers by Jill "Falcon" Kerrmor Battletech

My first attempt of an AAR for this game, and actually my first attempt at a non-PDS AAR.

The Thorn of the Rose Hearts of Iron IV / VtM - Narrative

Narrative AAR set against the background of a HoI IV game, though the narrative starts in 1934. The story is also based on my interpretation of the World of Darkness IP, in particular Vampire the Masquerade, and IP Paradox had relatively recently acquired.
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Hi, everybody. I'm a 26 year old college graduate from Louisiana. I've been playing Hearts of Iron 2 for a while, but have just started getting into Victoria. I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks (mostly trying out various mods). When I noticed the AAR's, though I know I'd be sticking around here for a while.

I've just started a new story about the Confederacy. It's my first, so I may not be fantastic. I do, however, plan to stick with the story (too many really good AAR's seem to have been abandoned), and maybe even carry it over from Victoria to Hearts of Iron.

Look Away! Look Away! A Story Of The CSA
My small personal LibrAARy of AARs and AwAARds.

4x Best Character Writer of the Week
2x WritAAR of the Week
3x AARland Choice AwAARds for Favourite Rome Narrative
1x AARland Choice AwAARds for Favourite Rome AAR


Meet my newest project:

Fresh Blood on Ancient Soil - A Saga of the Scottish Kings of Aquitaine

1x Winner of Best Character Writer of the Week

Current Extent: 1202 active

A Crusader Kings II nAARative after the fashion of my original Morean AAR, this tale chronicles King Kenneth I of Aquitaine and his descendants as they struggle to protect their Kingdom, as well as Christendom, from enemies foreign and domestic. The son of a legendary Scottish Crusader King and the heir to his namesake's mighty legacy, Kenneth has very large shoes to fill. Will a Scotsman be able to control a kingdom of Occitans and Gascons, or will the realm descend into chaos? Only history can judge how Kenneth and his heirs shall be remembered...


I shall next introduce you to my history book AAR.
The Heirs of King Arthur - A History of Wales.
Current Extent: 1066 - 1167 abandoned
This AAR is a Crusader Kings history book style AAR which follows the history of the Mathrafal dynasty (which is represented in game by the Cynfyns). Read about the early Mathrafal Kings as they raise the humble Kingdom of Gwynedd to rule over all Welshmen, and as they then begin to spread Welsh dominance over into Ireland. I enjoyed this one, and wish I could have finished it. But notes (and game file) have since become lost.


Third, I will share with you my EU:Rome AAR.
Regnum Iudaeorum - The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
2x WritAAR of the Week for the weeks of 20/07/08 and 19/07/09!
1x Winner of Best Character Writer of the Week (For the character of Jehu Bar-Ahaz)
Winner of the Q4 2008 AARland Choice AwAARds for Favourite Rome Narrative tied with For Rome's Honour by comagoosie
Winner of Round 2 of the 2009 AARland Choice AwAARds for Favourite Rome Narrative
Winner of Round 3 of the 2009 AARland Choice AwAARds for Favourite Rome Narrative
Winner of Round 1 of the 2010 AARland Choice AwAARds for Favourite Rome AAR

Current Extent: AVC 460 - AVC 471 (294 B.C. - 283 B.C.) on hold

This AAR is a Europa Universalis: Rome narrative style AAR. It is based upon my mod for EU:R, "Regnum Iudaeorum".

Originally planned to be a full length AAR covering the history of a game played in my mod of the same name, the later stages of the project have been abandoned due to loss of game file. This AAR is only a prequel to the mod. It gives the background story behind my mod. It begins in Sarmatia in 294 B.C., with the Lost Ten Tribes having wandered the steppes in search of a home for 40 years. They soon move south into the Krimea where interesting events begin to unfold. Through an act of treachery, their leader is murdered, and his son, a mere boy of 12, is forced into exile with a small band of loyal followers. In their flight, they encounter a young man from the distant isle of Pretannia, who has mysteriously learned to speak Greek. He leads them to his homeland and thus our tale is born...
(view the "teaser" trailer for Book I here)


And last but certainly not least: my Pride and Joy. My ever growing and improving brainchild.
The Morea, A Palaeologid AAR.
2x Winner of Best Character Writer of the Week (for the character of King Konstantinos II "the Crazy" and for characters in general)
Current Extent: 1066 - 1230 old hold
The poster for this AAR is much too big to post here in the inkwell, so you can find a link to the poster here. Poster courtesy of my good friend, canonized.​

This AAR is a Crusader Kings narrative style AAR. It is set in a semi-fantasy situation. Emperor Konstantinos X bestowed the title "King of the Morea" unto Prince Georgios Palaeologus of the Peloponnesus. To this day nobody yet knows what Konstantinos' motives were. The story follows the now King Georgios I of the Morea and his successors as they struggle to turn their little peninsular kingdom into an Empire. Rivalries, treachery, and intrigue are commonplace. In the early 12th century, a new twist is added to the plot, the Morean Church separates from Constantinople, forming its own patriarchate centred at Korinthos. In addition to heating political rivalries with the Empire, this now also causes religious conflicts as well. As if this weren't enough, the Moreans begin to develope their own unique culture, too Latin to be Greeks, but too Greek to be Latins. Politically, culturally, and religiously, the Moreans gradually become more alone in an increasingly hostile environment. Can the successors to Georgios I keep his kingdom and his dynasty alive? Or will they bring to ruin all that he worked so hard to build?​
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Some personal info
I'm studying history in university of Helsinki and at the same time I'm teaching history/citizenship education (or whatever it should be called) in junior high/high school.

Forum history
I came to the forums to look for Victoria hints and then I have never left. I haven't written much at all in AARland even though I do follow some AARs quite regularly.

my AARs

Advanced Third Reich

Battle of the Arctic II (A3R) is my only AAR so far. It's posted in OT forum and it's slowly progressing due to RL issues of my opponent and myself. It's two-player PBEM game with my opponent playing Axis and me playing as Allies in European theatre of war.

So I suppose this is quite like placeholder post. I will update if and when there's more AARs to advertise about.
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Greetings, i am Gul Brown and i have but one AAR. Upon joining the forum i instantly noticed AARland and knew i would eventually write something.

What was spawned of my desire to write an AAR was a grandiose plan, it would be an alternate history AAR, it would be creative, focusing mainly on gameplay but with an intruiging story creeping in gradually, it would be:

[thread=226176]The Ultimate War[/thread]​

The Ultimate War is now three years old and is nowhere near completion, promising many twists and turns as the conflict worsens and the story unfolds.

There are a hardy band of readers who have stayed loyal to the AAR and are thus hopefully engrossed by it. Others claim it influenced them joining the forums.

The Ultimate War has rewarded me with a "WritAAR of the Week" Award on June 4 2006 and has recently passed one hundred thousand views.

I would appreciate you stopping by and checking out my AAR, if it is not to your fancy atleast you can say you stopped by but if you do decided to keep reading..you're guaranteed a hell of a ride!
Hello all. I'm a recent college graduate (International Relations major). I've been writing EU3 AARs here for a couple of years. Not sure how successful I've been, but enough people seem to like them that I keep trudging along. :)


Beige Alert: A Swiss AAR My most recent aar, just started yesterday. The title is part of a joke from one of my favorite cartoons. The intent of this AAR is for it to be interactive. I play in ten year sessions, and after each one the readers can give me goals or make suggestions as members of the Tagsuntzag, a Swiss legislative body of sorts. This one depends on reader participation the most, so don't hesitate to comment in it. :D

A Tale of Two City-States: A Venetian-Novgorodan AAR The very first AAR I actually played from the starting date all the way to the very end of the game. After being inspired by Storey's and Amric's multi-faction aars, I set out to do one of my own. I set special goals for Venic and Novgorod, then switched between them every ten years. By the end of the game, both were among the top factions in the world, and achieved slightly scaled back goals I'd given them. Starts off as a gameplay aar but eventually becomes a history book style aar.

How to run a minor nation into the ground: Part Two My second attempt at the series, I actually did very well with Navarre after some trouble playing Crete, colonizing South America and Africa and forging a nice little country in Europe. Along with the Austrian AAR, this is one I unfortuanately never completed.

MM Gold-Austrian Gameplay AAR This aar was done to show off my favorite mod, MM. I went quite far in the game, but it petered out a bit when I fulfilled all the requirements for an event I was going for (special HRE event that happens if the emperor makes all electors vassals) while playing ahead, but it never fired. :(

The Rise of the Hessians This one was all set up to be in my failure series when shockingly, I actually did well. I took Hesse from a two province minor to form Germany and become one of the world's most powerful nations. My first real success in EU3.

How to run a minor nation into the ground My very first AAR. I'd just bought EU3 and was excited at the thought of writing AARs for it, but when I played larger countries the game seemed too easy. Then I switched to smaller ones and kept losing. :wacko: After a couple such lost games, I figured I could be used as an example of how not to play. This was my attempt to do so. :D
The unnecessary stuff that is necessary to put in: I'm a 18-year old Finn whose interests include among others football (the better kind ie. soccer) and history. I was an avid reader during my early times of AARLandom but that aspect has been gradually lessening to the brink of, well, absolute nothingness but lately I have tried to get back to the reading scene.

My AARs attempt to be comedies as for me there is no greater joy than making people laugh. More often than not I fail horribly.

Heroes of Belgorod - A Pecheneg AAR

My first solo AAR (I had done a couple of those "Ten kings of X"-AARs that were so popular in the EU2 scene years back. It was a pharglesque format of lots of pictures and few trying-to-be witty lines played with pagan tribe of Pechenegs. It was a very funny AAR to write and I look back to it fondly. It was also the very first pagan AAR to descent upon CKLand.

Land near the land of 1001 tales

Heroes was quickly followed by this AAR. Back then I was a beta tester for Yukala's state-of-art Risk Battle Mod and this AAR was created solely for the purpose of testing game and letting Yukala follow my success (or lack there of). Unlike Heroes, this AAR had a back-ground story. A mysterious man had created a maniacal gameshow where the greatest generals and rulers of all countries lead their respective countries in a free-for-all armageddon. The AAR followed the misadventures of Cyrus the Great and Reza Pahlavi in Persia's bid for supremacy.

The Medieval KISS-AARmy - A MusicAAR About Nothing

My most grandiose creation along with her two sisters, The Sound and How to MAARry. It is an AAR trilogy entirely based on relyriced songs of more or less dubious quality and fame. The CK part followed the von Bonngau dynasty which enlargened their domain from single county of Pfalz to kingdom of Finland while EUIII was based in Arab merchant nation of Yemen and HoI2 the fascist state of Italy. It was amazingly fun to create and I still incorporate the relyriced songs ala MusicAAR trilogy to my newer AARs but no longer as integral part of the story.

Ein Österreich, Ein Bergvolk, Ein Schushnigg!

Played with Austria, this HoI2 AAR follows the story of mini-Führer Kurt Schushnigg and his merry band of fascists in their quest to make Austria a power again. The AAR that has most delicate plot of my creations, the story sees ventures into an unbearably cheesy anime MMORPG, Spanish civil war and a rebellion group of evil villains before the save game was sadly overwriten in an accident of mine that cut the AAR too short.

And Now For Something Completely Different

My tribute to great Monty Python. It is an AAR that is told with modified Monty Python sketches. (and a couple of my own) The story, if we can call it that, takes place in the Netherlands and follows her adventures from the year 1672 onwards. My only AAR that has actually lasted until the end of game's timeframe.

Not An EUII AAR - A Tale of Morocco

My first EUIII AAR of my first EUIII game. It is my first and only AAR where I set myself with a specific goal to accomplish. In Not An EUII AAR, Allah and God had a bet after a night of drinking about whose followers reach the shores of the New World first. Ali, sultan of Morocco, accepted Allah's quest and set off for the search of treasures and humiliation of Christians with the help of his philosopher friend, also named Ali. It is also the first finished EUIII AAR.

Not Another Beta AAR

My newest undertaking, based on brand new EU:R. It is kind of a jack-of-all-trades AAR that has no single format but mixes the styles I have used in my previous AARs and then some. It started as my idea of EU:R's creation story before it's release and the first update lingered in my head for quite a long time before I went and put it down with no plan what-so-ever for follow-up. Eventually I also picked the country to play and created more updates. It follows the adventures of Bosporan kingdom and her ruling family, the Spartocids.

There are also couple other attempts but they are best remaining unnamed.

My AwAARd's include one of each WritAAR and Fan of the Week and Weekly Showcase.
Introduction: Hello all. I arrived here waay back in 2005 when my pal and I we're trying to figure out how to make the online game work and ended up staying for the wonderful stories written by the talented AAR Writers. Those stories inspired me to write my own, and after several failed attempts, I finally struck gold :D

My AAR's:

~ To Live and Die in Dixie Saga ~

~ To Live and Die in Dixie ~ * Revolutions *


[3rd Place Victorian Cross]

- Began on: 03/06/2007
- Ended on: 03/07/2007
- From: 1861 - 1936
- About the AAR: This was my first real AAR and my favorite. After several attempts to find a story and style I liked I settled on a history book type with a few personal accounts here and there. The AAR chronicles the history of the Confederate States of America's struggles from birth all the way up to the great depression.

~To Live and Die in Dixie~ *Doomsday* A History of the C.S.A.


[Weekly AAR Showcase, November 2nd, 2007]

- Began on: 13-10-07
- Ended on: In Progress
- From: 1936 -1955
- About the AAR: The Confederate States starts 1936 in the Great Depression with Huey 'Kingfish' Long at the nations helm as it's practical dictator.

More to come...
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T.H.E. AARs in Flames by Fernando Torres

Hi all ! Let me introduce myself. I'm Rayan, i live in Paris. I'm interesting in History and not only military one, in politics and sciences.
One sweet day, i discovered HoI1 and since that i've played HoI2, HoI2DD and now HoI2DDA. Yes, I'm a HoI-man, even if i also own Vicky. I consider AAR writing as an art and my stuffs are mostly graphics.
Here are some of them :

- The Great Bet

The Great Bet was my very first english AAR. I was trying to annex Poland within a day. And I succeded !

- Blitzkrieg Lessons

Blitzkrieg Lessons was my first "Graphical" AAR in this forum.

- Band of BrothAARs

Band of BrothAARs is the best AAR I've ever written. It includes many graphical effects, gameplay and historical comments and veterans quotations.

I have two AARs ongoing.
The first one is called "Der Untergang" in which i'm playing Germany as WiF. I'm using unfair difficulty level. Now you understand why I called it that... :D (click on the pic to see the AAR)​

The other one is called "The World in Flames" which is a "handsoff AAR". I'm playing Ireland as WiF and i'm using that AAR to rework my writing-style. This time i include "historical background" updates.​

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Emperor_krk's library

The Silver Age of Poland
an AAR For the Glory!

The first AAR for the new Europa Universalis game ever written!

Dreams of a Baltic State - Pomerania AAR

This EU2 AAR started near the end of June 2007, with high hopes of upgrading the quality of my writing skills and maybe getting as faithful a readAARship as some of the great AARs around have. With that in mind, I decided to start a game with one of the less popular choices in EU2 - Pomerania, and to play it on the brilliant MyMap. Another reason for the choice of country is the fact that I feel a bond of sorts with all states in EU2 which are in some way connected with my motherland, Poland. And I didn't want to play Poland itself, as there is already such a lot of different stories here about us that it would be boring. :p

Dreams of a Baltic State is written in a History-Book style, heavily influenced by the gameplay. I am trying to guide Pomerania to greatness and have, during the already gone almost 200 years, achieved the status of at least a medium-sized power - and one to behold, most certainly!

'Dreams' has twice been a winner of the ACA in Favourite EU2 Gameplay category (2007 Q3 & Q4) and, of 2008 Q1 Favourite EU2 History-Book. My AAR has also been subject to Weekly AAR Showcase on 28.03.2008 and 31.05.2009. I have been given the award 'WritAAR of the Week' in 07.10.2007 for this AAR.

† † †

I have also taken part in two multiplayer AARs: Military campaigns of some of the finest warriors in the world and
Military campaigns of some of the finest warriors in the world - Volume 2. The idea of those was invented by Capt. Janszoon. Each player was to choose one leader from the provided list and guide the leader's country through the lifespan of that leader. In the first volume of 'Military Campaigns' I played as Napoleon Bonaparte and started up the second volume with the Bohemian Hussite Jan Žižka.

I took part (as of April 2009) in two EU2 Succession Games - Fine Feats with Finland, an Interregnum AAR,
and Serpents in Lombardian Paradise, an AGCEEP Milan - Italy AAR.
Both were really fun to watch and play; readers are encouraged to look at these little pearls! :)

† † †

A few words about myself: I am a university freshman doing two faculties at the same time: Law and History of Eastern Europe. The latter is a great passion of mine, the former - something I do for the sake of having a well-paid job in the future :p.

Peter a.k.a. Satan
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My Current AAR:

On the survival of shamanism in the Orient and the ramifications thereof
Concerning the Central Asian kingdom of the Oirats


is a gameplay AAR that focuses on the attempt at survival of the Oirat Horde, with an introductory narrative written from the perspective of an early 20th century writer and a controlling editor. It hasn't had many updates yet (no number specified to keep this post semi-current) and may not, depending on the lifespan in-game of the mighty second mongol empire of Oirat Horde.

...And my other AARs, Why Me? - A Serbian AAR and A Return to EmpiAAR both slowed down in pace and died, I hope to avoid this in the future.

This post, like many others in here, is largely forgotten and neglected.
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Epirus, Rebirth of the Classical Age.

Epirus, Rebirth Of The Classical Age


King Pyrrhus, (c. 318-272 BC)​

This is my first Narrative AAR, and actually, my first AAR. It is a tale of Epirus, starting with the Mighty King Pyrrhus, and continuing onward. It is incomplete as of yet, but I will continue writing it soon.​

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A little something about me​
I've been posting on this board for a little over a year now. I got sucked into Paradox games when my cousin showed me Hearts of Iron 1. Now I own HOI1, HOI2, Vicky, EU2, and EU3. Unfortunately, my lappy won't play EU3 or Rome, sigh. I started reading AARs during boring periods at work and got hooked on the medium's ability to seamlessly blend history and story-telling. I lurked for a couple of months reading the mammoth works on this forum before finally posting. My greatest joy here is simply reading the great stories on hand. I especially prize my two fan of the week awards! However, I have tried my hand at writing as well. The following are my two AARs. First, my current project...a love story set in the HOI timeframe. Here is the prologue for your reading pleasure...

The Last Mission




A man sat quietly rocking in a plain oak chair. The fading afternoon light illuminated his full and dark head of hair which showed only the beginning traces of grey. In all other respects, however, he appeared old, though his face could not readily be seen. His shoulders slumped with a sagging weight of despondency. The back-and-forth movement of the chair seemed to originate in some ethereal region having no connection whatever to his limbs. Indeed, both arms and legs appeared to hang lifeless from the rest of his frame and, had they been so inclined, did not look as though they would contain even the modicum of strength necessary to give the wooden pendulum upon which he sat the rhythmic movement it now somehow exhibited. He wore the aspect of one altogether dead to life, both the life around him and; if there chanced to be any left, that within him as well. The only sign that he in fact was alive, besides the slow creaking motion of the oak runners over the boards of the floor, was a slight movement of the fingers that lay in his lap, though what they held could not immediately be seen.

Around him, the Bavarian mountainside was idyllic, peaceful, and still. It was just the consoling balm his soul needed after the tragedy. The snow that yet covered parts of the ground, the bells tinkling their random carols from the fields across the valley, and the occasional glimpses far to the south of the towering peaks of purest white – all these added their own soothings to his spirit and reminded him of friends from long ago, even as those who cared for him watched the healing of his wound and leg. Even if he did walk again, however, what did it matter, he thought. What would anything ever mean again…without her to share it with?

Life had been so good, so full of joy. He had never imagined it was possible to know such happiness. Then, cruelly had the evil hand of fate snatched it all away. So it seemed in his more disconsolate moments, though deep inside he tried to convince himself otherwise. He did not believe in fate any more than she had, but during these days of darkness it was very difficult not to slip back into old patterns of thought. He knew what she would say, that all things turned out good in the end. That this catastrophe could ever be called good he would never accept. That it might work for good he occasionally allowed himself to contemplate, though such was an idea equally strenuous to lay hold of. Yet he knew that is exactly what she would say. For the sake of her memory he would do his best to hang on to that truth.

Her memory – it was all he had left. The sound of her voice in his ear…the peculiar sound of her laughter…images of her face, her smile, and her legs…

Her memory…and these few recordings of Handel she had given him. What a treasure they had been to share. Now these too seemed lifeless and old, the once bright coverings now scratched and faded. He could no more keep himself from the bittersweet nostalgia than he could bring her back. Though the sounds seared his heart with hot iron, it was the memory...of her.

He raised one record from his lap, and leaning over the side table, placed it on the turntable. Slowly, he started the mechanism and sank back into the chair.


I tell you a mystery
We shall not all sleep,
But we shall all be changed
In a moment
In a twinkling of an eye
At the last trumpet

He had listened a hundred times before this and would a hundred times again. For in the music were many secrets, and his was the only heart that knew them. He placed the cover back in his lap, a lonely tear now falling from his eye and, continuing to rock, he let the memory of her guide his mind back many years to the day he discovered his first love.

The trumpet shall sound!
And the dead shall be raised…
And the dead shall be raised incorruptible.

The trumpet shall sound!
And the dead shall be raised…
Be raised incorruptible.
Be raised incorruptible.

And we shall be changed…and we shall be changed.


My first AAR...
Hakko Ichiu! - or - All Eight Corners of the World under One Roof -- This is a history book style story of a wiser Japan's rise to power. The game was an attempt to puppet all of the world in HOI1's C.O.R.E. mod. Unfortunately, the game A.I. was uncooperative to the story I was trying to write...needless to say, the game was far too easy and I eventually abandoned it around 1943. Someday I might write in this style again. Check it out...

And now, as a bonus to those who've actual read this post, I present a list of AAR ideas which I don't have time to pursue, yet...but I think could be cool stories! At any rate...if I ever finish the Last Mission, I'll probably take up one of these ideas, unless someone else finds them inspiring and takes them on! One request though: If you do start one of these, send me a PM so I can watch. Thanks!

The Bear and the Lion
Gameplay / Horror
The author plays standard Venice in EU2 1.09. However, the Muscovites have been given Trade and Infrastructure tech 10. The story: Venice annexes the Byzantine Empire (inheritance event set to fire when the game opens), but in the confusion releases an evil spirit which travels north and 'aids' the Muscovites in forming an ultra powerful Russian state bent on revenge for the sacking of Byzantium. The Venetians must find a way to survive and beat back the eventual hordes of evil coming from the East. Obviously some modding is required to acheive the atmosphere of the story. It may even be fun to continue the struggle into Victoria and beyond!

The political AAR
Readaar input required
The author plays the USA (or any other democracy / constitutional monarchy) in 'The Great War' mod for HOI2. Start the game in 1896 and have the readaars vote on the decision making in the game. The voting works with a slight twist however...the readaars must register as a member of a political party to vote. Those who are registered members of the party in power can vote to influence what choices are made in the game. Members can re-register to another party by voting in the periodic elections in the game. Plenty of opportunities abound for political map making and cronyism politics.

The UnHoly Alliance
Heavy modding required
The author plays France in HOI2. However, the Etente won WW1 before the Communist Revolution, thus Russia is not defeated and ends up with parts of Turkey and Istanbul...Austria Hungary is partitioned into its ethnic states or its neighbors, the Ottoman Empire is partitioned between Britain, France, Italy, Greece, and a small rump Turkey, and Germany ends up as in our timeline. Tsar Nicholas dies during a failed socialist revolution (Poland and the baltic states form?) and a cabal of right-wing ministers set up a government in the name of the invalid crown prince. Germany and Russia eventually (through the events) form the unholy alliance and turn against the west. If this sounds too easy, you could have the US go socialist and form an American Comintern. Feel free to mod the situation as you see fit to create a good story.

I will post others when I have time...seems I keep getting decent ideas, but never have the time to actually work them out. If one of these tickles your muse, by all means use it!
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Hi all! I'm CountArach and I am currently writing a Croatian Mega-Campaign AAR. Some of you may remember me from the TotalWar.Org forums, where I wrote a highly successful AAR for Europa Barbarorum 0.7.4 as the Romani. It was quite highly acclaimed and remains one of the most viewed threads in that entire sub forum.

I enjoy writing in a history book style, considering I am an Ancient History student (which gives me plenty to look at). There will be first person mixed into it, in the form of excerpts from diaries or letters.

So without further ado, onto the link...
The Grand History of Croatia - A Mega Campaign AAR
I am about 70 years into the game at the moment, and I am just about to finish Book III. We've enjoyed several thrilling heights, such as the Grand Crusade, and some terrifying lows, such as the three years of constant civil wars that pushed my economy to breaking point - not to mention almost tore my Kingdom apart. But isn't that really a secondary concern? :D

Just one other thing - anyone who consistently comments in my threads can expect to see my commenting in theirs. This is AARland we have to help each other out!
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