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Lost Seasons of the Danes


The history of House Skjöldung is so ancient and fundamental that it predates the Norse Sagas and many of the Sagas that tell the tales of this important lineage are now lost to time. Until the mythical Battle of Bråvalla, this was the house that Odin favored, a lineage of rulers for all of Scandinavia. Various sources give different genealogical details about this famous house. In the 13th Century, Icelandic poet and historian Snorri Sturluson is one who gives mythical bearing to House Skjöldung by saying Odin himself founded the dynasty and had a son named Skjöld. According to Snorri, in turn, Skjöld wed the goddess Gefjon and thus began a royal lineage traced back to the pantheon of Norse gods, first to rule Sjælland, then Jutland, Scania, Götland, and more.

Supposedly, the Skjöldung Saga tells the full tale of this glorious house, but except for a brief Latin outline, that document has been lost to time.

However, what if there was a new Skjöldung Saga? What if this glorious house did not lose favor with Odin and instead of the watershed Battle of Bråvalla, a new strategic path was taken by the rulers of Sjælland?

Lost Seasons of the Danes traces the history of this glorious house from 769 A.D. onward, beginning with the final years of the semi-mythical and legendary Danish Viking King Harald “Wartooth” Skjöldung, who is mentioned in the Sagas and other Norse writings. As the tale begins, King Harald, now in his late 70s, faces new challenges in his rule of the Petty Kingdom of Sjælland.

Detailed discussions of this new Skjöldung Saga can be found on the outside blog called The Tårn.

A more succinct commentary that outlines this sweep of history and game play can be found in the Crusader Kings II Forum in the thread for Lost Seasons of the Danes, a Viking AAR. There's hope you will enjoy the reading and leave a comment if you wish.
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