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Jmuf's Inkwell

Imperator Rome AARs: None yet.
Crusader Kings 2 AARs: None yet.
Europa Universallis 4 AARs: None yet.
Victoria 2 AARs: None yet.
Hearts of Iron 4 AARs: None yet.
Stellaris AARs: None yet.
Paradox Grand Campaign AARs:

Making Italy Great Again

In Jmuf's first ever cringey AAR, he is tasked with making Italy great again. Will he? Probably not, but you should watch him try anyways.
Status: Unfinished / Done

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Remful's Inkwell
Completed/Ended AAR's:
500 Years of Dragon Kings
"I am old, not foolish. The Kingsguard do not flee. The Fireknight does not flee." Lord-Commander Soini 'The Fireknight' Waters.
The Black Knights of Harrenhal
"I am Lady of Harrenhal!" Lady Paramount Jocelyn Dace, Queen-Consort of Westeros
The Elective of Endless Summer
"These lands our ours now. The Empire of Endless Summer. What I have set in motion will last eternity! We shall outshine the Freehold! The Motherland will be nothing compared to us!" - Aegon I Caeniar, first Empreror-Elect of Endless Summer
The Merovingian Mega Campaign (Sady Discontinued)

The Matter of France
"....How far would you go for the Empire?"

In the Reign of Roses (A House Tyrell AAR)​
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markkur's inkwell
Fan of the Week 11/20/16 & 8/27/17

I do apologize if I was not exactly helpful to readers interested in my experiments, during my time of entering and exploring AARland.

I do have an explanation though, even if it is not a great one. I honestly came into this place by the back-door and early on I was completely ignorant in making the most of this forum. Anyway, as the old adage runs...Better late than never.

The only reason I am doing this now is because I want to explain the pathway and progress covering my attempts failures and successes.

My first Hoi3TFH AAR was a complete folly but it did prove a good learning step if not much else. My biggest mistakes were not knowing how to get Turkey away from the Axis to give me a chance at picking a side & the direction of the narration etc. The next miscue was not knowing our the HoI3 script needs to be considered and correct actions taken. The last mistake and just as bad as the other two was my decision to play this first AAR-game in custom-mode; I took nasty penalties and that did not help me to my goal.
“Hidden Talons - The Secretary-General” - A Turkish AAR [Halted]

My first completed AAR was playing Japan. It was suggested I pursue a story and that made my start less than optimal but in the end I really enjoyed how this game and story unfolded. I had a "house-rule" that I had to have a garrison division in place before I could pull fighting-units off newly captured ports and continue to advance. Here I began to better learn and work both screens and story-telling.:) Note: If a player has never played Japan. this tale should offer some ideas and insights for the player to enhance his/her own game.
Early Rising Sun

This next one was all about playing as an Axis minor and trying to hold the right-flank of Barbarossa. I was very much enjoying the challenge and the battles were heating-up; so much so...my hard-drive fried. [Lost the Save]
AAR "Greater Romania" - 22 July 41

“UK Motorway” a Blitzkrieg-Scenario AAR
My most enjoyable game, while navigating a 1939 Scenario-start as the UK. [Completed] Note: This AAR has a lot of game mechanics and strategies for newcomers to learn and also some crazy ideas to mix it up.:cool:
Weekly AAR Showcase 2 April 2017

“U-boats for Uruguay” a short TFH farce
Wanted some zany "Tres Hombres" spy fun and had it. Folks here made this stuff...therapeutic-fun.;) What I liked best about this yarn, is I did not know what would happen next.[Completed]
AARland Choice Awards Q3 2017 1st in "Other-category"
AARland Choice Awards Q4 2017 1st in "Other-category"
{From Specialist290, Dec 25, 2017 In recognition of your work in completing an AAR with an intriguing premise and which I have found quite amusing and delightful, it is my pleasure to award you one of my signature Red Special Cookies ●.} Thank you again @Specialist290

"LIttle Britain" My only venture into CK2 and the Vikings quickly ended me and my saga.:D [Plundered]:oops:

“Bitter Fruit” a TFH-AAR No plans and it reads like it. I went from mad to some type of sense...no idea where this SwanSong is headed.[Onward through the fog of war!]:)
crisrko's Inkwell​

Stellaris AAR:
For our own (A human based AAR following the evolution of mankind in the galaxy) [Discontinued]
The ashes of Terra (The story will be set far in the future and will be focused on the known remains of what was once the Terran Empire, the colony of Sheltered Reach and the League of Rursus. Tied to my previous AAR) [Discontinued]
A never ending struggle - A human Stellaris AAR [ACTIVE]
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diskoerekto's Inkwell
Well, this is going to be pretty quick since I only have 1 AAR and I just started that today.

-----Trek Wars: The Final Frontier Strikes Back----- by diskoerekto, a Victoria 2 HoD 3.04 with custom minimod Transvaal GC alternate history gameplay AAR with some narrative in between where he tries to keep as much of Africa as he can from the western powers.
List was getting too long...so had to make a Inkwell

Eighth AAR (Started 12/23/2023)
The Tandish Assembly

Seventh AAR (Started 6/30/2022 - Joint 2nd Place in V2 Q4 2022 - Joint 1st Place in V2 Q1 2023 ACAs - 3rd Place in V2 Q2 2023 - 3rd Place in V2 Q3 2023 - 3rd Placw in V2 Q4 2023)
Victoria II - Japan - AAR

Sixth AAR (HALTED Due To Corrupt Save Files - 1st Place in Other Q2 2021 - Weekly AAR Showcase Winner - October 17th, 2021 - Joint 1st Place for Other Games Q3 2021 ACAs - 1st Place for Other Games Q4 2021 ACAs - 3rd Place in Comey 2021 - 3rd Place 2021 Writer of the Year - 1st Place for Other Games Q1 2022 ACAs - Joint 3rd Place for Other Games Q2 2022 ACAS)
A Gentleman's War : The Middle-East Command (HoI3 TFH - UK AAR)

Fifth AAR (HALTED Due To Corrupt Save Files- Weekly AAR Showcase Winner - November 25th, 2019 - 2nd Place for MP/Interactive AAR of 2019 - Joint 3rd Place for Other Games Q1 + Q2 2020 & Joint 1st Place for HoI3 Q3 ACAS for 2020 - 1st Place Winner for MP/Interactive AAR of 2020 - Joint 2nd Place for HoI3 Q2 2021 - 2nd Place for MP/Interactive AAR for 2021)
Utsunimiya's War - HoI3(TFH) Japan AAR

Fourth AAR (HALTED Due To Corrupt Save Files - Weekly AAR Showcase Winner - June 10th, 2018 - Joint 2nd Place In Other Q2 ACAs for 2018 & Joint 4th Place In Other Q3 ACAS for 2018 & Joint 3rd Place In Other Q4 ACAS for 2018 & 3rd Place In Other Q1 2019 - 3rd Place Winner Gameplay AAR for 2019)
American AAR : AI Experiments In HoI3

Third AAR (Started 7/13/2017 - Best Character Writer Of The Week - August 27th, 2017 & 2nd Place In CKII Q3 ACAS for 2017 & Joint 1st Place In CK2 Q1 ACAS for 2018 & 2nd Place in CK2 Q2 ACAS for 2018 & Best Character Writer Of The Week - September 9th, 2018 & 3rd Place for CK2 Q3 ACAS for 2018 & Joint 2nd Place CK2 Q4 ACAS for 2018 & Joint 1st Place CK2 Q1 ACAs for 2019 - Weekly AAR Showcase Winner - June 30th, 2019 - 2nd Place Winner Gameplay AAR for 2019 - Joint 1st Place in CK2 Q3 ACAS for 2020 - Joint 1st Place in CK2 Q4 ACAs for 2020 - Joint 3rd Place in CK2 Q1 ACAs for 2021 - 2nd Place in CK2 Q3 2021 ACAs - Joint 3rd Place In CK2 Q1 2022 ACAs - Joint 2nd Place in CK2 Q1 2023 ACAs - Joint 3rd Place in CK2 Q3 2023 ACAs - 3rd Place In CK2 Q4 2023 ACAS - Joint 3rd PLace in Comedy AAR for 2023)
Road of Queens - CKII India AAR

Second AAR (Completed - Weekly AAR Showcase Winner - March 19, 2017)
'The March of the Machines' France 1936 AAR

First AAR (Completed)
'The Soul of Spain' - A Spanish Civil War HoI3 AAR

Not a AAR but kind of became one - as Germany I used Theater AI to control all military and invaded Poland early. Very early. And needed advice.
Need some advice with HoI3 - As Germany
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Well, I'm quite new to this but here am I. :D

Beneath the Sun. ~ A Thunder in the Sky AAR. (Darkest Hour) /// This is quite dead, I got crushed by collegue, sad as it got almost no readers and stressed because (as english isn't my main language) I found quite hard to write narrations; my ideas were quite messy but I had to post it as it's my first experience with AAR-writing. :p

로마는 하루아침에 이루어진 것이 아니다 ~ A Republic of Korea AAR. (Darkest Hour-New World Order) /// Ongoing, I'm trying my best to improve since my first and last attempt. I hope you enjoy it, I'm trying to mix narrative styles to keep it interesting and I can assure it will be an interesting journey. :p
[If you want to know, the name basically says "Rome wasn't built overnight"]

Mistresses of the Jungle - Amazonia AAR
(CK2 Geheimnisnacht mod): In the jungles of Lustria, the mysterious Amazons are locked in eternal war with lizardmen, man-eating halflings, pirates, conquistadors, vampires and each other. A terrible calamity devastates their kingdom of Amazonia, leading to the rise of a new queen who seeks to reunite her people. Hold on to your humanoid sacrifices and enslaved males, it's going to be a bumpy ride! (ongoing)
Methanogen’s AARs:

Stellaris AARS:
Sanctuary of the Second World - A Stellaris AAR: A Stellaris AAR is based upon my own inexperience, a desire to make an AAR, and the hope that I can write a decent AAR. Follow the journey of the Drelamt Sanctuary, a fledgling civilisation inexperienced with space exploration, and myself, a fledgling writer inexperienced with playing Stellaris. Will this end in triumph or disaster?
SibCDC's Inkwell
So for those who don't know my Kaiserreich AARs yet, they're basically part of the same universe, SibCDC's Kaiserreich Connected Universe (KCU). I will be listing all my AARs included in that universe first and if I ever do any outside of the KCU, they'll be listed underneath. If you want to have a look at my awAARds, they're also listed in this inkwell. Enjoy your read.

Hearts of Iron 4: Kaiserreich Connected Universe


In Flanders Fields: A Kaiserreich AAR as Belgium
Weekly AAR Showcase: 6th of May - 12th of May 2018
Joint 1st place in the Q2 ACAs for 2018
Joint 1st place in the Q3 ACAs for 2018
Nomine in the 2020 Megacampaign AAR of the Year

This was the first AAR to be included in my KCU and stars Belgium in the leading role. The AAR includes 19 chapters, a prelude, an interlude and an epilogue. The story begins in 1936 with the Second Belgian Revolution, in which the Belgian people have got enough of their German overlords. The story heavily intertwines with the AAR I did on Canada and the US, which we will shortly get to. If you're interested in a diverse and fun AAR to get you hooked on a whole new brand of AARs, then this story is made for you, enjoy!

Pigs treat us as equals: A Kaiserreich MP AAR as Canada and the US
As my second AAR and the second AAR of the KCU, I had a lot of fun in writing this. It ran at the same time as "In Flanders Fields", but was much shorter, as I felt that I could tell the rest of the story from the perspective of the Belgians. As it was based on a multiplayer game, I had a lot of fun trying to fit it in with the established canon and I even tried to put in some easter eggs to connect with the other AARs. If you like short AARs with still a lot of story in it, then this one is made for you, enjoy.

The Golden Circle: A Kaiserreich Cuba AAR with a twist
Weekly AAR Showcase: 6th of January - 12th of January 2019
1st place in the Q4 ACAs for 2018

Set in Cuba during the 1960s, this story follows the rise and fall of exiled American politician Huey Long in the Caribbean. A great follow-up for those interested in how American society changed and for those who are more interested in the Cold War diplomacy of this world. Also, this AAR was based on a playthrough of the Cold War: Iron Curtain mod, so if you're interested in that mod, maybe this AAR can provide some more info, although it is really different from the original mod.

The Path of Peace: An Indian Kaiserreich AAR
Joint 1st place in the Q1 ACAs for 2019
Nominee in the 2019 Narative AAR of the Year

This AAR is set in the Bharatiya Commune in the 1930s and 1940s and follows Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's effort to steer away a war on the Indian subcontinent and unite the people of India under swaraj in a peaceful way. This AAR gives a somewhat inside look on the syndicalist world and their relation to the East. Follow Gandhi as he struggles against foes who want to prevent a peaceful unification at any cost.

Gott mit Uns: a Mildly Interactive Prussian NWO AAR
1st place in the 2019 MP/Interactive AAR of the Year
Nominee in the 2020 MP/Interactive AAR of the Year

This AAR is played in the Victoria 2 New World Order mod and follows the Prussian nation starting from 1992. This AAR is interactive, which means that readers can vote in elections and influence the story in that way. I got all the way to 2010 before abandoning the project.

My other work
March of the Eagle: an interactive Victoria 2 Prussia AAR
Follows an alternate history in which Prussia was struck by revolution in the 1830s, leading to a much more democratic state compared to OTL. This was an interactive AAR with a Discord community and regular elections.

Two idiots discover America: an EU4 Multiplayer AAR as Castile
What started out as a co-op game with @Tom D. where he learnt me the ropes of the game quickly turned into an epic sequence of events.

Plus Ultra - Gallispania in the Long Nineteenth Century
The Victoria 3 continuation of 'Two idiots discover America', following Gallispania, the union between France and Spain, throughout the 19th century. Written as a collection of primary and secundary sources, each chapter deals with a specific event/theme occurring in this fictional world.

My awAARds
WritAAR of the Week: 29th of July 2018, 5th of May 2019, 8th of March 2020 and 30th of September 2022
3rd place in the Newcomer category of the 2018 YAYA's
Nominee for the 2019 WritAAR of the Year
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In the vastness of the multiverse, a thousand stories exist. Here are a few that I wrote. Commentary (including concrit) on my AARs is always appreciated. Reactions are great too.

Epirus Ascendant (Considering an expanded universe)
Epirus Ascendant is a megacampaign that stretches from the distant past of glorious Antiquity. It follows Epirus through its trials and tribulations, although it is still currently in the ancient period. It also spends long stretches of time as the only active Imperator AAR on these forums right now.

  • The first part is simply and uncreatively called Part 1. It has gotten a bit of recognition. It tied for third in the vaunted Other category in the 2022 Q4 ACAs, and it got nominated for AAR of the Year in 2022. It also got second in the Other category in the 2023 Q1 ACAs!
Confessing Their Apostasies
It is about the deeds of the later Karlings - the last descendants of Charlemagne in the 1066 start. They may have fallen from the vaunted position of closest dynasty to restore a unified realm in the west, but those days are still remembered. The Karlings yet long for the throne of the Franks and of the Germans. Unfortunately, those will not be easy thrones to take - much stands in the way of the Karlings of Vermandois. Will they arise to claim their birthright? Or will they be lost to the dustbin of history?

This was begun a while ago, but then I put it on a multi-year hiatus (because CK3 wouldn't run). It is being resurrected due to the completion of Rise of Russia and an expansion of my free time. It is a hybrid AAR that will cover both narrative and historybook sections.

Tales of the Romano-Mongols
The Romano-Mongols are a remnant of an earlier time. They are a group of exiles that glorify their past, when they reigned over Earth. They have emerged in many universes. Few of these universes are kind, but all contain a story. Will you dare to read of their exploits, regardless of whether they are glorious or tragic?
  • The first tale containing the Romano-Mongols was the one where they achieved their greatest destiny. They ruled over Earth, and the stars were open to them. This was the world of Tides of Eternity, killed before its time. On the other hand, death can be temporary... (Dead... for the moment)
  • The second tale was far sadder. It told of a mighty empire that took years to form and united many disparate groups, from Attila's Huns to Roman settlers. It also told of its doom, brought low when the ambition of the Romano-Mongols exceeded their means. This was the world of Rise of the Romano-Mongols, a story told in all of its completeness. (Completed)
  • The third tale was related to the second. It focused on the doom of the once-mighty empire, telling of how rebels overran the homeland and of how a monarch fell to madness. This was the world of When the Night Gets Dark, a world that is still in the making... (updates bidaily)

The apocalypse - Ragnarök - has come and gone. The Norse survived, wounded and scattered to the winds. A few escaped from Midgard altogether, hoping that a new planet would allow a flourishing of their society. Of Earth, far too much is remembered.

The refugees need to create a functioning society. They need to make a nation. That task will not be easy, and they will face many who like the new status quo. Others will cling to the glories of the past. These remnants of the Norse, stuck on a planet alien to them, will face enemies... but their new home also contains allies - both expected and surprising.

And once a society emerges... what awaits it? The darkness is vast, and many things could be hiding in it. Many things... both dangerous and friendly... The journey across the galaxy will not be easy, if it can even start, but it will be rewarding.

Though the Dust of You Is Gone
Though the Dust of You Is Gone is the tale of many people. It is divided into books, of which only a portion of Book 1, Hiraeth, is posted. Book 1 follows Jack and Marcus, refugees from the fallen empire of Nova Roma. Their adventures set the stage for the galaxy to come.

The work also takes place in an expansive universe that is very complex. This universe will be further explored. Currently, I am planning a book of short tales that also take place in TTDYIG's universe called the WebspinAARs. Keep an eye on this area to see when that drops.

The original idea was a combined adaptation of the Aeneid, the Odyssey, and the Book of Revelation set IN SPACE, but the logistics of setting that up required a massive expansion of the storyline. As such, the work is on hiatus while I focus on finishing up the necessary worldbuilding.

This work won Best Character WritAAR of the Week in October 2021 for Jack.

Rise of Russia
Rise of Russia Cover.png

Rise of Russia is an AAR about the fortunes of a Russian Empire that has a vastly different destiny than the one in our timeline. It was loosely based on a game of Victoria 2, although I lost the save and proceeded to freestyle it. It also includes a vast "prologue" that details the actual OTL history of the Russian Empire.

This was a very popular AAR, as it won the Weekly AAR Showcase in September 2021, and it consistently got ACA nominations. It got third in the 2021 Q3 ACAs, first in the 2021 Q4 ACAs, tied for first in the 2022 Q2 ACAs, tied for second in the 2022 Q3 ACAs, tied for second in the 2022 Q4 ACAs, and got 8th overall in the Historybook YAYAs in 2022! It also tied for first in
the 2023 Q1 ACAs!

The Dustbin (Permanently Abandoned AARs)
Of my many works, some are sadly abandoned beyond any hope of resurrection. You're still welcome to read them, of course, but it is unlikely that I'll respond to comments (unless you shoot me a PM). These are those works whose endings are lost, like the Library of Alexandria, to posterity forever.

The Other Works (GtA, iAARs, and One-Shots/Short Works)
In addition to the works that I have completely abandoned and the works that are part of one of my major projects, I have several other works. Some of these were as a part of a community project (Guess the Author), while others were contributions to AARs that others wrote. A few are simply short works that didn't fit anywhere else.

The General AwAARds (AwAARds for Me As A WritAAR)
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I am Macavity116, creator of the Stormbreaker Universe, a multimedia crossover series based on Stellaris, XCOM2, and Homeworld.

I am currently working on a new project:


Song of the Solitaire
Trig Shepminter is thrown into an epic interstellar adventure when he meets a strange girl named Tenna. Fleeing from kidnappers aboard a mercenary starship, Trig must confront the legacy left behind by his father, a notorious warlord known as the Great Khan.

My magnum opus, the Stormbreaker Universe:
  1. After Everything - A Stellaris Story (Completed November 15, 2018)
    • Crossover story between Stellaris and XCOM 2.
      • During the Second Hyperspace War, the people of Earth and Partoga stood together as allies against the Invaders. While the galaxy around them burned and died, the two spacefaring civilizations survived at the cost of millions upon millions of their own people being killed and untold devastation inflicted upon the surface of both planets. As the dust settled and time passed the two species completely lost touch with one another. A century and a half later, a Partogan science ship crosses the stars on a mission to reestablish diplomatic contact with their old allies, unaware of the events and forces back home driving their mission in secret.
      • Remastered in 2023 - Link to the Remastered version here
  2. Faith in Chaos - A Stellaris Story (Completed June 30, 2019)
    • Crossover story between Stellaris and Homeworld: Cataclysm
      • In an era defined by seemingly endless warfare, two young warriors will rise up the ranks to become the rulers of their respective nations. As one escalation leads to another and the galaxy sinks into a sea of violence, these two would-be enemies will leave their mark on history by breaking the cycle of war.
  3. DosiAARs - Prelude to The Stormbreakers (Completed September 11, 2019)
    • A supplemental guide to The Stormbreakers.
      • Learn the history and backstories of the men and woman who sacrificed much and risked all to save the Galaxy during the climactic final battle of the Second Hyperspace War.
  4. My Sistership - A Short Stellaris Story (Completed September 11, 2019)
    • Crossover story between Stellaris and Homeworld: Cataclysm
      • A century after the events of Faith in Chaos, two Partogans rediscover a powerful technology that could change the course of the Second Hyperspace War, putting themselves on a collision course with disaster.
  5. Childhood Memory (Completed October 31, 2019)
    • A completely original work
      • A short little tale that sets up the main couple of The Stormbreakers.
  6. The Stormbreakers - A Stellaris Story (Completed September 11, 2020)
    • 3-way Crossover story between Stellaris, XCOM 2, and Homeworld: Cataclysm.
      • When a team of XCOM soldiers crosses paths with a powerful young Psychic who claims to know the future, they are thrown into a confusing battle where new allies and new enemies clash over the fate of the entire Galaxy.
  7. The Legend of Whetu Kealoha (Completed December 21, 2020)
    • A completely original work
      • Roughly 500 years before the events of Faith in Chaos, a young Partogan girl is called upon to lead a mission to save her people from starvation.
  8. On the Crossroads of Past and Future (Completed January 15, 2021)
    • A completely original work
      • A short story that sets the scene for The Last Heroes.
  9. My Father's War (Completed May 2, 2021)
    • A mostly original work
      • 30 years before the events of The Stormbreakers, Blake Robinson joins the US Army and gets himself sent to the front lines of World War Three in the hopes of reuniting with his missing girlfriend.
  10. XCOM: Advent Future (Completed April 16, 2021)
    • A Let's Play series on YouTube, featuring footage from XCOM: Enemy Within and XCOM2
      • 20 years before the events of the Stormbreakers, an extraterrestrial invasion thrusts an unprepared Humanity into the Second Hyperspace War.
  11. All Our Sins Remembered (Completed September 11, 2021)
    • Crossover between Stellaris and Surviving the Aftermath
      • In this prequel which predates the entire series, the youngest daughter of Blake Robinson makes a discovery that will reshape the entire universe.
  12. The Last Heroes (Completed December 25, 2022)
    • The grand finale and Winner of the 2022 AAR of the Year awAARd.
      • Fifty years after the War in Heaven, Inez Espinosa is contacted by her estranged mother, the illusive spymaster Scarlett Freeman. While an interstellar war plays out around her, Inez must navigate her mother's world of intrigue and mystery.

My other works include:

A Coldwar Affair
Follow the exploits of two lovers who must conceal their relationship during a Galactic Cold War. Despite being set in the Stormbreaker Universe, this is not a canon entry in the series. Created as the result of a writing challenge.

Grand Theft Stellaris
When a galaxy-spanning empire collapses, a young woman is caught up in a plot to steal the emperor's flagship.

Year of Hell - A Stellaris War Story
In the sequel to Grand Theft Stellaris, our heroine is trapped on an alien planet when war erupts. She must protect herself and her niece until help arrives. This story has two endings.

Song of the Solitaire
Trig Shepminter is thrown into an epic interstellar adventure when he meets a strange girl named Tenna. Fleeing from kidnappers aboard a mercenary starship, Trig must confront the legacy left behind by his father, a notorious warlord known as the Great Khan.

The Broken Gates
In this standalone sequel to Song of the Solitaire, an Irish nobleman starts to question the true nature of Aisling, a fairy who has taken up residence near his besieged castle.

At present, this story is thought to be the first known crossover between Crusader Kings III and Stellaris.

There is a greater mystery surrounding this story...

Hint #1 of 6, unlocked by @CBR JGWRR

Cali D'Kara will return

Hint #2 of 6, unlocked by @HistoryDude
HistoryDude predicted the plot future

Hint #3 of 6, unlocked by @HistoryDude
This story is set in the same universe as Year of Hell.

Hint #4 of 6, unlocked by @HistoryDude
All Macavity116 stories are linked via multiverse.

Hint #5 of 6, unlocked by @Chac1
Multiple characters have learned they are in a fictional story.

Hint #6 of 6, unlocked by @CBR JGWRR
The story will end when the Storyteller is dead.
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My inkwall:

Bio: I am a professional writter in real life, which join AARland in octomber after start playing CK2, I writtes short-form AARs because my English not is my native language. My main hobby is videogames, why I put effort in share my gaming experiences with this friendly and awesome community

Awards: Writter of Week - 5/12/2018

A gameplay AAR about Britannia in which I play as Ua Brian(completed)

Narrative AAR set in world of ASOIAF, I want to writtes a happy-end story, uncommon for AGOT AARs, but I will keep atmosphere and theme of intrigue, treachery and murder(on hold)
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My Inkwall.
Hello, my name is Manga_Erudite and I've had some writing experience from roleplaying on forums such as Bay12 Forums as well as a brief stint writing fanfics.

After Action Reports:

Sword of Ti'an: The Advent of the Holy Exohuman Imperium: (Joint 3rd Place Winner of the Q4 2018 ACA) The descendants of a Chinese convent that landed on an ocean planet after using a precursor ship to escape Imperial Japan, the exohumans of the Holy Exohuman Imperium strive to make their mark on the galaxy under the guidance of their God-Emperors. However, dangerous foes just beyond their borders and enemies within threatened their existence, both physically and politically. Can the Holy Exohuman Imperium continue the peaceful legacy of their founder Prophet Jhun Jangshi or will the lure of realpolitik and the ghosts of the past turn them into something far more ruthless? - (Ongoing)

Deals From Beyond: A creative and admittedly terrifying take on the five Shroud entity deals from the perspectives of the contractees, who are often their first victims. Be careful what you wish for indeed. - (Ongoing)
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Well, it's just the one AAR currently, but depending on the success of this one I hope to come back and advertise some more here!
About myself; recent graduate from University, am looking to write professionally and have had a short story published, so a good start. Am looking to work in video game creative development.

First and only AAR - so far!!

The Crown of Winter
A House Bolton CKII AGOT AAR

A tale of loyalty and betrayal, of war and intrigue.
Set in 8034, three hundred years before Aegon made his landing, in an alternative Westeros where Aegon's conquest was shattered before it could even begin. In the North the Starks have ruled unchallenged for thousands of years, but after a series of brutal foreign wars and crippling debt due to the mismanagements of a king the stability of the North has been shattered. For the first time in a century the Stark's rule is being challenged, and all the lords of the North are beginning to desire the Crown of Winter.

Anyway, that's what I'm working on at the moment. Hope anyone who clicks on it enjoys! It's a highly narrative AAR, since I didn't take many screenshots as it was happening.
But if this was posted incorrectly, bad format, 'you need more AAR's under your belt sonny!' or something, let me know and I'll change it as quick as someone says!


  • upload_2019-2-24_22-49-40.png
    222,5 KB · Views: 28
So this is my first AAR on the forums, and I’ve been thinking about doing one ever since I found the After Action Reports on this side of the forums. I’m a high school Junior fresh out of a creative writing course, and I hope you’ll enjoy what I have put together as my first AAR.

It is the year 7886, and a Doom has befallen Valyria. Flame, lava, and ash erupting high enough and with such intensity to burn alive even dragons, spewed from the ground of the great city and its peninsula. The land itself seemed to crack, allowing the Smoking Sea to fill the spot where Valyria lied. Within an hour, it is over for Valyria, but for the Empire it left behind, a Century of Blood begins.

First, the Dothraki, united under Khal Mengo, ride west into Sarnor and the orphaned daughters of Valyria bent on exacting new plunder and idols to bring back to their city, Vaes Dothrak, without any dragons to stop them. Next, Volantis, the eldest of Valyria's daughters, has declared itself the New Valyrian Freehold bent on reuniting its Old Empire, starting with Myr and Lys. And finally, Aurion, a Dragonlord who just so happened to survive the Doom in Qohor foolishly plans on reclaiming the old ruins of his homeland. Any other dragonlord lucky enough to survive either by chance or by luck is taken in the night by the people of their so-called "daughters" their heads mounting the gates of their walls in the morning. The now 'Free' cities rejoice no longer under the yolk of the Freehold, and unwilling to subject themselves to the tyranny of Volantis.

None, however, consider the existence of a second Dragonlord, one not yet a man. The shadow he would cast across the history of the known world would immortalize him as the man who right Valyria's sins. This is the Legend of Alaeron.

I hope you all enjoy my first AAR, feedback is greatly appreciated.
Below is a list of my AARs (which will hopefully expand beyond my first one.

Imperator : Rome

Crete Balls of Fire
My first AAR detailing the life of Basileus Alkimos of the city state of Ierapetra. Written while running I:R 1.0.3 with no mods and easy/non-ironman difficulty. Will be a short one firstly as it's AAR #1 and secondly as 1.1 will be released shortly and I'll be on that as soon as it hits.
Howdy everyone! A while back when I was studying abroad in a European country, I had way too much time on my hands. My classes were dull, there was little work, and I just needed something to do that would pass the time. Instead of browsing Reddit, I decided to write down a story that I had in my head for several months, and man has it been an adventure. What was once a way to pass long class lectures has now become a hobby of mine. I have an entire fantasy/sci-fi series in my head that I intend to write over the next decade or so. Thank you all for being so encouraging and welcoming of a newcomer like myself. I never expected to even be read, yet alone be recognized as WritAAR and CharactAAR writer of the week, as well as getting votes for the best AAR in the quarter polls. Ya'll make me smile sometimes :)

That being said, I am in the process of writing another one based on HOI4, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Far Cry 5, and Far Cry New Dawn called Keep Your Rifle by Your Side. Link below:


It tells the story of a woman named Elizabeth Chandler, who belongs to the most effective covert operations unit in the world. She will be thrust into impossible situations and somehow come out on top every time, but eventually, even someone like her will meet her match. Anyone who has played the games in question will know how the story sort of plays out, but I've made major alterations to make everything more realistic.

I started a few weeks ago, and have really tried to correct mistakes that I've made in my previous two stories: getting lost in the story, and not providing detail. The chapters here are far longer than what I'm used to writing, and every single chapter moves the story, instead of treading water. I'm having fun with it. If you take a gander at it, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave suggestions or rip it to shreds, I really don't mind either way :D