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Bullfilter's Inkwell

Entry updated 4 July 2018.

1. My first AAR began in January 2017 and is still going strong:
Talking Turkey: Alternate History from 1936 - an HoI3 AAR

It starts with the 'Road to War' as Turkey in 1936. It is written as gameplay and alternate history, with a bit of narrative and a few plot twists and humour that I hope make it different from the average HoI3 AAR (if there is such a thing). Subscribers are very warmly welcomed :). And it now has summaries for the first two 'books' of the story if you don't think you have the time to read it from the very start (though of course I'd love you to).

Difficulty: Normal.
Mod: "Prepare for War" event extended to 12 March 1937. Otherwise, as it is shipped!
Style: Gameplay as alternate history, with screenshots. Comments and game-related discussions welcomed.
Awards: ACAs (Other): 1st Q1 2018, =2nd Q1/2, Q3 & Q4 2017. Weekly Showcase AAR: 26 Mar 2017. Best Character Writer of the Week: 10 Sep 2017. Proud recipient of @markkur's Silver Silo Award [], 23 Jan 2018. Gameplay AAR of the Year: 2nd 2017.

2. My second (CK2 this time) AAR is Blut und Schlacht (Blood and Battle): A Learner’s Saga. It started on 24 Sep 2017 and follows the story of the Rurikid Dynasty (think Viking Russia, Novgorod, 867 AD) and my own story of learning the game via an AAR!

Style: Gameplay and narrative as well as being a learning vehicle with a 'hive mind' following to explore both newbie and trickier game questions as we go along.
Awards: ACAs (CK2): =2nd Q4 2017 & Q1 2018, =3rd CK2 Q3 2017. Weekly Showcase AAR: 12 Nov 2017. Gameplay AAR of the Year: 2nd 2017.

France: A Quick and Dirty HOI3 AAR was intended as a rapid fire 'summer' (southern hemisphere) project. It lasted until mid-autumn ;), but is now completed (on 10 April 2018). In essence, I took a game I had finished before I started writing AARs but found interesting at the time and reconstructed the story by using the save games, which I had fortunately kept. I think it worked surprisingly well. It is deliberately short and sharp in its format, really just the gameplay and tactics as I tried to win as France, having failed abjectly at every previous attempt. I will return to this at some point with a new AAR, taking things past the current end point, but in a different direction.

Style: Quick gameplay description, no-frills presentation.
Award: ACAs (Other): =3rd Q1 2018.
4. Civis Romanus Sum (An EU-Rome Vae Victis AAR). The style of this AAR is gameplay with commentary, as short and sharp as I can make it (anyone familiar with my 'Quick and Dirty' format can expect the equivalent of that, except with a few more illustrations and quotes). It is not a narrative or detailed history book. It is intended as a quick, fun romp to anticipate what should be a far more handsome and sophisticated game (Imperator Rome) when it is released. Please feel very free to offer advice, comments, requests or suggestions along the way.

Style: Quick gameplay description, no-frills presentation.
Award: Weekly Showcase AAR: 3 Jun 2017.

4. Other Stuff:

Fan of the Week Award 19 May 2017 and 12 Feb 2018.
WritAAR of the Week 24 Jan 2018.

WritAAR of the Year: 2nd in 2017.
Newcomer of the Year: 2nd in 2017.
AARtist of the Year: 4th in 2017.​
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The Well of Fire

I write literature in real life, so come expecting purple prose and pretentious bullshit. Don't say I never warned you.

Imperial Blood
writaar of the week 3/29/2017 | best character 3/9/2018 | weekly AAR 9/8/2018

In the frozen wastes of the shattered North where Ragnar Lothbrok's sons squabble over the rights of man, wood piles on the snow and frost. Grunting, a heavily furred man drags the bloody and pierced corpse of another from the small lodge of his home, placing him reverently amongst the tinder. In silence, a torch is struck, and intense blue eyes hold fast and steady as the flame spreads. His knuckles turn white gripping the magnificent, white-metal greataxe that he balances upon, seeing his features reflected in the melting flesh of the silent body beneath him.

"No more." He whispers.

A Dragon wakes. An Empire wakes with him.

Ck2-Stellaris Megacampaign. The men of the North must find their flags, their values, and their pride. And they shall.​
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TheCreator901's Inkwell
A Gherensite Empire A CK II AAR (Completed)
An AAR megacampaign starting in 769 with Kamal Gherensi (Kamalid originally) of Lemdiyya. For 675 him and his descendants would attempt to create an Islamic empire greater than that of the Romans or the Umayyads and Abbasids. After its completion, it carries on into Atlas Universalis.
Atlas Universalis An EUIV AAR (Completed)
An AAR megacampaign carrying on the Gherensites in 1444 with Massiva Gherensi of the Imperium di Atlas. After the destruction of the empire, the dynasty must rise back to the top in an era of gunpowder. After its completion, it carries on into Atlasii Steel and Blood.
Atlasii Steel and Blood A Victoria II AAR (Completed/Never Finished)
An AAR megacampaign carrying on the Gherensites in 1836 after the death of Kaiser Amine XIII. The empire has entered a new era and must come to take advantage of the age of coal. Would the empire reach the power it once felt centuries ago or will time prove cruel and strike the empire down like so many before it. After its completion, it carries on into Hearts of Atlas.

The Eastern Realm An EUIV AAR (Completed/Never Finished)
An EUIV campaign in which the von Habsburgs of Austria seek to create an empire to rival that of the Roman Empire.
The Annionas: Heart of Europe A CKII AAR (Current)

A CKII campaign in which the Counts of Passau seek to carve out a realm within the heart of Europe. However, their liegelords - Agilolfings of Bavaria - are in the way of independence whilst in the west the Karlings can be located and the heathen hordes are to be found in the east.
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I'm fairly new to the AAR scene. Just started my first AAR yesterday. Here it is: Stellaris Utopia AAR: Suffer Not the Xenos
As far as I can tell, Fanatical Purifier AARs aren't really that common. So, I figured I'd add my contribution by doing my first Fanatical Purifier game as an AAR.
Inkwell of RoverS3:
My first AAR, and it's a big one:

'Odin' and Stalin's Secret Committee

In the woods just outside Vologda, a Secret Committee of officially dead people (Ex-military, and ex-government types) lives and works to provide Stalin with non-politicized advice in order to change the fate of the Soviet Union. You too, can be part of this committee, and influence decision making with your sage advice.

Data on the Soviet Union and communications are taken care of by your narrator, 'Odin' (Russian Number 1) and his army of spies, known to us only by their Russian numerical code-names, they have infiltrated every corner of the Russian Government and Armed Forces.

Every ten days a report is written by 'Odin' with raw data meant for both the Secret Committee and Stalin himself.

Special reports on long term issues, events, and other noteworthy developments contain more narrative, and can propose the reader to give his/her input on important decisions.

Soviet Aircraft Carriers roam the world's seas.
Honorable mention to our spies, and British and French researchers for their contributions towards Soviet Naval Power Projection.

Now with new characters, and more narrative updates.

Soviet Union HOI3 FTM AAR with Army / Army Group level AI control.​
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Adamgerd's Inkwell
The Great Byzantine Conquest of Rome, 1444-1821 (Status: Discontinued due to Save Game Lost)
First AAR, Narrative Style about the Rebirth of Rome in 1444 in EU4
The Rise of the Last Imperial Austrian Empire (1822-1936) (Status: Discontinued due to Game Update)
Second AAR, Historybook Style about the Unification of Germany by Austria with PDM mod in VIC2
The Rise of the Confederate States of America (Status: Active)
Historybook style about surviving the ACW as the confederates
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My handle is Dodge and I got the idea from the game Tyranny (Dodge, get it?)
I have been playing PI's games since high school
My native language is not English however I am working on it :)
My first AAR: Hunter of the Sun it is a space opera style short story based on Stellaris. It started from v1.5 and is now using v1.72beta. It is currently finished.
There is now a sequel: Hunter of the Sun II
There are lots of mods involved in this one
Another sequel: Hunter of the Sun III
Currently ongoing.

The Alari is a race of space-elves inspired by various sources
Please leave comments if you can as I seek to improve the pace and tone of my short novels
Generally the writing style is "Move fast and break things" and you can use the plot in your own stories
Warning, when I am playing, mods are included and the story will not fully follow the game.
If you don't see CKII AARs in the future it's because I spent too much time playing that game and don't actually have time to write AARs for it. :)
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This is a 'history book' style AAR starting in 867AD on Ironman mode with hardest difficulty (all DLC active aside from Sunset Invasion after 1100AD).

Presenting The Empire of Albion, an introductory text on early Imperial history penned by the famous, infamous and wonderfully fictional Geoffrey Monmouth. It has at present been the Weekly AAR Showcase twice and somehow won Best Character of the Week as well, despite not being a narrative AAR...

Sadly deceased, due to computer crash and other things. However, it remains my most popular work, so you may well find something worthwhile there.

I also have The Little Dux for those who enjoy a narrative AAR experience, following the life of Cosma Boi, a dwarven Doge of Venice. This began in 769AD on ironman mode and once again on the hardest difficultly (all DLC up to Reaper's Due activated bar Sunset Invasion).

Slowly updated. Even more slowly written. This one I am determined to finish 'someday', however.

We also have An Italian Introduction, my first HOI game for HOI4. It contains demons and (presumably) colossal failures of both the AI and the player.

Dead on arrival, however, was rebooted in the much more successful Imperial Cheese below!

I try a new AAR, Lancaster: The King in the North, which is essentially trying to do exactly that. Only the odds are heavily stacked against me and I'm probably going to die quite a bit. Still, it gives the bard who's singing about it quite the story to tell. Maybe you'll like it too?

This is an incredibly strange story which changes genres, writing styles and universes multiple times as Paradox repeatedly tried to destroy my game and save files. Eventually, they succeeded, however, there is some good stuff in this dead AAR.


A Doctor’s Journal of Time in Quarantine is a short piece on the Guess-the-Author thread if you want to read something weird. See also Bleak Mid-winter, where I deliberately tried to write a terrible short story to make reviewers suffer.

New to CK3? Well, have a look a this my tutorial AAR for the 'hit' and 'hip' new game. Enter the dark and grim world of
Ged's Existential Nightmare!. NOW COMPLETED!!! It's probably the best thing I've written thus far.

Character of the Year 2020 (Ged)
Comedy AAR of the Year 2020
Winner of Weekly AAR Showcase, Character of the Week, Q3 & Q4 AAR winner 2020

The next big project in CK3. The Life of Brian, and Other Stories, a CK3 anthology series on Ireland, the Family Ned, and existential dread. NOW COMPLETED!!!

It's not as good as GEN, but an alright sequel.


A minor side comedy AAR for HOI4. The very pulpy and trashy Imperial Cheese: The Improbably Incredible Rise of the Italian Empire. Do not expect much more beyond cheesy cheese-cheese. NOW COMPLETED!

Possibly the most insane thing I've ever written, including afore mentioned Lancaster, which included insane reincarnation and such.

Winner of Q2 & Q4 2021 HOI4


My new work, Tomorrow Belongs To Me - A 'Democratic' Germany AAR has just begun for HOI4. In a strange new world with twists and turns since 1805, what lies in store for Germany and Europe in the 1930s, and beyond?

My super ambitious project of the moment, destined no doubt to explode into flames at some point.

Winner of Character of the Week

Do enjoy and happy reading!
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I Started writing AARs in 2015 with a brief one about CK2 MOD Warhammer: Geheimisnacht, but soon i lost the interest in it. After 2 years of silence, i came back to the forum and i'll try to make finally a decent AAR.
Good Vibes at all!

EymerichTheDiacon's Inkwell

27/08/17 -> 20/09/17 ( officially ) / 9/09/17 (pratically) : Once a Bastard, forever a Bastard - An AGOT CK2 AAR

The Tale of the Targaryen's Great Bastards, Balerion Otherys,Brynden Bloodraven, Shiera Seastar, Aegor Bittersteel and obviously Daemon Blackfyre. In this Alternate Timeline we will see that making different choices will bring us to different ways. All of them will be POVs in this AAR, written in first and third Person with dialogues between multiple characters like theatrical works and monologues like G.R.R.M. Style.
Hope you enjoy it and yes, i'll do some mistakes, but "Se mi sbaglio, voi mi corrigerete" [cit. Saint Johannes Paul II at St. Peter's Plaza during is investiture's monologue as Pope]
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Just one try for an AAR to advertise yet.

Last but not Least: An Ironborn AAR.

The AAR narrates the story of my custom made house in the AGOT mod, the Bloodshore's. Filled mostly with tales of backstabbings, blood and lust for power (for now).

~ Ericpiplup's Inkwell ~

Hullo there, and welcome to my single drop Inkwell. I say it's single drop because it's bad humor and I only have one AAR.

I have lurked around for a few months or so and started commenting on people's AAR's some weeks ago. I started my first AAR on 10/12/17.

My AAR's


Byzantium's Brother: The White Phoenix - A 1356 Epirus AAR


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The World, the War and the Reich: A German HPP AAR

The year is 1933, the sun rises on a new Germany. For nearly fifteen long years, the Treaty of Versailles has hung over Germany whilst her people suffer. Humiliation is all she has known sense the end of the Great War, from the crushing reparations to the degradation of the once legendary Prussian generalship. Now, those times are over. While the sun slept on the night of the 27th of February, 1933, the Reichstag burned - and the Republic with it. Believed by many to be a symbol of the Allied victory years prior, the deposition of the Weimar Republic was welcomed, especially among the people.

Today, nearly 3 years later, our glorious Fuhrer has brought about a new beginning to the German Reich. Unemployment has dropped to an all time low, the newly formed Heer and Luftwaffe have stunned the world, and our people enjoy an unprecedented era of peace of prosperity. However, nothing lasts forever, and to survive our Reich must defend itself from those who wish to see us on our knees, it is time to look westward...

Country : German Reich
Difficulty : Hard
Version : TFH 4.02
Mods : Historical Plausibility Project

Current AARs


Of Men and Lions
An Aquitaine HIP AAR

Status: Ongoing

What if Richard the Lionheart had died with a legitimate heir?

Enter Philip de Cognac, the bastard of Richard the Lionheart and his legitimate heir to the Duchy of Acquitaine. Trained in the ways of war by knights and tutored in the ways of diplomacy and power by Eleanor of Aquitaine herself, Philip de Cognac finds himself precariously balanced between the might of two realms, those of England and France, and their fickle kings, John Plantagenet and Philippe Augustus.

With enemies at home and abroad, the young Duke of Aquitaine must employ every trick he has ever learned from his grandmother, carve out a place for himself amidst knights and spies, lords and kings, in a world where the lines between chivalry and treachery is blurred, where glory must be measured in lives taken and lands conquered, where the strong prey on the weak.

For it is a world... of Men and Lions alike...

What is revenge?

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Greasy!
(A Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 AAR)


Francois Jose Henrique Esposito Bahamonde III is a grizzled carny whose out to make his name on the theme park circuit. Follow him contend with (fictitious?) forest ghosts, Warcraft fanboys, Hollywood city slickers, billionaire investors, FBI agents, and other outrageous characters as he attempts to build successful theme park after successful theme park on the path to fame and riches.

Follow the story here.
Well, after a 5-year long hiatus, and nudged by El Pip, I have decided I could not let my old HoI2 AAR die.

So here it is :



is a hopefully realistic, narrative AAR centered around a rather isolated France where the 1934 riots have brought a Conservative party to power, on an agenda to reform the nation's institutions and to resist the growing Fascist threat.
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Der Adler, der Wolf und die Sonne: Die Geschichte des Stahlpakts
(The Eagle and the Wolf: The History of the Pact of Steel)

Started on 01 February 2018

1) WritAAR of the Week, 01MAY2018, nominated by El Pip.
2) Joint 3rd Place, 2018 Q1 AARland Choice Awards "Other" Category
3) Joint 2nd Place, 2018 Q2 AARland Choice Awards "Other" Category
4) 2nd Place, 2018 Q3 AARland Choice Awards "Other" Category
5) 3rd Place, 2018 History Book AAR of the Year
6) Joint 2nd Place, 2018 AARtist of the Year
7) 2nd Place, 2018 Newcomer of the Year
8) 2nd Place, 2018 Q4 AARland Choice Awards "Other" Category
9) Joint 2nd Place, 2019 Q1 AARland Choice Awards "Other" Category
10) 3rd Place, 2019 AAR of the Year
11) 2nd Place, 2019 Historybook AAR of the Year
12) 1st Place, 2019 Graphics AARtist of the Year
13) Joint 2nd Place, 2020 H1 (Q1+Q2) AARland Choice Awards "Other" Category
14) Joint 2nd Place, 2020 Q3 AARland Choice Awards "HoI3" Category
15) 1st Place, 2020 Q4 AARland Choice Awards "HoI3" Category
16) 3rd Place, 2020 Historybook AAR of the Year
17) 1st Place, 2020 Graphics AARtist of the Year
18) 3rd Place, 2021 Historybook AAR of the Year
19) 1st Place, 2021 Graphics AARtist of the Year

What the CommentatAARs are saying about this AAR:
"This must be the most creative and engaging research write-up I've ever seen in an AAR." @nuclearslurpee

"Masterful" @Bullfilter

History Book/Roleplaying
HoI3:TFH 4.02, Normal/Normal/No AI '36 Grand Campaign as Germany, Italy and (later) Japan then Hungary... yes all at once.

Mods: I am indebted to CaptRabius for his Historical Flags mod. I created for myself an APP-6a mod, to replace and clarify some of the original counters that were in the game. Finally, I have modified this game to reflect a sort of Butterfly effect start, but with no more changes than could be executed via a CGM start for GER and ITA, and with no removal of any of the starting units (though a custom OOB and deployment has been arranged). Other slight efforts have been to reduce the cost (to all nations) for diplomacy and to move the garrison techs to the Infantry techs.
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