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ong ago in the age of chivalry, heralds and swords it was far from a pleasant or happy time in the realms of England and France. Blood vendettas and ancient claims settled on the field of war and glory rule the land. Highwaymen and outlaws wander the lands as the Pope calls all of Christendom to raise the banner of the cross and relieve Jerusalem from the infidels. And while the Emperor and Pope struggle of supremacy, in the west it is two men whom stand alone in the pinnacles of power - that great King Richard the Lionhearted of England, and Phillippe Augustus of France. And now with the death of the old and great King Henry the stage has been set for the final showdown between the Capets and the Plantagenets that will decide the fate of all the west, nay, all Christendom.

.... England with a King gone on crusade, a plotting Prince, and the machinations of the most powerful family of the medieval age it seems play out amidst the blood of all who join that deadly fray...

Necessitas non habet legem...
Necessity holds no law.​

...Prepare thyself for the alternate history Crusader Kings AAR Regnum Angevinus.


(Still under construction)
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Alfred Packer

Awards: (actual) WritAAR of the Week - 30 December 2007, 15 February 2009
Character WritAAR of the Week - 5 October 2008, 7 May 2009
Fan of the Week - 8 February 2009
(self-proclaimed) SpellAAR of the Day 4 January 2008

Currently Updating:

Iceland Diaries

Crusader Kings 1337 Scenario. Join the Mighty Counts of Vastisland as they record their lives in their diaries.

Uncle Joe in The Great Patriotic War
My first Soviet Union Barbarossa game. I tried it once before but found it overwhelming. To avoid that, I'm using AI Control as much as possible for command at the Army and Army Group Level. Join us as Josef Stalin re-educates a Trotskyite Sabatour on the Real Events of the Great Patriotic War!

AARs that I've actually finished:

The Adventures of House Eurpontid an EU:Rome AAR COMPLETE
My first Rome Game and AAR all rolled into 1. The game began in April 08 and ended in May 08. The AAR ended on May 28. 20 Episodes of Rich, Wholesome, Goodness! Gameplay/Comedy
Winner of the Q2 2008 Award for Favorite Comedy AAR
Winner of the 2008 Golden Caesar

The Adventures of the Crovan Clan a CK AAR COMPLETE
This is my first sustained attempt at an AAR and represents my first completed CK game and 3rd ever CK game. The game and AAR began in Oct 07. The game ended in Jan 08. The AAR ended on 13 August 08. Heavily influenced by phargle and Anonymous4401's AARs it is Gameplay and (hopefully) Comedy
There are 131 episodes.
Winner of the Q1 2008 Award for Favorite Gameplay AAR
(which should answer any lingering questions about the quality of the comedy)

The Adventures of King Kamehameha a Ricky AAR COMPLETE
This is my first game of Ricky. It is short, being only 6 episodes. The Game and the AAR were completed in February 08. As a game, it is a failure, as an AAR, well I think it is my best. As the rest of The Adventures Of Saga, it is comedy/gameplay.

All Your Bird Poop AARe Belong To Us, an HOI3 AAR COMPLETE
This is my first game of HOI3. It is short, the whole thing completed by page 2. The game and the AAR were completed in November 09, with the last update posted 2 December 09. Its kind of weird. I don't know what else to say about it really.

On Haitus

The Adventures of the Crovan Clan 2: The World Is Way Too Much, an EUIII: NA/IN AAR

Join us as we follow the Crovan autocrats into an era of nascant nationalism, exploration, religious upheaval, and colonization. This won't end well.
Winner of the Q3 2008 Award for Favorite Comedy AAR
Winner of the Q4 2008 Award for Favorite Comedy AAR
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“I tread in the footsteps of illustrious men”
-President Martin Van Buren

A Victoria GC


The Fifty United States (And the neighboring nations of Canada, Mexico and Russian Alaska)​

The Legacy of the North -A Crusader King tale of the sons of Harald Hardråde
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The Swert's Inkwell
last updated 22/8/09​

Hi all. I'm The Swert, a university student from Melbourne, Australia studying commerce and economics. In my spare time i play EUII although I also own EUIII which may be used for AARs in the future but will never replace EUII. I've also just bought the HoI2 Anthology and i'm trying to learn that. I tend to try to write on countries that have not been AARed much which often turn out to be fun games as well. I'm also the current EUII librAARian and ACA Archiver. I'm not a big reader of AARs, i would rather spend the time playing and writing.

AAR that first influenced me:
Theodoros - The Little Republic That Could by Duke of Wellington
All Time Favourite AAR:
PostcAARds from Australia by Wolfhound

Fan of the Week: Feb 12 2009


[anchorlink=book]The Book of Saint John[/anchorlink]
[anchorlink=knights]The Last Knights and the Book of St John[/anchorlink]
[anchorlink=khan]Will the real Khanate please stand up[/anchorlink]
[anchorlink=grace]By the Grace of Athena[/anchorlink]
[anchorlink=franconia]Did Somebody Say Franconia?[/anchorlink]
[anchorlink=thunder]Thunder From Down Under[/anchorlink]
[anchorlink=colla]Collaborative works[/anchorlink]



The Book of Saint John
completed | June 2008 - August 2009

3 Historybook AARs​

Ladies and Gentleman I bring to you the Book of Saint John. The Book of Saint John is an extraordinary artefact which has just as much intrigue about the book itself as it does its contents. It was discovered only recently in a monastery in the hills surrounding the Tiber valley. The monastery, it is said, was once a hideaway for members of the Knights of Saint John after their expulsion from Malta by Napoleon in 1798. The author of the book is one Lionel Fortescue, a Knight of Justice, who during the occupation of the French, took to writing. Whilst one might assume he would write theological articles or the like, Lionel, in those dark days in which the Order, at least in his eyes, seemed all but destroyed, took his pen to write about the history of the Knights. But as Lionel began, he realised that the Knights history was an endless account of tribulation and failure but thankfully Lionel was an imaginative and inventive person and with this marvellous mentality he came up with the Book of Saint John.

The Book of Saint John consists of many different alternate timelines, represented as volumes, which provide insight into what Lionel thought the history of the Knights could have taken. Each volume, although providing a thorough history, tends to focus itself on one particular war or event which it provides with immaculate detail and each volume is well supported by a series of short poems scattered throughout. Although many of the volumes were either unfinished or lost, the surviving fragments provide a wonderful fictional presentation. Naturally, the original texts were written in Latin but they have since been translated into English for our contentment.

Volume I: War of the Rhone - completed (EU2)
*Won Favourite EU1/2 History Book AAR Q3 2008
*Runner Up Favourite EU1/2 AAR Q3 2008

Volume II: On Greece and the Byzantine Empire - completed (EU2)
*Won Favourite EU1/2 History Book AAR Q4 2008
*Nominated Favourite EU1/2 AAR Q4 2008

Volume III: The Tenth Crusade - completed (EU3)
*Nominated Favourite EU Narrative AAR Q2 2009​



The Last Knights and the Book of Saint John

ongoing | started Sep 2009​

A follow up on the Book of St John series. A historical narrative set in the Napoleonic War that follows the adventures of the author of the Book of St John, Lionel Fortescue.

*Nominated Favourite EU Narrative AAR Q3 2009​


Swertic Tales

ongoing | started November 2009

History Book AAR​

This AAR will be a encyclopedia-style AAR with annotations occasionally being made by the characters involved. Hopefully the style sort of works. This game is being played with Deus Vult and features the Swert Dynasty, a dynasty I have implanted who start by ruling the County of the Isle of Man. I have also added swertic culture to the game in the same province.


Will the real Khanate please stand up - A Chagatai AAR

abandoned | February - May 2008

Comedy/Gameplay AAR​

My attempt at reviving what had been a dwindling comedy genre in the EUII forum. Follows the quest of the Chagataites, who have evolved into Eggs, to reform the Mongol Empire. The Eggs are not the only one's who have evolved, in fact it seems that every nation has adopted some sort of fantastic creature. Abstract comedy that stays close to the gameplay.

*Nominated for Favourite EUI/II Comedy AAR Q1 2008 and Q2 2008
*Nominated for Favourite EUI/II Overall AAR Q1 2008​


By the Grace of Athena - a greek crusade

abandoned | July - November 2007

Narrative AAR with a hint of comedy​

Follows the adventures of 8 seemingly unconnected unnamed characters who each play their role in a war against the Ottomans. Without knowing it, the characters tales slowly affect one another as the war drags on. A structured AAR in which each update features 3 scenes and with each scene containing the titular phrase. The gameplay is deeply hidden although every scene is based on an event in the game. Only 8 of 12 chapters completed. May be revisited one day. Personally I thought it was under-read and my best writing so far.

*Nominated for Favourite EUI/II Narrative AAR Q3 2007​

Did Somebody Say Franconia?
concluded, not completed | January - December 2007

Gameplay AAR​

My first, longest, and most read AAR. Follows the rise of Franconia, a minor german nation so small that it doesn't normally start the game. Readers sit besides the Kings as they watch the heralded Ansbach Army fight Burgundy, Austria, France and others for 300 years. Supported by the patented 50 year interludes which keep the reader orientated and political screenshots every ten years. Ended in misery after the game got stubborn, I lost interest and eventually the save game.

*Nominated for Favourite EUI/II Gameplay AAR Q2 2007, Q3 2007 and Q4 2007
*Nominated for Favourite EUI/II Overall AAR Q4 2007​

My HoI2 AARs:

ThundAAR from Down UndAAR - Australia, Imperialism, War
abandoned | September 2008 - February 2009

Gameplay/Historybook AAR​

My attempt of following the strategy for Australia given in the wiki, which includes invading the Balkans. However the game goes far beyond that, as the Australian Empire becomes a global force.

[anchor=colla]Collaborative Works[/anchor]

Serpents in Lombardian Paradise
completed | December 2008 - April 2009​

EU2 Succession Game played as Milan as they fight to form the Kingdom of Italy. Using the AGCEEP mod and co-played with Jedrek, Olav, TheConqueror, Emperor_krk, Brian Roastbeef and others with 20 year sessions.

The Free Company - Book VII: Closure
abandoned | January - March 2009​

I played as character Dietrich Langschwert, a german infantryman.
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Hajji Giray I: Selected AARs 2002 - present

Gentle reader,

You will not find all of my AARs in this post. Perhaps it is disingenuous of me, but there are a few tales I have either eventually abandoned or rapidly abandoned which do not need to be and do not deserve to be placed here. Time has forgotten them, and in some cases so have I. However, you will find in this post several noble efforts, several efforts which were noble at the time, and a few AARs which might even be considered good or great. When I joined the forum in 2002, I was just thirteen years old, an ambitious lad who aspired to storytelling greatness. Now, just a few years older and just a little bit wiser, I see that it is both more productive and more enlightening to simply aspire to storytelling. If I have crafted a story which gives you or anyone pleasure, then my goal has been fulfilled.

~ Hajji

- CURRENT AAR! Debts Unpaid: A Guy Marlborough Mystery (written November 2006 - present). A murder mystery AAR, set in the steamy political turmoil of 1902 Venezuela! Scotland Yard detective Guy Marlborough and his wife Marge become embroiled in far more than they expected from a simple case of murder: spies, intrigue, deception ... and the looming threat of a catastrophic global war ... Winner of five AARland Choice Awards [two Best Victoria AAR victories], two Best Character Writing of the Week Awards, and one Writer of the Week Award.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is a brief list of my past AARs, with dates of each and brief synopses:

EUII: The Bloody Fields of Kehl (written June - August 2003). This is hardly an AAR; it covers a single battle fought between Prussia and France. But the battle lasted well over a month and cost the lives of 145,000 soldiers, and I felt a fight so epic deserved its own tale. My first completed AAR, the winner of a Weekly Showcase Award; with special guest writer Eochaid

Two Thrones: Les Conquérants (written February 2004). The first - and probably only - AAR ever written about the game Two Thrones. Abandoned.

EUII: The Hussite Lament (written September 2005 - February 2006). For a while this was my masterpiece. A tale of time travel, deceit, warfare, espionage and murder, set in the midst of the Hussite rebellion, this AAR has several significant shortcomings - some of the premises were rather contrived - but it received considerable acclaim on its completion. Winner of a Weekly Showcase Award

EUII: World Conquest for Cheaters (written February - August 2006). Based on a scenario by Da Swede in which your cheat-laden nation (full techs, casus belli, manpower and cash) tries to conquer the world as quickly as possible. I abandoned both AAR and game eventually, after some rather failed attempts at comedy.

EUIII: Peace, Prestige and the Papacy (written January 2007). The first-ever non-beta EUIII AAR, this one concerns itself with gameplay in the demo. I reported my experiences taking the demo version for a spin in this AAR, which is brief but has importance as a historical curiosity in the EUIII forum.
The AARs of Jestor (Chronological Order)

The Golden Fish Legend: County of Forez
My first AAR on these forums, one abruptly ended by lost files. It's pretty bad in my opinion, as it's peppered with the speechification effect, excessive exposition and cardboard characters. The problem was twofold: First, I was writing a period piece and second, I used third person omniscient POV. Still, worth a look purely from a body of work perspective, I suppose. The first of my Goal AARs, as the prophecy was basically to unite the crowns of France and Italy.

The Black Scorpion de Hauteville: County of Taranto
Some flashes of what I would call my more serious prose style as it was four years ago when this was written and as it is now appear in this AAR. To be honest, I'm not sure why I abandoned this. Yes, there's the occasional descriptive phrase that gets in the way of the action, but all in all, this was a vast improvement over TGFL and is probably the favorite of my early AARs. I think the present tense really helped me write this one, even though it was still the same POV.

The True Scottish Dream: County of Angus
I'd long known that writing of contemporary settings in first person was my greatest strength and this one was an attempt to infuse that with the 3rd person POV for the CK aspects. Ultimately this failed not because the idea was bad, but because the Count character turned out to be so damned annoying I couldn't go forward with it. I was also recycling a lot of material from other, non-Paradox AARs/dynasties and it was starting to exasparate me that I kept going to the same wells, no matter how lyrically phrased. A second Goal AAR, with the aim of becoming the Byzantine Emperor.

The Shortest HoI2 AAR Ever?: A Newbie's Struggle with the Guangxi Clique
My first and only (I think) HoI2 AAR. Not much to say here. It's a terrible piece and only two game posts long because I wasn't comfortable at all with the game. I might try HoI2 again someday, not sure.

The Scarlet Eagle and the Moon: County of Tirol
I was surprised to discover this was only one game post as I remember it being longer. Who the woman was, wasn't hard to figure out at all. I think my attempt was to try and play as a Catholic who'd returned to an older religion (i.e. pagan) but I realized it just wasn't going to work. If I remember right, this was in the days before Divineshadows' mod which I need to find and play, as I really, really want to play a pagan CK game at some point.

A Story of the Past: County of Glamgoran
Another one post AAR, one that doesn't even get to CK beyond a mention of the Meriadocs. I was inspired by a successful non-Paradox AAR I had on another forum and J. Passepartout's Golden Porkers or Pigs I forget the exact name sorry, AAR that had fairy tale qualities to it. It didn't work. The Meriadocs would not go unignored however.

May Our Reign Be Green and Golden: County of Agder
This was my breakout AAR, the one that really got me established on the forums. It was so successful, in fact, that it was my first nominated AAR in the ACA Awards and won a Golden Scribe Award for Dynasty of the Year on the other forum I post on. It's pretty easy to see why. I focused on developing action and character and had, over the course of the previous two years of writing dynasties and AARs for different games, not to mention gotten more serious about my literature and writing studies, developed a much better ear for pacing, effective sentence structure and dialogue. Torstein still stands as one of the most memorable characters in any of my works and, although I sacrificed a lot of the lyrical writing in my earlier AARs, some one-line gems still came through. Anti-climatic ending as I recall because my files got wiped out.

Under the Papal Banner: County of Orvieto
I honestly have no idea why I abandoned this one. Iacopo was another one of my favorite CK characters and it was a positive delight to write about him and the various relationshps and friendships surrounding him. My guess would be that it's a computer issue I didn't mention. Goal this time: Uniting Italy.

A Lone Swedish Count Takes On The World
I developed a reputation around AARland for a while of having really, really bad luck with my completed AARs and this was one of them. Everything I did, I get hosed on. Then again, bad luck hit -everyone- in this AAR and the Count character in this short AAR was particularly bad for the kings he both served and fought against. :D

Surpass the Arpads! - County of Gemer
The files got corrupted here, which caused a premature end, just as I was getting lucky, too. There were some neat events that happened in this AAR by sheer dumb luck, one that turned out to be a rather cunning play on my part as Shuma explains in a feedback to feedback post. Although technically narrative in spots, it really tilted more towards the History Book style, because I was getting burnt out on 3rd person narrative AARs.

A CKer's Newbie Vicceh Experience: Tibet
I ordered Victoria through Gamer's Gate back when you had to be online to play it (not sure if you still do) and some glitch with it on my desktop prematurely ended this gameplay/comedy AAR. Which is a real shame, to be honest, because it's the only comedy AAR I've ever written where there was actually humor. Also short, unfort.

In Search of A New Welsh Homeland: The Meriadoc Dynasty
My most successful Goal AAR, the aim of which is in the title. A lot of hopping from place to place, trying to establish a new homeland for the Welsh. I liked one of the relationships in this AAR quite a lot (it'll be obvious which one) and as for how it ended.... let's just say it was par for the course. At 9 pages though, this is one of my longest AARs on here and one of the most fun to play.

The Devil Walks Among Us: County d'Albon
Another save game file corruption. I'd forgotten until I went back and re-read it just how good this AAR was. The first person diary style worked extremely well, I think and the occasional inserts of history book and third person narration created for some nicely contrasting scenes. I really wish I wouldn't have lost this one. It's one of my more unique and better AARs on here. Most notable for my first crown title in CK.

I Dreamt of Granada: County of Passau
I don't remember this AAR at all or at least I didn't until I scanned the two updates. This was an attempt at a comedy AAR without pictures. It made me realize just how damn hard comedy writing is if it doesn't come naturally to you, though I did like the deus ex machina joke I made.

A Wasted Life
A return to my more lyrical writing, but I've done that version of the narrating character too many times in too many other AARs/dynasties and so it grew tedious. The game wasn't that fun, either as i recall. Worth a look to contrast it with the lyrical AARs of earlier years, perhaps.

The Caveman Journals (A Beautiful Girl and History Class Add-On)
An expansion to BG&HC that came about when I was without my CK disc for a while. Doesn't concern a CK game at all, but has journal entries of one of the characters in BG&HC.

Only the Lonely: County of Shetland
My attempt at the phargle/anon style comedy craze. Failed miserably and I'm marking it as abandoned. If I try a comedy/gameplay AAR again, it'll involve a second actor like the ghost in my Victoria AAR as I seem to be much funnier that way.

The Beautiful Girl and the History Class
My magnum opus. ACA Award winner and hopeful Crusader's Chalice winner someday. I'll comment more after it's actually finished.

Iberia Rising: Cantabri 474
Holds the distinction of being the first ever-completed EU: Rome AAR. Fittingly enough, given my history, it's a short, two post AAR that involves me getting snakebit. Lusitari, I still hate you guys.
Greetings, dear readAARs,

This is my first update since I posted this a year and a half ago. I don't know if anyone still reads this or cares, but here we go.

So far my AAR-writing career consists of three EU3 AAR's. One was early on abandoned, a second one nearly finished but I got tired of the repetitiveness of it in the end and the third one has only just begun. Let's have a look at the overview.

The First One, also known as A Dream of Old, The Frankish Dynasty Returns (or at least attempts to). A gameplay AAR started in the autumn of 2007. I played Rheinland-Pfalz with EU3:NA v2.1 and the MEIOU mod v1.0. It only ran from 1479 (Burgundy becomes part of Austria) until somewhere in 1532, when I was attacked by an alliance of Bohemia and Poland that I could not thwart or evade by reloading.

The Second One, or BohemiAAR: An Alternate History. As the title says I played Bohemia and this was again a gameplay AAR, with a very slight influence of history-book. It was played with EU3:NA v2.2 with MEIOU v2.1. I started, again, in 1479 after the Burgundians were inherited by Austria. I did fairly well, conquering most of the Balkan and vassalising and conquering parts of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as conquering the Incas and colonising parts of South America, Ceylon and small bits of Africa and Southeast Asia. In the end I got tired of endlessly bashing the Ottoman Empire and Poland, huge blobs with huge armies, yet fairly easily beatable. France and a westernised Viyajanagar were the biggest powers in this game, more so then my Bohemia. It was ended in 1777, after the #teenth war versus Poland.

The Third One, called Nordic Kingdom: Rise and Fall of Scandinavia. This was my first non-gameplay AAR. Written in history-book style, it is my attempt to tell you about the history of Sweden and later Scandinavia from 1356 onwards. The game was started with Sweden, I played with EU3:IN v3.2b with the Divide et Impera mod v1.6. The game itself was already finished by the beginning of August 2009 but I only started writing in September 2009.
I won't continue this AAR. It's been way too long since the game was actually played to remember enough of how things went. All saves are deleted. It is officially dead.

The Fourth One, Brandenburg über alles!, is one of the first For the Glory AARs, created within days of release. It is a gameplay AAR with once in a while a humorous touch to it. As said, it is played with For the Glory and with the AGCEEP mod that was delivered with the game and provides a huge amount of historical events. I didn't finish this one either.


The Fifth One, The Past of the Solar Commonwealth. It is a Stellaris 2.7 AAR. No mods, all DLC except Distant Stars and Leviathans. I am playing a human Citizen Republic. A xenophile Starship Troopers, more or less. I hope I get to finsh this one.
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Good morning. I'm going to use Myth style of posting as I feel it is by far the most coherent and awesome.

Current Projects:
Permanently Operating Factors - A Soviet LAN AAR (Started 24/09/07)
A LAN game we played together with my brother and my good friend Myth, where Germany and Britain were allied against the Soviet Union in a heavily modified version of HoI2. Myth writes from the perspectives of his various generals, and also regular soldiers in the soviet army, while I co-author by providing LAN updates and overview my side of the story.
Canonized on 07/10/07
Best Character Writer of the Week 11/02/08 (Myth)
Like the Heroes, but Bad - A Joint German LAN AAR (Started 12/04/08)
An colosally unserious story of a LAN game we played together with Myth, where we share-played Germany, our primary objective being the conquest of the Soviet Union. We both write from the perspectives of the two theater commanders Bernau and Regenbogen, their staves, the German ministers, and most importantly, from the perspetive of humor and incompetence. A good chunk of the updates are in fact co-authored, as in, we physically write them together, resulting in significantly less common sense than you'd otherwise expect.

Past Projects:
Bayonets Made of Milk - A Dual Italian Grand Doomsday Campaign (Started 18/07/06, Abandoned 25/08/07, Semi Completed)
Myth's and mine first AAR, in which we played two paralell games as Italy, trying our best to survive against impossible odds. Myth developed a strong army and fought land wars in the Soviet Union, while I focused on my navy and continuously sunk carrier after carrier, eventually invading continental America. We eventually abandoned the AAR as we were both fighting absolutely unwinnable wars, and morale dropped to the negative numbers.
WritAAR of the Week 20/08/06 (Myth)

Also I like bunnies and rainbows.
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Hastu Neon AARs
(Links in the signature)

Europa Universalis II
, my first Paradox game, my favourite, therefore the one which has been more consistently AARed: generally with history-book style, sometimes with narrative role-playing one.

"MAARquises of Mantua: Faith in Power" was the first serious attempt after a couple of purely descriptive game reports. Written in 2003, it covered the history of the Gonzaga dynasty that ruled over Mantua since the Renaissance, through the troubles of the Italian Wars until the primary lineage extinction in XVII century.

"From the Tower of Belém" followed in 2004/05, focusing on a Portuguese GC which I played with the aim of an extensive World Colonisation and Vassalisation. At the end of the game, the glorious Portuguese Empire resembled the big pink Victorian Britain of XIX century. In this period of my life I was really attracted by Portuguese culture and visited the country...

"The Apulian Persons Project" is a multiple-game AAR still in progress, which I started in 2005 with the goal of playing "Southern Italian" countries as much closer to my homeland as possible. Its first section was based on EU2 fictional Duchy of Apulia (actually estinguished in XII century), which I managed to bring to some preminence in the Mediterranean Sea and North America, transforming it in a modern republic with the 1791 revolution! I would say my biggest AAR effort until now...

Victoria, which I appreciate a lot, gave me the possibility to continue with the second section of the Apulian Persons Project.

"Two Sicilies, AA Realm between past and future" has been developed in 2007/08, playing with the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. Emerging as the leader country during the liberal-national war of independence against Austria, Two Sicilies unified Italy in 1852 and steadily grew it into a leading, modernised Great Power with liberal institutions by 1920. A fresh product from a really entertaining game.

Crusader Kings finally comes, with the third and last section of the Apulian Persons Project.

"Victorious through God’s grace: de Hautevilles’ chronicle" has been designed in 2009 and started in January 2010. It tells the history of Tancred of Lecce and his descendants (a cadet branch of the royal dynasty of Norman Sicily) during the epic years which follow the Third Crusade. See the Duchy of Apulia getting bigger and richer!
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Crusader Kings 1

Drunk of Burgundy - A de Bourgogne AAR
My first ever AAR, played as the Duchy of Borgogne, which, while being a shameless rip-off of @Farquharson's style, had some slightly amusing bits. COMPLETE

While We Still Stand - A Short Nubian AAR
An AAR in which I play as Nubia and (spoiler alert) get conquered. COMPLETE

While We Still Stand II - Nubia's Revenge
Another Nubia AAR, where I do a bit better.

The Heirs of Earl Thorfinn - An Orkney AAR
Another shameless rip-off of @Farquharson, again with some slightly amusing bits.

Christ and His Saints Were Asleep - County of Essex 1187 AAR
A narrative AAR that consists of precisely two updates before being abandoned forever.

The Beaumonts of Leicester
Another narrative AAR that lasted a bit longer, has some okay writing and actually won a weekly showcase award.

The Kosaca Chronicles
This is just insane.

The Changeling - An Ulster Legend
Irish AAR. I had big plans for this one that didn't materialise and so ended up pilfering it for a different (non-AAR) story, which you can't read, so I don't know why I'm mentioning it.

Sheep in the Midst of Wolves
A Jerusalem AAR with some crazy pomo time-shifty stuff going on. A personal favourite.

Georgia on My Mind
A somewhat comedic AAR with some funky maps. Sadly died before its time.

Victoria 1

The Isle of Dreams - An Ireland AAR
An attempt at a serious history book AAR. I soon realised I didn't know enough about Irish history to make it work.

The Danish Revival
My first majorly successful AAR, a narrative featuring secret societies and fallen angels that takes place in mid 19th century Denmark. COMPLETE

Honduras - Free, Sovereign and Independent
Honduras goes mental and conquers a load of Latin America. Ultimately not a very successful game (I came 20th!), but a pretty decent AAR. COMPLETE

Come and Take It - A Texas AAR
Yee-haw, an AAR as Texas which ends with, er, Mexico coming and taking it. COMPLETE

The Matter of Dixie
CSA AAR that went nowhere.

Cigars and Revolutions - A Tale of Cuba
Cuba AAR that went nowhere.

Behind the Darkness - The Danish Revival II
They say you should never go back, and they were right. This AAR would have featured Jens' daughter heading off to Tibet and encountering yetis, but it was abandoned long before.

This Vale of Tears - A New England AAR
I wanted to do something Lovecraftian, but I didn't really have a good idea for a story, so nevermind.

God's Own Country - A Montenegro AAR
An anarchic comedy AAR in the same vein as The Kosaca Chronicles featuring the Prince-Bishop and Advisorovich, his long-suffering advisor. Had a few humorous moments.

Victory or Death - A Serbian WW1 AAR
A nice little AAR featuring Serbia in WW1 and its tumultuous aftermath. A favourite. COMPLETE

The Lost Century
A sprawling narrative AAR set in an alternative universe Haiti featuring vodou, airships, pirates, cloudbusters and more surrealism than you can melt a clock at. COMPLETE

Europa Universalis 2

Ghengis Who?? - An Uzbek AAR
Log-style AAR with lots of sheep jokes. COMPLETE

A Brief History of the Scottish Empire 1419-1819
It's about Scotland, it's brief and it covers the period of 1419-1819. Exactly what it says on the tin. COMPLETE

The Path to Nirvana - A Tibetan AAR
Can't remember much about this one to be honest.

The Power of Seven - Stories from Transylvania
A Siebenburgen (Transylvania) narrative AAR about vampires. Sort of Twilight before Twilight was a thing. Yep.

A Turnip For the Books - A Rather Strange Sweden AAR
An attempt at constructing an AAR entirely around vegetable puns. Lettuce know what you think (groan).

Dreams of the Devas - A Vijayanagar AAR
A gameplay/narrative AAR about Vijayanagar's rise to greatness, featuring an immortal advisor. Pretty good one in my opinion. COMPLETE

Savoy Truffle
A tangentially Beatles themed AAR about Savoy, mixing history book, narrative and gameplay styles. It's actually very good but died before its time.

Hearts of Iron 2

A French Affair
A narrative AAR about a French soldier. Ultimately abandoned because I was terrible at HoI2.

Europa Universalis 3

Qara Koyunlu - An IN AAR
More sheep jokes in the same vein as Ghenghis Who. Quite fun, I guess. IN is In Nomine, an expansion (or 'DLC' as they're called these days) for EU3, by the way.

The Last Inca
A narrative Inca AAR that didn't last long.

Victoria 2

Empire of Liberty - A United States AAR
This could have been good but I lost interest pretty early on.

Crusader Kings 2

Lady Macbeth II - An Earldom of Buchan AAR
A tale of Machiavellian misadventures in medieval Scotland, told from the point of view of the titular lady. Updated occasionally. ONGOING
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The Roof of the World: A Tibetan AAR

The True Underdog Story​

Watch how Tibet, a landlocked and uncivilized nation that starts off without any techs and an economy entirely dependant on yak-trade for survival take on mighty neighbours and deliver some serious ass-kicking. This is definately not something for the faint-hearted.

Some of the good stuff:

  • Learn new strategies and tricks with the author's comments that come with every update. Very helpful for new players.

  • Read about the infamous General Chandra and how he became unbeaten in battle throughout his career.

  • See lots of screenshots and images allowing for greater understanding of what is happening behind the scenes, some even photoshop-edited.

  • Find out why Dalai Lama converted 98% of the Tibetan population to clergymen, among other great deeds.
Hello all! This space is still under construction, I suppose, but here's what I can throw up on short notice...

About me: I joined the forums on March 1, 2008. My first post was the beginning of my current AAR, Weltkriegschaft, which is still going strong thanks to my excellent readers!

About Weltkriegschaft:

Weltkriegschaft is an in-depth alternate history, presented in narrative form from the perspectives of those who lived and died in Hitler's Germany.

Here is an excerpt from Part I of the Prologue.

December 31, 1935

The distant lights of the Berghof drifted in and out of view, as Albert Lössner’s Mercedes-Benz W-31 wound its way up the Berchtesgaden road to the Führer’s secluded chalet. The moon hung low in the sky -- just less than a half moon. He would have preferred less moonlight, but circumstances had dictated otherwise. The night air cooled noticeably as he began his final ascent up the tree-lined mountain road. Lössner picked out a wide shoulder in deep shadow and brought the car to a stop. He checked his watch. It was two minutes after ten.

Lössner was still uneasy about the faint shafts of moonlight that dimly illuminated the roadway. He had bypassed the SS checkpoints ringing the Berghof by driving the sturdy six-wheeled W-31 overland from Sharitzkehl-Alm. The road ahead showed no signs of the SS patrols, but Lössner had been informed that they could appear at any time.

The informant had been in the Berghof itself since six-thirty. Karl Freiherr von Yorck owned a nearby estate at Metzenleiten. A descendant of Field Marshal von Gneisenau on his mother’s side, von Yorck had watched in horror as the former tramp and political agitator had assumed the Chancellorship nearly three years before -- and subsequently arrogated to himself dictatorial powers even the Kaisers had dared not assume.

He had been a ready sympathizer when first introduced to Lössner in spring of nineteen thirty-four. Lössner and a small circle of intellectuals and monarchists had met regularly at Konradshöhe in Berlin since the beginning of that year to discuss a solution to the Führer’s hold on Germany. They had at first contacted Chief of the General Staff Ludwig Beck in secret, hoping to gain the Army’s support against Hitler, but were rebuffed. The Reinickendorf Circle, as it came to call itself after the district in which it met, had at last and with great difficulty resolved to kill Adolf Hitler.

In mid-nineteen thirty-five they decided, at von Yorck’s urging, to make an attempt on Hitler’s life at the opening ceremonies of the 1936 Summer Olympic Games. Planning for the assassination proceeded slowly and surreptitiously, but was halted at the beginning of December when von Yorck sent word to Lössner that he had secured invitation to the Führer’s exclusive New Year’s Eve dinner. The coded letter went on to inform Lössner that Yorck had learned through members of Berghof’s permanent staff that the Führer would depart sometime before midnight to board a special overnight train to Berlin.

Lössner had initially been in favor of attacking the Führer at the train station, but Yorck replied that SS security would be far too tight. Better, he said, to ambush Hitler’s car as it was forced to wind its way slowly down the mountain from the party.

And so, Lössner and three others laid out plans for the attack. Anton Frölich and Bruno Theissen -- both leading intellectuals in the conspiracy -- and Bernhard von Wexl, a decorated colonel during the Great War, were to lie in wait along the banks of the road with the weapons Yorck had discreetly acquired for them. When Hitler’s limousine was sighted, Lössner would use the W-31 to ram it. Then, Fröhlich, Theissen and Wexl were to riddle the car with machine gun fire. As an extra precaution, Lössner would bring an improvised bomb to eliminate any possibility of those inside the vehicle surviving.

On the morning of the attack, Lössner -- a devout Catholic -- had received absolution from Fr. Martin Kappel, an active and passionate member of the Reinickendorf Circle. He sent his wife and two young daughters by train to stay with an aunt in Luxembourg, knowing that their farewells would likely be final. He then posted a letter, tendering his resignation from the professorship of Philosophy at the Technische Universität Berlin and justifying “the action” in the light of German history and democratic principle.

The action, coined by Theissen as Operation Brutus, was now five minutes behind schedule. Lössner wrapped his hands protectively around the bomb that rested at his side. He busied himself with straightening his tie and jacket, and cleaning the eyeglasses that he rarely wore. Ten minutes late. A crack in the underbrush froze his blood. Lössner whipped his head around to see his three comrades scrambling into the ditch at the side of the road. Theissen and Fröhlich were also dressed in suits, seemingly determined not to carry out such a momentous deed dressed like base criminals. von Wexl, the fiery sixty-five year old officer, wore his old colonel’s uniform, the Iron Cross pinned proudly to his chest.

“Good to see you, Albert,” Frölich whispered hoarsely. “No signal yet, correct?”

“No. Nothing yet. The Führer will probably not leave the Berghof for half an hour at the least.” The signal would come from von Yorck, who had agreed to flash a green light from the chalet when Hitler’s car left the Berghof.

The four men shook hands and wished one another luck.
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Britain First a German 44 AAR


Ahhh yes, I´m the author of that strange 44 Ger AAR where Hitler doesn´t get blown up, shot, hanged, abducted by aliens or other in one of the first updates. In fact 16 pages in, he is still alive, and still in charge! :eek: And not only that, he is crazier than ever!!

Offcourse, anyone could claim that. But try reading this little extract and come tell me he is sane :p

Extract from my AAR said:
Hitler: Perfect. It is now time for me to reveal my master plan for America, can I ask for some dramatic silence please?

Dramatic Silence

Hitler: I wanna be the president...... of AMERICA!!!

Everybody: What?!

Hitler: Well, it just makes sense!

Guderian: What?! No!

Hitler: In American sense makes YOU!!

Guderian: What?!

Hitler: You know because Americas is the opposite of Germany. And in Germany it makes sense, so in America.... Its a JOKE, for crying out loud!

Güderian: What?!

Hitler: I mean it. Himmler, make me President of America!

Himmler: Uhm.... yes Mein Führer!

Güderian: What?!.....

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So this is me. I have been writing on these forums since the tender age of 14. I am now 19, at University, and somehow am still here. I am not sure if it is a terrible dream or if I am actually awake. I always wanted to write a comedy but I was never funny enough. So I've stuck to Narrative and History-book. All that follows is a summary of my 5 years of involvement (10 AARs later) in AARland.

Awards won:
Character Writer of the Week x3
Writer of the Week
Weekly AAR Showcase x 2
Fan of the Week x3
Gold VictAARian Cross

Current AARs:

Sons of Santiago: The Strings of Fate
Spain is at a crossroads in time. The fate of this once great nation is hanging, and shall be decided by the destiny of three very different men, whose intertwined stories shall shape the course of history.
Narrative Category

Completed AARs:


Carefully Applied Force: A Prussian AAR
Prussia takes careful steps to cement her power over Germany and the world. However, the Kingdom soon finds that other powers are not so happy with her doing so. She will have to tread either carefully or with full force to push her way to the front. It seems she is more likely to do a bit of both; a tactic which possibly might end in disaster.
History-Book Category
Voted Favourite Victoria History-Book AAR Q2 and Q3 2008 and Favourite Victoria AAR Overall Q3 2008

"I'm sorry, you're not the only one..."
A young Ukrainian Conscript, fighting Chechnya, is unfortunately sent back in time... to 1850. He finds himself in Chechnya where a Russian Army, from 1850, is fighting a desperate campaign against armies from all over time. Linking up with this army, he tries to find his way back to the 1980's while also trying to stay alive, along with the friends he meets.
Narrative Catagory

The Rocky Road Northwards: The Story of Italy at War
Italy is a young nation, compared at least to the old powers of Britain, France and Russia. Created in 1860 out of semi-revolution, the young Kingdom has always been at odds with the older nations. She has, slowly, built up her Colonial and European influence, while mustering a large army and a powerful navy. When war set Europe aflame in 1914, Italy sat on the side lines, waiting to see a peak time to take on the withering Hapsburg Empire, of which she so despised. Although agreements with the British and French were made, Italy took on the Central Powers alone, facing destruction at the hands of the Austrians and Germans, and the displeasure of the Entente Powers. Can the sons of Garibaldi bring the Kingdom above the situation and win the day, or will the older nations destroy Italy while she is so young and vibrant. There is no question, however, that Italy must fight to secure a high place in the Circle of European Powers, of which she is such a newcomer.
History-Book Category
Was awarded the VictAARian Cross, Gold, for being the readAARs favorite completed Victoria AAR for 2008

Never Completed AARs:

Welfare of the Cantons: A Swiss AAR
Switzerland is a beacon of democracy in the centre of a conservative Europe, but can she keep herself internally centered and not have to rely on Europe to keep her independence, such a fragile structure, afloat. Short and sweet, Switzerland proved too quiet to make an entertaining AAR, but I gave it my best shot and provided a fun few updates. If you have a little time drop by and have a read of its 4 pages.
History-Book Category

This AAR follows the story of several soldiers, war correspondents, sailors and politcians all involved with the Crimean War. They must defend their country from foreign aggression and come out doing the right thing. That isn't always so easy. This follows the historical account of how the Crimean War fanned out, though this has never before be narrated, so this was a first. It was a casualty of writers block, but was some of the finest writing I ever produced, in my opinion. Well worth a look.
Narrative Category

The Triumph of Evil: Spain 1808-1945
My personal favourite project of my AAR career. This AAR charts the fall of the Spanish Empire and the decent through to the Spanish Civil War in 1936. It never got finished, to my eternal regret, but saw the final stage in the development of my unforgettable history-book style that came to fruition after the completion of Carefully Applied Force. Were I ever to get around to writing that actual history book I want to, this is what it would look like.
History-Book Category

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Hello. I don't have much to offer here(I'm simply amazed at the number of AARs some of the great writers here have written), so I suppose I'll start off with an introduction.

My name here is Inkana, but I'm known everywhere else as Jarret. I'm currently a Sophomore(Grade 10) and have been working on my current AAR for at least 2 years now, but I've had the idea for at least 3. Although I own Vicky and EUIII, I rarely play them. My main area of interest lies in the 20th century, mainly World Wars I & II, and the Cold War. I'm slow with updating my AAR and often disappear for stretches of time due to the horrors of *gasp* real life.

I have but one AAR to offer:

God Save Us All...Rewriting History in Blood

What If...? France's pleas to Austria and Bavaria had gotten through, and Prussia had lost the Franco-German War, therfore not allowing a unified Germany to form?

This is a mega-project in progress since 2005. It started as a simple question I asked myself in class one day, "What would happen if World War I had not happened?" From there it progressed to how the Great War could have been avoided. It was simple: If Germany did not unite, World War I would not have happened. At least on the scale that we know it.

God Save Us All is an alternate history starting in 1870 with the Franco-Prussian War. In this timeline, France's pleas to Bavaria and Austria went through(They also historically asked for help from Italy.) Bavaria and Austria declared war on Prussia, and defeated them within a year. This conflict established Napoleonic France as the premier power on the Continent, and forced Britain to abandon it's policy of "splendid isolation" early. The two powers became heated rivals and due to arms races between them, the tech level of this Timeline is somewhat advanced.

Between that war and where I am now, a huge war between Austria and Russia has occurred, along with the development of two huge power blocs in Europe. Japan has quietly been expanding it's empire out in the Pacific, and the USA has prospered under the 4-terms of President Teddy Roosevelt.

I'm currently in the year 1940 in this AAR, and hope to reach the 2nd(1st in the timeline) World War soon. I've had trouble keeping people interested in it due to my absences, but a lack of comments is also discouraging.

I am very proud of this AAR, and I hope that you read it.