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Inkwell of ThaHoward:

  • The Valhalla Saga. Norse campaign. Ended due to corrupted file and other reasons :(
  • The Hardrada Chronicles. Norway starting in Stamford Bridge 1066 start. Following the descandents of Harald Hardråde and their ambitions to conquer England and the North Sea. Ongoing and active.

AC's: Winner (joint) "The ACAs: Qi&2 2016": Divided we stand, united we fall. Q1 ACAs 2018 HoI4: Long Live the Permament Revolution!
Weekly AAR Showcase: Hardrada Chronicles, April 10th 2016.
WritAAR of the week, October 16th 2016. And May the 5th 2018.
Fan of the week 10/6/16 and 3/25/18.

Runner ups:

Joint Third Place Q4 ACAs for 2017 HoI4: Long Live the Permament Revolution!

The 2017 AARtist of the Year. (Winner being jerseygiants88).
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Tom D.'s Inkwell


My first EU4 AAR as Byzantium. Played in patch 1.15 and without any DLC. I know you look surprised and slightly afraid now at your screen, knowing how pretty much everyone around here owns at least one DLC ;), but no worries. Find out how by clicking on the link above.

A warning though: it's very image heavy, I learned my lesson for my second AAR.


Vrijheid voor Vlaanderen - a Flanders AAR

My second EU4 AAR as Flanders. Played in patch 1.17 without any DLC. If you read my first AAR you by now know why, if not: the reasons are documented enough in this AAR too ;).

One Empire to rule them all - a Brandenburg into Prussia into German Empire AAR
My third EU4 already, this time as Brandenburg trying to form Prussia and unite the German lands (without Austria, a 'Kleindeutschland' or 'Lesser Germany' thus). This is in patch 1.22.1 with lots of mods but also, shocking I know, with DLC: Res Publica, Art of War, Common Sense, Cossacks and Rights of Man will be used and experimented with in this run.


My 1st HoI4 AAR as Belgium. I choose Belgium because of wanting to bring a different story than that of a warmongering Germany or an expanding Soviet Union. It's also more interesting because unlike Britain or other Great Powers you have to really try to survive, and if you get overrun, what your alternative plan would be.


This is my first AAR I write for Stellaris but as an atypical nation: the Nomads. They are not meant to be played, as they are an AI entity that can spawn in the galaxy after some time and who travel in the galaxy, sometimes stopping to offer a player some ships or a pop or something like it to leave the galaxy when they reach their end destination, after which they disappear to never come back. I decided to spawn them immediately at the beginning of a game and tagswitched over to them to play as them. Therefore this AAR will mostly be about the Nomads themselves as a sort of atypical 'observer game'. I do plan on giving them a major role once the game progresses. Unfortunately, despite not upgrading the game nor the mods the save couldn't be loaded once 2.2 came out so I will be forced to restart in the near future. The basic principles and story line though outlined above will remain the same for the restarted AAR.

My first ever interactive AAR, set in Stellaris. Together with 3 other people, we made a Stellaris game after Magnum's own 2nd interactive AAR ended. With elements taken from other games, most notably CK2 with scheming and intrigue. Unfortunately we had to end our own run preliminary but we had fun, and even decided to continue and thus we started...

My second interactive AAR, this time with a different ruleset, background and much more! Hoping to guide the nation of Theia to unprecedented heights! Currently ongoing as we speak (08-03-2020). This one also unfortunately ended preliminary, but that too did not stop the interactive AARs. We then went onto....

This third interactive AAR is set in Victoria 2, where people play as Prussian politicians whilst also being able to have a secondary role, such as being a capitalist (investing in factories, a whole setup economic system to allow this), a bureaucrat (able to propose researching techs) or a military officer. Will Prussia come to dominate Germany and even Europe? Will the King still sit on his throne when we end the game at 1936? Or will Prussia fail to do its duty and fall into the annals of history? Find it all out by following the link!


My humble awards:
- Fan of the Week 11-10-2016
- Fan of the Week 25-01-2017
- Fan of the Week 06-11-2017
- Fan of the Week 11-07-2018

- Joint 2nd place with Bastion of Democracy - a Belgium AAR in the Q3 & Q4 ACAs for 2016 and joint 3rd place in the Q3 ACAs for 2017
- Joint 2nd place with One Empire to rule them all - a Brandenburg into Prussia into German Empire AAR in the Q3 ACAs for 2017 and joint 1st place in the Q3 ACAs for 2018

- WritAAR of the Week 15-05-2017 with The survival of a doomed Empire - A Byzantium AAR
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Attalus' Inkwell

Victoria II

- "Up to the Euphrates and Tigris" an Egypt (and later Arab Union) AAR :

My first attempt at an AAR, in which you can follow Egypt westernize under the iron heel of Muhammad Ali and then try to secure its place amongst the Great Powers for the Arab people. Written as an history book I tried to make sense of what the game threw at me and that wasn't always simple. Looking back at it, I see many flaws (the game being only a neverending Egyptian victory ; my writing ... :p ) but well I don't think it was that bad for a first attempt. Ended because of a lost save.

Was nominated for the Weekly AAR showcase on 4th January 2015, scored second in the Q1 ACA and won the Q2 ACA 2015 for Victoria II and got an honorable mention for History Book of the Year 2015

- Unione, Forza e Liberta! - An Etrurian AAR :

My second AAR still set in V2 although in the world of Divergences, an alt-history mod that I have taken care of, beginning in 2015. After the loss of my save for my previous AAR, my obvious choice was to make my next one in DVG. Like the one before it had mild interactivty, a history book style but in a game that made even less sense with an Italian Revolutionary Republic fighting the Kingdom of Aragon or the Holy Roman Emperor in Prague. It's not a dead save that killed it though but my lack of interestment along with the burden of having two versions of the mod (one for the AAR, the other for development). I think my writing improved but well it's still got a lot of Frenchness in it, but mixing alt-history with real events of the XIXth century was really fun to write (and I hope to read!)

Was nominated for the Weekly AAR showcase on the 20th September 2015, won the Q3 ACA for Victoria II and also got me nominated for WritAAR of the Week on 31st January 2016


- Ad Astra Per Aspera - Romans in Space :


Abandoned fairly quickly after my hype for Stellaris went down with playing the game. Maybe I will pick it again if future expansions get me back into it. Got a decent banner though :p

Crusader Kings II

Pushing the Border, a Dalassenos Story

My fourth attempt at an AAR whose aim was to try and conquer the Steppe with the Greek strategos of Cherson in 1066. Sadly writing about characters is not my greatest achievement so I abandonned it fairly quickly.​
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Macke11's Inkwell



The Pacific Empire - A BlackIce Japan AAR (Active)
Own Review: The Pacific Empire was (and still is, though it's paused) my fourth AAR. The start may not seem too impressive, but I promise, later on it becomes a lot better. By this I mean both the writing, the graphics and the overall structure of the AAR, of which I think the last two are most notable.
Cause Of Pausing: I decided to pause The Pacific Empire mainly because it started feeling like something I had to do, rather than something I wanted to. As it is my longest and most popular AAR this far, I feel an obligation to return and finish it. That obligation is reinforced by a feeling deep inside me, a feeling that I want to continue writing. I just need to wait for it to become strong enough.



The Indian Republic - A Kalapi (Custom Nation) AAR (Abandoned: Savegame problems)
Own Review: Wow! When I look back at my first AAR, which I made less than a year ago, I understand how much AARland has improved my English skill, patience, creativity, ability to use paint and knowledge about the options on Paradox Forums which you can use to improve posts.(Ooops...Long sentence... Guess I'm sentenced to death now:p. Sorry, I'll spare you my bad puns.) Anyway, I still think The Indian Republic is something for people who do not have the time to read long, text filled stories, or those who want a gameplay AAR (many game-pictures) with a bit of simple Narrative/History book (the text).
Cause of abandoning: The savegame initially (suprisingly) worked with the Cossacks DLC and the update that came with it, but only a few days after I tried that it was broken.
NOTE: For those who like the AAR, this might be some happy news. I've found a savegame from 1492, only 17 years before the end of The Indian Republic and it might be working.
Own Review: I started The Forgotten Vikings as I abandoned The Indian Republic. Unfortunately the new AAR barely got off the ground before it ended. But it gave me some very important experiences of the AARland, as I got more comments than I had in The Indian Republic and Adorno and Nordmann combined. I was filled with more energy and I guess that is what created the massive flow of content at the start of The Pacific Empire. The AAR structure reminds a lot about The Indian Republic.
Cause of abandoning: Seemingly the same problem as with The Indian Republic, with the exception that there was no patch during the course of this AAR.



Adorno and Nordmann - A Venetian CK2+ Multiplayer AAR (Not Officially Abandoned. Latest post 20th June 2016)
Own Review: So I and a friend of mine, TheRealUnknown, got the idea to do a multiplayer AAR. I've later noticed that quite a few others have done the same, in one way or another, but back then we thought it was a revolutionary idea. We decided to play as patricians in Venice to see what we could do. TheRealUnknown got the odd, but funny idea to play a Swedish character in Venice. I meanwhile, chose to play a traditional, realistic Italian Nobleman.
Cause Of Low Update Frequency: I honestly only know partially. We stumbled upon some savegame problems (yes, again for me) when Coclave came. This could have been avoided if we had not used steam workshop mods, which of course got updated to the new version of the game. And I've at least done my Part 4, while others have not *discretely points at TheRealUnknown*:rolleyes:. We had however planned to complete the 20 years or so we played before the problems came.
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Rovsea's Inkwell

The Southern Eagle: A Mexico AAR
This was my first AAR attempt, and it did end without a conclusion, although the primary goal of beating the United States in Score was achieved successfully.

The Transvaal Accord - A History of South Africa's Fascist Government during World War 2
£99.99 not including postage! Order your copy today!


My first attempt at an AAR, in which you can follow South Africa attempt to survive the Second World War as a Axis-Aligned country and you can also see the fascist party try to stay in power, amid increasing foreign intervention in politics. Written as an history book, it might feature quit a few troop convoys being blown up due to my utter incompetence at HOI3 HPP. Oh yeah, it also feature a Axis Confederate States, a pro-axis independent California and a pro-Allies Sioux and USA.
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Inkwell of Rhaegar Telcontar Targaryen

Crusader Kings II

The Last With Pagan Blood

Overview: My first AAR, CKII + HIP, start date Dec 25th 1066 as Erik 'the Heathen' af Munsö, descendant of Ragnarr Lodbrok and Björn Ironside, Jarl of Uppland and son of the last Pagan King of Sweden. Goal to remain Norse Pagan, bring the Vikings to it's former heights, raid, pillage and convert. Mixed style, lots of images. [ status: unfinished]

The Heirs of the King
Overview: CKII, HIP + MyPersonalSubmod. Start date 1127.March 02. William "Clito" de Normandie, Duke of Flanders, son of Robert Curthose and grandson of William the Conqueror. Goal, take Kingdom of England, probably and possibly France too.​
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Inkwell of Pigzhu275

It's all about trying new things.
Maybe you will read about far away happenings and national politics in a Central African narrative. Or, you might go along on a journey to dismantle the Ottomans at the height of their power in 1530 and reclaim the holy land. Let us go further still, and explore a brand new world filled with 36 meticulously crafted custom nations where I alternate between nations every few years. Follow along with me, and explore EU4.

List of current AARs:
Through the Eyes of Kings: A Story Driven Tumbuka AAR
The Road to Jerusalem: A 1530 Knights AAR
Exploration Mode Engaged - A Tag-Swap AAR
(All ongoing, and in order of creation)
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Vyshan's Inkwell

Hearts of Iron 4

A Better World is Coming - KR CSA [Aborted]

This is a Kaisereich narrative CSA(Combined Syndicates of America) AAR, following the men and women that make up a militia unit of the CSA and their hopes, dreams, struggles, failures, triumphs and more. Sadly it has been abandoned.

The Azure Dragon Soars Again
This AAR will focus on the Qing Empire in Kaiserreich with the new China Update. Now this AAR will be a narrative one and it won’t feature much if any gameplay at all. Instead it will follow roughly four main PoV characters and the various events, foci, decisions, battles and more will be seen through there eyes and their reactions to what is going on in China.

Victoria 2

La Serenissima - A Venetian Divergences AAR [Completed]

This is a historical book AAR of the Republic of Venice in the divergences of Darkness timeline/mod. It has won the weekly AAR showcase award. It has been completed.

La Reina del Plata - An Argentinian AAR [Abandoned]

This is a historical book AAR of Argentina using the Historical Flavor Mod. Sadly it has been abandoned.

Land of the Silver Birch - A Canadian AAR [Completed]
A victoria 2 game following Canada from its days as a British Colony.

Europa Universallis 4

The Light of Al-Andalus - Granada AAR [abandoned]

This is a semi-historical book and narrative AAR following the Emirate of Granada using the MEIOU and Taxes mod. This is my first attempt at writing a narrative style AAR. Sadly it has been abandoned.
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iisbroke's Inkwell

Awarded Best Character Writer of the Week 2 July, 2017 by Henry v. Kieper

Dullahan of the East
August 5, 2017 ---
A When the World Stopped Making Sense Mod where the Galatians of Anatolia try to thrive in the Dark Ages.​

Green Tide
February 10, 2017 -- August 3, 2017
An Elder Kings Mod where the orcs of Kruzka raid and invade people around them. All told through the perspective of their victims.​

February 10, 2017 -- April 5, 2017
An Elder Kings Mod where the Atmorans are lead to purge their home of the undead with assistance from their new patron deity, Meridia.​

Skaal Chronicles
Novemeber 12, 2015 -- January 11, 2016
An Elder Kings Mod where I go through the process of leading the people of Solstheim to empire.​

The Disputed King
May 23-29 2015
My first AAR that attempted to go through forming the three Essos Disputed Lands duchies into a kingdom. All in the A Game of Thrones Mod.​
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