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Livonian Kaupo The Traitor or The Saint - FINISHED

Far to the North pagan leader of Livonians made a historical decision to abandon his faith and people and join German crusaders. Kaupo became Catholic and vassal of Livonian Brothers of Sword. Join the series of Turaida dynasty leaders taking over the Duchy, developing it and protecting the land against Lithuanian pagans, Russian Grand Princes and in the end Russian Kingdom.

We take no foreign lands. Livonia is enough!

Early deaths of Kaupo and Bertold
Controversal Ihavald The Impaler
Statesman Ilmalemb The Holy
and more..
Michaelangelo's Inkwell

May as well make one of these now that I have more than one AAR. :p

Around The World: A Tag-Swap AAR - Completed
A gameplay random tag AAR where I swap nations every 10 years, first by using the random nation button and later through a voting process.
Nominated for the Weekly AAR Showcase: 5/24/15
Tied for 2nd place in the Q1 2015 ACAs
3rd place in the Q2 2015 ACAs

Neapolitan Nightmare - A Naples Always War AAR
- Completed
An AAR with a mix of gameplay and narrative following the tale of Naples, its king, and an unlikely ally as they face a world at war.
3rd place in the Q2 2015 ACAs
Nominated for the Weekly AAR Showcase: 10/4/15
Tied for 3rd place in the Q3 2015 ACAs
Won 2015 Narrative of the Year

Empire of the Mediterranean: An Interactive Aragon AAR
- Moved onto Victoria II
An iAAR following the exploits of Aragon as the king and his court decide the fate of the nation.
Tied for 2nd place in the Q3 2015 ACAs
Tied for 1st place in the Q1&2 2016 ACAs
Tied for 4th place in the Q3&4 2016 ACAs

Victoria II
Empire of the Mediterranean: An Interactive Hispania AAR - Brought to an early conclusion
The continuation of my EUIV iAAR of similar name but moving on into Victoria II.
Tied for 2nd place for 2018 Multiplayer/Interactive AAR of the Year

Co-op/Co-authored AARs
Stranded - A Nuova Italia AAR - Completed (Posted & written by blklizard)
A narrative AAR written by blklizard about Italians stranded in Sumatra and the nation they forge, with me providing the gameplay.
Tied for 2nd place in the Q3 2015 ACAs

Current & Former iAAR Characters
Sonderweg oder Anderweg?
Maximillian von Vandenburg (Imperialists/Assembly), Minister of the Interior (1863-1867) (b.1800, d.1884)
Wilhelm von Vandenburg (Imperialists/Assembly) (b.1835, d.1884)
Eva von Vandenburg (Imperialists/Assembly), Reichspräsident (1897-1905) (b.1853, d.?)

A Symphony of Influence
Sebastian von Habsburg

The Empire Strikes Back
Senator Michelangelo "the Artist" Favero, Duke & Governor of Italy, Minister of Intelligence (Patrikioi) (b.1800, d.1868)
Senator Leonardo Favero, Duke & Governor of Italy, Minister of Intelligence/Foreign Minister (Patrikioi) (b.1840, d.1901)
Senator Raphael "Toast Lover" Favero, Duke & Governor of Italy, Foreign Minister (Patrikioi) (b.1870, d.1911)
Senator Donatello Favero, Duke & Governor of Italy in-exile (Patrikioi) (b.1890, d.?) - Victoria II/Part 3
Senator Donatello Favero, Duke of Italy in-exile, Foreign Minister (Patrikioi/Kleinoi) (b.1890, d.?) - Hearts of Iron IV/Part 4

Under the Rising Sun
Daimyo Ito Katashi of Miyazaki (The Fujin League, former member of the Self Strengthening Faction)
Count Ito Katashi of Miyazaki, Minister of Transportation (1868-1873), Minister of War (1873-1884) (After Westernization; member of Kamikaze Party; Titles) (b.1810, d.1884)
Count Ito Masaki of Miyazaki, Minister of Justice (1887-1898), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1898-1902), Privy Council member (1898-1902) (Kamikaze Party/NLP) (b.1850, d.1920)

France's Internal Struggles
Philippe "Half Ducat" de Valois

Alternative WW2 Scenario: European Front
Fascist USA

France's Internal Struggles 2
Philippe "Half Ducat" de Valois

Home of the Brave
Benjamin Joseph Blake (Democrat)

The Sun Never Sets
William Benjamin Briggs, 1st Earl of Marches
Walter William Briggs, 1st Duke of Mercia, 2nd Earl of Marches, & 1st Earl of Derbyshire; Commander of the Forces (1482-1500)
Nicolas Briggs né de Laval, 2nd Duke of Mercia, 3rd Earl of Marches, 2nd Earl of Derbyshire, & 1st Count of Maine

Albion and Empire
Maxwell Macpherson (Tory/Bolton West), Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, & Food (1951-1954), Foreign Secretary (1964-1966) (b.1900, d.?)
Timothy Blake (Tory/Kensington South), Minister of Overseas Development (1969-1974) (b.1919, d.?)
Maxwell Macpherson (Retired Politician/Freelance Journalist/Lord), Lord High Chancellor (1979-?) (b.1900, d.?)

El Imperio Muerto
Esmeralda, "La Esmeralda de Elche" (b.1818, d.1901)
Dr. Gregorio Vicente Osorio de Moscoso (b.1830, d.1913)
Fernando Armando Hernando Rolando Fernández, Secretary of State for Grace and Justice (1885-?), Conde de Móstoles, (b.1835, d.1919)

Death and Rebirth
Laurentios, Mystikos of Achaia (769-780)
Michael, Mayor of Kalamata (781-)

A Very British Civil War
Her Majesty Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith

Revolution and Reaction
Belle Connard (b.1800)
Louis de Rohan, Prince de Guémené, Duc de Montbazon, Duc de Bouillon, Seigneur de Clisson (b.1785, d.1863)
Henri de Rohan, Prince de Rohan (b.1837)

Awards and Accolades
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ItalianAJT Inkwell Repository of Various RAARmblings, StAARies, HistAARies, and other AAR related wordplays.

Crusader Kings II:
The French Struggle: House Galimani of Orleans - completed
nominated for WritAAR of the week 05/03/2015; nominated for Weekly AAR Showcase 06/07/2015​
In Search of the Saoshyant - abandoned, started July 03, 2015, ended July 20, 2015 (corrupted save)
Saoshyant Achievement AAR (Director's Cut) - announced

Europa Universialis IV:
Continuation of "The French Struggle" - announced
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Alscon's Inkwell

Settling the Steppe - An Anti-Horselord AAR

After a frustrating experience in the Tarim Basin in CK II, fending off nomadic raider after nomadic raider, I started a game as the Crimean Goths in 867 with the explicit goal to eradicate them all and leave not a single nomad county on the map. It was a highly enjoyable game which I can only recommend. Starting with our dynasty founder whose glory shines in his moustache:


Months later, after finishing The Right Hand of the Karlings, I recalled this campaign where I actually reached 1453 for once and thought that it would make for a good AAR. Instead of starting anew, I took the chronicle and the character sheets and retold the story of the Thathicos dynasty throughout the ages. And I believe that it worked surprisingly well.

One chapter per ruler, we thus take the retrospective of a modern history book looking at how the Goths struggle against the raiders. With different rulers come different ideals, but all united with the same goal.

A goal which would eventually lead the Goths to persist to EU IV, where they... well, do something. Apparently they survived the middle ages.

Oh, and I'm hearing rumours that there are even some Goths still around as humanity discovers a way to travel space...

Weekly AAR Showcase 22/08/2021
third place in the CK II Q3 ACAs 2021
Winner of the EU IV Q4 ACAs 2021


A CK II AAR that starts exactly like that. But it doesn't end there. A group of Italian exiles, people who dream of old Rome and live like the ancients, flees the pope. With its leader, Amentius (The Mad) having had a vision of heading West, they make a dubious crossing with a viking ship – and land in West Iceland, from now on called Nova Roma. The pioneers face a hard time – but are they doomed, or will they succeed? This is the tale of the Real Roman Renaissance.

In this AAR, I assume the role of a courtier or the ruler to narrate the parts of the history. The Romans begin as madmen, and while this carries through the whole story, intrigue, power and the consequences of a mysterious book find their entries as well...

Joint second in the CK II Q4 ACAs 2014 - Best Character Writer of the Week 29/3/15 - Weekly AAR Showcase 11/1/15, 28/09/15 - Joint third place in the Q2 ACAs 2015


Unlike in RRR, I take a purely gameplay stance in this EU IV AAR. Making use of El Dorado's random world for EU IV, and combining it with the idea of a random AAR, I take control of a country for ten years or more, trying to leave a lasting impact on the world. Hordes galore, the usual powers are quickly destroyed, new powers arise as old falls – a very dynamic world, in which I (more or less successfully) try to bring some stability. God really does play dice.


What is going on on Sol III? Medieval Earth? The Hamrax are observing. And history unfolds on the blue planet as well, not influenced by whatever happens in the galaxy - really not influenced?
In this 'dual' AAR, I am playing both in Stellaris and CK II. The crew of the observation post reflects both on the events of their galactic realm as they do on what happens on Earth. While the humans are living their lives as usual - until the observers get a bit more active...
See what happens for yourself. Thousand Lights of Enlightenment - or Far(?) from Enlightenment?

Best Character Writer of the Week 22/10/16

The Forgotten Fifth

Ubbe Ragnarrsson is not landed in the Old Gods, thus always overlooked when faced with his brothers with their lot of land or mighty event troops. This is his story. A narrative AAR aiming to span his life, and to see if he gains eternal glory (and a fancy nickname!) or if he ends up forgotten as a footnote of history...
Embroiled in his brothers' invasion, Ubbe convinces them to rule land of his own, then builds up his strength in this war-torn land. There's torture, curses, executions - all on the path to his destiny, contested by the large shadows of his brothers. Can he step out of them?

Best Character Writer of the Week 22/11/17, WritAAR of the Week 18/03/18

Against the Great Animal Calamity - a mildly interactive megacampaign

The Old Empire has fallen. Sentient beasts have, from one day to the other, risen in masses. For centuries now, man and beast have co-existed, even united. But that time shall soon come to an end.
An Illumination has taken place. There's now one realm which can look beyond the veil of the Calamity. That can see the monstrosity of existence, and longs for the prosperous days of the Old Empire. The leader of this realm has the divine task of exterminating the gigantic animal realms of Earth.
You are his Anonymous Council. Freed from the Calamity, you are now helping the leader and his dynasty to make the right choice on the Path of Salvation, a future so that mankind can prevail.

Weekly AAR Showcase 04/07/19 - "mega" on hold rn

The Right Hand of the Karlings


From these humble beginnings, Count Eberhard makes an audacious plan - a plan to keep the Karlings in charge of Western Europe (House Etichonen naturally doesn't profit of that in any way). Follow the story of the House as they use whatever methods available to them in order to prevail and prosper in this more light-hearted story.

Best Character Writer of the Week 18/10/20, WritAAR of the Week 13/12/20, (joint) second in the CK III Q1 ACAs 2020, Q2 ACAs 2020, Q3 ACAs 2020

And for the sake of completion, I have to name my first AAR, The Ormrberars – From Snakes to Greatness? My initial idea was to start in 867 with a legendary viking dynasty founder, then to start the narration in 1000, coronation of the first Catholic king of Normandy, then to combine the progressing history with flashbacks of the former rulers. It didn't quite work out though, and ended quite rapidly to make way for my Romans. But it provided valuable experience, and I may try this idea a second time in the future. After my Romans maybe.

The Castelozzi, Montségur and Faixòn families in Empire of the Mediterranean (Character Writer of the Week 07/10/18)
Formerly Ximeno Arantxez, Head of the EBC and ERTC, Master of the Coin of England, Baron of Biarritz, Leader of the Owls (*1434) in The Sun Never Sets
Formerly Aniketos Laloudios, Strategos of Achaia, in Death and Rebirth
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HEY YOU! Yeah, you? Do you hate the Karlings? Do you hate Muslim blobs? Then I've got the writer for you!

What? No! Stop! Don't leave me...

I do AARs that I think are interesting. The places and people I choose often hold historical significance, such as my past work with the Zunbils who held a faith from before the Zoroastrian-Hindu schism, or the Severians who were noted, amongst other things, for having unique art. Don't worry, my recent choices aren't quite those. In fact, I'm exploring a new style for each of the 3 I will carry.

Here's my recent listing, also found in my signature.

Megali is a Byzantine AAR. This story will be told, well, like a story, rather than as if reading events. It starts with the reader being approached and asked to listen to a tale of a man with a dream, and the story ensues. This one is probably going to be the least divergent from my previous AARs, but I think it's at least worth checking out if not for the simple purpose of seeing if you like it.

My next AAR is going to be focused around the Alans. This one might feature a slight delay, as a sound strategy for them seems to be difficult to find. This one is intended to be at least partially comedic, lifting the heavy tone that can be seen in Severity, my first on this forum. Don't worry, though, I'll try to keep the comedy within appropriate situation, rather than randomly spurting it out.

I've talked with a couple of people, and there's a chance one of these might turn musical as well. That would sure be something, wouldn't it? I ask you to check out what I've got to offer, but no demands are made. Happy hunting!
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Delpiero's Inkwell

Foedere et Religione Tenemur - A Savoy AAR

Featured in: Weekly AAR Showcase August 10, 2014
Status: Canceled (corrupted save game)
Mod: Veritas et Fortitudo

L'Etat C'Est Moi - A France AAR
Third Place Q3 2014 AARland Choice Awards (link)
Status: Completed
Mod: Veritas et Fortitudo

The Rise of the Turks
Status: Completed
Mod: Veritas et Fortitudo

Sunni Pope - A Papal State AAR
Status: Completed
Mod: None

The Amsterdammer Way - A Mildly Interactive AAR
Status: Completed
First Place Q3 2015 AARland Choice Awards (link)
Mod: None

The Sun Never Sets - An Interactive AAR

Status: Canceled (various reasons)
Featured in: Weekly AAR Showcase April 17, 2016
Mod: Custom

Hanseatic Chronicles - An Interactive Campaign
Status: On-going
Mod: Custom

Nominated for: WritAAR of the Year 2015

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Many people dream of power, but not many gain it.

Hello! I came to this thread to advertise my AAR (obviously). I'm playing as your always generic House Tyvercy in Volhynia, but I'm trying to develop my characters as best I can, to roleplay them according to the personality traits they have and what I think they would've done. The purpose of this whole AAR is just roleplaying, I have no plans in mind as to what I want to conquer, it just kinda goes with the flow, and that's what I like. If you have time to read and give your most honest opinion of my AAR, you'll find it here:


I'm trying to do chapters every day, it takes some time to take screenshots (I usually take A LOT of them and then cut most of them and decide which ones are the most fitting, which usually leaves me with around 4-5 screens or less) and write a good story out of it, but I think I'm doing pretty well. Enjoy! :)
Sebas379's Inkwell

Hello and welcome to my inkwell! Below you will find all AARs written by me, in whatever state they are. That is, if I don't forget to add them.

The Neverending Struggle - A Nationalist China FTM 3.05
My first dabble into AARland, back when I had played only a couple of games of HOI and hardly had a clue what I was doing. It died halfway through thanks to a computer crash I believe, but I've left it up as a testament to the early days of playing HOI.

Hochseeflotte - The German Battlefleet of the Second World War
A year after the Nationalist China adventure I was reading a lot about the unification of Germany and World War I. The naval arms race struck me as particularly interesting and I decided to try and create a WW2 Germany with a powerful fleet in HOI. Thus an adventure of a year-and-a-half in real-life time began in which an at first small but later huge German battleship navy filled the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean with the wreaks of her enemies whilst the Heer crushed all land-based opposition, cumilating in a half a million strong Panzer-Heeresgruppe with over 20 battleships at her back storing through the United States of America. Won the WritAAR of the week award in January 2015.

The Vanguard of the World's Destruction. - A Nationalist China-Japan Coop AAR

A collaboration project by TehDarkMiner and myself, in which Nationalist China and the Empire of Japan join forces rather than fight each other to the death. The combined might of China's vast land armies and the Imperial Japanese Navy, Airforce and special forces is unleashed upon a world already in turmoil, but to what effect?

Invincible and Legendary - The Red Army during the Great Patriottic War

In this AAR I play the Soviet Union in a struggle to the death against the Axis powers. My first time as the Soviets fighting both the European Axis and Japan, and my first game on hard difficulty...
My Inkwell:

Current AARs:

A Galaxy of Wonder

Past AARs:

"Enemies Are Not as Numerous as We Are"
El Imperio Muerto, A Spain IAAR
The United Baltic Provinces in Tautos Jėga Vienybėje
Japan in the IAAR Under the Rising Sun

Role Player of the Month for June of 2015
2nd Place Winner for 2015 Q3 Vicky II AARland Choice Award
4th Place Winner for 2015 Q1 and Q2 Vicky II AARland Choice Award

Weekly AAR Showcases:
07/17/2022 for "A Galaxy of Wonder"

WritAAR of the Week:
09/12/2016 - 09/19/2016
06/04/2022 - 06/11/2022
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Crimson Drakon's Inkwell



Al-Iqritiya-the Saracens of Crete: A Hafsid Old Gods AAR-complete, 16/11/2014

Follow the story of how the Saracens of Crete managed to become Caliphs of the world, then to be tumbled into religious upheavals!

Curtea Domnească de Basarab - A Wallachian AAR-complete, 28/02/2015

Ioan Basarab the Founder and his legacy fight their way to survive into the Balkans, when all but the Vlachs have renounced Orthodoxy

Alla fine del Mondo- To the end of the World- A Pisan Republic AAR- complete 12/10/2016

Read how the Visconti, through a heretical discovery, are oathbound to travel to the End of the World and prove the unthinkable: what is the shape of the world?

Tale of Hindustan Retold: Gupta Twice-Born - complete 20/03/2017

An Indian fable of a great house reborn during a feast of a local noble. Can the Gupta Empire emerge again?


Shadows of Carpathia- A CK2 to EU4 Wallachian AAR(continue of Curtea Domnească de Basarab/CK2)-complete, 21/11/2015

The Story of the Empire of Carpathia as it competed to become the successor of Eastern Rome and form the Orthodox Commonwealth
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Rabbit55821's Inkwell

Historia Quod Britonum (A Mega-Campaign AAR) (Status: Ongoing)
Act One: Guardians

Aeternus. Futurum. Quorum Praeteritum. Time is but another realm, waiting to be manipulated. Waiting to be conquered. Waiting to be stirred. Everything can be changed by the actions of one.Who will take up the mantle, and change everything?