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InvisibleSandwich's Inkwell

The AARs of a forumite who still clings to a desire to have a username longer than the character limit. An encouraging sign, if there ever was such a thing. I should note that my earlier AARs had their images hosted on Imageshack; since the owners of that site apparently went insane those images are no longer working. Anything from The Australia Project onwards uses Imgur. I might update the older AARs' image links someday, but it seems unlikely for now.

In order of publication:

Nostalgia Freaks
My first published AAR, starring a group of immortal slackers in an alternate history scenario for a fairly comprehensive EU3 mod. It won Character Writer of the Week on May 26th, 2013, and pushed my interests as a writer towards narrative AARs.

A History Of Haiti Through the Eyes Of a Horse A deliberately miniature AAR for Victoria 2 about a dimwitted horse; one solution to my desire to write a very focused AAR.

Getting Drunk - The Genoese Conquest of Russia
An AAR in which I punched the Golden Horde until they died, and then beat up on its successors, with EU3 + Death and Taxes as my witness. In the midst of this, a series of flamboyant Genoese doges carved out an empire. Abandoned due to my efforts being refocused on writing projects outside the forums, albeit I'm sure the gameplay goal is entirely workable.

The Australia Project
A fictional account of Australian history written by the character of Liam Jacobson, with gameplay from Victoria 2/POP Demand Mod. The country of this AAR was decided by a vote. Won Character Writer of the Week on March 30th, 2014, Weekly AAR Showcase on June 28th, 2014, and Writer of the Week on August 3rd, 2014. It also placed 2nd in the 2014 VictAARian Cross awards.

FERTing on the Enemy - The House of Savoy Fights the Overwhelming Omega
A EU4 AAR based on the eponymous "Omega" mod I've been working on. Starting as Savoy, I have to balance the usual "Form Italy to avoid getting eaten" hijinks with attempts to annihilate a forcibly roided AI. First started on April 6th, 2015. Ended on June 9th, 2015.
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TDM's Inkwell

Shadow over the Pacific: An (Axis) Australian AAR - cancelled

The story of an Axis Australia who planned to conquer the Pacific (and a bit of the Indian) Ocean. Cancelled due to inability to continue the AAR at the time. Redone (see below).

The Four Faction War: A(nother) Germany AAR

Not an ordinary AAR. The four major world powers - the Axis, the Communists, the United States and the Allies are all to be pitted against each other in a massive world war. Written narratively, whilst playing as Germany trying to take over the world. Completed.

Shadow over the Pacific Mark II: An Axis Australia

Won several awards. A complete restart of my first AAR. A Pacific-focused AAR with a variety of land, air, and naval battles whilst fighting the Allies in Europe, Asia and the Pacific as a weak island nation. Completed.
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OK, let's do it:

1) The Prince: Western Rus in times of Mongol Invasion. - my first try, and frankly speaking, the task I wasn't equal too. However, the story ark is completed and I'm genuinely proud of some writing there.

2) Shahs of Shahi Shahdom - the History of the Afghan Hindu Empire - 3.06.14 - finished.

3) The Fall of House of Rurik - 3.06.14 - stillborn.

4) AARabian Nights: Tales from the Caliphate - 19.09.14 - discontinued

5)Rebuilding Great Armenia - Bagratid AAR - 19.09.14 - died due to lost save.
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Completed: Dawn - AGoT AAR - My very first AAR, playing as House Dayne in the AFFC scenario. Was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances but still ended on a high note.

Ongoing: The Dragon Kings - A Game of Thrones Mod - My second and current AAR, playing as the Targaryen kings starting in the Robert's Rebellion scenario.

Hope you guys enjoy! :D
Saxon125's Inkwell:
Please note: that as of the date I am typing this, (09/05/2020) the links in the first 12 AARS I wrote before I went on a hiatus from the forums are dead in the Inkwell as well as in the AARS themselves and I cant be bothered to fix them all after all these years. Please put the AAR title in the search bar to find the AAR you wish to read.

Mother of Dragons A Daenerys Targaryen AAR
(25th August 2014 - 13th September 2014)
(Dead due to corrupted save)

My First AAR which was an attempt to bring the Mother of Dragons back to Westeros.

The Pendragon Chronicles (A Chronicle of the Pendragon's Rulers of Wales)
(4th September 2014 - 14th December 2014)

My favorite Project, in which I took the Pendragon Dynasty from a small dukedom to an Empire.
(Came joint 4th in the Q3 2014 Awards and the Q4 2014 Awards)

The Lion and the Axe (A House Yngling HIP AAR)
(September 29th 2014 - October 3rd 2014)
(Dead due to corrupted save)
A short lived AAR where I played as Olav Yngling, the Bastard of Viken.

Seven Kingdoms - A Game of Thrones MultiplayAAR
(20th October 2014 - 9th May 2015)
(Dead due to real life woes)
Join me and several other AAR Writers as we played the Game of Thrones, after Aegon's Conquest.

The Italian Boot (A Sicily HIP AAR)
(December 14th 2014 - 7th November 2015)
(Dead due to corrupted save)
In this HIP AAR I started as the De Hauteville dynasty, and made them a strong power in the Mediterranean.
(Came joint 3rd in the Q2 2015 Awards and joint 4th in the Q3 2015 Awards)


The Falk Chronicles (a hopefully funny/humorous chronicle of House Falk)
(May 20th 2015 - July 7th 2015)
(Dead due to corrupted save)
My first attempt at a comedy AAR, started in 767 as the Falk Dynasty in Sweden.


Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye and his Descendants: (A CK2 Old Gods AAR)
(7th November 2015 - 24 February 2016)
(Dead due to real life woes)
Another attempt at a comedy AAR, mixed with serious writing starting as the 5th son of Ragnar Lothbrok, Sigurdr Snake-in-the-Eye in the Old Gods start.


The Canmore Clan (A CK2+ AAR)
(5th March 2016 - May 17th 2016)
(Dead due to real life woes and lost save)
A CK2+ AAR starting in Scotland as a custom designed dynasty the Canmores, ruling the Duchy of Moray in the Stamford Bridge start and attempting to take Scotland to new heights.

The Good Boltons? (AGOT Mod AAR)
(Dead due to real life woes and lost save)
(18th August 2016 - 30th August 2016)
A long overdue return to the singleplayer Game of Thrones mod, play as Roose Bolton and his heirs from the Robert's rebellion start, trying to make the Boltons good vassals.

The Yellow Crown: (A Wessex 769 AAR)
(Dead due to Stagnation)
(22nd October 2016 - 19th February 2017)
Playing as a custom dynasty the Ingving's in 769 Wessex, aiming to make them rulers of England. All the kings are also guided by a mysterious voice what could possibly go wrong?

In the RNG we trust: (A CK2 Random AAR)
(Dead due to Loss of interest)
(2nd May 2017 -)

A different AAR then usual, in which I play as one random character for 25 years then switch let the madness reign...

Mother Britain! A UK Communist AAR:
(5th July 2017 -?)

Having turned Britain communist at the start of Hearts of Iron 4 1936 start date, I plan to make the world communist. Join me on my first AAR adventure into Hearts of Iron 4.


The Everlasting Realm (Again) - An Overlord AAR:
(12th May 2022 -)

I actually remembered to update my Inkwell, for once, this AAR is a Warhammer Fantasy inspired Dawi playthrough, with the new Overlord DLC for Stellaris as well as others. It is a resurrection of sorts of my last AAR the Everlasting Realm which failed prematurely

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LsT_G's Inkwell

My inkwell. Come, come, sit, grab a biscuit, perhaps some tea. Let me tell you what I do, why I do it. I write. Little surprise, you say: Many here write; What makes you different, new, why should I read your story, your ramblings?

Well, that depends on what you expect from a story. Each chapter I post is around two thousand words long. Enough for something to happen and happen in detail. Two thousand uninterrupted by pictures or author notes. I leave those for the appendixes, as the story, as dark as it may get, is still an AAR, and you will want to see how far along the game is going. I write drama, mostly. Madness and darkness is where I feel more at home. Expect tortured souls and stained battle fields. Heroes carry the weight of their world in their shoulder, for they have killed, sinned, ragged. Villains are harder to spot, and when you see them, well, you will want more than a simple horrible death from them.

So I write in Grey.

Come inside if that interests you. Yes, yes, you may take another biscuit.


Click image for link.

A CK II fic v1.091
Mod: A Game of Thrones v0.4.0.1

Applause is a narrative. It follows the War of the Five Kings, from GRRM’s great ASoIaF series, as, arguably, the most hated character in modern fiction. Joffrey Baratheon. The intent was never to make Joffrey good. Where would be the point in that be? The intent is to add something to the character, until he is a little more beyond the hormones and bloodthirst we’re shown.

You’ll still hate him. Make a character who you both want to see prevail and yet die a horrible death is the challenge for this AAR. Let’s see how it goes, after all: Everyone hates Joffrey.

Accolades: Best Character Writer of the Week - 8/12/13


Click image for link.

A CK II oneshot

Knife is a short story that was written for the ck2 writing contest. It tells the story of a small girl, sister to the Lord of a lowly castle, and who finds herself in a siege. The main theme is loss of innocence, so consider yourself warned.
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---andyp1407 AKA JONSNOWSTARK's Inkwell---

A young Scottish boy with a love for strategy and storytelling found out that a game called Crusader Kings 2 was being released the following year in his best mate's PC Gamer magazine. 1800 hours of gameplay later, he wrote some stories, He thinks they're quite good. You may not, if so well WAIT. A new AAR will be up by this summer. Remember be patient! That Intrigue: +1.00, Diplomacy: +1.00, Stewardship: +1.00, Learning: +1.00 plus personal combat bonus, is sooooo useful!

The Adventures of House Paterson - http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?829300-The-Adventures-of-House-Paterson-A-Game-of-Thrones-mod-AAR

My first real story, some people like it. Others don't. HA see what I did there! "Others". You know as in the Others from Game of Thrones. That was funny right, I can't tell. Anyway, people liked the characters, Neil especially! That's the tone of this story. It's not serious, it was something I wrote during my summer holidays. So if you want something to read, then there are some words in varying shapes and sizes right here!

End of an Era: A Roberts Rebellion Story -

A tale of three families and their journey through the traumatic events during and after the rebellion. If you like a more serious(not dark) story, I'd read this!
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Nikolai's Inkwell

My first attempts at writing back with CK1:

Voices in my head

A story about a man with - surprise - voices in his head.:p

Grandpa's Tale

A story about a grandpa and his grandchild.


After a decade or so since my last try at an AAR, in CK1, I decided to try again in CK2:

Norgesveldet - A History of the Norwegian Kings


An AAR in history book style, following the kings of Norway from 867 and onwards.

Kaiserreich - Swedish Dreams of Grandeur

A shorter year-by-year AAR about the restoration of Swedish honor and Empire.

Republic of Sol

A Stellaris AAR chronicling the state of the republic at the end of each President's term.

The Calling of Nharr - Stellaris Succession Game AAR

A succession game between me and some forum mates over at the civ fan forum WePlayCiv.

Under A Watchful Eye - An Apocalypse UN AAR

The first ever Stellaris 2.0/Apocalypse DLC AAR, following The Watcher and his friend the creature as they watch the humans in space.

Omnious - The Omni Council Into The Great Unknown

My first ever try as a robot race in Stellaris.

Blessed Sithrandir Confederacy - Arise! (Or Not)

A new approach; shorter updates and MODS.
AwAARded me a Red Special Cookie

Peace Through Protection

Pacifists who protect the weak by conquering them.

All Rhodes Lead To Rome

The first (non beta) Imperator:Rome AAR!

The Lucanian Wars

Series of short narrative glipses into the rise and struggles of Rome in Imperator:Rome.

Macedonian Tales - An Antipatrid 1.2 AAR

Macedon rising into a new Empire in the Middle East.

The Hydari Imperium

A Stellaris AAR following DRAGONS. Sees the return of the Advisor from Blessed Sithrandir Confederacy.

Rule Kartago - An Imperator:Rome AAR

An Imperator AAR following the exploits of Carthage.

The Great Nagyari Empire - A Stellaris AAR

The Watcher and his friend the Creature returns to observe another galaxy.

We Are Sildor - A Federations AAR

A ringworld start with the new Federations DLC in Stellaris.

«As We Meet The Void of Space» - A Stellaris AAR

A Stellaris AAR in the vein of my old AAR Sol Republic, chronicling the rulers of the Velutarian Free Confederacy.

All is lost - A Menander mini AAR

A mini AAR as Rome in Imperator:Rome, after a crash and burn game bug wrecked the game in a way that made for a great story.

Norgesveldet 2.0 – A history of the Norwegian kings

A new version of my old CK2 AAR Norgesveldet, the first ever CK3 AAR following the rulers of Norway and their Empire!

Watching From Afar

A CK3 AAR being done handsoff, chronicling the development from 1066 and onwards.

What a Guy! - An Empire of Normannia AAR

A CK3 AAR following the de Hautevilles.

History of the Holy Francian Empire

The history of the mighty Holy Francian Empire as she rises from the kingdom of France in CK3.

War of the Romans - An Imperator 2.0 AAR

A story detailing the wars and internal struggles of Rome.

Memoirs of an Executor - A Necrophage Nemesis AAR

A story from the world of Stellaris.

Chronicles of Poland - A Crusader Kings 3 AAR

A chronicle following the kings and emperors of Poland. First in a megacampaign.

Chronicles of the Wendish Empire - A CK3 to EU4 Megacampaign AAR

The EU4 section of the megacampaign above.

Chronicles of the Wendish Empire in a Changing World - A CK3 to EU4 to Victoria 2 Megacampaign AAR

The Victoria 2 section of the megacampaign above.

Chronicles of the Polish Empire Reaching the Stars - A CK3/EU4/Victoria2 to Stellaris Megacampaign AAR

The Stellaris section of the megacampaign above.

IberiAARn Tales - A CK3 AAR

Ironman game following the rulers of the Iberian kingdoms.

Roman Resurgence - Eastern Rome Rises

A CK3 game following the rulers of Eastern Rome.

Swedes Ahoy! The Story of My First Victoria 3 Campaign

Sweden goes Scandinavia and Many Mistakes Were Made.

So Help Me Prussia - Nik's Third Game of Victoria 3 (Has He Learned Anything?)
Second Victoria 3 game, following the rise of Prussia!

Cape O'hoy - A Cape Colony AAR
Victoria 3, failing hard, fast.

Let's Discover Eastern Rome - A Basileia Romaion Mod AAR
Victoria 3, discovering a new alt.hist. mod.

Let's Discover the Caliphate - A Basileia Romaion 0.11 AAR
Victoria 3, discovering a new alt.hist. mod.

Brazilian Watched - A Watcher and Creature AAR
Victoria 3, as the Watcher and the Creature returns!

I Have a Dream - The Tale of the Sol Republic
Stellaris, following the exploits of (mainly) President Ersh na-Filvan.

The Line of Alexios
Crusader Kings 3, watch the Komnenos rise(?)!

The Great War - A German Mini AAR
Victoria 3, following the 1918 US-German war!

Quick and Dirty China - Let's See How Far I Fall
Victoria 3, first try playing China. Quick and dirty gameplay and screenshots.

Dreams of Elysium - A Basileía Romaíon Mod AAR
Victoria 3, in the alternate history mod about a world where Eastern Rome colonized RL America.

Rise of Basileía Romaíon - A Quick and Dirty Basileía Romaíon Mod AAR
Victoria 3, in the alternate history mod about a world where Eastern Rome survived, the same mod as above. But this is a quick and dirty retelling of my campaign.

Russian History - HIS207: The Heirs of Rurik
Crusader Kings 3, following the 876 Rurikid dynasty in Russia.
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Gormytorysh' Inkwell

Hearts of Iron III

Current AAR: The Eagle and the Pentagon
The U.S.A. will change the world completely... stay tuned for more after these messages.

Completed AARs:

Suomi voittaa - A Finland Axis AAR - Nominated for the ACA Q4 2014 award.
Live to tell the tale after the Winter War without loss of any territory. Join the Axis and conquer Scandinavia. During WWII, conquer Karelia and hopefully more. Doing all this at hard difficulty including restrictions (see aar for that). Heavily dependent on the AI, so less control for me (which I do not like, but also more challenging).

The Sun Tzu Wars - A Nationalist China Allies AAR
Playing as Nationalist China joining the Allied forces with the objective of unifying China, taking down Japan and hope to do some damage in Europe on behalf of the Allies.

Dutch Ambitions - A Netherlands Axis AAR
The Netherlands join the Axis and contribute to take over the world and make it a "better place" to live in. Led by the evil Prince Bernhard the Netherlands are supposed to conquer Belgium, a large part of France, the British Isles and hopefully take on the USA.

WritAAR of the Week: Feb.1.2015

ACA Q4 2014 (Suomi Voittaa)
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RedTemplar's AAR Inkwell

In-Progress AARs

Hearts of Iron IV: The Eastern Vikings: Baltic Mega-Campaign Part 4
  • Weekly AAR Showcase (8/15/21)
  • WritAAR of the Week (6/19/22)

Crusader Kings 2: Die Klingen Des Himmels - Iron Century German AAR / Megacampaign Part 1
  • Best Character Writer of the Week (4/18/21)

Completed AARs

Victoria 2: The Eastern Vikings: Baltic Mega-Campaign Part 3
  • Weekly AAR Showcase (11/15/20)

Hearts of Iron 4: Patria, Justicia, y Libertad - Synarchist Mexico AAR
  • Weekly AAR Showcase (11/15/19)
  • Weekly AAR Showcase (4/12/19)
  • WritAAR of the Week (5/10/20)

Europa Universalis IV: The Eastern Vikings: Baltic Mega-Campaign Part 2
  • WritAAR of the Week (6/23/19)

Crusader Kings II (CK2+): The Eastern Vikings: Baltic Mega-Campaign Part 1
  • 2017 Megacampaign of the Year
  • Weekly AAR Showcase (10/4/17)

Europa Universalis 4: The Envy of Kings - A Latin Empire CK2 Campaign Continuation

Stellaris: The Light-Speed Lombards (CKII/EUIV Megacampaign Conclusion)

  • Weekly AAR Showcase (6/17/16)
  • ACA Runner-Up (Q2 2016)
  • WritAAR of the Week (8/8/16)
Crusader Kings II (HIP): ¡Santiago y cierra, España! - Navarre AAR
  • ACA Joint Winner (Q2 2016)
  • Best Character Writer of the Week (10/13/16)
Crusader Kings II (CKII+): Horsemen of the Light: An Uyghur Khaganate AAR

Europa Universalis IV: The Long(er) Lasting Lombards: Lombard Mega-Campaign Part 2

  • Weekly AAR Showcase (5/31/15)
Crusader Kings II: The Long-Lasting Lombards: Single County Start Lombard History / Narrative AAR
  • WritAAR of the Week (3/29/15)
Darkest Hour Full 1.03: Deus, Patria e Familia: Restoring the Ultramar - A Fascist Portugal AAR

Darkest Hour / Kaiserreich: Crisis in the Danube: An Austro-Hungarian Civil War AAR

France Must Stand Alone: A Fascist France AAR

  • Weekly AAR Showcase (2/27/11)
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AlrightJack's Inkwell

Crusader Kings II: Les Fleurs de l'or et Le Champ d'azur - A Capets of Chartres AAR In Progress
TomosCaerllion's Inkwell

Crusader King's 2: The Book of Shirvan
Duchy-level Persian start as an independent ruler just north of the powerful Seljuks in 1066. The first objective is to survive, and the dream is to establish a powerful Persian Empire, but where it will lead is left to fate, and even a Christian exile isn't off the cards.

Crusader King's 2: The Black Legend of Betotez (Ended)

Crusader King's 2: Megas Basileus (Abandoned)
Crusader King's 2: Sons of Bahadir (Abandoned)
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