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Nachopontmercy´s Inkwell:


Weimar´s Legacy: A Darkest Hour AAR

After years of economic crisis and social breakdown, Germany confronts its own destiny in the 1933 elections. Will the nazis seize power and install a totalitarian state, or will the democratic forces react and find a way to defeat the nazi menace?
RedInsignia's Inkwell​

No True Persian


"My father was a Zoroastrian. His father was a Zoroastrian. His father was an athe-- well, my point is, Zoroastrianism is a tradition. It's something in our blood, or at the very least in the water. I will not stand idly by as the very foundations of everything that I hold dear is pulled out from under us like a large, cartoonish rug. My name is Vandad Karen, and I'm screwed."

La République Peut Fleurir - May the Republic Blossom


"Tensions were brewing in Europe, with the French Revolution, and the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte as the Emperor of France. The French-Anglo War was just beginning, and it would be the first spark of the blazing inferno that was the Napoleonic Wars. The battle between old and new, traditional and radical, democracy and despotism was heating in Europe and soon the world's Powers would all fight for glory and fame."
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Einheit Elf's Inkwell

Darkest Hour

Watch as a new superpower takes center stage! Viva Europa! Features a tank crew this side of crazy, helicopter assaults to the "Imperial March" and a four-way war (coming up!)

Hearts of Iron II:
Lupang Hinirang(Chosen Land): A History of the Republic of the Philippines

My first AAR! Sadly been on the rocks since 2013.

From the chaos of American refugees fleeing the communist menace in their homeland, through the turbulence of World War Two and a continent devastated by war, the Philippines struggles to raise a new nation from the shadows of colonialism.

I am einheit_elf, a 20 year old student living in south Manila in the Philippines. Currently in university to get an engineering degree. LOVES history. Economic conservative but social liberal. Pro-military, interventionist, hawk.
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The B's Inkwell

The Greatest Germany:
The Formation of the Pan-Germanic Union, 1836-1936


This AAR aims to go where no German AAR has gone before: uniting not just Germany, but all Germanic states. That is Germany, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, and Scandinavia. The style is history book, with some narrative stories. It uses Victoria II (A House Divided, later Heart of Darkness).

The Holy Roman Empire is long gone, but on the streets of Europe there is a new idea: Pan-Germanicism. The idea that all Germanic people should be united into a single state. This state will dwarf not just France; but Russia and maybe even the mighty British Empire. It will provide a new utopia for the people of Germania, for thousands of years to come.

But Germany is just a multitude of small states. Many enemies stand in the way of unification, and each will need to be defeated for a Pan-Germanic Empire to even stand a chance. The most likely country to even attempt such a feat is Prussia; and it is here where we start our story.

Will it succeed? There's only one way to find out. Visit and comment here.

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Migthy's Inkwell

The Alien Invasion

Antic Egypt...
The Aliens contacted the egyptians pretending to be their gods. They helped them into wars and creating the pyramids.
The worst came when Moises, leading the jews tried to escape from Egypt.
The Pharaon refused and Moises summoned his god, Yahweh who destroyed Egypt by the 10 plagues and forced the Aliens to flee from Earth.
Europe, 1939...
Seeing the rise of the German Reich, the Aliens helped the Germans indirectly against Poland and France. Then they left, sure about the revenge.
Europe, December 1944...
Germany is at the mercy of the Allies. The Aliens came back to Earth just in time .. They invaded Moscow and helped the Germans, this time directly.

Soon enough, the Allies lost in France, Soviet Union was destroyed. It looked like Germany won ... but from the so-called "Dark Zone" came a German spy telling everyone about the atrocities made by the Aliens. They produced the nuclear winter and a huge genocid against everyone.
Hitler had to choose ... And he decided to go to war with the Aliens. This proved to be a huge mistake.....
And the story is just at the beginning.

BANZAI! The Rising Sun

Even wondered about how the history would play out if the Empire of Japan decided to concentrate his forces on the North? To attack the Soviets and to look for an alliance with China, which is also having trouble with the Communists? Then this is for you.
This AAR is introducing something which wasn't seen on the AARland, and this is the binary code. The mistery left from the Sirussian defeat is being continued here. This AAR is being linked with the Alien Invasion and with the Two Centuries of War.

One Century of War

This AAR represents the story of Antonov Petrenko...his journal is the mistery of this story. Mysterios binary codes are awaiting to be decoded. Is this kid linked with the Sirussians?
The name isn't a fake. This AAR is also showing the Russian Bear during the century!
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I'll pretty this up sometime. :)
Current AARs:

History book, possible megacampaign. Ended due to lost save.
Character WritAAR of the Week 3/17/14 for The Story of Britain!
Fan of the Week 1/5/14 and 3/17/14!
Finished AARs:
My first, rather piteous attempt: Pray to God that we Survive: a Wales AAR Not the most inspiring of titles, and not a lot of screenies either. :(
Second attempt, kindof: The ImpalAAR: A Wallachian AAR

The Sea, the Spaniard and the Devil: The Dutch War of Independence History book.
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I'm currently doing an Ottoman Empire WV attempt. It is a EUII AAR.
...what's a "WV?" Why, a WORLD VASSALIZATION! They all must be our VASSALS! Muahaha!

Have fun!

Also for archival purposes, my first AAR, Fez, the only EUII Fez AAR ever written. Therefore, also the best :p

It's pretty great even with those missing images.
Well, by my standards anyway.
blklizard's Inkwell

Hi, I am blklizard. I currently only play EU3 and enjoy trying different mods. I hope to get a larger audience and hope to accomplish that by posting here. I may not be a great writer but I like to get feedback. More viewers would means more feedback.

Current AARs

Towards the Present We Go, Langobards AAR (The Steppe Wolf MOD)

Rumored to be filled with bugs, I wanted to take on a challenge. The ridiculously long timeline would be a great test as I hope to play until the end. The ideal end is to finish the AAR until the timeline ends. However, there are many challenges along the way. The risk of bugs, boredom or lack of content can all end it prior to that date. Let's hope that I can finish the AAR with the ideal end.

Stranded - A Nuova Italia AAR

Some Italian explorers got stranded in a place far from home. Read as they try to create an empire in these foreign parts of the world filled with enemies.

Writer of the Week: 18 Oct, 2015
Weekly AAR Showcase: 18 Oct, 2015

The Remnants of the Cold War (Stellaris AAR)

The Cold War had an alternate outcome that changed the history of humans forever. Centuries later, they will be playing a key role in halting a threat that had destroyed so many galaxies already.

At a Crossroads - A Narrative Yugoslav AAR (HOI4 AAR)

See how internal struggles changes the fate of Yugoslavia in the Second World War.

Survival is Everything! - A Narrative CK2 Vanilla (Megacampaign) AAR

My first CK2 game that will take you through the rise/fall of the Irish Kingdom of Mumu.

Irish Isolationism - A Narrative EU4 (Megacampaign) AAR

The sequel to the CK2 AAR with backstory covering the rest of the world.

Completed AARs

Heading for India (The Real India)-Castille AAR (Death and Taxes MOD)

This was my first AAR. It's filled with many trials and errors. If you don't mind reading the work of a novice, this would be the AAR for you. The goal was to expand eastwards into India. To make my life easier, the plan was to ignore Europe altogether. Starting from northern Africa, I began my slow expansion eastwards.

Fight for Asia - A Bengal AAR (Death and Taxes MOD)

Hoping to gain more audience, I've tried to have a different style of writing in this AAR. The goal was to control much of Asia. The main challenge began with the race for all of India with Delhi which had a significantly better starting position. Will Bengal rise above Delhi in the fight for India? If they did, will they be able to fight against the Chinese faction that unites China?

Minor Campaigns (Phoenix III Mod)

A relatively new mod that I hoped to try out. Let's explore this mod and see what surprises it can offer us.

Rebuilding the Great Empire Timurids AAR (Death and Taxes MOD)

Hoping to change history of the Timurids, I took on the challenge to guide this nation in a whole different nation. The start would be very challenging for me due to my lack of experience. First, let's see if the Timurids can survive long enough to form the Mughal empire. Then, if they can form an empire greater than the Mongol Empire.

The Middle World - Hungary AAR (Death and Taxes MOD)

This narrative AAR is taking a very slow pace ( By slow, I mean it could go day by day). We have many characters ( a few of which are created by the audience) that will guide the history of Hungary (or maybe the other way around :p). Each character play a small but decisive part in the larger design. Contribute to the history of Hungary by creating your own character!

Total War - Bloodshed is the Only Path

Acquiring maps from other people, battles are simulated and showed with paint drawings.

The Great European War

Created a map from my gameplay and, using spreadsheet and random number generator, we explore the war through the many battles.

Survive or Thrive - England AAR (Phoenix III Mod)

This AAR is my second attempt at the Phoenix MOD. A simply gameplay AAR where we explore the mechanics and new additions to the game.

Short Stories - Random Country AAR

A combination of short stories leading to the main story.
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The Inkwell of Noco

Crusader Kings II:

My modest first leap into the world of AAR, featuring the custom House Bergrisar starting in 867. Starting in the humble Chiefdom of Skåne under the rule of Snake-in-the-Eye, how far can Bergrisars truly rise?
Hi, I've been recently playing with the idea of starting a game with pagan Croatia starting in 867. I've already written a few posts, but can't post them. So in the meanwhile I will use google docs if that is not against the rules.

As this is my first AAR, please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Return of Perun
Tnick0225's Inkwell

Tnick0225's Inkwell


Random Glimpses into My Insanity are Sprinkled Throughout These Tales...

I probably should have made one of these a while ago, but eh never got around to it, but now that I've finally made at least one long lasting AAR and two other works that seem to be doing fairly well I suppose it is finally time for me to scatter my litter upon the Inkwell :p

I've never really said much about myself on this forum, and as such I suppose I'll give a bit of personal information here.

I'm a few years shy of 30 years old, feels weird saying that tbh. But anyways, in that amount of time I've bounced around the US living in a bunch of states before uncomfortably settling in Seattle, Washington. Why did I bounce around so much? Well I joined the United States Army when I was 19, and well lived the Army life for a good four years. Spent a wonderful 15 month vacation in the lovely land of Iraq, it was quite nice, living on some rural outpost on the banks of the Euphrates for 15 months. The vacation came with free adrenaline rushes of random unplanned explosions on the road, and the occasional angry guy taking pot shots at our guard tower, and a few sad memorial services for brethren we lost. For any of you American military history buffs out there, I served in the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), 3rd Battalion of the 187 Infantry Regiment, Named the Iron Rakkassans. And my former Brigade Commander was Colonel Steele for a short while, he was Captain Steele in Black Hawk Down if you've seen that movie.

It was actually in Iraq that I played my first Paradox game, EUIII. I had it shipped to me, as I didn't have internet access on my personal laptop, and to be honest it was too buggy I ended up using the game and its box as an improvised weapon against an invading camel spider in my room.

That time in a warzone probably bleeds into my writing, and at times I may post an update with quite a few unfriendly words, you know those dirty four letter ones that are unfamily friendly. And should that happen I don't mean to offend just you know the soldier's tongue coming out.

Besides that some passtimes are drinking Vodka and watching American sports, Basketball and American Football. Used to play the hell out of EVE Online, which is still to this day my favorite PC game ever. Favorite writers are Salman Rushdie and Jose Saramago. And well nine times out of ten my wife who is from Ethiopia usually does a fairly good job of trying to intrude on my free time by giving me those chores and other things to do.

Anyways I've blathered on and on about myself a wee bit too much, but that shows you a little bit of who I am, and well to anyone writing an AAR that is set in more modern times, and need some actual info on military matters, structure, ranks, tactics blah blah blah, feel free to shoot me a PM with any question regarding that and I'll try and point you in the correct direction.

But without further ado, here are my AARS:

Crusader Kings II AARS

House von Weimar & the Count of Weimar
This was my first ever stab at AAR writing. So it is a rather lacking one, that I wish I could bury forever and forget about.

Reforging Burgundy - The Little House of de Forez
This was my Second attempt in AARland which was met with a lot better success then the previous. And even gained me a fan named DensleyBlair (or so he claims it was Little House de Forez that brought him onboard). Anyway in this AAR I pant the map the color of Burgundy not a WC by any means but Burgundy ruled over large chunks of land. Should be noted this was before the advent of Imperial Titles like Francia.

The Joyous Life in the Vineyards of Tuscany - A di LuccAAR
This di Lucca AAR, is a precursor and in many ways the father of Return of the Welfs. I didn't get very far into it as I ended up discovering the Welf Family and started playing as them and needed to write an AAR about my experience as the Welfs instead. And besides life got in the way and the Lucca's hadn't received an update from me in a long time so off to the trash can it went. Another corpse hiding in the muck of AARland.

*****The Return of the Welfs*****
This AAR is becoming my Epic, having been working on it for over a year now, in fact today is the beginning of month 13 on it. And I would have to say it is probably my most successful and well liked AAR currently out there. However another one seems to be gunning for it on the popularity scale at the moment.

The AAR is about starting as Duke Welf of Bavaria on January 1, 1070, and trying to build his family up to greatness. There's intrigue, murder, war, disease, whores, dad's screwing the daughter-in-law, and well you know the usual dirty tricks of those times. I did forget to mention there is a pack of extremely hungry wolves in Bavaria that have a taste for Royal Flesh...

Some AwAARds and a Review in the AARlander:

Best Character Writer of the Week 2/16/2013 ~ Weekly AAR Showcase for 12/22/2013 ~ 3rd Place in 2013 Second Half ACAs

Reviewed by gela1212 in AARlander Edition 13 - November 2013

[COLOR="#FFF00"]A Random Game - A Gameplay Mega-Campaign AAR[/color]

This AAR was largely inspired by Catknight's Random World Order. The premise is playing as a Dynasty, for 50 years using the Random character button in CKII. It's been a fun run as of 6/28/14 we are currently about half-way through the 13th century, and the world has become an interesting place. Castillian cultured King Diego in England, Breton culture run amok throughout most of continental Europe, and a strong showing by Soumenusko Suomi (Finland). Hopefully I can convert the world to EUIV, although as many things as I've heard about the converter I won't get my hopes up.

Will add my Milan AAR in another day or two...keep forgetting to update this thing lol...
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Hey guys and gals.
If you want to see a first for HoI2 Darkest Hour then check out my new AAR :)

It follows the narrative of a young Frenchman in the Belgian forrest. Each hour of his life represents about one month of the narrators writing that always follows. The young man will hopefully have a crucial role to play in the story in the future as his situation and place and time changes.

Story posts are always followed by a big post with alot of screenshots of the game. Nothing top fancy yet , mostly because of the large content for so few days. Most focus is on the storyline.
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Falls the Shadow is a narrative, history-book like AAR for the game Hearts of Iron 3. It follows a cast of mostly non-reoccurring minor characters from a German perspective.

On the afternoon of September 2, 1939 Hauptmann Hermann Edhofer found himself standing in western Slovakia struggling to come to terms with the reality of the impending Polish invasion. Exactly eleven months before he had stood in a remarkably similar position along the Czechoslovakian border, waiting eagerly alongside the rest of Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 99 for the order to invade—an order that was to never come. As it had been in Czechoslovakia there was a subdued restlessness to the atmosphere of 3. Company; however, unlike Czechoslovakia, there was also an uncanny sense of calm among the men of his company. In the days before the postponed invasion of Czechoslovakia, the men had talked of little more than glory, medals, and battle, but here few men openly concerned themselves with anything more important than their next leave. To listen in on them as he had, it seemed as though none of them truly believed they were on the path to war; few even bothered to mention the impending invasion, and those that did were chided for their naiveté and were reminded of the Czechoslovakian and Austrian ‘invasions’. To Edhofer, the men of 3. Company sounded more like a reserve unit of conscripts who would never see the front rather than the elite fighting unit they were supposed to be.

Trench Rifleman's Inkwell

The effort to survive (and make a empire on the way) - A Belgium HPP AAR - Started on 14/10/13 Completed - My first AAR, in which I decide to take a country with almost instant doom, and survive as long as I can.

The Bear from the South:A Yugoslavia HPP AAR - Started of 07/12/13 Completed - The second AAR I made, which basically follows the footsteps of my first AAR.

За величието на България!*: A Bulgarian HPP AAR - Started of 06/01/14 Ongoing - King Boris III of Bulgaria has been the king of Bulgaria since 1918. But all this time he was a "puppet king". After the Zveno paramilitary organization tried to get rid of Boris for good in 1934, he answered with a counter coup, and became a real king in 1935. It's been a year since that, and he is now set on the task to make Bulgaria a real power in Europe.

To Destroy The Burden of Shame!: A France HPP AAR - Started on 25/01/14 Ongoing - This AAR is something like my first two AAR's. But in this one the stakes are much higher then with those AAR's, as I play a country, that has to redeem itself from the years of humiliation and shame. France will destroy the Burden of Shame!

*Translates to "For the Greatness of Bulgaria!"

Welcome to my inkwell.

I am proud to announce my first AAR! The Empire where Time never ends! In this AAR our good friend the doctor tries to travel back to 1776 to stop the dalek menace corrupting the minds of the American colonists. He appears in 1945 by mistake and must help Britain stay a super power and TRY to re-claim the USA!
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The Inkwell of Sigsmund!


Van die kapp tot Transvaal! A South African AAR for Victoria 2. In this After Action Report, I take on the nation of South Africa and bring it from a back-water former colony in Southern Africa to one of the major world players of Africa and beyond. This was my 1st AAR in the forums. Completed!


The land next to the rising sun A Korean AAR for Victoria 2. In this After Action Report, I play as the Absolute Monarchy of Korea. Taking this land in Asia into a grand power shall be hard work, but we will overcome our weaknesses! Dead as a dodo.


As we see fit. A American AAR for Victoria 2, but using the mod Kaiserreich. The United States is still a world power, despite the German Victory in 1917. With a new world order in the works, it is up to America to spread the light of Democracy in a world where Fascism and Socialism are all around. Cancelled due to a Hypoallergenic German Empire.
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The Malnourished Inkwell of Dadarian

Unfinished and Retired AARs:

A VenetianAAR: Stories of the Consiglio Maggiore - CKII; Died due to me being upset at bad events/decisions and rage quitting

A So-So performance, the interesting history of Clan So - Sengoku; Died to me leaving for University and abandoning my old computer 3000 kilometers away

A Playable Rebellion: An Ikko-Ikki AAR - Sengoku; Died due to it being a bug and it being fixed, forcing me to abandon

CascadiAAR; or An Experiment in NNM and Modding - Victoria II; Dropped

An AbAARation of History; A German NWO AAR - Victoria II; Dropped

Current AARs:

Finished AARs:

Forum Game History Books:

The Emerald Isle, The History of Ireland; 1918 - 1939 - WiR 1920 Mk. II

The Cradle under the Mountain, The History of Kenya; 1952 - ? - WiR 1953; Twilight Struggle

Forum Games:

The Family | New York City ~ 1898 - 1918
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