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Of Blood and Honour

Was it the cold, weariness or boredom that brought you to the warm inviting campfire that faithful night. Perhaps it was a more sinister force that drew you upon the old man's glowing flame. Hear the tale of the rise and fall of the house of Hwicce as told by its last surviving member. Unravel the mystery that surrounds the old man as his story follows the triumphs and falls of the ruling house of northern England. Men who swear by the sword and unleash venom on their rival house, the house of Normandie.

Political intrigues, exciting battles, and interesting characters whom you will love and love to hate will be found in the yarn of an old man on the cusp of death. Come and read the AAR that won the first Weekly Showcase of 2013. Read of the house of Hwicce, the House of Blood and Honour!


A Scream of Souls

Five Kings vie for control of the Iron Throne, but while these men blindly fight for their own glory, an ancient darkness has awoke. Two noble houses, swept up in the bitter clash of kings, are all that stand between a dark power reawakened and the utter destruction of Westerose. The lure of the ancient evil calls, threatening to swallow up all in it's wake. In an age where power is preciously sought, lords reach for their own doom gladly, blind to the death and destruction they sow. Will our heroes stand and defend the realm or fall to the tempting call of the black power?

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lionsofolomouc.png thinwedge.png

The Lions of Olomouc
A Crusader Kings III 1.4.0 Ironman After Action Report - COMPLETE (31 May 2023)
AARland Choice AwAARd (Crusader Kings III), 2023 Q2, 30 August 2023
AARland Choice AwAARd (Crusader Kings III), 2023 Q1, 20 May 2023 (УРА!)
WritAAR of the Week, 12 April 2023
AARland Choice AwAARd (Crusader Kings III), 2022 Q3, 20 November 2022
Weekly AAR Showcase, 23 October 2022
Character Writer of the Week (for Botta and Czenzi), 9 October 2022
Weekly AAR Showcase, 3 September 2021
Character Writer of the Week, 25 June 2021

The young Duke of Moravia, Bohodar Rychnovský, watches as his teacher Saint Methodius makes a perilous pilgrimage to Rome.

A lone stalwart of the Slavonic liturgy in a Great Moravia inclining toward dissolution and absorption into East Francia, Bohodar Rychnovský must navigate his way carefully between heathen enemies and a Catholic liege, as well as dealing with intrigues, incestuous plots and literal Byzantine politics at home. The Rychnovský family is about to reshape Moravia's destiny forever.

The Thin Wedge of Europe
A Europa Universalis IV (El Dorado DLC) After Action Report
Character Writer of the Week (for Efraim Kadlec), 12 May 2024
3rd place, Megacampaign AAR of the Year, Year End 2023
WritAAR of the Week, 8 November 2023
Weekly AAR Showcase, 18 September 2023

AARland Choice AwAARd (Europa Universalis IV), 2023 Q2, 30 August 2023
Weekly AAR Showcase, 21 February 2022

Robin Rychnovský, the last of the great Christian adventurers in the Middle East, has guided Moravia out of the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance. But is he equal to the task of ruling a nation in this bold new world? Moravia, a thin wedge of territory stretching from Cheb in the west to Sighetu Marmației in the east, is also riven between Western technology and Eastern politics. How can the westernmost Orthodox country survive the onslaught of colonialism, Enlightenment ideas and the advent of industry?

coming soon:

The Leading Spirits


Facebook AAR feature, 14 September 2015 - 'ridiculously long and detailed'

WritAAR of the Week, 5 July 2015
Character Writer of the Week, 26 January 2014
WritAAR of the Week, 3 November 2013
Weekly AAR Showcase, 26 August 2013

He’d come here four winters ago with nothing but a spear, a cracked old round wooden shield with fading red paint, emblazoned with a sea-green wolf’s-head, his name of Bútnari, and an eagerness to make something of that name in this land. But never had he dreamed of the dróttinn’s wreath! Geirr Bútnari, marked by his urðr either for glory or wrack, has landed at Jórvík. Can he seize the land of the Angles for the glory of Freyr?

Completed - 9 April 2016


Character Writer of the Week, 10 February 2013

The descendants of Pomeranian master of intrigue Wratislaw of Danzig, buffeted by the cruel winds of fate, have found themselves in the high peaks of Tirol, landless, nameless, all but forgotten. His great-great-grandson, Mathias von Danzig, having been favoured for a single good deed by the the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, must now attempt to rebuild his family's legacy from that high vantage point. Caught between West and East, between the glory of his Slavic heathen ancestors and his Catholic piety, between his own mild manners and the call of his destiny; to what heights will this Germanicised Wendish family attain? Or are they condemned to permanent obscurity, to be swallowed up by the mists of time?


Weekly AAR Showcase, 12 September 2006

When a northern Saxon border thegn, Melvin of Durham, defects to the Scots after the Norman invasion, little does he know that his issue, particularly his grandson Saewald, will alter the face of Europe and the Middle East forever. Aiding the Scots in taking Ulster and liberating Venice from the Saracen yoke, the north of England soon becomes an economic powerhouse, from which the Saxon reconquest of England can be launched. Meet the Anglo-Saxon shahanshah of Persia; delve into the intrigues of the Percy and Godwineson clans as they vie for the future of England; and watch as a Frisian femme fatale, the formidable Haduwyn Neeltje von Nassau, guides her adoptive country into a new golden age!

Darth Revan's advice to new writers

A Federation of ‘Equals’ - a Danubian Federation Interactive AAR

Oskar Schultheiß, Chancellor of Austria (Wien), ADKP

‘Guess the Author’, A Rivalry (8 June 2013)
‘Guess the Author’, On Holy Grounds: a Tale of Ardania (17 March 2023)
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A narrative CKII AAR:

The tale of the House d'Orange, in a vie to rise from lowly Occitan counts of Venaissin to the Dutch kings and queens of Frisia.

Based on the fact that the modern day monarchy in Holland is ruled by the Van Oranje dynasty. Will this house attain the same power and wealth? Or will they fail miserably in an Empire where Dutch is a minority?

Find out here!

This is my first AAR, so any comments are most welcome.
The Ned's NederlandAAR : From Holland to Hindustan
by aniuby

(click image for link)

A Europa Universalis III, unmodded Divine Wind 5.1 AAR, starring Holland!
In a vaguely narrative metagame comedic-dramatic style.

Follow the travails of Holland as it aims to achieve its ambition of escaping from Europe and claiming the fabled land spoken of in the prophecies, far in the east, for its own. Wacky hijinks ensue with scorn being poured on national rivals (boo, hiss!), nobles getting shacked up with inconvenient results, the famously independent people of Holland mistreating their rulers for popular entertainment, and troublesome heirs being appointed "Master of the Hunt' with tragic consequences.

And then there's the inevitable descent into madness and the bloodbath which concludes every reign...

Can Holland establish the new Promised Land, the envy of all the world? Grab your Dutch wife and a Heineken and come on down!

Health warning : Contains random CK2 and V2 references, author's anachronistic and out-of-character Britishness, and lots of puns.

Winner of Best Character Writer of the Week AwAARd - 17/05/2013
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DensleyBlair's Inkwell

Awards, Honours and Nominations

WritAAR of the Week – 24/11/13, 23/07/19, 21/02/21
Best Character Writer of the Week – 2/12/12, 27/08/13, 08/03/20, 22/06/20, 10/01/21, 10/07/2022
Weekly AAR Showcase – 12/01/14, 26/10/15, 06/08/19, 10/02/20, 21/02/21
Fan of the Week – 8/12/12, 19/05/13, 18/08/13, 16/11/14, 28/06/15, 25/09/19, 10/08/20, 13/12/20, 19/07/2021, 20/11/2022, 26/12/2023
Role Player of the Month – 2/4/13

AARland Choice AwAARds – Q1&2 2013 (Best CK1/2 AAR, joint-first); Q3&4 2013 (Best CK2 AAR, fourth); Q3&4 2013 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, fourth); Q1 2014 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, first); Q3 2014 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, fourth); Q3 2015 (Best DH AAR, first); Q1&2 2020 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, second; Echoes of A New Tomorrow third most popular AAR overall); Q3 2020 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, first; Echoes of A New Tomorrow joint-third most popular AAR overall); Q4 2020 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, second; Echoes of A New Tomorrow joint-fourth most popular AAR overall); Q1 2021 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, fourth); Q2 2021 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, joint-first); Q3 2021 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, joint-second; joint-third most popular AAR overall); Q4 2021 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, joint-fourth); Q2 2022 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, joint-first; joint-third most popular AAR overall); Q3 2022 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, first; joint-third most popular AAR overall); Q3 2023 (Best Vicky 2 AAR, first; most popular AAR overall)
NewcomAAR of the Year – 2013, first place
WritAAR of the Year – 2013, joint-second; 2019, nominated; 2020, runner-up; 2021, seventh place; 2022, tenth place; 2023, tenth place

History Book of the Year – 2014, third place (for A Biography of Great Men); 2015, nominated (The Gaitskell Years); 2019, fourth place (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2020, nominated (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2021, runner-up (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2022, first place (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2023, first place (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow)
Narrative of the Year2021, nominated (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2023, nominated (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow)
AAR of the Year – 2019, nominated (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2020, fourth place (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2021, nominated (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2022, nominated (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2023, fifth place (for Echoes of A New Tomorrow)
Character of the Year – 2020, nominated (for Chairman Oswald Mosley, Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2020, nominated (for Redadder, Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2022, nominated (for David Lewis, Echoes of A New Tomorrow); 2023, nominated (for ‘The Students of Manchester’, Echoes of A New Tomorrow)
Graphics/AARtist of the Year – 2021, nominated; 2022, nominated; 2023, nominated
MP/Interactive AAR of the Year – 2021, joint-third (shared with @El Pip, @TheButterflyComposer and @HistoryDude for contributions to
Read Even More About It! An Ottoman-flavoured Community NewspapAAR)
Knight of the Order of the Large and Intimidating Robert – “because you thoroughly deserve it, and partially because the irony of awarding it for this AAR [Echoes of A New Tomorrow] is too good to pass up”, 2021
Admiral, in @Midnite Duke's
Avon Las Observas, 2021


In the Footsteps of Charlemagne
The Second Coming of House Karling
(Nov 2012 – Nov 2013, abandoned)

A narrative AAR following the last Carolingians though Capetian France. My debut effort, never completed, though it still holds a special place in my heart. Looking back today it's striking how ambitious it was, formally and conceptually. (I was 14 when I started writing so don't judge too harshly.)

There's Nowt As Queer As Norfolk
(Nov 2012 – July 2013, abandoned)
The first appearance of Lord Sherwin of Norfolk, an unfortunate character who over the years magically transformed into an analogue for Edmund Blackadder. This one ended by default when the sequel debuted in summer 2013.

There's Nowt As Queer As Norfolk: The Farce Continues
(Aug 2013 – Apr 2014, abandoned)
A sequel to There's Nowt As Queer As Norfolk, The Farce Continues sees Lord Sherwin Norfolk face the machinations of the Elizabethan court. Even more Blackadder-dependent than its predecessor, it ran out of steam after a few episodes.

A Biography of Great Men
A History of Britain in the Victorian Age and Beyond
(Nov 2013 – Mar 2015, abandoned)

Follow the United Kingdom through the Victorian era and beyond as she rises to cement her place as the true imperial power. A socio-political history, sadly never finished. Covered two decades of history before circumstances took over.

The Gaitskell Years
A New Look At New Britain
(Sep 2015 – Jan 2016, abandoned)

The story of Britain's most controversial prime minister and the society he created. A Darkest Hour history book using the New World Order mod. Abandoned after three updates and one obituary before any gameplay took place.

Echoes of A New Tomorrow
Life after Revolution in the Commonwealth of Britain
(Jul 2019 – Present)

Charting life in the Commonwealth of Britain after the drama of the 1929 Revolution and on through to the height of the Cold War. An alt-historical epic of vast scope, extrapolated from ten years of a game of Vicky 2 running the New Era Mod.
19x YAYA nominee; 10x ACA nominee; 8x Weekly AwAARd winner. Voted History Book of the Year, 2023. Voted History Book of the Year, 2022. Nominated for AAR of the Year, 2023; nominated for Narrative of the Year, 2023; nominated for Graphics of the Year, 2023; ‘The Students of Manchester’ nominated for Character of the Year, 2023; nominated for AAR of the Year, 2022; Chairman David Lewis nominated for Character of the Year, 2022; nominated for Graphics of the Year, 2022; runner-up, History Book of the Year, 2021; nominated for Narrative of the Year, 2021; nominated for AAR of the Year, 2021; nominated for Graphics of the Year, 2021; voted fourth-best AAR of the Year 2020; nominated for History Book of the Year 2020; Chairman Oswald Mosley and Redadder, respectively, nominated for Character of the Year 2020; voted fourth-best History Book of the Year 2019; nominated for AAR of the Year 2019. Cited as proof of merit for the award of the Knight of the Large and Intimidating Robert, 2021.

[Total AAR views: 652k]
[Updated: 31/01/2024]
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For Europa Universalis III
Hungary's Rise to Power
Started 3/27/11 -- Completed 4/21/11
Awards: None
Desc: Hungary's rise from a minor Eastern Europe country to powerhouse of Europe. Tells the tales of Hungarian King's until the first Holy Roman Emperor of Hungary.

For Victoria II
No AARs created yet

For Rome
Lex Curiata De Imperio
Started 4/10/13 -- Completed 9/17/13
Awards: Weekly AAR Showcase 4/14/13
Desc: History of the Roman Republic through the Consul's eyes from the Pyrrhic War on until the removal of the Senate from power.

For Hearts of Iron III
No AARs created yet

For Crusader Kings
The Warenne Family Dynasty
Started 5/4/11 -- Uncompleted 6/9/11
Awards: None
Desc: After William the Conqueror claimed the English crown he named the de Warenne family a Lord of England. Now they seek power for themselves.

For Crusader Kings II
"Winter is Coming" Game of Thrones mod AAR
Started 5/30/12 -- Uncompleted 6/4/12
Awards: None
Desc: The War of the Usurper has begun. 'Ned' Stark races south with his army to save his sister from the hands of the Dragon.

Class on the Balog Dynasty
Started 2/15/12 -- Uncompleted 5/28/12
Awards: None
Desc: A teacher gives a class about the Balog family. How they went from being minor nobles of Hungary to great Kings and Queens across all of Europe.

The White Book
Started 12/29/12 -- Completed 1/23/13
Awards: None
Desc: Aegon the Conqueror claimed the lands of Westeros for himself. After he did he created a elite unit of guards known as the King's Guard. This book tells their tales.

From Lords to Kings (AGOT mod)
Started 2/13/13 -- Completed 6/08/13
Awards: Best Character Writer 2/23/13
Desc: The War of the Usurper has come to an end. Robert Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne. For how long though? Many seek his place as King. If he can do it, why can not another noble take what he had taken? The Badics family of Moonsgrey makes their own attempt for the Iron Throne.

The Tales of Tyrol
Started 9/17/13 -- Uncompleted 11/6/13
Awards: Best Character Writer 10/13/13
Desc: Following the crowning of William the Bastard in England, the story tells the tales of the leader of the County of Tyrol from minor nobles to great Kings.
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I shall join this esteemed company, though I to date only have one ongoing AAR :)

The Dream of Dumbarton - A (modded) CKII AAR, centering around the last cumbrian rulers in Strathclyde.
- was awarded with the Best Character Writer of the week 3/2/13 for my efforts so far
Seelmeister's Inkwell

Hello, and welcome to my Inkwell. I've been writing AAR's, on and off, since December 2012, so as a relatively new writer there are not many entries yet. I'm hoping I can add to this in the coming months and years. I always welcome feedback and suggestions, so please don't be shy! Below are my AARs, sorted by the relevant game. I've tried to provide a little information on the type of writing and the direction of the AAR, but without giving too much away. I hope you enjoy reading my work. (if playing Paradox games can ever be considered work!)


Your Wee Bit Hill and Glen

My first Europa Universalis IV AAR, started late September 2013. I'll be playing as Scotland on ironman mode, so expect quite a tense game where I struggle against the oppression of my southern neighbour! The AAR is mainly written to describe the gameplay, but I'll also try and add some historical flavour where appropriate, and perhaps some characterisation.

I was humbled that 'Your Wee Bit Hill and Glen' was nominated for the weekly AAR showcase, 6/10/13 - 13/10/13. Thanks to Densleyblair!


The Triumph of the Near East - On Hold

The year is 1356, and the Ottoman's have consolidated their power in Northeast Anatolia, and have secured their first European holding in Gallipoli. Played using the fantastic MEIOU mod, follow the growth of the Turkish power as the Ottomans fight through Europe, Asia, Africa and the New World. This is mainly a gameplay AAR, although there are a few fleeting attempts at a more character based narrative. This AAR came joint second place in the 2012 Q4 AARland Choice Awards Europa Universalis 3 category (and the author really appreciates all those who took the time to vote!).


Diving right in - A first timers AAR with Prussia - Completed

Follow my first game of March of the Eagles as I attempt to get to grips with the newest Paradox game. A trial and error gameplay AAR which produces a truly horrific borders if nothing else! Starting in the shadow of Napoleonic France and Russia, I will attempt to carefully build my powerbase before taking on the Great Powers. The AAR was completed in March 2013.

In the Shadow of Greatness - Etienne's War - On hold

My latest March of the Eagles AAR. Rather than an overview of the game, this will instead tell the story of General Etienne MacDonald, commander of the Cavalerie Italie during the Napoleonic Wars. Etienne and his generals Souham, Klein and Carteaux will fight on the many battlefields of Europe and even beyond. I will tell the story of one armies experience of Napoleons wars, only paying passing attention to events elsewhere in the game as they impact the story.

'In the Shadow of Greatness' was nominated for the weekly AAR showcase, 2/02/14 - 9/02/14. Thanks to Zorro!
Joint Second Place in the 2013 Second Half AARland Choice Awards! Thank you to all those who voted for Etienne.


The Concert of Europe: Germany in the Long Nineteenth Century - New

My first Victoria II AAR, and my attempt at a history book AAR, following developments in Germany and their impact on Europe and the wider world.

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My first ARR, hopefully not my last :D

The Komnenian Restoration: A Legacy of Rome AAR


April 1st, 1081. The Empire is on its knees. A string of military defeats and incompetent Emperors have left her weak, and her enemies have closed in around her. Now, a young general named Alexios Komnenos has risen to the Imperial Throne, and the fate of the Empire rests in his hands....
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Hello! This is my 1st Crusader Kings 2 AAR currently in progress. After briefly reigning as kings of Italy, the House d'Ivrea faced darker times. Forced to flee back to their home in Burgundy, they seek to restore their lost glory in a chaotic period. Guy d'Ivrea, Count of Mâcon, reveals his story and those of his descendants through the writings of an historian...​
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Gameplay HoI 3 AARs

Interested? I´ve a bunch of them. Every now and then, I make another AAR :)

For the Motherland:

Greek AAR: Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος (Freedom or Death) - finished by total victory
Mexican AAR: Trabajadores de México... - abandoned
Finnish AAR: Finnish soldiers, prepare for battle - finished by failure
Ethiopian AAR: The Black Courage - finished by victory
Libyan AAR: The Oasis of (Eternal) Peace - finished by victory
Czechoslovakian AAR: Účel světí prostředky - finished by failure
Mongolian AAR: The Legacy of Genghis Khan - discontinued
Baltic AAR: The Story of the Baltic Union - finished by victory
Post Bitter Peace Soviet AAR: From Urals to Moscow - finished by total victory
Belgelandian AAR: The Die-Hard Defense - primary goal achieved
Post Götterdämmerung German AAR: Hitler's Final Stand - files corrupted - discontinued
Polish AAR: Pierwsi do boju - finished by failure

Their Finest Hour:

Finnish AAR: The Shortest AAR Ever! - fascism world order achieved
Albanian AAR: So You Dare to Attack... Albania!? - primary goal achieved
Czechoslovakian AAR: Patriotism Will Get Us Victory! - primary goal achieved
Polish AAR: Project Międzymorze - finished by total victory
Hungarian AAR: #16 - primary goal achieved
People's Republic of China AAR: Learning the Hard Way - primary goal achieved
Yugoslavian AAR: The Death Trap - discontinued
Communist Chinese AAR: The Rise of the Red Dragon - discontinued
Belgelandian AAR: Belgelands 2.0 - primary goal achieved

Thanks for reading! :)
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H.Appleby's Inkwell

I've been meaning to put something like this up for a while, but before we get to that:

Hello, I'm H.Appleby, creator of the American Experience series of After Action Reports, well, they're not really a series, but whatever. Anyway, I am something of a novice at the craft of After Action reporting, but my AARs, such as they are, have won some praise. In any event, my AARs are characterized by text spam, history book style narration, unfulfilled promises of updates, bad action/narrative scenes and various other terrible and embarrassing things.

After Action Reports

The American Experience 1917-1964 Dead as a Doornail
The American Experience 1912-1964 Not Dead Yet!
Tapscott's Inkwell

Howdy Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to my Inkwell. Whether I ever have more than one unfinished AAR to showcase here is debateable, but we shall see!

Crusader Kings II

Clan Mac Gregor - Scots of the Western Shore: A dark tale which covers the rise of Clan Mac Gregor as they struggle to protect their land from the enemies surrounding them. It won the Character of the Week Award 23/9/12. Due to a loss of notes and motivation the AAR died not long after Gregor Mac Gregor himself did.
Gen. Marshall's Inkwell

I have a plethora (two) of AARs (and one is abandoned) to present for your consideration:

Mussolini’s Mediterranean Delusion
by Gen. Marshall
Style: Gameplay
Version: Black ICE TFH
Warning: AAR might contain charts and graphics.

After playing the Black ICE mod by Panzeroo et al for only two in-game months, I realized that I was in a unique position to tell you an equally unique story, one worth taking up the pen for. I realized that in my first Black ICE game ever I was, without question, as poorly prepared as the Italian command. So, if you are to read this AAR, prepare yourselves for a tough ride (I sure have). Prepare… for Mussolini’s Mediterranean Delusion.

Note: Banner reduced from 850kb to 100kb file size - it's ugly now.


Winner of the most prestigious
WritAAR of the Week AwAARd
29 April 2013

To Reach the Wolga... (and the oil fields of the Caucasus)
Case Blue scenario as Germany
TFH HoI3 Version unknown
In-game start: June 1st 1941
Started on April 8th 2013.

To Reach the Wolga is a history-book AAR, mostly focusing on one aspect of the war at a time.
Describing something well, rather than describing a lot, is the motto.​
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Xenophon13's Inkwell

Hello, and welcome to my inkwell. I am a senior in high school from central Illinois, and have been a fan of PI's strategy games ever since I bought Vicky II on a whim.
Game/Version: AHD 2.31 with New Nations Mod Light

This is the story of an alternate history where the Philippines were granted their freedom from Spain in 1836. Over the next 50 years, it becomes a global colonial power, dominating South-east Asia.

Told in a pseudo history-book style with lots of game-play pictures.

Started: 03.12.2012
Ended (due to crashing save): 11.05.2013
Official Page of der Kriegsherr Productions

Intro: I deal mainly in After Action Reports for the phenomenal Darkest Hour, if for no other reason than the fact that the excellent modding community gives me so much material to work with.
However, I am considering branching out into games using the Clausewitz Engine.
Please be aware that ALL of my AARs are fairly image heavy

Darkest Hour AARs:

This We'll Defend: A KR USA AAR:

An AAR for the amazing althistory DH mod Kaiserreich (seriously, if you own DH, you owe it to yourself to try it). This is the story the Second American Civil War and the military junta of General Douglas MacArthur. My very first AAR so its not very polished, but the story does pick up.

Shōwa Tennō no Monotagari: A Japan AAR (KR)

Japanese for "Tale of the Shōwa Tennō, a story of one man who must navigate dismissive European powers, his own bickering, out-of-control government, and a treacherous court in order to secure a place in the sun for the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ride of the Black Tsar: A Russian Empire AAR

A Kaiserreich AAR about one of the many paths Russia can take: When the German Empire falls to the Commune of France and nation after nation falls to the reds, who will stand up to protect Europe from the syndicalists?

Alarmstufe Rot: A German Empire AAR (KR)

A Kaiserreich AAR about the German Empire's struggle against the forces of international socialism, which has come to dominate most of the great and secondary powers of the world. Told from the perspective of the renowned Freiherr Manfred von Richthofen, the format of this AAR is more formatted as a memoir as opposed to the history book style of my previous two.

Darkest Night, Glorious Dawn: A 1944 Japan AAR (NWO2)

A gameplay-slash-history book AAR about the dire straits in which the Japanese Empire finds itself after the loss of Saipan, the fall of the German Reich to the Allies/Soviets, and my efforts to salvage the situation. Also makes use of some journal/memoir format. It may not be apparent at first, but the scenario is edited for the story's sake.
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Zorro's Inkwell

Hearts of Iron 3

Defeat or Victory: A French AAR - Completed
This is my first AAR after a ten year hiatus and I used it to help learn how to play HoI3. Will the Nazis have a victory parade in Paris or will France rise to the challenge?

We shall not go gently! A Polish Resistance AAR - Completed
The German blitz of 1939 quickly overwhelms and defeats the brave Polish defenders. As a Government in Exile, Poland builds an underground resistance network to liberate their homeland from the German occupation.

Victoria 2

Monroe and Roosevelt for the Win! A USA HoD AAR
- Completed
Taking the Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary to the extremes, the USA attempts to expel all European influence from the Americas. Check out Rensslaer's review of Monroe and Roosevelt for the Win! as featured in AARlander Edition 11. Weekly AAR Showcase 3 November 2013

Soviets Rising
- Completed
A revolution has transformed Russia into the Soviet Union. Can the USSR rebuild its military and economic might enough to thrive on the world stage? Weekly AAR Showcase 10 July 2014

Darkest Hour

The Last War
- Ongoing
The Internationale Alliance has brought all of Europe under its control. Can the Qing Empire liberate Europe and save the world?

Hearts of Iron

Spain's Last Stand - Abandoned
Republican Spain tries to hold its ground in an ever changing world, can it be done? This was my first attempt at an AAR. I completely forgot about it but when it was rediscovered I decided to add it to my inkwell for nostalgia.

A Veteran's Return to the Fatherland
- Completed
Does an old Hearts of Iron veteran, who hasn't played the game in a decade, still have what it takes to led Germany to glory? Weekly AAR Showcase 26 January 2014
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99KingHigh's Inkwell

Role Player of the Month - 6/6/13, 2/12/14
Victorian Cross - 2013, third place
AARLand Choice AwAARds - Q2 2014 (Best Darkest Hour AAR, joint-second); Q3 (Best Darkest Hour AAR; third)


Follow the history of the United States down a different path as it navigates New World Monarchism through the Victorian Era. ((My first AAR. Filled with great ideas and poor writing!))

For this work, I was nominated for the Victorian Cross of 2013.

The Restoration Series - Kaiserreich Series


Witness the great Kaiserreich series unfold as we are led through the monarchial restorations of the Brazil and Poland, perhaps more to come!

L'ordre Ancien - A Alternate History Victoria II AAR [PoD]

Restored to power by the Imperial collapse, the infamous House of Bourbon traverses through the 19th century - determined to preserve their family and expand the power of France.​

Lawrence of Brittania - The History of the Fourth English Civil War (KR)

My most successful history book - recounting the turbulent history of the Union of Britain, the rise of Oswald Mosley, and the Fourth English Civil War.

For this work I won the Darkest Hour AARLand Choice AwAARds - Q2&Q3 2014 (joint-second and third, respectively).
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