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It is the mid-13th century. For the first time since its inception, the Kingdom of Ireland and Wales is truly united. The wise King Fáelán II, known as the Little Wolf and the second of the Wolf Kings of Éire, passes away trusting his legacy to a son he has not seen in a decade. Conall Mac Carthaigh, the Strong Wolf, returns to his homeland with years of training in the art of war and a solitary dream - to unite the British Isles under the green banner of his forefathers. In his path, aside from legions of English and Scottish soldiers, stand the ambitions of his family members, the warlike Mac Carthaighs, and his vassals. Will Conall survive the plots woven to bring about his demise? Will he sire a worthy heir and stop the onslaught of an English dynasty bent on reincorporating the Emerald Isle? To find the answers to these questions join me as the story of the Wolf Kings unfolds in my narrative AAR!

The Wolf Kings of Éire - The Sons of Carthaigh

New in February 2014:
Hastein, Will Travel: A Miniseries AAR!


31 August 2012- 6 June 2013 (COMPLETED!)
A Saga without Heroes: A Norwegian Freeform Megacampaign

Behold, CK2's first megacampaign!
Charting the history of Norway and the Yngling clan through almost 900 years of history and madness!
Conquest! Crusades! And Secret Societies!
And now, after nine months, it's complete! Click on the link in my sig for a complete PDF of every chapter!
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The Saga of Blood and Ice



For silence I ask
And a mug of mead
Fetch some food
Hot and full
Fire the hearth
And gather round
Listen to the tale
Of Ingvarr the Brave

Of great boldness
The roaring sea
Of great courage
The noble knight
In high mountains
Born and grown
In freezing ice
Harden his soul

The Great Gods
Guided his path
The proud father
Fetched him sword
On wise shall head
The horned helm be
Strong and mighty
Sword, his shield

High stands a Hall
Of Hólmgard
Proudly possessing
The tallest peak
Of blood and toil
Was Ingvarr’s youth
Marked with scars
Forged in sweat

Rightly and bravely
Reigned old Harald
The grand warriors
Greatest of North
Held holy council
In the highest hall
From oceans blood
Till mountain tops

Fearful mighty foes
From lands afar
Invaded their lands
With deadly rage
Burned the barns
Looted and beheaded
The pain was great
And so was the hate

Strong warriors
Shield by shield
Bravely they fought
Defending their land
Many have fallen
For hope forlorn
With proud dying
For their homes

Old Bragi Budison
Buried young son
Sees he Valkyries
From the raging sky
Bold warrior they
Lifted and took
To mighty Valhalla
For Odin’s feast

Noticed Odin warrior
The fearless Ingvarr
Fighting fiercely hordes
With godly strength.
Father of the Fallen
Sends him Freki
Bearing great spear
Of the mighty giants

The spear he raised
High sang the horns
Roared he with might
And men were moaning
The spear of Odin
Sang with pride
The ancient chant
Of fallen foes

Strong body torn
By black ravens,
Foes lie in blood
By the gallant hand.
Proud hero stood there
Wielding his spear
His glory shined
Like gold in the sun

Foes and gallants
All lied on the ground
Old was one body
Of bold man to die.
His beard was grey
And crown forlorn,
Goes to his father
Old Harald, his might.

Young was Ingvarr
And golden-shining,
The world shivered
With mighty wrath.
Takes he the crown
Of ancient blood,
Puts on his head
With Odin’s smile

“I swore an oath to thee,
Oh mighty gods,
I shall swords and shields
In bloodlust paint,
I shall oaths my keep
And dare to pass,
And till’ eyes closed
Not tear I drop”

This is a story of Ingvarr, Jarl of Halogoland, who has to assure his position on the throne and control (or perhaps not) his cruelty. With the Christians in the southern Norway and Norse heretics in his own country, he has to fight for the purity of the Viking lands, against all odds. Will he success or will he die miserably, like thousands of those, who he sent to their ancestors already?

Just a little thang from me, fellow EU2/FtG player. I know that not much people are still playing these ones, but hey - if you are the one, would you mind check this one? Either here or in mah signature - just a story of Livonian Order, ordinary regional power, spiced with events (I love events!), fights (everyone loves fights!) and classical FtG-Randomness (everyo...no, sometimes it's annoying).

Nonetheless, if you fancy such things - why won't ya pay a visit?
Appreciated much would it be. :happy:

(I wanted to put a picture here but it's too big :( I guess that'll have to do.)
Legosim's Inkwell

Legosim's Inkwell

Just a spot where you can see all the stuff I've put up in the last few years. Thanks for taking a look!


Game: Victoria I
Country: Greece/Byzantine Empire
Years Played: 1836 - 1895
Style: History Book/Narrative
Status: Abandoned
Notes: My first try at both modding the game, creating a custom country, etc, and trying to put together even a small narrative. Follows two time-traveling soldiers from the near-future sent back to the Greek revolution to try and prevent World War III. Lost the save file in a hard drive crash, finally killing it. Was fun though. :(

Game: Victoria I
Country: Spain
Years Played: 1836 - 1869
Style: Gameplay
Status: Abandoned
Notes: Another try at a simple gameplay AAR, this time trying to rebuild the Spanish Empire. Due to a computer crash I lost the file, so never completed it.

Game: Victoria I
Country: Sweden/Scandinavia
Years Played: 1836 - 1910
Style: Gameplay
Status: Completed
Notes: My first AAR I posted on the forums back in 2009. I got bored with it and wrapped it up a little early.
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We've all seen great empires rise and fall at the hands of skilled players. We know the Godwinsons backwards and forwards, the de Normandies' entire family tree. We've seen the Salians rule over a Holy Roman Empire that has encompassed the entire western world. Yet, it is in the small starts, the One Province Minors, the wayward counts that real glory is found. Truly, that is because...

Beginning in the year 1066, but truly getting started in the year 1078, the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth follows the unimportant and normally inconsequential line of 'di Treviso', Counts of a small North Italian province in the Holy Roman Empire. They quickly manage to latch onto power and are thrust onto the world stage as noble lords. Yet are they truly ready for the trouble that follows power? Follow the lives of a liar, a brute, a sycophant and more as this young family tries to extend its rule over the Mediterranean.

A cross between a narrative and history-book styles (with some gameplay-elements sprinkled in), the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth is my first adventure into the realms of After Action Reports. Thus, I welcome you all to examine it closely and help me become a better writer.


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Current AARs:

The Story of a Khergit Soldier by the name of... (On Hiatus)
Read the story of Narabaatar as he works his way through the ranks of the Khergit army; aiming to become one of the best fighters in Calradia.

Aborted AARs:

TThe Chronicles of Many Worlds; An 'A New World, The Dawn of Empires' Mod AAR
Read the chronicles (Written by 'Him') of many different worlds created by 'Him'. Watch as the wonders of many worlds unravel into history; just like ours.

Murzuphlos, Ut Africae Modo Regum
The Murzuphlos family has risen to one of the strongest families in Byzantium, and has expanded into Sicily and Africa. They strive to become Kings (and Queens) of Africa, Egypt and maybe even Jerusalem as well as to try and hold the highest Orthdox title; Head of the Byzantine Empire.​
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The Huron Trilogy.​

Starting in 1399 the Huron Trilogy (Currently only has two AARs with a third planned) follows the Huron nation as it weathers many a storm, from European Colonization, to internal rebellions to jumping off the moral slope.

The EU 3 portion (Completed) of the AAR called the Chronicles of the Confederacy follows the Huron (and Europe) as history decides to turn in many different ways. The Isles remain fractured, Austria absorbs 90% of what we would call modern Russia, then looses it all, Aragon, Brunswick and The Hansa all flee Europe to become nations across the seas, and most of Europe's attempts to colonize North America fail against the desperate might of the Huron Confederacy.

The Victoria 2 portion (in Progress) of the AAR called The Shadow of the Confederacy follows the world as it moves into the age of Imperialism. The Huron, now renamed into the Metis Confederacy, becomes one of the mightiest powers in the world, surviving on its own prestige and the might of its military. Europe remains fractured, the United Kingdoms form out of the remaining independent parts of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Northumberland to stand against English Aggression. Czechoslovakia and Switzerland battle to create Germany, and the Metis fight against regular civil wars at the hands of extremist rebels. Ohh and did I mention the Metis turned Communist in 1886?

A Hearts of Iron 3 portion is planned following the events of the Victoria 2 portion.
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---Started 22-Oct-2012
The tale of the Hwicce dynasty in northern England under the rule of the Norse, and my only AAR to date. My little experiment with writing a decent-length narrative, combined with my favourite game ever (Crusader Kings 2!) Feel free to come over and take a look.
Banner (full size):
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Crusader Kings II:

None yet!

Europa Universalis III:

This AAR follows the history of not a country, but the stories of the cardinals of Catholic Europe!


Athens is being reborn! Join the tiny Kingdom of Athens on its jurney to be the center of European culture and technology! (Abandoned)

Victoria II:

None yet!​
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Marshall18s AARs

Welcome! :D These are my AARs (click on the pictures to open them).

Arsenal of Democracy

1) The Third German Empire

1936 - 1950
15/11/2012 - 27/01/2013

This is my first AAR. A lot of big pictures, easy text. Not another Germany invades the whole world AAR, but I have had some genuine troubles. Mainly gameplay.

2) The Franco-British Union

1936 - 1942
12/04/2013 - 12/05/2013

This is my third AAR. It is intended as a short Report of a multiplayer game. Will the Allies survive against the Axis War Machine or will they succumb under the Fascist claw.

3) The Third German Empire II

1936 - ???
22/08/2015 - ???

If hollywood is allowed to make remakes, why can't I?

Crusader Kings 2

1) The Marshall18 Family Story

01/02/2013 - 28/10/2013

This is my second AAR. Still short text and many pictures. More effort put on story and looks. :)

Winner of AARtist of the Month: August 2013

2) Kings Of The North

28/10/2013 - 31/12/2013

My best AAR
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I have only one AAR, which I've just completed. The title is Dominus Regni Poloniae and it originated from the idea of trying to replicate the achievement of Wladyslaw the Elbow-High, who, after a turbulent youth and even more difficult middle age, managed to seal the reunification of the Kingdom of Poland when after two centuries of partitions the crown was eventually worn by a usurping, invading foreign ruler. In CK2, not only was Wladyslaw represented as a vassal of the foreigner, along with everybody else in Poland, but he lacked a claim on the kingdom title, and all of the other dukes liked the usurper, which was harsher than in real history. It took me 11 more years but I managed not to lose land in the process. I do cover the personal price Wladyslaw paid for it.

The AAR changes in many aspects after the unification and liberation completed and it was clear the restored kingdom would survive. I kept playing and the game took a different turn. In fact a much different one. From a history tale and a largely mournful, solemn lesson (much more mournful when it comes to Wladyslaw himself, compared to real life, as you will see (or not)), it progresses to a semi-gutsy mostly picture-told tale with an occasional dialogue or a piece narrative when I felt like casting some light on a character I felt particularly strong about. That wasn't always the ruler himself. In fact, the women generally tended to be better, more capable and more interesting than the men. Nobody got more attention than a certain Berta Orsini, although Leontia Palaiologina 'the Wise' was quite a character too. I do some unorthodox things (if you want to see Poland in Abyssinia, this is the AAR to go), which, in a certain sense, is connected to a tale about social order, which finds an opportunity to be questioned near the end of the AAR when three subsequent kings make a certain very controversial move. But one that wasn't totally unconnected with the rationale underlying certain previous difficult decisions.

I try to answer the whos and whys and give the player ample notice about what's going on, so if you enjoy a potentially lengthy, homely AAR where you're told about almost everything, almost as if you were being shown the game, this is one like that. I also try to explain things I'm doing on the technical side in out-of-character notes. I tend to refer to events from previous instalments to help you bridge the connection so that you don't have to rack your brain but without making painfully sure that you don't miss utterly anything (I bring back the most important things, as well as the potentially finer minutiae that might be easier to miss, and it's mostly the mid ranks which are left to the flow).

I can't promise you the fine narrative or the spectacular effects of some of the most popular AARs but I hope you can enjoy the tale without calling it a wasted time. Feel free to drop me a line about just about anything.

Oh, and there's not a single assassination in the game. And only one 'fabricated claim' (that should be in the game anyway and is explained in gameplay terms).

EDIT: And two more:

The Lives of the Saints: An atypical AAR covering only the reigning time of each character and not his dynasty. It goes through characters of mediaeval saints present in the game (there is a good number, enough to keep going for a long time), starting with Louis IX of France. It has only just started, so we're at the beginning of Louis's reign. I'll spare you the (b)elaboration of the goals and intentions of that AAR. Just go and see if you like it. I'll give you one spoiler, though: it's not a narrative one, it's gameplay. Oh, maybe another one: it can have the side-effect of giving you an idea of who, when and where to play, gently introducing the relevant background. But this is not the primary goal.

Land's End: Starting as 'Earl' Kadoc of Cornwall in the William the Conqueror historical start. He has Breton culture, not Welsh, and rules from the castle of Tintagel. This is a "lite" project, mostly to give me something else to burn energy on when waiting out the necessary time-outs between updates of the LoS, which is a more ambitious AAR. I do what I feel like, both in the game and in the AAR, although it's gameplay in general. Under the first ruler, it starts from humour and is about to take a tragic turn. I don't know if it will be cheerful again but it's possible given the third (expected) ruler's personality.
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My AAR's:


Tibet, a new mountain Empire. save crashed

Red Gold, a rebublican Spain TFH AAR Finished
The new Austro-hungarian Empire, a CGM TFH AAR. Finished
See Sweden Rise, a CGM TFH AAR Finished
Atlantic Dreams, a nationalist Spain CGM TFH AAR Finished
Indian sun, a modded TFH AAR Finished
Tales of Sun Tzu, A Guanxi Clique TFH AAR
Per Il Popolo, a communist Italy AAR Finished
Dream of Glory, A bulgaria AAR Save lost
From the Shadows, A columbia BICE AAR Finished
Cliffs of Gallipoli - A WWI mod Gallipoli scenario AARFinished
The terror of the Black sea - A YAMDaM Ukraine AAR Finished|Second place the Iron Heart 2013
The World Will... Oh Shit, Did I just Nuke Everyone? - A YAMDaM Iran AARFinished
Götterdämmerung - A German AARFinished
In the Streets of Warsaw -- Poland at WarFinished
Österreich Über Deutschland! - Austria BICE Finished

Vicky 2:
For the Fatherland, a Bavaria AAR Finished
A new Horde, A BelAARus HOD AAR finished|Nominee for the VictAARian Cross
FlandAARS? No! WAARlonia? No!Belgium? Yes!: A NNM Belgium AAR lost save :(
Belgie's Guide: How (not) to survive the apocalypse - as the two sicilies Finished

Crusader Kings II

See an Empire Rise! A megacampaign
Save broken
The History of the Southern Netherland: Book I - a MegacampaignFinished

March Of the Eagles

Gott Mit Uns! A First Game Swedish AAR
Dominanz Über Europa! A Prussian AAR Finished
Cold, Bitter War Will Come: A Russian AAR Finished|First place AARland Choice AwAARds Q1/2 2012
We Will Never Fall - An Astrakhan AAR finished

Europa Universalis IV

A Brave New World - a Portuguese AAR Finished|Weekly AAR showcase 19/08/2013 (Tekcor)|Nominee for the EUIV End of the Year AwAARd
A Symphony of Influence - a Brandenburg Interactive AAR Finished| 3th Place Q2 2014 ACA's
The History of the Southern Netherlands - Part II Abandoned
The Legacy of Chagatai Khan - Veritas et Fortitudo mod Save corrupted
The Conquest of Berry and Beyond.... -EUIV Brittany Abandoned

AwAARds not related to specific AAR's:

AARtist of the Month 01/11/2013 (Gen. Marshall)
Fan of the Week 21/04/2013 (Ikarases)
Fan of the Week 3/08/2013 (Misterbean)
Fan of the Week 2/08/2014 (TehDarkMiner)
WritAAR of the Week 18/01/2015
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The Complete Inkwell of Ab Ovo

In chronological order:
  1. Here Your Body Shall Rest: A Venetian AAR (AHD-2.31)
  2. Arrayed in Purple and Scarlet Colour: An Iraqi AAR {AHD 2.31}
  3. Heroes Fight Like Greeks: A Greek AAR [AHD v2.31]
  4. Castles in the Sand: Royalist Cuba, 1840-1936 [Cuban AAR; AHD 2.31]
  5. Lang lebe der Löwe - a Normandy AAR [KR v1.03]
  6. Sturm und Eisen: a North German Adventure [HOD v3.02]
  7. With the Blessings of Heaven - An Interactive Qing AAR
  8. God, my Fatherland, and my Sword - An Imperial Haitian AAR
  9. Look Away, Dixieland - A Confederate AAR
  10. God Save the Queen: the British Intervention in Mexico and its aftermath [NNM]
  11. Thrust in thy sickle - a Fatherland AAR for Darkest Hour
  12. La sœur des anges - an Interactive Occitan AAR
  13. This is a pitiless day! - an Ottoman AAR for Apocalypse 1836
  14. For your Altars and your Fires: a KR AAR of the British Isles
  15. Necessary for Salvation: a History of the Papacy, 1836-1936
  16. For Harry, England, and St Patrick: an Irish AAR
  17. Dispatches from the Pitti Palace: Bourbon Parma and the War -- A Napoleonic AAR [NNM]
  18. England Expects: King and Country in the War -- a Napoleonic AAR [NNM]
  19. With Seven Crowns for Seven Brothers: an AAR for KR
  20. There is a Lovely Country: A Scandinavian AAR [Apocalypse 1836]
  21. May His glory be glorified: the reign of Ismail the Magnificent, 1863-1895
  22. Hear, O Israel: an Israeli AAR
  23. Dio ti salvi, cara patria -- a Two Sicilian AAR
  24. A Thousand Years of Happy Reign: Japan during the Showa Era, 1936-1963
  25. A Strange Way: Dehli and the Raj, 1936-1963
  26. No Remembrance of Former Things: Notes from the Apocalypse
  27. Hail Liberty: the Empire of the Greeks, 1852-1936
  28. Live Crowned with Glory: An Argentine AAR
  29. Fiori di Maggio: Italy after World War Two
Titles in bold indicate works which I believe are some of my best writing AAR-wise
Titles in italics indicate completed works

Won a joint RoleplayAAR of the Month award with Plank of Wood; February 2013
Won WritAAR of the Week; February 3, 2013
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AAR with Koei's Genghis Khan IV

It is not a Paradox Product, but you would like the game if you love EU and CK series!
Let's Play Hearts of Iron 3


United States of America

Soviet Union


United Kingdom

Please like, rate, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel, and more importantly, provide feedback (I know about the bad microphone and no 1080p available, I'll try and get a new mic and monitor later on).
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Crusader Kings

November 23 2012 - Present

General Updates:
Introduction and the Iron Throne
The North
The South
The Twenty Most Extensive Lords in Westeros
House Targaryen
House Baratheon
House Stark
House Arryn
Houses Large, Small, and Forgotten: I II III & IV

Story Updates:
Kevin I II
Elia I

Europa Universalis

December 12 2011 - March 3 2012

The Swedish Reconquest of Skane: December 13 1405 - May 11 1411
The Danish-Swedish Unification War: July 16 1430 - October 4 1432
The Swedish Revolt of 1433: December 30 1432 - September 9 1433
The Danish Reconquest of Gotland: January 12 1438 - September 22 1438
The Swedish Revolt of 1451: September 6 1451 - September 29 1451
Hessian - Hanseatic Excommunication War: July 8 1462 - September 21 1463
The Sitting Wars: March 14 1464 - May 24 1493
The Kasper Rebellion: January 16 1505 - April 8 1505
The Protestant Rebellion: February 11 1508 - April 7 1510
The Lithuanian - Novgorod War: March 17 1511 - July 25 1511
The Scandinavian - Hanseatic War of Heresy: October 31 1511 - June 13 1519 (Part One)
The Scandinavian - Hanseatic War of Heresy: October 31 1511 - June 13 1519 (Part Two)
The Long Night: June 13 1519 - October 3 1579 (Part One)
The Long Night: June 13 1519 - October 3 1579 (Part Two)
The Long Night: June 13 1519 - October 3 1579 (Part Three)
The Long Night: June 13 1519 - October 3 1579 (Part Four)
The Ryazani War of Reconquest: September 6, 1581 - September 14 1586
The Aragonese War of Succession: 1603 - 1610

August 23 2011 - August 30 2011

Chapter One
British Isles I & II
France I
Iberia I
Italy I
The Holy Roman Empire/Germany I
Scandinavia I
the Balkans I
Russia I
Central Asia I
Persia I
Middle East I
North Africa I
India I
East Asia I
Southeast Asia I

January 2 2011 - Present


The Golden Horde:
Grand Ancestor Shadi Beg Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde
Mahmud Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde
Sayid Ahmad Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde
Karim Berdi Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde
Ulug Muhammad Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde, Defender of the Sunni Faith, and Emperor of all Russia's
Karim Berdi II Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde, Emperor of all Russia's
Mahmud II Genghisid, Khagan of the Golden Horde, Emperor of all Russia's
Kuchuk Muhammad II, Khagan of the Golden Horde, Emperor of all Russia's, and Caliph of Islam

The Tripoli Coast:
Yusuf Genghisid, Grand Ancestor of the Tripoli Genghisids, Malik of the Tripoli Coast
Yusuf II Genghisid, Malik of the Tripoli Coast
Yusuf III Genghisid, The Last Malik of the Tripoli Coast

Qara Koyunlu Khanate:
Qara Yusuf Genghisid, Khan of the Qara Koyunlu, Grand ancestor of the Qara Koyunlu Genghisids
Hasan 'Ali Genghisid, Khan of the Qara Koyunlu Khanate
Qara Yusuf II Genghisid, Khan of the Qara Koyunlu, Dynasty Ended in Khanate Following Coup

Gujarat Sultanate:
Mubarak Genghisid, Sultan of Gujarat, Grand Ancestor of the Gujarat Genghisids
Muhammad II Genghisid, Sultan of Gujarat
Zafar III Genghisid, Sultan of Gujarat
Ahmad I Genghisid, Sultan of Gujarat
Mubarak II Genghisid, Sultan of Gujarat

Haasa City:
Sulayman II Genghisid, Malik of Haasa City, Grand Ancestor to the Haasa Genghisids
Dudjayn Genghisid, Malik of Haasa City

Forgotten Pioneers:
Arang Khan Genghisid, Khan of the Khivan Khanate
Sayf ad-Din Genghisid, Sultan of Brunei
Dewa Agung Sakti Genghisid, Sultan of Bali

1600 Review:
The Maps of the World
The Rise of the von Habsburgs
The Rise of the de Valois
The Holy Roman Empire
The Many Faces of God
Colonialism in Africa
Colonialism in the Americas
A lesson from the East

1675 Review:
The Maps of the World
The Steady Decline of the von Habsburgs
Fractured de Valois Hegemony
The Holy Roman Empire
Colonialism in Africa
Colonialism in Oceania
Colonialism in America

August 22 2010 - October 14 2010

Introduction and Index

The Golden Horde Line
Grand Ancestor Pulad Khan, Sultan of the Golden Horde
Grand Ancestor Pulad Khan's Son and successor, Jalal Ah-Din, Sultan of the Golden Horde.
Kuchuk Muhammad Genghisid, Sultan of the Golden Horde, half brother to Jalal Ah-Din. "Regent"
Karim Berdi Genghisid, Son of Jalal Ah-Din, Sultan of the Golden Horde, leader of the Tri-pact of the Genghisids.
Sayid Ahmar I Genghisid, son of Karim Berdi, Sultan of the Golden Horde, leader of the Genghisid Family
Sayid Ahmar II Genghisid, son of Sayid Ahmad, Sultan of the Golden Horde
Ahmar Genghisid, son of Sayid Ahmar II, Sultan of the Golden Horde, Patriarch of the Genghisids
Mahmud II Genghisid, son of Babur V, pretender to the Sultanate, self proclaimed patriarch of the Genghisids
Shadi Beg Genghisid, Sultan of the Golden Horde, The Just Patriarch of the Genghisids
Ahmad III Genghisid, Sultan of the Golden Horde, Defender of Islam, Establisher of the Golden Age of the Golden Horde
Timur Qutlugh Genghisid, Sultan of the Golden Horde, Khan of Khans, Patriarch of the Genghisids, Lord Protector of the Timurid Confederation of tribes.

Chagatai Line
Yana Genghisid, Sister to Jalal Ah-din, First Born of Pulan Khan, Mother of the Chagatai Genghisids.
'Abd ar-Rashid Genghisid, The Chagatai Khan, cousin of Bay Sunqur, denier of the Genghisid tri-pact and overall traitor to the Genghisid bloodline.

The Timurid Line
Jalal Ah-Din's Cousin, Abu Sa'id, Great Khan of the Timurid Empire
Bay Sunqur II Genghisid, Khan of the Timurid Horde, son of Abu Sa'id III
Temor II Genghisid, son of Bay Sunqur, Great Khan of the Timurid Empire.
Babur III Genghisid, son of Temor Genghisid, Khan of the Timurid Empire
Babur IV Genghisid, Khan of the Timurids
Babur V Genghisid, Khan of the Timurids, Conqueror of North
Bay Sunqur III Genghisid, younger brother to Babur V, successor to the Timurid Throne, belligerent in the "war of the blood"
Kebek II Genghisid, Khan of the Timurids, Lord Protector of the Timurid Confederation.
Muhammad Genghisid, Khan of the Timurid Empire, Lord Protector of the Timurid Confederation

The Jalayirid Line
Ahmad I Genghisid Khan of the Jalayirids, the eldest of the Genghisids
Muhammad II Genghisid, Khan of the Jalayirids, self proclaimed Shiite, violator of the bloodline.
Ahmad II, Khan of the Jalayirids, son of Muhammad II, leader of the traitorous Genghisids
Muhammad III Genghisid, Khan of the Jalayirids, Defender of the Shiite Faith, leader of the rogue branch of the Genghisids.
Mahmud Genghisid, reformer of the Jalayirids, Shiite Defender of the faith.
Hasan III Genghisid, Sultan of the Jalayirids, Defender of all Shiites, Leader of the Rogue Branch of the Genghisids

Nogai Line
Isa Beg Genghisid, Khan of the Nogai, brother to Karim Berdi
Seydyak I Genghisid, Khan of the Nogai, Overlord of the Kazakh, neutral party in the war of the blood.

Mangalai Line
'Abd ar-Rashid Khan I Genghisid, Sultan of the Mangalai, Khan over the lands of the Mongols.
Iskander Genghisid, Sultan of the Mangalai, Khan of the true mongols, the defender in the "War of the Blood"
Timur Sultan III Genghisid, Sultan of the Mangalai Horde, Khan to the True Mongols
Muhammad Khan II Genghisid, Sultan of the Mangalai, Khan to the True Mongols

Scandinavian Nations
The Empire of Sweden


Portugal's Second Coming
Award Winning AAR

November 6 2010 - November 27 2010

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Hearts of Iron

If this is too long or elaborate please let me know and I'll make it shorter