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umg, writer of short, complete, unusual historical/gameplay AARs.

Le Conseil Consultatif sur la Grand Guerre. Advisory committee reports from a bureaucracy determined to apply carefully considered solutions to the problems of WWI in WWII. Concludes ignominiously in 1940.

The Bard's Kings (England). A fusion of CK2 and Shakespeare. Much more long-form than I usually prefer. Includes the reigns of John the Cruel, Edward III, Randolph the Conqueror, Mark, Fulk, Raoul, Alienor, Guichard Misruler, and Henry the Just. Unloved.

Subject: Re: request for Leon lecture notes. CK2 full campaign as the Jimena kings of Leon. Conquest, civil war, and surprising emergent characters. Single post, history lecture notes, with transparency-style illustrations. I believe this is an entirely new format for AARs. At under a thousand words it is surely among the shortest four-century CK2 AARs you will ever see.

Listening to Dönitz. HoI3 Germany with a submarine focus, breaking off with the Battle of the Atlantic won but the War in the East almost certainly lost in advance. An unsatisfactory test of the merchant war as of Semper Fi 2.03c; FtM and more recent patches may have addressed some of the problems I saw. 25 chronological posts, two major digressions, and an epilogue, with illustrations and screenshots. I broke my own guidelines in order to be eligible for the Writing with the StAARs contest, and received one vote out of 43. Features extensive historical, speculative, and gameplay detail about naval warfare in general and submarines in particular.

Splendid isolation. V2 Belgium full campaign with house rules demanding an economic/industrial emphasis. Soured me decisively on the V2 1.1 economy, with many absurdities documented (most painful: there were price floors for factory material costs but none for RGO revenues). It is probably better now. Single post, gameplay explanation, with illustrated screenshots. Sheep are the future.

The cruelest number (9). V2 Persia full campaign. Fell just short of Great Power status. Slaughterous wars with Austria, Russia, Ottoman Empire, China. Single post, with illustrated screenshots and substantial follow-up posts in response to questions.

I have a list of ten new concepts for AARs which I guess at some point I thought were worthwhile, but looking at the little-viewed, largely-uncommented state of my latest efforts, I am not inclined to write them.
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Crusader Kings I & II:

Valour of the North Star - Chronicles of the Hvide Clan (Crusader Kings II)
Ongoing Narrative AAR
2x Character Writer of the Week Award, 1x Writer of the Week Award, 1x Best Crusader Kings Narrative AAR
My newest AAR, continuing the saga of the Hvide. Valour of the North Star begins with a focus on young Harald Audensen, who seeks to become the power in the Hvide Clan and bring his family to new heights.

Road to Jerusalem. A collaborative AAR. (Crusader Kings)
Abandoned Collaborative AAR
As one of the writers who took part in the Road to Jerusalem Collaborative AAR, I was repsonsible for writing the story of Harald Bragde and his Danish retinue, who journeyed to the Holy Land alongside numerous others in the hopes of freeing Jerusalem from muslim hands. The AAR was unfortunately abandoned after only a few chapters, may it rest in peace.

Piety of the North Star - The Hvide of Sjælland (Crusader Kings)
Complete Narrative AAR
1x Weekly Showcase Award, 2x Character Writer of the Week Awards, 1x Artist of the Month Award, 2x Best Crusader Kings Narrative Award, 1x Crusader's Chalice Silver Cup
The only AAR I've "completed"...so to speak. This was my first AAR and it was very much an experiment. A detailed Narrative about the life of the Hvide Clan of Sjælland, Piety of the North Star details the tale of the clan's founder, Skjalm Hvide, his brother Auden and their Crusade into Eastern Europe. With the help of numerous allies and the church, they go on to shatter the resistance of the shattered pagan tribes and create a powerful Crusader State. When Auden died, I ended the AAR so as to start a CK2 continuation.

Sai Plays Game of Thrones: Burning Down Westeros
Ongoing Video AAR
This is an interesting experiment for me, playing the part of Ned Stark of the North during the War of the Usurper. It's pure gameplay, video-based action as I try to restore the glory of the old Kingdom of the North once and for all!

Europa Universalis III:

The Great Game - IN MP AAR (In Nomine)
Abandoned Multiplayer AAR
A short-lived but fun multiplayer AAR between friends. Elements of comedy, gameplay and history-book combined as we battled our way across Europe and tried to see who could forge the biggest and most dangerous Empire. Abandoned due to internal problems with the players preventing continuation of the scheduled games.

Sakartvelo - Rose Jewel of the Caucasus (In Nomine)
Abandoned History-Book AAR
Another short-lived AAR, I had played about 50 years of this game and had big plans, but due to time constraints I never got around to finishing it. Once I did have spare time, I had upgraded from In Nomine to Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind wasn't too far off, so I felt it'd be a waste to pick up a game that felt grossly out of date when I could focus myself elsewhere.

Hearts of Iron III:

Last Man and Shilling - Semper Fi HPP AustraliAAR (Semper Fi HPP)
Ongoing History-Book AAR
2x Writer of the Week Awards, 1x Best Hearts of Iron History-Book Award, 1x Best Hearts of Iron AAR Award
One of my two current ongoing AARs, Last Man and Shilling tells the tale of Australia's desperate struggles to fend off the enemies of the British Empire and to try and save the Commonwealth from destruction. From secret naval projects to hard-fought infantry battles on the Rhine and in Italy, the men from Down Under will stop at nothing to win the war, even if they have to drag the Allies towards victory kicking and screaming!

Blood and Gold - The Second Spanish Republic (Vanilla & FTM HPP)
Ongoing History-Book AAR
My first Hearts of Iron AAR, it was originally intended as an experiment in different writing styles, but I've become very fond of the story and rather than abandon it, I've recently restarted it with FTM HPP, following the rise of the communist party during a second brief revolution in late 1936.

EU: Rome

Kings of Qritani - A Tale of Picts and Celts (Vanilla)
Ongoing Journal AAR
EU Rome needed some love and here it comes. Kings of Qritani is the tale of how the Picts of Northern Scotland rose up and conquered Britannia, unifying the Celtic and Brythonic peoples into a greater union as the shadow of the Roman Empire looms from the south, ever-growing...
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The Ballads of Fire and Ash

In Progress:

Changing History...Just a little - An Afghan HOI3 AAR - [Status: In Construction] My attempt to lead Afghanistan through WW2 with an aim on political and presented in a history book style. This is remake of my first AAR shown at the bottom of this page.
Won the best WritAAR of the Week 29th,7, 2012.

Hiatus/To be Re-Written:

Better to send 5 Lions than 500 Sheep. An Afghan V2 AAR - [Satus: To be Re-Written] This was the true start to my AAR's. I read a lot more AAR's and consequently I went much more in depth in my writing style. I still look at that title and wonder how no one picked up the Rambo reference.

Democracy’s Final Stand: A Kaiserreich DH AAR - [Satus: Hiatus] This is the best AAR I've written so far. There are certainly a lot of spelling mistakes, that I intend to remove as soon as I can. I'm leaving it on hiatus as it started become more than an AAR and more like a novel, in the end it became more a of struggle than fun for me. I hope to pick it up again at some point in the future.

Fight for Freedom - A Mexico Mini HOI3 AAR - [Satus: Corrupted Save] This was community requested after I posted up a picture of my game as Mexico conquering Japan in one of the short lived Strange Screenshot threads in HOI3.By coincidence I had been saving a huge amount during that game so I accepted. I got as far as occupying the whole of Japan, Siam, Libya, the Med islands and Romania. Just as the last battle was about to be fought I got a bluescreen. When I tried to load it again the save was gone. I didn't have the willpower to do it all again. One day maybe I'll try again, but until then...

Changing History...Just a little - An Afghan HOI3 AAR - [Status: In Construction] My first attempt at an AAR and also probably one of the worst written things on this forum. I did learn a lot from it though. I intend to revive it soon.
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Europa Universalis III

PORTA ATLANTICUM, PORTUS CLASSIS ~ Gate of the Atlantic, Port of the Fleet
England/Britain 1399- | Heir to the Throne/Magna Mundi Ultimate/Firenze submod | History Book (Underway)
Chronicling the political, military, economic and dynastic development of England from the Late Medieval Era to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. My first (and thus far only) after-action report, attempting to recreate the historical territorial extent of the British Empire (as it existed in 1815).
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Hi, I'm Selzro and after much pondering I've decided that inkwells are the bees' knees, and I really must have one.

Victoria II AARs:

Subcontinental Subtleties

Completed comedy webcomic AAR. In which the Sikh House of Singh leads Panjab to modernity, through a succession of monarchs, each of which leaves his own, subtle mark on the world.

A Hyderabad Holiday Special

A short (one post) AAR narrating an immortal nizam's quest to rescue his country from obscurity. Completed.

Sing a Septinsular Song

*Winner of the VictAARian Cross, for Best Completed 2011 AAR*

Being an account, in verse, of the history of the Ionian Islands, from a humble British Protectorate to (briefly) a great power and (continuously) a thorn on the side of other great powers. In 15 cantos. Completed.

Tunis Delenda Est

Being an account of the struggles of Tunis to retain its independence and prosper in a hostile world; in 16 chapters, each covering the rule of a Bey of Tunis, and each having to deal with the incessant wrath of Europe. Completed.

Albania Finds its Place in the World

Being the story of how a small Ottoman ally never quite grew to great power status, but found itself in a colonial deathmatch with the might of Russia. Completed.

Australia: Rise of a Constellation

Being a minor AAR (4 chapters) that comments upon the flowering of Australian power and influence, externalized via the Indian-Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere, a constellation of countries and colonies spread out across half the planet. Completed.

Belgium: Rise of the Choco Lords

Being an imperial adventure set in motion by secret plots to monopolize the world's chocolate supply. Belgium seeks to control all (or most of) the cocoa-producing regions in the world but finds its plans jeopardized by powerful enemies. Completed.

EU Rome AARs:

A History of the Wars of the Achaean League

Being a history of my turbulent first game, as the titular Achaean League. Completed.

Crusader Kings II AARs:

Chronicle of the Shura Rajas

Being the history of the Shura dynasty of Buddhist Bengal rajas, from humble beginnings to their eventual hegemony of India. Completed.

Hellenic Hellas: A Short CK2 AAR

Whereupon I decided to make good use of the Ruler Designer DLC. To classify it as 'completed' would require a very liberal use of the term.
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Hi. I'm new at this, but I like the idea behind the Inkwell.

Currently I have a grand total of two active AARs:

Crusader Kings 2

1. A treatise on the medieval history of Iberia
A History book AAR in which I play as the Kingdom of Leon from 1066, with two immediate goals: Unifying Iberia and Ending the Muslim presence. Recently off hiatus after my save got hit by the dreaded "Crash at specific date" bug, which was fixed with 1.05f.

2. A Song of Mostly Ice
A Narrative AAR where I start as the ahistorical (ruler designer DLC) Count of Bergenhus, which is a province on the West Coast of Norway, in 1066. No specific goals beyond general self-aggrandizement.
Well perhaps I too could start collecting my AARs here so they all would be in one place..

I've started plenty of AARs but haven't played any campaign to the ultimate end and so far I've "completed" only one AAR, others have died due changing reasons.

Rome AARs:

This is SPARTA!

How far can the Greek OPM go with 300-men units swinging spears and shouting the name of their home country?
The beginning was shared with Sarys who wrote a couple of updates. I aim to build the greatest superpower ever seen in europe so a lot of action to be seen.



Letters from wAAR - An experimental Rome AAR with Epigoni mod

So far two parts written:
Part 1: General Gaius Fabricius Luscinus' letters and diary notes from the battlefields of the first war between Rome and Carthage
Part 2: Governor-shipwright Manius Pomponius Matho's diary notes of his personal life of being manic-schizophrenic and surrounded by rivals

Awards: Character writer of the week 1/6/12



Massilia: Political playground | AAR about the life of the senate

An über-heavily character based story of internal struggles of Massilian senate during the Pyrrhic wars between Rome and Epirus. Ended up sliding quite off-topic due a not-as-good-as-I-thought idea to add little extra to the Narrative.
Wall of text warning for those who don't like to read long narratives.

Status: Dead


BSFA teasAAR - Blood, Steel, Furs, Attitude and Celts

A "teaser AAR" to show my Blood, Steel, Furs & Attitude Rome mod to the people. A gameplay focused head-on-collision-against-the-biggest-possible-enemy-style AAR with a tribe of Cantii in England. So far my favourite AAR to play and most likely the least effort taking one to write.
I quit this because I lost my interest to play when I was trapped into a civil war and a cycle of wars against cascading alliances force that eventually would have crushed me as they kept attacking me every 5 years after the truce had ended. Also the version of the mod I used in the AAR was pretty out dated at the end. I think I'll do something similar later now that the patch to fix cascading alliances was released.

Status: Officially, yet ingloriously ended


Bird and the sun, Armenian AAR

My second AAR I've ever started and the first AAR that has ever got more than one update. A quick lesson how the cascading alliances bug drove players mad and destroyed all but one yellow empire..

Status: Dead


When I manage to play EU3 AAR that I really focus on I'll post it here, I've tried with many nations but yet no success.
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My new fresh Video AAR for Hearts Of Iron 3 with the Black ICE MOD!

A lot of effort went in to this i hope you check it out!

Hakko Ichiu AAR: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?613319-Hakkō-Ichiu-Empire-Of-Japan-Video-AAR



("May your reign last forever")

May your reign
Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations,
Until the pebbles
Grow into boulders
Lush with moss


Nation: Empire Of Japan (Dai Nippon Teikoku)

Title Of The AAR : Hakkō Ichiu

Starting Date : January 1st 1936

Game Version : Hearts Of Iron 3 FTM - 3.062 Beta

Mod : Black ICE MKVI (Patch6) + Widescreen GUI Mod + Coloured Provinces Mod

Style: Video AAR / Yearly (Later 3 Months per Video)

Goal : Creation of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere ( Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken )

RL Starting Date : 15th of June.


In my gameplay i will be mostly reflecting my own style. I will represent the power of the Japanese people and government in this great struggle of ours. My main goal will be the creation of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere the Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken which was a concept created and promulgated during the Shōwa era by the government and military of the Empire of Japan. It represented the desire to create a self-sufficient "bloc of Asian nations led by the Japanese and free of Western powers". It was announced in a radio address entitled "The International Situation and Japan's Position" by Foreign Minister Hachirō Arita on June 29, 1940.




HOI 1:

Mexicanos al grito de guerra- A 1936-1948 Mexican fascist AAR

My first ever AAR. I..uh....don't recommend it. Wouldn't write another one for seven years...
Abandoned without warning when things were starting to get interesting, I forget why at this late juncture... :(

HOI 3:

Demo AAR: HQ Tutorial as Germany
Won the apparently coveted, and very first HOI3 Lord Strange Cookie of British Awesomeness

This was something I put together when HOI3 was still only out as a Demo since I was tired of hearing the wailing and gnashing of teeth as regarded the HQ system.
This AAR led directly into:

Annals of the OKW- A 1936 Germany AAR
Won WritAAR of the Week- Aug. 16th, 2009.
My moment of internet fame, such as it was. :p Started as a gameplay AAR with heavy roleplay elements, with the idea that I would use nothing but HQ control for offensives. Got derailed by some of the outstanding issues in HOI3 when it was released, and I "restarted" the game half way or so through the thread, which on balance with the advantage of retrospect, was a bad call. In any case, I re-entered college and had to abandon the AAR, although it remains among the AARs with the most views in HOI3.

Vicky 2:

So Far from God- A Mexico AHD AAR
Won Character Writer of the Week: Mar. 4th, 2012 and Sept 30th, 2012.
Weekly AAR Showcase, July 22nd,2012.
Second Favorite Victoria 1/2 AAR, Round 3, 2012

If Annals was my chart topping commercial hit, SFFG was my influential indie band with a small but loyal cult following.
It was, at its core, a narrative AAR, using in game events (including random ones) to provide the bones of the narrative. This approach struck me as obvious and sensible, but apparently its a bit unique, as it caused something of a sensation just by virtue of its structure. Sadly abandoned as I entered my senior year at college and had too much to do to keep it up.

Vicky 3:

Dreams of an Honest World - a Mexico V3 AAR

Won of WritAAR of the Week Nov 27, 2022
Won Character Writer of the Week: Feb 9th, 2023
Weekly AAR Showcase, April 1st
1st place Vicky 3 AAR, Q4 2022 & Q1 2023 ACA's.

My current effort. The goal is to explore the game and explore the people of Mexico, focusing especially on every day people.


Songs of the Saiiban- A Poetic AAR
Weekly AAR Showcase, May 31st, 2020
WritAAR of the Week, Dec 1st, 2020 & Jan 9th, 2022
1st place Stellaris AAR for Q3 & Q4 2020 ACA's , Q1 & Q3 & Q4 2021 ACA's , Q1 & Q2 2022 ACA's
2nd place Stellaris AAR for H1 2020 ACA's & Q2 2021 ACA's & Q4 2022 ACA's
3rd place Stellaris AAR for Q3 2022 ACA's

My first, and so far only, complete AAR (not counting the short Demo AAR).
The AAR I've written with the most awards, by far. Partly this is due just for keeping it going, in my opinion.
An AAR about a species my wife refers to as "sentient Garuda" written in poetic form, with the idea that these are "songs" because, well birds.


I also won 3rd place for WritAAR of the Year in 2023.
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Ricky: Faugh A Ballagh. An Irish AAR set with the idea of Ireland achieving Home Rule in 1836 and going from there. Currently in the First World War and written in both a History book and character style. Also please don't let the first few updates put you off as It is my first AAR and as such the curve of quality had to be tamed.

Faugh A Ballagh.
A New Era for an Old Town: An Oldenburg AAR
by Rauchen, Master Smokebender and Wordcrafter, Lord of Awesomeness, Winner of the Most Humble Man in the World Contest

The County of Oldenburg languishes in obscurity; a small realm of just 2,000 citizens sitting on the northern coast of the Holy Roman Empire, with no claim to fame even amongst the north German states. Trapped in a stranglehold of serfdom, powerful Estates, and ill-advised mercantilistic policies, there seems to be little hope for the future of the County. In a world dominated by great powers, the von Oldenburg dynasty seeks to thrust its name into the annals of history in a manner more dignified than a mere footnote associated with the Hanseatic League.

The not-so-venerable Christian VI Graf von Oldenburg scours the map for opportunities, few and far between, for he must avoid stepping on the toes of even some of the lesser Imperial states. The Hansa, the Landgraviate of Hesse, the Electorate of Brandenburg, the Palatinate of the Rhine, the Duchy of Bavaria...all of these overshadow the backwater County of Oldenburg. In the opinions of the Greats, England, France, Burgundy, Bohemia, Austria, and the Kalmar Union, Oldenburg is hardly worth the consideration. Count Christian VI is determined to change this, one way or another.

Can Oldenburg break through the bonds of obscurity and forge an empire of its own? Or will its quests for greatness end with fire, ash, and tears? Read up and see!

No fancy graphics here, unfortunately...just my AAR, my one, lonely AAR. Feel free to check it out.

Imagine if you will for a moment...reality is skewed, not in a 'totally world ruining way' (but it may seem that way for some of you) but more along the lines of, somehow, someway, Equestria (Yes you read this right, Equestria from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic) was somehow supplanted onto the West coast of North America and was, after years of work, an up and coming, modern nation. If you ever wanted to know how Equestria in reality might play out, swing by and give it a look, post if you want...good or bad I'll take the heat (Considering how divided the internet is on the topic) and keep updates coming...at a relatively decent pace. In keeping with my obsession with realism, i try to approach it in the most logical way possible, and apply a history book style approach.

Will Equestria survive the turbulent world that is 19th and 20th Century earth? Will the Royal Sisters be able to maintain control? Will the greedy Americans succeed with their plots to subdue Equestria? Who knows, only reading will tell!​

Edit-Not sure...why it made it an attachment, but oh well...


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