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Kurlandish Kolektion:

Kurland Kulture Konquest - An AAR with Kurland, the true Prussian nation. Abandoned.
Kurland is Bak - A second and more sukkesful version of Kurland Kulture Konquest with HttT. Completed.

Reunite Yugoslavia - An AAR with the RN mod. My purpose is to reunite Yugoslavia. Unlike the Kurlandish AARs this is a serious AAR. Abandoned.

I want to become Byzantium when I grow up - An Morean AAR. My goal is to survive the Ottomans and to restore the Byzantine Empire. Abandoned.

Cleves - A peaceful nation[/COLOR]
An Cleves AAR. My goal is to be peaceful and humanist. Abandoned.

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Description: Moddified HoI2: Armageddon with surviving Byzantium, Historybook style currently.
Currently: Active
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Currently: Active

An outbreak of an unknown virus in the West German city of Hamburg appears at the worst time as the world is plunged into another war just 2 years after the 2nd World War, however, this virus is worst then the war itself, it will become a simple battle for survival as the hordes of infected start their rampage through the war torn lands.
The Lebensraum Pact

Will this personally modded reich defeat titans and gods in its quest for WC? Will the paratrooper experiment succeed? Will nukes come into play across the world? Will america eventually perform a d-day and save the world or shall the soviets drain my power first as i go easy on them and let them build strenth?

Find out by reading the aar that is sweeping the nation (or at least my gameplay in HOI2)
Kazmir's Inkwell


This AAR follows the Komnenid dynasty starting from 1187. Once ruled as the Emperors of the Byzantine Empire, only a shadow of their past status remains. Now settled on the independent island of Cyprus this family of emperors tries to reclaim their lost status as a mighty dynasty. Surrounded by powerful enemies and overshadowed by personal quarrels and incompetent leaders it won't be an easy task.


The Great Men of Korchev

Dead (unfortunately they are aplenty):

The Final Crusade - Eradicating Islam

In this EU3 gameplay/comedy AAR my mission was to wipe out Islam from the face of the earth by converting every single province. Unfortunately I lost interest when the game became too repetitive.

The Dynamic World - A Mildly Interactive AAR

The Tale of Nine Comrades

CK AAR about Stalin inventing time machine to travel back and be prepared for Hitler's attack. Something goes horribly wrong... This AAR might be restarted in the future.

Tales of de Bigod Family

THe Sultan of all Sand Castles



Hasan's Ambition

One of the shortest AARs out there.
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Lighthearter's Inkwell


The League of Mutual Co-Prosperity

An AAR of an alliance between Britain and Japan that eventually is drawn into conflict with the Allied powers. Abandoned.
LMCP savegame - download here.

The AARsenal of Democracy - Legacy of the Freedom War.

A Victoria converted game that see the USA pitted against Britain and Japan as well as Germany and a resurgent Confederate States. Seriously badass:DAbandoned.

Yes we have no bananas - a Tropico World Conquest

A comedy AAR about one-province minor island nation Tropico going out to conquer the world from the Caribbean. There are some pretty weird things in it, too.

A World of Difference

A Modern Day Scenario 2 AAR with the CSA surviving to the twenty-first century. Abandoned.

"What does this button do?" a TutoriAAR

A tutorial AAR for AoD. Now taken over by KaiserMuffin due to lack of time on my part.

Red Sun Rising in the East, Realpolitiks-Multiplayer

A Realpolitik multiplayer AAR as Japan played with arya126(Soviet Union).Abandoned.

Cry Woe, Destruction, Ruin and Decay, The Worst is Death . . . And Death Shall Have His Day

A mini-AAR of an alternate Fall Gelb - I can say tentatively that no German AAR I've ever seen has performed the Blitzkrieg like I have:D It will end upon the conclusion of the Blitzkrieg, and may spawn a sequel as the United States(see below\/).Completed.

The Finest Hour - Turning Point

Sequel to Cry Woe, Destruction, Ruin and Decay, The Worst is Death . . . And Death Shall Have His Day. Played as the USA.Abandoned.


"MagdebAARg Forever!"

The story of Magdeburg - MagdebAARg - and its attempt at domination of Europe.Abandoned.

Yes we have no bananas:
"I am Laurence Van Geyte from Totally Random Productions, and I approve of this AAR! "
Q1 2010 1st place AARland Choice Award for best AoD Comedy AAR. Also 3rd place for HOI2 comedy in the same awards.
A World of Difference:
Red Sun Rising In The East:
Death Shall Have His Day:
The Finest Hour:
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I should probably make a plug for my Mount & Blade AAR in this thread!

Mount and Blade is a medieval role playing come war game set in a fictional land of six waring kingdoms. The player can trade peacefully, form his own mercenary company, swear allegiance to any of the kingdoms and various claimantant to the thrones, or try and go it alone and ultimately create his own kingdom.

My AAR tells the story of Kragen and Bryn. He is a commoner who would be king. She the abused child of a loveless father. Together they will try and bring hope to the lands of Calradia.

Triumph of Eagles - The Rise and Fall of the Transylvanian Empire

A history book style AAR detailing the rise and eventual decline of the Transylvanian Empire, taking it through its turbulent birth as a pitifully small kingdom surrounded by enemies in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, to a world-renowned empire. Battle, betrayal, and madness abound in this story of one of Europe's most unlikely great powers.


Showcased AAR for the 3rd week of April, 2010
Lord Strange's Cookie of British Awesomeness
Favourite EU3 History Book AAR Q2 2010
Favourite EU3 Narrative AAR Q3 2010


The Last Loyalists
(On hold until ???)

Following the story of a small group of Prussian soldiers plucked from the chaos of the capture of Berlin in 1806 as they try and deliver the Crown Prince Frederick William the Fourth from the clutches of Napoleon's French Empire, and restore him to his rightful throne as King of Prussia.

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Les Damnés de la Terre is a French AoD AAR that depicts an alternative France. In my universe, the Third Republic collapsed in the mid 1920's under the weight of rebuilding the country after the Great War. On the ruins of the Third Republic rose the First Socialist Republic of France, a true socialist nation that despises Communism and the Third International.​

Ongoing AARs


The Harp and Crown: An Irish AAR An ongoing Ricky AAR. It's the early 19th century and having gained her independence and (thanks to France) a king of her own, Ireland tries to survive and thrive everything the age of the ironclad and the gatling gun can throw at her.

Completed AARs


'The Patriot's Sword': The Republic of Canada In this Vicky AAR a succesful Fenian invasion leads to a republic in Canada. Yet the republic itself soon falls to one man as the exiled son of a French monarch discovers opportunities fit for a prince in the Americas.


Strange Shores: An Aragonese AAR In this EUIII AAR the Kingdom of Aragon advances across four continents. See the birth of a Catholic India and the House of Plantagenet begin their rise anew in Barcelona.


Eastern Ambition: An Antioch AAR A Crusader Kings AAR following the rise and fall of the de Poitou family as they build a petty Frankish principality into the strongest empire in the Near East only to find that the enemy beyond the border is rarely as dangerous as the traitor at home.
War Legacy - The History Of The 20th Century

War Legacy: History Of The 20th Century is a narrative-style AAR that tells the history of the 20th Century from the middle of The Great War, in an alternate timeline, full of wars, political intrigues, revolutions, assassinations and much more!

Ongoing AAR(s);

Are you Deshtined to suffer another kiss?
Deshtined to Fail - A Khandesh HttT AAR
My third AAR in which I am attempting to emulate the styles of writing of numerous far more talented writers whilst playing as the country of Khandesh. The AAR itself is sure to be filled with pitiful attempts at humour and much ineptness on my part.
Favourite EU Comedy AAR AARland Choice AwAARds 2010 (Q3) and 2011 (Q3)
Character Writer of the Week: 5 December 2010

This AAR Soks
Soks to be You - A Sokoto V2 AAR
My fourth AAR, and my first non-EU AAR, in which I am attempting to conquer as much as possible whilst playing as Sokoto. Due to my lack of experience in V2, said goal is proving rather troublesome to achieve. The AAR itself is once again sure to be filled with pitiful attempts at humour and much ineptness on my part.
WritAAR of the Week: 8 January 2012

Completed AARs;

Have you been kissed recently?
Glasgow Kiss - A Scottish WC HttT AAR
My first AAR wherein I achieved world conquest with my native Scotland whilst overcoming the toughest difficulty; my incompetence with EU3. The AAR itself is filled with pitiful attempts at humour and much ineptness on my part.
2010 EU3 OscAAR Winner
Favourite EU Comedy AAR AARland Choice AwAARds 2010 (Q1)
WritAAR of the Week: 14 March 2010

The Stuarts are still wishing to kiss Oyo-u.
Oyo-u Must Be Joking! - An Oyo HttT AAR
My second AAR involves the infamous Ceasar Stuart attempting to guide the nation of Oyo to glory. Unsurprisingly with Ceasar Stuart's incompetent (read as; my incompetent) leadership, Oyo were destined to nothing but defeat, eventually ending up annexed. The AAR itself is filled with pitiful attempts at humour and much ineptness on my part.
Favourite EU Comedy AAR AARland Choice AwAARds 2010 (Q2)

The Kingdom of AARLand
I hasten to state that this is not my own AAR, instead it is one in which I was a participant, as a Count of the most venerable, wise and...oh thats right, the AAR has finished now I need no longer praise him, dastardly blaggard Iain Wilson! The AAR was a great deal of fun, and the comments thread can be found here.

Imperium AARlandium Sacrum – Succession Game
I hasten to add, yet again, that this AAR is not my own, instead it is another I participated in as one of the Dukes serving the Holy Roman Emperor (or constantly rebelling against the Emperor anyway). Sadly the AAR, which proved a great deal of fun to participate in, died a relatively quick death. The link to the AAR is above, and the link to the comments thread can be reached here.

I'm beginning to see a pattern with these AAR descriptions...
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My AAR. Will perhaps be plural in the future.

Red NovembAAR or How The Russkies got Red Ahead of Schedule
Vicky 2 AAR as Russia starting in 1888. Overproduction has led to a world wide recession, communist revolutionaries rising up all over the world. Russia is quiet until Siebenbürgen in Transylvania falls to the Reds in October. A month later, the Red Guards in Russia numbering 3.5 million of the working population (10% of the population) gets the Revolution started in Russia.
WARNING: Contains poor attempts of "humour" (certainly not humor though)
The ComradeOm Internet Archive


After Action Reports



The de Lusignan Dream
(Cyprus 1337-'80)

"Nothing is too high for the daring of mortals; we storm heaven itself in our folly"

Character Writer of the Week (17 Dec 2006)
WritAAR of the Week (7 Jan 2007)



Les Journals d'Artois
Being an Account of Exile Most Unfortunate in the Land of the Bretons
(Brittany 1337-'39)

"Poor Brittany! It has preserved everything, its monuments and its inhabitants, its poetry and its mire, its old colour and its old dirt on top of it. Wash the buildings, they are superb, but I defy you to wash the Bretons"
Victor Hugo



Sins of the Fathers
A Social History of the Rise and Fall of Papal Italy
(Papal States 1836-'78)

"See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant"
Jeremiah 1:10

Weekly AAR Showcase (28 Nov 2007)
Favourite History-Book AAR (Victoria) Q3 2007
Favourite History-Book AAR (Victoria) Q4 2007
I've Been Canonized!
VictAARian Cross: Best Completed AAR for 2007



So Far From God
The Life and Times of a Good Mexican
(Mexico 1836-'76)

"That man seems to have a particular talent for being on the spot whenever there is something picturesque to be done"
Joseph Conrad

Weekly AAR Showcase (14 Nov 2008)
Character Writer of the Week (8 Mar 2009)
Favourite History Book AAR (Victoria) Q3 2010

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Pride & Providence
A History of the American Empire

Link to the AAR
Time to advertise!.....................................................................................................................................................................

Not much to say....... I'm doing one AAR at the moment. I like it, maybe you will to.... yeah that's right...........

anyway here's the link for those of you too lazy to look in my sig:Past and Present (sort of) A No Screenshot AAR! It'll change your life!

What we're talking about is a Soviet Union AAR in Arsenal of Democracy, viewed from a purely military perspective. Geopolitical situations and economic reports sometimes pop in when necessary in the strategic plans or when great changes have happened, but most updates are purely military. OOBs, topographic maps, everything! Both gameplay and history book styles run through the AAR, whichever is more fitting for the moment. Click the banner and follow the Red Army to its fate, whatever it may be.​